Review by kumatoast

Reviewed: 11/29/05

The Magic of GTA, in the Palm of Your Hands.

We all know Grand Theft Auto, and if you don't, well it basically is an incredible 3rd person free roam style game where you are free to do well, just about anything. And now Rockstar Leeds and Rockstar North come together to bring us Grand Theft Auto PSP, Liberty City Stories. Yes, a handheld grandtheft auto, and let me tell you, it is in 3D, and people say it is better than GTA 3 and even Vice City, but not quite San Andreas quality. The game is incredible. Everything you would expect from R* and Grand Theft Auto, is now in the palm of your hands. Too often game companies use popular game titles we all know and love and just make a cheap, half *** game to be out there, they take a step down from their latest and put no effort what so ever in their new PSP games, not rockstar, They have made a full blown Grand Theft Auto baby, and I can easily, EASILY say it is the best game so far, and many would agree.


Remember GTA 3? Remember the beloved Liberty City? Well we're back, as Toni Cipriani, the fat guy who lived with his mother at her restaurant. This is his story, of how he came to be. This is 3 years before GTA 3, to clear up confusions and he is skinnier.

Incredible. Drawing distances are great, and details from vehicles to weapons to pedistrians to buildings are amazing. Full 3D crisp graphics, which will boggle your mind to see. Sure there is room to improve, there is always room to improve, but compared to the games out there so far, and especially on a handheld, just amazing. I admit there are still many flaws, and weird things can happen to you in this game, but that isnt gonna stop me from giving the graphics a 10 because a little bump never hurt anyone. And what is a GTA without its flaws?!?!

Amazing. From a wide variety of radio stations, and clear sounds, and you can even put in your own music (which completely blows). Returning stations are Lips 106, Head Radio, Chatterbox (which is part of LCFR) and many more old and new ones, well actually they are all new. (3 years earlier than GTA III remember). Sounds are very detailed when it comes to vehicles, and weapons, but what about the voice acting? Yes your character speaks this time. I beleive Michael Madsen does Toni (not sure) and many more well known people work together to bring you the best experience.

This game will keep you entertained for months, guaranteed. It has a long complex story line, which you basically go around town looking for jobs and stuff from people while doing what seems to be an endless amount of side missions and quests. The fun never ends. And even when you finish the game 100%, like with all GTA's the game never ends so you can just go around with all the new features you unlocked and own LC. Controls are awesome, although drive by's are a little weak. Each mission takes about 2-5 minutes maybe more, and some people will tell you most missions are "Drive from point A to point B." LMFAO no way maybe the first 2 missions but most of them are "Go here kill him dispose of any evidence and get paid." or "Blow this place up go kill everylast member of this gang and then lose the cops" you get it.

Many new features are introduced. Like a new multiplayer which is even pretty new to Grand Theft Auto its self. Multiplayer is very fun, and very innovative. Also Bikes in LC!!! Bikes were missing in GTA III remember? Well they're here in LC now (Bikes were banned I guess in the 3 Years). Toni can now change clothes, (VC style not SA) which was missing in GTA III. We lost the ability to climb, swim, and fly (Although Edison Carter recently came up with a helicopter game save check it out). Snow has been comfirmed, but it was'nt that big of a deal. It is part of a side mission for like 5 minutes so boo. Hopefully Rockstar uses the PSP's ability to connect to the PC as an advantage and creates more game saves and stuff ya know.


Totally worth it. 110% no doubt 1000% satisfaction. Also, we just received news on a GTA PSP 2?!?!?!?!?!?! already? well we will be waiting for that expected probobly sometime October 2006 Peace out its kumatoast.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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