Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend [or Tomb Raider VII]
             Strategy Guide for PSP, XBOX 360, PS2, XBOX & PC
    [Preferred font: Monaco 12 point, view in Note Pad or Text Edit]
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         Version 0.1, 10/09/08 ~ 15/09/08, first version ever!
      E-Mail: ze_faq@yahoo.com.au -- for Lara related stuff only

 In this game you take the role of the famous tomb raider Lara Croft.
Stories about treasure-hunters deserve their own genre I think, not the
  broad term of "action" or "adventure." I have played all Tomb Raider
 games for PSX and PS2, and also have experiences with action thrillers 
  such as the Metal Gear series, Pitfall and Final Fantasy; I know what
  I'm talking about! As usual, I ask you to contact me before using my
  unique work. My ego demands it! Oh, and any proposals for co-written
                        guides will be looked at.

                            Table of Contents

  Part I: How to Play
          Chapter 1: Controls Layout

 Part II: Mission Walk-through
          Mission 1: Bolivia- Tiwandaku
          Mission 2: Peru- Return to Paraiso
          Mission 3: Japan- Meeting with Takamoto
          Mission 4: West Africa- Pursuing James Rutland
          Mission 5: Kazakhstan- Project Carbonek
          Mission 6: England- King Arthur's Tomb?
          Mission 7: Nepal- The Ghalali Key
          Mission 8: Bolivia Redux- The Looking Glass

Part III: Croft Manor

 Part IV: Secrets

  Part V: Appendices
          Appendix A: Tomb Raider History
          Appendix B: Frequently Asked Questions

 Part VI: Conclusion
          Revision History

                      PART I: HOW TO PLAY THE GAME


Action   [PSP]           [XBOX 360]  [PS2]         [XBOX]          [PC]
------   -----           ----------  -----         ------          ----
Moving | Analog stick  | Left       | Left analog| Left          | W/A/
       |               | thumbstick | stick      | thumbstick    | S/D
Change | Square +      | Right      | Right ana- | Right         | Mouse
camera | analog stick  | Thumbstick | log stick  | Thumbstick    |
Aim gun| Up on d-pad   | Right      | R3         | Right         | Z
first  |               | thumbstick |            | thumbstick    | key
person |               | click      |            | click         |
Lock on| Left shoulder |Left trigger| L1         | Left trigger  | H key
Draw   | Left shoulder | ?          | L2         | Left trigger  | G key
Weapon | pad           |            |            |               |
Jump   | X button      | A button   | X button   | A button      | Space
Jump   | X button      | A button   | X button   | A button      | Right
(fight)|               |            |            |               | click
Roll   | O button      | B button   | O button   | B button      |
Fire   | Right shoulder| Right      | R1         | Right trigger | Left
       |               | trigger    |            |               | click
Crouch | O button      | B button   | O button   | B button      | F key
Grapple| /\ button *   | X button   | Square     | X button      | Q key
Action | Square button | Y button   | Triangle   | Y button      | E key
Heal   | Up on d-pad   | Up on d-pad| Up on d-pad| Up on d-pad   | Home
Weapon | /\ button *   | Down on    | Down on    | Down on d-pad | End
Change |               | d-pad      | d-pad      |               | key
P.L.S. | /\ button *   | Left on pad| Left d-pad | Left on d-pad |Delete
Binoc- | /\ button *   | Right on   | Right d-pad| Right on d-pad| Page
ulars  |               | d-pad      |            |               | Down
Zoom in| Left shoulder |Left trigger| L1         | Left trigger  | N/A
Zoomout| Right shoulder|Righttrigger| R1         | Right trigger | N/A
R.A.D. | Select button | Y button   | Triangle   | Y button      | N/A
Grenade| /\ button *   |Right button| R2         | ?             | K key
P.D.A. | Select button | Left button| Select     | Back          | Tab
       |               | or Back    | or R2      |               |
Camera | N/A           | Left button| R2         | N/A           | N/A
behind |               |            |            |               |
Pause  | Start button  |Start Button| Start      | Start button  | ESC

* This is only after you've selected it in the d-pad menu

                          CHOOSING A DIFFICULTY
There isn't much difference between Explorer, Adventurer and Tomb Raider
-- there's a noticeable change to how many Medi Packs you get in Bolivia
with Tomb Raider difficulty, but only because there were too many of
them with Explorer. As you continue in the game, what difficulty you
select will make more of a difference.
  To be honest, Explorer is too easy, the only justification being if
you've never played an adventure-type game before and don't want to be
deterred from it.
  Adventurer is probably a wise choice if you've never played this game
before. If you've successfully played every other Tomb Raider your pride
may suffer from choosing any other level than the highest; even then
it's an easier game than Tomb Raider III or Angel of Darkness.

                              SAFETY DROP
The A.I. system of grabbing onto ledges without you pushing a button can
be faulty at times. Sometimes Lara will just...walk off a cliff. To
prevent this, press the avoid button whenever near a drop.

                            THE BINOCULARS
Had to be taken from Metal Gear Solid surely. In RAD mode you can scan
objects for their worth and what you can do in them. Very useful in
puzzle situations or if you don't know what to. Also rather misleading
when there are lots of useless crates lying about.

                           THE GRAPPLING HOOK
Always keep your eyes peeled for anything that shines inordinately, for
a grappling hook could have a use for it.
  Where the device is required to swing over a chasm, you can press the
switch button while going up/down and hold down to begin swinging in the
chosen direction.
  Where the device is used in grabbing an object, remember that that
avoid button is to de-equip and the switch button, to tug on the cord.
  Don't risk life and limb to get relics! Grab them! You can do it from
quite far away.

Swimming in Tomb Raider Legend has a very similar movement mechanism to
how you walk around, only you can hit the switch button to swim with
more effort, jump button to swim up or avoid button to swim down.

                         RECOVERING YOUR GRIP
You must be careful grabbing ledges and the like to correct Lara's grip
with the shown button in time, otherwise she'll not be able to hold any
longer and fall down to whatever abyss she may be facing...

                      VERTIGO WITH VERTICAL POLES
Vertical poles can can difficult at first, but there's one trick you
must learn; Lara will always jump the opposite direction to what she is
facing. It's a similar situation when climbing up ladders.

If you want to swing off a pole quickly, press in the direction of that
pole as you jump towards it.

                            COMBAT TACTICS
As with the previous Tomb Raider games, avoidance maneuvers such such
rolling and jumping are favoured in combat; as you execute a double
jump you can shoot at the enemy as you goes in to slow motion and you
pelt the foe with bullets. Even voices become slow. :)
  Although there is auto-targetting as usual; Lara even switches to the
next enemy who is alive, unlike previous games where you could find
yourself pumping some blocky Chinese tiger full of lead and wasting
your precious shotgun ammo.
  As well as this, there is a manual targeting system that is useful
when solving puzzles, sharpshooting, utilizing a machine gun or setting
off a trap from afar.
  You need evasive maneuvers with big cats, as, being are quick and
powerful monarchs of their environment they can knock Lara down before
she even knows what hits her, reeling in the shock of it it's rather
easy to be knocked down again. Double jump and shoot every time you see
the cat approaching you, then jump sideways for extra measure.
  You can use the action button to kick close range targets, [but it
the game must be in lock-on mode] while there are also a large range of
combat objects you can activate using this button, though in the PSP
version this is somewhat confusing; make sure you're facing it.
  Grenades are powerful explosive units that can be thrown at a
distance. An incoming grenade can be see by a long thin red line heading
in your direction. A total of four grenades can be carried at a time.

                           ENEMIES WITH SHIELDS
There are only two ways you can deal with these foes, for bullets will
usually just bounce over them. Grenades are better, but it's hard to
get a good shot most of the time. Do a double jump over the enemy while
shooting and Lara will hit them where they're weak, in the back!

                              LOCK-ON MODE
There are various things that you can only do in lock-on mode, like
activate traps, target an indirect enemy or do a roll jump. Just thought
I'd warn you.

                    WEAPONS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM
Pistols, Lara's favourite weapon are always kept in ample supply meaning
you literally never have to search for more ammo or even find the weapon
-- it's a good all-rounder. Each cartridge contains about 40 bullets.

                           TIME TRIAL ADVICE
Obviously, speed is everything in time trial. You should be able to get
past poles and vines in a single swing and evade enemies as you go past

                           ABOUT CHECK POINTS
Every time you go back to a check point the rewards you go in that area
will be reset, so if you die then continue without getting it again the
same will not save it. And if you get a relic, save and quit you can
keep it. Rather odd...

                      PART II: STORY WALKTHROUGH

I've always had a odd leaning towards Tomb Raider games. Maybe it's the
adrenaline rush from having done a difficult thing successfully for the
first time or maybe it's the enigma of Lara's character (which was
always going to be somewhat enigmatic even without Angelina Jolie and
the Lara Croft movies). I suspect Core Design was released from the
making of the games because of the failure that was -- and is -- Angel
of Darkness. PS2 had come out people wanted something better than a
game that required the dexterity of a hard core gamer and the nerves of
a machine gun. The real clincher was Lara's sex appeal; her ugliness had
reached unprecedented heights (though there are some sickos who would
say otherwise). Crate count anyone? I've never seen as many, even in an

                      MISSION 1: BOLIVIA- TIWANDAKU
Rewards: - Find 3 Silver Knives to get Suit.
         - Find 5 Bronze Knives to get Legend (Union Jack) Outfit and
           Bolivia location concepts.
         - Find Gold Knife to get Sports Outfit.
         - Complete Time Trial to get Sports and Green Outfits.
         - Beat time trial to get Draw Enemy Health.

A. Make your way up the river. You begin in a rather wide valley but the
   going becomes more linear as you continue.

   1. Jump over the river. Failing this, it's easy to clamber up the
      opposite bank, and if you fall off the small waterfall before the
      cliff Lara just climbed up it's no big either.

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE KNIFE 1 & 2]
   Enter the opening in the rocks to the left of where you begin where
   you'll find a bronze relic. There's another one in the small opening
   near where you can kick the rocks.
   [BRONZE KNIFE 1 & 2]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   2. Slightly further north where the river runs more deeply, you can
      jump to the opposite bank without even getting wet. From there
      you can climb onto a platform that has a movable block.

   3. Get over the very small jump and climb up the vines you see to the
      right. The game will teach you how to hop from vine to vine and
      ascend more quickly.

   4. Now you must jump *on* the vine in front of you; there are two
      ways to go on from there; the cave in front of you leads to a
      ledge that you can follow around back to the river and there is a
      second cave, hidden until you spot it to the left as you make for
      the vine.

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[SILVER RELIC 1]
      It is found in the cave to the left of where you jump the rope.
      Don't worry about going back, as it is also a shortcut to the
      entrance of the other cave.
      [SILVER RELIC 1]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   5. As you make your way up the river the first obstacle you encounter
      will be a large rolling rock ball. Yeah, whatever, you've probably
      already found out you can avoid it at two points alternate points
      on the left and right of the stream.

   6. There will be two poles after this with which you can use to swing
      up small waterfalls in the stream; near where you encounter your
      first mercenaries of the game is a ledge with which you can shimmy
      around to a platform with a movable block on it.

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE RELIC 3]
   Found to the left of the basic mechanism controlled by the boulder.
   [BRONZE RELIC 3]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   7. Here's your first opportunity to use you grappling hook on a shiny

   8. After your second lot of mercenaries is a ledge you can can climb
      -- be quick, it begins to fall after supporting Lara's weight for
      a few seconds. It's quicker to swing to the ledge behind Lara.

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE RELIC 4 & SILVER RELIC 2]
   If you swing forward there's a relic up on the ledge behind the cascad-
   ing falls. Another can be found where the mercenary is at the top.
   [BRONZE RELIC 4 & SILVER RELIC 2]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   9. At the top is a mercenary that you can kill off before you
      attempt the chasm of dooooom! Nah, only joking -- but you have to
      use your grappling hook to make it. If you fall, there's now a
      huge lump of stone in the last waterfall area that serves as a

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[Bronze Relic 5]
   At the first turn past the big jump there's a bronze relic lying atop a
   broken pillar that you must use your grappling hook to get (left).
   [Bronze Relic 5]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

B. Run through the valley, fighting mercenaries as you go. Traps have
   been planned just for the occasion and can be activated with the
   action button. Where there's a small bridge you have to do it in the
   middle. It's safer just to kill the bastards though.

      TIME TRIAL NOTES: - Where you find the second group of mercenaries
                          there are two ways to get up to the vine, the
                          faster one being up the road to the left.

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE RELIC 6 & 7, SILVER RELIC 3]
   The sixth is to the right of where you find the first couple of
   mercenaries and the seventh is where you find the next three. To get
   the silver relic, go to the left side of the stairs.
   [BRONZE RELIC 6 & 7, SILVER RELIC 3]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

C. Make your way through the temple, running past self-slamming walls,
   swinging over Lara-mashing pits, avoiding a hungry jaguar and
   practising your swimming skills.

   1. The only way to get across the pit full of rotating sawn logs with
      sharp metal tips on them [don't say I word] is with the grappling
      hook. Keep low but no too low and swing far to ensure a safer

   2. In the mining room you can test your pole-climbing skills. Instead
      of jumping onto chain in the next room you should merely drop from
      the ledge.

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE RELIC 8]
      Look left from where the chains are.
      [BRONZE RELIC 8]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   2. The next impediment comes in the form of an underwater water pass-
      age in which you can practise your swimming skills further.

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE RELIC 9]
      There's a small cave on the way through the underground tunnel in
      which the beginner can come up for air.
      [BRONZE RELIC 9]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   3. In the next passageway prowls a Bolivian jaguar, but this NPC
      runs rather a long circuit and you can easily avoid it to go onto
      the next danger, the closing walls [they won't be so obvious at
      first, so be careful!].

   4. Fwoohoo, two sets of slamming walls and a USELESS crate! Or is it?
      Start pulling/pushing it and you'll find it isn't as weak as it
      looks. You'll be pushing through the puzzle, literally!

D. Solve the dastardly puzzle of the three crates using "patience and

   1. Kill the jaguar, unless you want it to get in the way. I hate the
      idea of killing a jaguar just as ruin-loving, jungle smitten,
      gun toting Lara does... But when two predators meet it's likely to
      end in tears.

   2. Get all the crates up to their respective platforms. The spring-
      board is an integral part of this puzzle and the fact there's a
      crate underneath it can be a source of confusion. By jumping on
      the opposite side of a board that is supporting a rectangular
      object one can catapult said object far and high.

   3. Make sure that all crates are in their places proper and that none
      of the mechanisms are moving anymore. The chain on the left side
      is the key to your escape from this hellhole created by a super-
      sillious programmer.

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE RELIC 10, SILVER RELIC 4 & GOLD RELIC!]
      On the right side from where you enter is the bronze. Above the
      door you have to enter to continue is the gold. The said silver
      relic is to be found when you grab onto the ledges to the right
      of the door.
        The gold is particularly tough to get, as the door has to be
      midway. There are two known ways of doing, one to use if you have
      done the puzzle and the other if you haven't; the former involves
      moving the box that controls the door mechanism, which can be
      tricky at the best of times. Shift it as far to north as possible
      when placing it to make the going easier.
      [BRONZE RELIC 10, SILVER RELIC 4 & GOLD RELIC!]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   4. The next action sequence in which you have to press the avoid then
      the jump button is a chubby rendition of a similar tedious thing
      you had to do in earlier Tomb Raider games.

E. Solve the puzzle with the coat hangers of doom and kill the jaguar
   before it kills you. It's easy, just swing on the outsides of the
   "coat hangers" until you come to a ledge you can jump to. Feh, that
   was too easy.

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[SILVER RELIC 5]
   This is found on the moving wall in this area.
   [SILVER RELIC 5]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

F. Avoid the helicopter's blows while jumping over the wooden bridge.
   Don't worry about firing at the helicopter, just jump and think how
   much harder it was in Tomb Raider I.

                  MISSION 2: PERU- RETURN TO PARAISO
Rewards: - For finding the gold relic you get the Classic outfit.
         - For finding all the silver relics you get the Legend and
           Legend (Blue) outfits as well as Takamoto's bio.
         - Completed time trial gets you a winter and pink no coat out-
         - Beat time trial to get unlimited SMG ammo.
         - For Peru concept pictures get all statues.

A. Meet Anaya in the town centre, then clean up all hired thugs in the
   area pronto [a few of those explosives should help]. The city is
   swarming with the bastards. Just don't go towards the bike until
   you're finished in the city. Someone kindly put a Ducati there for
   Lara's exclusive one-time use [as usual].

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE STATUE 1, 2, 3 & 4 SILVER STATUE 1]
   Before you meet Anaya there are a couple of relics to get. Down the
   street to the right of where you begin is a house you can climb onto,
   and you can use the grappling hook to reach the house on the other
   side of the street. The relic is in the inclosure of the house where
   you'll need the crate to get out.
     After you meet Anaya you can get to another bronze relic via the
   landing in front of the large white building in the square. 
     To the right of that building is a flagpole you can climb up,
   the the doors of the building in to find a silver relic.
     I read in a guide that the third relic is to be found "on the
   western side of the house with the stairs," though sadly I haven't
   got it myself yet.
   [BRONZE STATUE 1, 2, 3 & 4 SILVER STATUE 1]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

B. Get to Anaya on the motorbike before it's too late. Ride fast and
   keep to the track where possible. Lastly, if you wait too long,
   Anaya will die and you have to go back to your last checkpoint.

   1. The first part is quite easy and adjusts you to the idea of doing
      things on the bike.

   2. After reaching the checkpoint, things gets a little trickier.
      Speed up to get over the barrier.

   3. Speed up and press the action button to activate the bomb to get
      rid of the obstacle.

   4. Shoot the baddies out in the open while avoiding crags.

   5. On the narrower part you can activate the bombs to kill thugs --
      just make sure you pick up plenty of medi-packs!

   6. As you ride over the bridge, avoid the fire. Keep you on the right
      side of it, in a strait direction as much as possible.

   7. Just after the bridge are a couple of med-packs, get one with the
      action button if you can.

   8. Follow the track around until you see the ramp, then go over it.

   9. Follow the track, being careful and quickening when Zip tells you

   10. On the final leg of the journey you'll come up to some trucks.
       Avoid the one on the left as something will fall off it that
       severely damages Lara. Mercenaries will shoot from there which
       you'll have to kill, then you can ride onto the truck.

C. In the flashback as young Lara find your way out of the hole. This
   section is rather annoying because the flares you have to use are
   very weak. But this Lara will remind players of the original Tomb
   Raider game.

   1. Roll under the opening and go forwards to make your way up the

   2. Jump across the ditch and climb shimmy across the pole.

   3. Up ahead is a dead end, so take the path to the right.

   4. Drag the box onto the left side of the platform and swing up to
      the ledge. Then jump on the ledge to the left [see note below b4
      doing so].

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE STATUE 8]
      It's just to the right.
      [BRONZE STATUE 8]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   5. On the other side of the trap is a large ball you must drag off.
      When going other the platform again either be quick or stay on
      the left side or Lara's shish-kabob!

   6. Jump to the rope and swing up to the platform. Continue to your

   7. Run away from the monster, jumping to clear obstacles. It doesn't
      matter if you don't get the rope.

   8. There's another one of those switch platforms at the bottom. Get
      the big ball from a higher platform and roll it on.

   9. Climb back up and swing to the rope.

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE STATUE 9]
      You'll find it in the next passage to the right.
      [BRONZE STATUE 9]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

D. Investigate whether Eva really did die down there or not. Note that
   wherever you see light filtering down underwater is a place where you
   can rise for a breath.

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE STATUE 10 & 11]
      In the first area there are a couple of relics hiding behind
      crates and so on.
      [BRONZE STATUE 10 & 11]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    1. Dive under the water and find the well, keep going down until
       you reach the bottom and can go through the little portal there.
       Go down another while and into another hole; rise up for a

    2. Go right to the very bottom of this well and through the hole
       and continue until you reach the either side [or you could take
       a breather on the way seeing as there's a well entrance].

    3. Activate all the glowing orbs in succession with the action

       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[SILVER STATUE 2]
       On one of the passages to the side there's the relic.
       [SILVER STATUE 2]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    4. Head past the broken door and the inscriptions to find a couple
       of ledges ledges on the left and a platform on the right.

    5. Swing onto the rope and use that to swing to the next couple of

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE STATUE 12]
      It can be found at the top of the ledge.
      [BRONZE STATUE 12]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   6. Jump up to the next place using the grappling hook again.

   7. Press the buttons when prompted to get past this next bit. Up,
      X, triangle for PS2 and PSP; up, A and Y for Xbox.

E. Solve the puzzle.

   - One of the balls is already on the ground and first thing to do
     would be to roll it over to the rightmost platform.
   - The second ball that can be reached easily from the ground is
     near the chasm, on a pillar that you must pull down with the
     grappling hook.
   - The third sphere is found at the top of the mechanism you opened
     up when you put a sphere on the rightmost platform.

F. Get out of there.

   1. Climb up the ladder in front of you.

   2. After the scene, climb up one of the ledges on the side and jump
      over to the ladder; climb up and jump to the next platform [it's
      the safest way to do it]; shimmy around on the edges and swing on
      the rope.

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[GOLD RELIC]
      To reach this you must start at the rope. Climb up a fair way so
      that you can grab onto the ledge at the top of the damaged pillar
      to the left.
        Shimmy left on the ledge and continue until you reach a room
      with a sphere in it which you must let the sphere roll down the
      hill to break the wall and join the other spheres.
        Go back to the sockets in the floor and put the extra sphere in
      the middle. The gold relic will be revealed under the tomb.
      [GOLD RELIC]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    3. Go back the way you came [only no water this time!]. You'll have
       to go up using ropes and ladders. The place is swarming with
       mercenaries, so it would be a good time to use your combat
       skills. Watch out for grenades as they'll be coming from all
       directions and kill Lara in an instant.

    4. Kill all the mercenaries on the surface including the one that
       will come and attack Anaya; you have to aim at him, shooting til
       he dies.


Rewards: - Evening and red dresses for finding all silver rewards relics
           or Buddahs.
         - Goth and lace shirt outfits for completing time trial.
         - Infinite RC650 ammo for beating time trial.
         - Ripped dress for completing the level with Explorer.
         - Evening dress for completing the level with Tomb Raider.
         - Catsuit for getting the gold Buddah.

A. Speak with Nishimura. You'll have to talk to the bartender, then
   go down the western wing of the floor beforehand.

B. Confront Takamoto and his men back in the disco hall. You won't have
   to fight Nishimura yet, but his gunmen will put up a fight Lara can't
   refuse. Or lose. "Arigato" no Nishimura-san des. It's a "Thank you"
   from Nishimura!

C. Go to Takamoto's place.

   1. Takamoto has given you the key to take the elevator to the top of
      the building, so make you way to the eastern wing. Man, does Lara
      know how to accessorise! Though I have a personal preference to

   2. Go forwards until you are out on the top of the building. Close
      to the penthouse is an explosive bottle you can detonate with the
      action button [but not too close!] that will reveal a pole you can
      climb up to the top.

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE BUDDAH 1/6]
      On the very top of the building is the first of many green checked
      boxes in this level that contain a Buddah. Shoot it.
      [BRONZE BUDDAH 1/6]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   3. Use the grappling hook to pull away near the top of the penthouse
      so you can have a look around.

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE BUDDAH 2/6 & 3/6]
      Under the stairs bronze is in a box and silver behind a box.
      [BRONZE BUDDAH 2/6 & 3/6]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   4. Drive the motorbike over the jump to Takamoto's house.

   5. Press the shown buttons in the interactive scene. Triangle, X, O
      for PlayStation versions; X, A, B for XBOX versions.

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE BUDDAH 3/6]
      At the far end of the lower planks of wood you'll find it in a
      [BRONZE BUDDAH 3/6]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   6. The next horizontal pole you need to swing on in is rather hard to
      jump on; I would suggest you do it at a lower level.

   7. When you reach the hanging window you can shoot it off to reveal a
      rope! The platform after that has a checkpoint on it, btw.

   8. Jump up to the taut rope to Lara slides down it.

   9. To the right of this platform is another platform that you can
      pull towards you using the grapple. As soon as you see it coming
      back to you, jump on it. The bit after this is tricky; as the
      platform begins swinging in the opposite direction, begin running,
      jump and grapple.

   10. Turn to the right and swing on the platform. There is a check-
       point there.

   11. Grapple onto the platform and jump on it; if you're quick you can
       grapple the next platform to that when you go over to that Lara
       won't even have to jump.

   12. Jump on the next grapple point and jump on the building. If find
       that you don't have to jump off to safely grapple.

   13. You are now in the "Yakuza Factory." You'll have to defeat the
       men and dogs. Dogs thankfully aren't has tough as some of those
       big cats but there are quite a few of them.

   14. Enter the building.

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE BUDDAH 4/6 & SILVER BUDDAH 1/4]
      Down the stairs you'll find the Buddah in its box. At the top of
      the stairwell is another Buddah-in-a-box, but you'll have to get
      there via shimmying along some of the pipes.
      [BRONZE BUDDAH 4/6 & SILVER BUDDAH 1/4]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    15. Relieve the office of all toe rags that serve Nishimura. I find
        cube farms are the best places to throw explosives because the
        fools can't see what's coming.

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[SIVER BUDDAH 2/4 & BRONZE BUDDAH 5/6]
      Kick open the lockers on the upper part of the office to find the
      silver. The last of the Bronze is in one of the more private
      offices on the upper left side of the room.
      [SIVER BUDDAH 2/4 & BRONZE BUDDAH 5/6]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    16. You'll notice there's a huge TV in at the upper end of the
        office. It looks like you only have to grapple at it, but if
        you're trigger-happy you'll notice it's being held back by two
        fixtures on either end. Two men appear as soon as it comes down,
        evidently cross that the only book they have to read is
        "Etiquette in the Office; A Japanese Government Reform on

     17. What a lovely time of night to be outside. You can see the
         building you began the level in with the moon above. Climb up
         the pole and jump on the ledge right near it.

     18. As you ascend to the next platform, grapple onto the next
         platform. Climb up the ladder on the next platform.

     19. Climb up to the next platform and grapple onto the mechanism
         above Lara.

     20. Jump, swing and climb up the mechanism.

     21. Jump on the pole in front of you.

     22. Jump onto the mechanism behind Lara at the top of the pole.

     23. Swing back onto the pole and climb to the top.

     24. Jump on the platform and quickly run over it otherwise you'll
         be at square one again.

     25. Leap onto the pole, not changing Lara's direction at any point.
         Why? It'll begin to break as soon as you reach the top, and
         you'll have to jump off that to swing off the next rod in a
         single swoop; the next series of rods are the same.

     26. Enter the building and 	equip your RC650 and grenades before
         killing the gangsters.

        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE BUDDAH 6/6 & SILVER BUDDAH 3/4]
        In the living room overlooking the chamber is the bronze. To the
        left of the chamber is a room with lockers in it where there is
        a silver Buddah.
        [BRONZE BUDDAH 6/6 & SILVER BUDDAH 3/4]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

     27. DON'T walk down the hall until you go into the other room at
         least. You can look at the security camera and turn the
         sprinklers on to see the trap in front of you. Use the piece
         of "modern art" to protect Lara from the turret down the hall.

     28. Kill the men in the next room.

     29. There's a hanging statue above you which you have to use the
         grapple to smash into the glass.

     30. Kill the men in the hallway.

        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[GOLD BUDDAH]
        In the room with the guns on the table you'll also find this
        reward in the chest. Only you have to smash it by pushing it off
        the edge.
        [GOLD BUDDAH]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

D. Defeat your first boss, Takamura.

   1. Climb up the sides of one of those statues that line the room.

   2. Shoot continually at Takamura, being sure to follow him around
      the circular space and jump whenever he sends a blast your way.

Rewards: - Get the classic grey outfits for finding the gold mask.
         - Get the legend pink outfit for finding all silver masks.
         - Get the Amanda outfit for completing time trial.
         - Infinite shotgun ammo for collecting all 5 bronze masks.
         - For West Africa concept pictures get all masks.

A. Find James Rutland.

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE MASK 1~2/5]
   All three are found in the water, to the sides of the island and in
   front of where you fell from the cliff.
   [BRONZE MASK 1~2/5]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   1. Jump off the cliff, making sure you don't hit the island...

   2. There is a gate on the island that involves a small puzzle. The
      mechanism that holds it back, not allowing you to open it using
      the grapple, can be released by putting Lara's weight on the rope
      in front of it. A short while after that is you window of oppport-
      unity to pull it down.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[SILVER MASK 1/4]
    There's a tunnel directly underneath the island where you'll find it
    [SILVER MASK 1/4]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
   3. Pull the raft towards you and use the ropes to get through.

   4. Kill Rutland's man at end of the passageway. He carries a shotgun,

   5. Get past the jammed traps. In the second one it will be wise to
      jump over and roll under the spikes. Just be quick to roll under
      the door that goes *really slowly* down after standing on the

   6. Kill all the men on the ground.

   7. Head to the left or right (right's easier) and kill the men on
      the higher level.

   8. More men come in, so kill them with the machine gun and you'll
      get a checkpoint.

   9. Using the machine gun, shoot the big chunk of stone next to the
      wheel out of its place.

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE MASK 3/5]
   I think it's to the left or right of the machine gun turret.
   [BRONZE MASK 3/5]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   10. Don't worry about the rope, just jump unto one of the horizontal
       poles that are rotating around the wheel and wait until you get
       high enough to swing to the rope.

   11. Jump onto the moving platform and grapple over to the other side
       -- just don't grapple the light instead like I did...!

   12. Jump on the rope and spring onto one of the spokes of the broken
       wheel; swing off the second spoke quickly because Lara may fall
       off it.

   13. Kill the jaguar. You can take a few shots from the higher

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE MASK 4/5]
   Clearly visible, on the stairs.
   [BRONZE MASK 4/5]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   14. Take the stairs up to what looks like a couple of cargo holds.
       When you jump on the first one the second one will go down slowly
       but it's important that you don't jump right away, and grab hold
       of the stairs before it's too late.

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[SILVER MASK 2/4]
   You'll find it in the water, near your destination.
   [SILVER MASK 2/4]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
   15. Grab hold of the ledge to the right of the platform and make
       your way down as it feels logical.

   16. Climb onto the raft and grapple wherever there is a shiny pillar.

   17. There are another couple of big blocks, only this time you will
       have to wait until the second block is only just high enough for
       Lara to reach.

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE MASK 5/5]
   On the right side of this platform is the mask.
   [BRONZE MASK 5/5]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   18. Grapple over to the other side.

   19. The next part can be confusing. Grab the ledge and fall down ONE
       TIME, then shimmy around; jump onto the ledge to the right and
       jump down once; jump over the gap; vault up.

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[SILVER MASK 3/4]
   You'll find it in the vicinity of the broken stairs.
   [SILVER MASK 3/4]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
   20. Step on the switch; this will make the mechanism on the right
       turn full circle, so you need to be quick in leaping from it to
       the next platform. Luckily there's a box that'll fall down, so
       can climb up to this point from the stairs at the bottom.

   21. Jump over another platform and drag the crate you see onto the

   22. Jump onto another large weight thing and jump to the other one as 
       soon as it's as high as Lara's legs. It's rather tricky because
       you can get it wrong on the first jump all too easily.

   23. Now go back to the switch you had to walk on. You know how
       there's a shiny object between these two floor switches that you
       can pull out with the grapple? Well, in order to be able to pull
       it out properly you need to quickly step on the switch, then
       jump to the middle platform and pull the damn thing out.

   24. Make your way back to the room with the wheels in it.

   25. Go to the trap room.

   26. Run past the spears. Keep in the middle and run just before they

   27. To get past the blades, pust the block in front of you.

   28. There's another trap like this, only the block is hidden in the

   29. The next hazard is an interactive scene in which Lara is being
       chased by a big hard ball. There are areas on the right and left
       where you can make your way through where you must jump and roll
       respectively, then jump as soon as you see the chasm.

   30. Swing on the horizontal post to the left; grab the ledge; shimmy
       around and jump over to the next ledge; when you next vault up,
       be quick to jump over to the horizontal post behind Lara or the
       rock hanging above her will kill her.

   31. Jump over to the platform [you'll see it if you look around] and
       wait until it descends until you can jump across. There'll be
       another platform that you can use to get to the next ridge.

   32. Jump over to the pole and onto the ledge; you can go left.

   33. When you vault up on this ledge there's a rock above Lara, so
       jump right as soon as you can [you'll probably need to recover
       your grip too].

   34. Swing up the poles. Note that you'll have to change Lara's direc-
       tion at one point, which you can do mid-swing.

   35. The next ledge you grab onto has a rock above it so quickly
       shimmy around to the left.

   36. Pits of spears! Mmmm, my favourite -- not! Avoid these with the

   37. Near the bridge area kill the mercenary thugs -- just make sure
       you cross the bridge first or Lara's pancake! You can actually
       break the bridge down by shooting the big wooden plank above it.

   38. Swing over the poles and onto the ledge.

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[SILVER MASK 4/4]
   If you jump to the right instead of vault up you'll come to small
   area where there's a door you must use a grenade on. The mask is
   behind it.
   [SILVER MASK 4/4]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   39. Vault up and shimmy around; continue up the pillar as you
       logically would and swing across the poles.

   40. Kill the guys in the area, avoiding falling in the fast-flowing
       water. The bridge may be destroyed, so be careful of that. If it
       is, you'll be left with a series of ropes in which case it's bet-
       ter to attack the guys from the place with the ramp over the
       fast-flowing river. Make your way over the bridges.

   41. Kill the jaguar.

   42. Go up the left staircase, but beware the ball [keep the the left
       where the stairs are damaged and crouch]. There's another ball
       that follows not long after.

   43. Jump to the opposite set of stair using the rope and avoid
       another ball [it's safer just to jump off the stairs as soon as
       you see it].

   44. Run all the way up and step on the switch. Make sure the door in
       front of you is fully open before you go anywhere, and read the
       note below.

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[GOLD MASK]
   The switch not only temporarily opens up the door behind you, but the
   one at the bottom of the staircases which contains a gold mask fit
   for a savage king.
   [GOLD MASK]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   45. Defeat your second boss, Rutland.

       - Rutland uses grenades which you'll have to evade and hits you
         with the blade when close to it.

       - Don't let him go up on the balconies to heal himself; to do
         this, you can pull them down with the grapple. But before you
         can do that you'll have to press the action button to destroy
         the protection on each of these places. After, that go after
         him, shooting while running in a circle. Once when I'd got all
         the platforms down and I was literally just about to die I did
         this and defeated Rutland.

       - Alternatively, and depending on what weapon you're using, you
         can stop Rutland from even going up to his platforms.

Objective: Acquire ancient sword fragment.

  Rewards: - Special forces outfit for finding the gold orb.
           - Normal Winter and Orange Winter (no coat) outfits.
           - Winter outfit with and without the coat for finishing the
           - Get all bronze orbs for Kazakhstan location concepts.

A. Find a way to the Kazakhstan Army Base Command Centre.

    1. Jump off the cliff and activate the parachute when prompted, using
       triangle for PS versions.

    2. Use the turret to kill everyone. You can use the barrels of
       explosives, too. More of them will appear as you move about, but
       the turret is ideal.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE ORB 1/5]
    On the flag post between the two buildings you can jump over to the
    other side and find it in the box there. You could shoot it from the
    turret if you liked.
    [BRONZE ORB 1/5]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    3. Enter the building the soldiers came out of.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE ORB 2/5]
    You'll find it in the locker room of the building. There may still
    be soldiers in there, so keep on your toes.
    [BRONZE ORB 2/5]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    4. There is a ladder in the building. Climb up it. There's a guy on
       the roof in front of you who needs his arse kicked, btw.

    5. More roof hopping? I thought that was over when I finished Japan.

    6. Take the ramp off the roof.

    7. Kill the soldiers here. Pick up as many grenades as you can 'cos
       you'll find a grenade launcher here.

    8. Enter the building with the cross sign. The code is K1879.

    9. Take the semi-linear path to the gate and avoid the explosive
       barrels that roll down the path to explode guys up top.

       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[SILVER ORB 1/3]
       In a box nearby the explosives.
       [SILVER ORB 1/3]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    10. Enter and leave the building via the ladder.

    11. Jump to the other ladder and climb up.

    12. Grab the wire and let Lara slide down it, then down the next.

    13. Kill the enemies in the area. You can't use the turret
        unfortunately. Be wary of the guy with the grenade launcher left 
        of the train tracks; in time trial mode he's the only guy you
        need to kill. Stay there until the train arrives then quickly jump
        on the train to get bike as soon as the gate opens.

B. Catch train to the abandoned Soviet laboratory. Shasliva! Good luck!

   1. The first part is just how you experienced in Peru. Collect as
      many health packs as you can. I think you have to kill all the
      enemies or you can't continue.

   2. Ride on the side on the cliff. Ride up the sides that have stops on
      then and hug the edge.

   3. The next area is like that of step 2, only there are SUVs and
      jumps; keep away from the trucks and keep an eye out for useful
      explosives! Keep in the open and kill everyone you see; sometimes
      you'll have to slow down to kill em'. It's gruelling, and as I'm
      typing this my fingers are shaking like hell [probably because it's
      much harder on the PSP].

   4. Race on the side of the cliff, jump on the train and continue there.
      The higher road is safer.

   5. As you approach the ramp, there's a bend, but as you clear it, go
      fast and strait to avoid accidents.

   6. Go cautiously around the bends and speed up for the jump.

   7. Here's your window of opportunity to jump on the train and there's
      even a runway beside it to use; go the whole length of it then jump
      naturally onto the train and blast strait forward!

C. Find and enter the abandoned Soviet laboratory.

   1. Survive being on the top of the train. In this interactive cut-scene
      you have to roll, shoot and grapple. Thats O, right shoulder button,
      triangle for PSP; O, R1, triangle for PS2; B, Y, X on Xbox. 

   2. The rope in front of you is too far away, so you'll have to grapple
      it first; the thing goes back quickly, btw.

   3. Leap onto the structure and climb up the ladder.

   4. Shimmy on the big sign and swing through the poles to get to the
      other side.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE ORB 3/5]
    To the right of the structure on the side you jump onto, in a box in
    the corner. Jump back up to the structure via a cargo container.
    [BRONZE ORB 3/5]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    5. Again, you'll have to grapple the rope towards you in the same
       manner you did in step 2. Only this time the fire can damage Lara
       [just a good thing she doesn't catch fire and die -- unless made
       wet -- like in the earlier releases].

    6. Leap up to the platform. Failing this, there's a crate underneath
       it which you'll need to pull out a bit.

    7. Shoot at the fan in the tunnel.

    8. Jump on the ledge just below the tunnel.

D. Restore power to the area and find Amanda.

    1. As soon as you slide down the the electric wiring, jump over the
       wires and roll under the other ones. Near the dead body is a white
       shiny object you can pick up.

    2. Swing past the pole and jump on the rope. I found I didn't need to
       adjust my hight on it either.

------------------------------- CHECK POINT ------------------------------

    3. As you slide down, avoid the electrified wires. Hey, this reminds
       me of the first part in Tomb Raider III!

    4. Shoot the fan down the passageway and roll under the wires.

    5. Before going down the next slope, shoot the fan from the top.
       Again, you'll have to jump wires.

    6. Jump over and roll under the wires and proceed.

    7. In the next slope there's nothing to shoot at, but you'll have to
       jump over a wire and grab a pole at the bottom.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE ORB 4/5]
    Just below the horizontal pole is a box with the orb in it. To get out
    grapple from the shipping container at the opposite end.
    [BRONZE ORB 4/5]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    8. You have to use the grapple to get past this bit.

    9. There's another fan you can shoot from the top with the next slide.

------------------------------- CHECK POINT ------------------------------

Note: In this next section it will be wise to keep your screen in the
      dark as it will be brighter and you'll be able to see the gratings
      of the platforms better.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[USELESS TRIVIA]
    The first part of the Russian warning sign is "STOP!" My knowledge of
    Russian is limited to "Spasiba" [thank you] "Vor!" [Thief!] and a few
    letters, so I don't know the rest.
    [USELESS TRIVIA]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    10. Climb the big box to the left of the entrance.

    11. There's a ventilation box to the left you need to use as a ledge
        to springboard onto the next platform.

    12. Jump to the next platform and continue until you reach the rope.

    13. Jump onto the rope. That should do it.

    14. Pull the thing out for the mechanism with the grapple hook.

    15. Head over to the map on the other side of the room.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[SILVER ORB 2/3]
    To the right of the map are a couple of airconditioning units that
    Lara can jump up. There are some gratings above the map and a sort of
    cage thing where you have to pull the door open to get in and crack
    open the box containing the orb.
    [SILVER ORB 2/3]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    16. Walk through the door you had to open the mechanism for.

------------------------------- CHECK POINT ------------------------------

    17. You can avoid the lethal crap by walking just out from the metal
       grating and climbing on it.

    18. Although it may not look like it there's a horizontal pole above
        those green gases.

    19. Where the rope is you can jump down if you want, but to get up to
        the next platform you have to suffer a little of that noxious gas.

    20. Carefully hop over to the next platform on the right -- not too
        far or you have a green sea of poison to contend with.

    21. Line Lara up with the edge of the grating to jump to the one

    22. Take a note of the spark as it moves along the pipe and have Lara
        follow it quickly as she shimmies along.

    23. Around the corner there's more gas and very little room to line
        Lara up for the platform.

    24. Another pole overhead with a spark running along it. Wait until
        it is a quarter of the way long and press the grapple button to
        go faster.

------------------------------- CHECK POINT ------------------------------

    25. Tinker around with the tesla gun.

    26. Slide down the destroyed bridge and kill the soldiers. One of them
        had a shield, so throw a grenade at him.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE ORB 5/5]
    Check to the right of the structure.
    [BRONZE ORB 5/5]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    27. Climb up the pole, taking into consideration the live spark
        running up and down it. Wait until it is above head range, then
        follow it up and turn full circle to jump off once safe.

    28. At the next rope, jump onto the vertical pole in front of you.
        Careful of the spark!

    29. Jump onto the next vertical pole behind Lara, another with the
        spark. Luckily, it's very tall.

------------------------------- CHECK POINT ------------------------------

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[USELESS TRIVIA]
    Are you wondering why the dead scientist has his shirt off? Here's an
    interesting but useless [to the game] fact; in the later stages of
    hypothermia the victim begins to no longer shiver and feel the cold.
    I'll never forget that Australian climber who had to be rescued from
    the top of Mount Everest, thinking he was on some Queensland beach.
    White sand was never so far removed from white snow!
    [USELESS TRIVIA]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[SILVER ORB 3/3]
    In the cage to the right is an explosive barrel that you must detonate
    with the action button [when you see it on the screen].
    [SILVER ORB 3/3]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    30. Continue until you reach another toxic swirl and climb up to the

    31. Swing through the pole and onto the next platform, followed by
        another jump.

------------------------------- CHECK POINT ------------------------------

    32. Kill the enemies.

    33. Use the debris to springboard to a ladder to the right.

    34. Jump through the poles and onto the rope.

    35. Jump onto the the thing with the sphere on the bottom and shimmy
        around to the other side where Lara can swing the pole behind her
        and jump to the next platform.

    36. There's a ladder there that lowers as you jump on it, as a safety
        measure for falling down to the bottom again [if only Ghana had

    37. In the next platform, detonate the explosive in the next room
        before you swing into it. Another dead scientist when one of those
        weird white things.

------------------------------- CHECK POINT ------------------------------

    38. Use the big leve in the room.

    39. Move the powered up debris towards the door using your grappling
        hook. Don't stay too close to the debris.

------------------------------- CHECK POINT ------------------------------

    40. Go back to the Tesla gun. Jump over the toxic gases.

------------------------------- CHECK POINT ------------------------------

    41. Along the next passageway is your "painful lights display."
        Considering that there's only electricity when those hanging
        objects are in contact with the area below them, you can use the
        grapple to make them swing and take a run for it when you can.
        They swing a long time and the bursts of electricity are narrower
        than you might think.

------------------------------- CHECK POINT ------------------------------

    42. Open up the sliding door with the grapple and allow the
        electrified debris to enter.

    43. Go in the opening and closing door.

------------------------------- CHECK POINT ------------------------------

    44. Exit. On the way out, there's a another scientist.

    45. Check out the Tesla gun again.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[GOLD ORB]
    You see that moving platform to the left? Well, there's a line you can
    move it down using the Tesla gun; at the end of the line it can go
    either left or right [right is probably better]. You need it position-
    ed thus so you can jump to the reward. Aim at the top part of the
    thing and use it's momentum to get it through the corner.
      There are also boxes that line the whole area; the only important
    ones are to the right of you, where there is a box on a raised
      Go to the mentioned platform and drag the box to the left end to use
    as a prop to jump on the ledge to the right of it. You'll shimmy
    around to a platform, and if you got the first part right you'll be
    able to jump over to another platform and swing over to the gold orb.
    [GOLD ORB]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    46. Jump over to where the guards are using the swinging platform.

    47. Kill those shielded heathens on the other side.

------------------------------- CHECK POINT ------------------------------

    48. Make your way through the poison area.

E. Get out of there.

   1. Press the switches all around the perimeter of the area.

   2. Get on the Tesla gun turret and use its energy to push the balls in.
      All spheres will need to be in place at once and as you unlock the
      last one, the monster will invariably pull Lara off her seat. Once
      they are all in place, grapple the sword above Lara with a double
      tap. But if you use the Tesla gun to grab the monster and hurl him
      into one of the generators he'll be gone sufficiently long enough
      for you to fire at the spheres to put them in place and he won't be
      able to get in with the force-field up.

Objective: Investigate the site and museum.

A. Activate power for the sword in the stone.

   1. The first area contains nothing that is of use to you at this point
      except a ventilation grill that you can pull off and a box to jump
      up to the room in the building above.

------------------------------- CHECK POINT ------------------------------

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE CROSS 1/9]
   It's in a crate among the boxes in the neglected room. 
   [BRONZE CROSS 1/9]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   2. You'll enter a small alleyway in which you'll have to climb on the
      overhangings of the windows and the shelf above.

   3. Pull the lever of the power board.

------------------------------- CHECK POINT ------------------------------

   4. Go back the way you came, only jump from window ledge to window

   5. Use the door that was previously inoperable to get back easily.

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[USELESS INFO]
   As you enter the building you'll notice there's some glass to the right
   -- shoot at it to break it and reveal some King Arthur collectables!
   [USELESS INFO]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

------------------------------- CHECK POINT ------------------------------

   6. Activate the "sword in the stone" and enter.

------------------------------- CHECK POINT ------------------------------

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[USELESS INFO]
   As you press the switches, the puppets will begin dancing and some
   pompous dude on the speaker talking about Merlin and whatnot.
   [USELESS INFO]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE CROSS 2/9]
   Oposite the three suits of armour is an isolated room which you can
   get in via the window.
   [BRONZE CROSS 2/9]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

B. Find out if there really is a sword fragment in this museum.

   1. This next area is a roughie, because you have a fairly deep pit
      below you and you have to deal with that bridge that falls down on
      you; you can jump back to the pole and swing back before it rises

   2. Shoot the hook that's supporting the shield-like structure and jump
   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE CROSS 3/9]
   To the right of the stage is an air duct that you can roll through.
   [BRONZE CROSS 3/9]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   3. Push in another sword in stone.

   4. Grapple the pulley above the lever to pull the door up, and as it
      comes as high as it can, roll under the door.

------------------------------- CHECK POINT ------------------------------

   5. Drive the forklift down the hallway.

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[SILVER CROSS 1~2/4]
   Like before there's a hidden room that you can reach above, after using
   the grapple for the ventilation grate. Only this time you'll have to
   use the forklift to pile boxes onto each other. The controls are
   annoying in both the PSP and XBox versions...
     The second silver cross is at the bottom of the hallway, in a coffin
   you'll have to destroy with the forklift at high speed...
   [SILVER CROSS 1~2/4]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   6. Smash the forklift through the flashing part of the wall.

------------------------------- CHECK POINT ------------------------------

   7. Drive the forklift through the traps.

   8. Lift the gate up with the device.

   9. Ram the next wall in.

   10. Quickly press the jump button.

------------------------------- CHECK POINT ------------------------------

   11. Climb down the stairs to the left and jump to the ledge on the side
       -- the next to places you jump will break away in not long.

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE CROSS 4/9]
   Grapple the one you see in front of Lara on the other side of the
   tower. Alternatively you can climb there using the ledges to the side
   [some of them break though].
   [BRONZE CROSS 4/9]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   12. Jump to the next landing.

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE CROSS 5/9]
   There's another one opposite the bottom of the next landing.
   [BRONZE CROSS 5/9]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   13. Jump to the vertical pole and to the next ledge.

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE CROSS 6/9]
   It's in another one of those alcoves. It's pretty hard to get to and
   you may have to restart the level.
   [BRONZE CROSS 6/9]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

------------------------------- CHECK POINT ------------------------------

   14. Take the next rope to the stairs, which will crumble down; take the
       ledge and move around, then fall off and continue safely the rest
       of the way.

------------------------------- CHECK POINT ------------------------------

   15. Jump over the "river."

   16. At the end of this passage is a gate you need to get over using the
       crate, but push that thing over the burning coals too long or Lara
       is grilled chops. Luckily there are places where you can jump with-
       out being hurt

   16. Use the box to help you get over the flames without being hurt to
       much. Pull it to the middle for the first one, and for the second
       push it forwards. You have to bring the crate along for getting
       over the gate btw.

------------------------------- CHECK POINT ------------------------------

   17. In the next section there are three entrances with spinning blades
       in them. You can jam them by pushing the crate in. The only one you
       need go through is the one in the middle. You can press the lever
       to lower the gate and get the other crate.

   18. You'll need both the crates to get past the flaming trap past the
       next set of blades.

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[SILVER CROSS 3/4]
   In the opening to the left you can use the crate to jump up the plat-
   form there.
   [SILVER CROSS 3/4]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   19. Pull the lever.

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[GOLD CROSS]
   [GOLD CROSS]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   20. Continue.

------------------------------- CHECK POINT ------------------------------

   21. In the area with the flowing water there are two candelabras that
       you can smash into the bars they're in front of [good placing!].

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE CROSS 7/9]
   It's the candelabra on the right side of the area.
   [BRONZE CROSS 7/9]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   22. An underground river. Pull the lever.

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BRONZE CROSS 8/9]
   It's in the room you came from that's full of water now.
   [BRONZE CROSS 8/9]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   23. Jump on the coffin and after turning right and jump into the first
       opening you see.

------------------------------- CHECK POINT ------------------------------

   24. Pull the lever and climb on the raft -- ah, coffin -- again.

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[SILVER CROSS 3/4]
   Using lamps on the sides of the passage, turn on the first right and
   you'll see the treasure ahead of you.
   [SILVER CROSS 3/4]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   25. The next grating can be jumped up to from the coffin.

   26. Before you can continue you must pull both of those poles the
       other way. Then quickly run to the ledge on the left side and
       climb up to the ledges and platform to the the slide, then the
       pole; after that there's a grapple you need to jump through then
       grab the next pole. The game gives you quite a long time to do
       this, so there's no reason to hyperventilate.

   27. Climb to the top.

------------------------------- CHECK POINT ------------------------------

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[SILVER CROSS 3/4]
   Hidden behind some rocks.
   [SILVER CROSS 3/4]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   28. Climb down the rope.

------------------------------- CHECK POINT ------------------------------

   29. You can move one of the coffins here [it has "BEDWYR" written on
       it]. Move to to the pillar so you can jump up to it, preferably
       facing the statue.

   30. Grapple the candelabra so it moves back and forth continuously and
       Quickly jump on the counterweight for the bell.

------------------------------- CHECK POINT ------------------------------

C. Kill the monster. Direct shots fail to damage the fiend. You need to
   take an arse-about approach as usual. DON'T fall in the water OR let
   Lara get hit by the monster, so you'll need to employ all your evasive
   maneuvers for this one.

   1. Hit all the statues.

   2. Grapple and pull the levers.

   3. Do the first two steps three more times. This boss reminds me of
      those in Crash Bandicoot 3 the most.

D. Go home.

   1. When the monster's dead use his body to jump onto ledges and

------------------------------- CHECK POINT ------------------------------

   2. Use the hanging pot to jump over the spike pit.

   3. Run and jump on the pole, and then on the small ledge ahead; slide
      down and jump the gap.

   4. Press the Jump, Grapple and Action buttons when shown. X, triangle
      and Square for PS; A, X and Y for Xbox; Space, Q and E for PC.

   5. Make the metal thing swing and use it to jump to the other side.

------------------------------- CHECK POINT ------------------------------

And that's all I've been able to write up to this point. The gold relic is
relatively easy to get btw.

                           PART III: CROFT MANOR

To be included soon. :)

                            PART IV: SECRETS

I'm hoping to have a guide on getting 100% and what-not. I already have
97% in my game.

                           PART V: APPENDICES

                      APPENDIX A: TOMB RAIDER HISTORY
Despite being an easier and better game than all the Lara Croft games
previously made, Crystal Dynamics has a long way to go when it comes
getting the Tomb Raider aura right. The only reason Lara was "enigmatic
in the games for PS1 was because she hardly ever said anything and I fear
that she now lets too much of herself be known, giving no scope for the
player to fill the character out on their own.
  Tomb Raider post legend and Tomb Raider pre Legend are much like the
difference between an automatic and manual gearbox in a car; we all know
the latter will be phased out not too long in the future but we want to
learn how to use them all the same. Every time you jumped on a ledge in
the pre-Leg game you had to press the grab button or something bad would
happen and now I'm mistaking the foot rest for clutch pedal in Tomb Raider
  More to come.

Q: How does one skip a cut-scene?
A: Pause the game and choose "Skip Cinematic."

Q: How can I get the earlier Tomb Raiders from I to III?
A: I got Tomb Raider III for PC as a "Big Bytes" game for $10AUD; you
   can probably order these online, and good bonus is that you can save
   anywhere. Tomb Raider for PSX is also pretty common. I go all of them
   except Tomb Raider Chronicles at which point I thought "why bother?"
   and decided not to buy. Bad experiences with the Mac demo version, I

Q: What versions of Tomb Raider Legend are have you played?
A: I rented the PS2 version once and own the PSP version.

Q: If this is Tomb Raider VII, what were the other Tomb Raiders? If you
   had a relatively modern PC you could have every Tomb Raider ever made
   on it!
   - Tomb Raider for PSX and PC                       (1)
   - Tomb Raider II for PSX and PC                    (2)
   - Tomb Raider III for PSX and PC                   (3)
   - Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation for PSX and PC  (4)
   - Tomb Raider Chronicles for PSX and PC            (5)
   - Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness for PS2 and PC    (6)

                         PART VI: CONCLUSION

                           REVISION HISTORY

 V      Date       Size    Gory Details
 -      ----       ----    ------------
0.5 |  15/09/08  | 80 kb  | - Finished walk-through for Bolivia through
    |            |        |   to England [not finished!] with relics.
    |            |        | - Wrote some basic information.
    |            |        | - Wrote beginnings of a game review.
    |            |        | - Compiled guide plan.
    |            |        | - Compiled game controls for PSP, XBOX 360,
    |            |        |   PS2, XBOX and PC.


Alex, for letting me play Lara Croft on his PlayStation Portable and
  helping me play it.
Crystal Dynamics, for advancing the Tomb Raider series to a better level
  of quality all in terms of graphics, dialogue and storyline.
Other guide writers at GameFAQs, for resources and help.