PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File12/06/05SoSo268K
10th Save Slot. Excellent beginner save file! Beginning of the game, just received permission to leave Ourt Village. Characters at Lv.20 with 97k R. Unzip the save file and copy and paste all files inside to ULUS10022009.
Save Game File12/27/05SoSo262K
5th Save Slot. Saved right before the Final Boss. All characters at Lv44. Unzip the save file and copy and paste all files inside to ULUS10022004.
Save Game File01/03/06Unkown_A267K
Chapter 3 Just beat Scotia
Save Game File01/04/06BatistaBomb2006265K
Chapter 3 right before battling Borgeid
Save Game File04/04/06Sanosuke92269K
Legend Of Heroes Game save. Saved right before the final battle with all party members at level 40 and a good set of items and equipment.
Save Game File12/17/05Xx_pspfreak_Xx265K
LVL 29,LVL 29 HP: 247,MP 107, HP: 198, MP 118 At boreas Bridge.
Save Game File05/04/06ceorge261K
Right before the last boss (octum) have all items / bonuses just put into the gamesaves file in psp folder
Save Game File11/22/05MOOMANiBE262K
Saved right before the final boss room. Character levels are 38, 39, 40, 41.
Save Game File01/17/06demonchild101267K
The battle before Belias, all characters at lv41, Power gauge full, best weapons
Save Game File12/17/05ajamal09263K
The Legend of Heroes - Time Labyrinth

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

Save Game File11/14/05Kouli67K
Clear Data of the game. It's to be loaded into "Eiyuu Densetsu V: Umi no Oriuta"(PSP) for Extra Scenario.
Save Game File11/14/05Kouli249K
Just before the final bosses. Got 142975R, 96% Chronology and all characters at Level 43.

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