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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Christopher_Yu

    Version: 1.10 | Updated: 07/09/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     _______ _                 _    _               ______  
    (_______) |               | |  (_)             (_____ \ 
     _      | | _   ____       \ \  _ ____   ___     ____) )
    | |     | || \ / _  )       \ \| |    \ /___)   /_____/ 
    | |_____| | | ( (/ /    _____) ) | | | |___ |   _______ 
     \______)_| |_|\____)  (______/|_|_|_|_(___/   (_______)
    * THE GUIDE *
    Game: 			The Sims 2 
    Kind of Guides: 	Walkthrough
    Console:		PSP
    Version:		1.07
    Started on:		8/2/2006
    Last Update:		8/14/2006
    Size: 			72.9 KB
    * NOTES *
    This FAQ is inactive, which means that it won't be updated for ages.
    I will no longer reply to questions sent to my mailbox or via IM.
    If the section is listed below, it means that I am still working on it and the
    information is INCOMPLETE.
    - 10
    - 9.3 - 9.5 (Goal Sets only)
    - 2.1    
    * UPDATES *
    v 1.01 : 8/2/2006 : Beat the game! Created FAQ. Section 1, 2, 3 ,4
    v 1.02 : 8/3/2006 : Completed FAQ. Submitted to GameFAQs. (Accepted)
    v 1.03 : 8/4/2006 : Added some more secrets. Added 2.1 and 9.6.
    v 1.04 : 8/6/2006 : Added Goal Sets
    v 1.05 : 8/7/2006 : Updated 10.2 - 10.4 + Goal Sets + 5.2
    v 1.06 : 8/13/2006 : Added 2.2, 5.5 and 10.5. Organized 3, 4 and 10.2, Updated
    		     11, 9.2.b., 2.1 and 10.3. Made some minor corrections in 
    		     3.11 and 10.4.b.
    v 1.07 : 8/14/2006 : Corrected some mistakes in 10.4.a., updated 9.2.d., 
                         9.2.e., 10.3.c., 10.2.a. and 11. Added 10.5.c and e. and 
                         10.4.c. AND 10.5.e. - f.
    v 1.08 : 10/4/2006 : Yes, I'm back again. Just correcting some mistake pointed
    		     out by you guys.
    V 1.09 : 11/18/2006 : The FAQ is up with all the info you need for minigames!
    v 1.10 : 11/21/2006 : Updated to cooperate with Neoseeker.
    	- 1. Controls
    	- 2. Sanity
    		- 2.1 Aspiration
    		- 2.2 Personality
    	- 3. Urgencies
    		- 3.1 Hunger
    		- 3.2 Bladder
    		- 3.3 Stinkiness
    		- 3.4 Nausea
    		- 3.5 Headaches
    		- 3.6 Exhaustions
    		- 3.7 Boredom
    		- 3.8 Debt
    		- 3.9 Others
    		- 3.10 Deaths
    		- 3.11 Bills
    	- 4. Skills
    	- 5. Socialize
    		- 5.1 The Basics
    		- 5.2 Secrets
    		- 5.3 Woo-Hoo
    		- 5.4 Roomates
    		- 5.5 Phones
    	- 6. Perks
    		- 6.1 Cheat Perk
    	- 7. Your Home
    	- 8. You
    	- 9. Walkthrough
    		- Create-A-Sim
    		- 9.1 Service Station
    			- 9.1.a. Garage
    			- 9.1.b. Curio Shoppe
    		- 9.2 Paradise Place
    			- 9.2.a. Meet the Neighbors
    			- 9.2.b. The Dente's
    			- 9.2.c. The Beaker's
    			- 9.2.d. The Newlow's
    			- 9.2.e. The Rossum's
    		- 9.3 Deadtree
    			- 9.3.a. Find Roberta!
    			- 9.3.b. The Kine Diary
    			- 9.3.c. The Curse of the Were... pug!
    			- 9.3.d. Nervous Subject Charm
    			- 9.3.e. The Seize of the Meetinghouse
    			- 9.3.f. Virginya the Vamp
    			- 9.3.g. Kine... Again!
    		- 9.4 Division 47
    			- 9.4.a. Lazlo Curious
    			- 9.4.b. General Buzz Grunt
    			- 9.4.c. Tank Grunt
    			- 9.4.d. Johnny Smith
    			- 9.5.e. Pascal Curious
    			- 9.5.f. or4ngut4n
    		- 9.5 The Monument
    			- 9.5.a. The Showdown
    		- 9.6 After the Showdown
    	- 10. Lists
    		- 10.1 I Need Your Help!
    		- 10.2 Secrets
    			- 10.2.a. Character Secret
    			- 10.2.b. Stuff Secret
    		- 10.3 Perks
    			- 10.3.a. Mission Perks
    			- 10.3.b. Normal Perks
    			- 10.3.c. Workbench Perks
    			- 10.3.d. Knowledge Perks
    			- 10.3.e. Money Perks
    			- 10.3.f. Social Perks
    		- 10.4 Secret Whereabouts
    			- 10.4.a. Service Station
    			- 10.4.b. Paradise Place
    			- 10.4.c. Deadtree
    		- 10.5 Price List
    			- 10.5.a. Fridge
    			- 10.5.b. Mambo Loa
    			- 10.5.c. Pita Florica
    			- 10.5.d. Kine Diary
    			- 10.5.e. Ripp Grunt
    			- 10.5.f. Planting
    	- 11. Glitches / Secrets / Easter Eggs
    	- 12. FAQs
    	- 13. Legal Disclaimer
    	- 14. Thanks
    * 1. Controls * 
                 | IN GAME  |      MENU     |
    Analog Stick | Walk/Run | Choose Options|
    D-Pad        | Walk/Run | Choose Options|
    Triangle     |   N/A    |      Back     |
    Square       |See Perks |      N/A      |
                 |See Wants |               |
    Circle       |Use Perks |      N/A      |
    Cross (X)    |  Select  |     Select    |
    Left         |  Rotate  |    Previous   |          |
                 |  Camera  |    Option     |  Cycle   |
    -------------|----------|---------------|  Camera  |
    Right        |  Rotate  |  Next Option  |          |
                 |  Camera  |               |          |
    Start        |  Start   | Back to Game  |
                 |  Menu    |               |
    Select       |   Sim    | Back to Game  |
                 | Overview |               |
    Vol +        |    Increase Volume       |
    Vol -        |    Decrease Volume       |
    MUTE         |         Mute             |
    []           |   Brightness Control     |
    Home         |      Back to Home        |
    * 2. Sanity *
    One of the new features in the game is your sanity meter. It is the diamond 
    thing at the lower left corner of the screen. It will be filled up if you do 
    something to raise it, that is, your wants. A total of four wants will be 
    displayed at the left of the screen. To see what your wants are in detail, 
    press Square. After you do one of your wants, another will appear, and so on. 
    The more difficult the want is, the higher the raise is in the sanity meter. 
    There are a total of 5 status of sanity, repersented  by different colours:
    - None (Empty)       : Your Sim will experience a breakdown. (Keep reading!)
    - Red (Nearly Empty) : Quick! Do something before it became empty! Your Sim 
                           cannot improve skills.
    - Green  (Half)      : You Sim is as happy as a clam, but the meter will 4
                           still decrease.
    - Yellow (Above Half): Your Sim is even MORE happy.
    - Platinum (Full)    : Urgencies won't affect your Sims anymore, but they 
                           still occur.
    Remeber, the higher the sanity meter is, the easier it will be to learn 
    skills or to win social games.
    If the sanity meter is empty, your Sim will experience a nervous breakdown, 
    that is, your sim will need to pay $500 to recover (if you had the money). 
    But, say, if you have only $250 when you breakdown, you will only need to pay 
    $250, but you will not recieve care as good as giving $500 and you'll be in 
    * 2.1 Aspiration *
    In the beginning of the game, Mambo Loa will give you a Aspiration Test, to
    see if you're a Knowledge Sim, a Money Sim, or a Social Sim. Each Aspiration
    will have unique perks and aspiration goals. You can change your Aspiration
    to gain new perks or goals by touching Doctor Newlow's helmet after you beat
    the game.
    |          Social Goal Set          |
    | Reach Friendship Level 4 with 1   |
    |   Person                          |
    | Reach Romacne Level 4 with 1      |
    |   Person                          |
    | Friends Score equals 16           |
    | Train Charisma or Body to Level 2 |
    | Invite your First Roomate         |
    |       Knowledge Goal Set          |
    | Train any Skills to Level 2       |
    | Total Skill Levels equal 8        |
    | Secrets Score equals 10           |
    | Buy a Computer for your Home      |
    | Buy the 'Fast Learner' Perk [from |
    |  the My Sim screen]               |
    * 2.2 Personality *
    You personality is identified by the 12 horoscopes... here's the list:
    Aries - Freedom: You wanted to do whatever you wanted to.
    Leo - Friendship: You wanted to have lots and lots of friends.
    Sagittarius - Knowledge: You wanted to uncover the secrets of the universe.
    Gemini - Gossip: You like to gossip and talk about other people.
    Libra - Life: You wanted a fair and balanced life.
    Aqurius - Playful: You wanted to party all the time.
    Cancer - Shy: You are shy and sensitive.
    Scorpio - Love: Your life is all about passion and romance.
    Pisces - Dreamer: You love to daydream about magical things.
    Taurus - Steady: You are steady and immovable.
    Virgo - Neat: You are clean and organized.
    Caprocon - Focus: You are focused and wanted to accomplish things.
    * 3. Urgencies *
    If you don't fulfill your urgencies, the sanity meter will drop... fast. So 
    make sure you take care all of them. With any low urgencies (They appear in 
    the top left corner of your screen, and flashes when it's really in need), you
    are not allowed to play any mini-games.
    The furniture which is useful to that urgencies is listed below. Inside the
    brackets is the effect.
    The returning price can be roughly calculated by dividing the original price
    into two, then get rid of the decimals. E.g. $999 /2 = $499.5 = $499
    * 3.1 Hunger *
    To ease hunger, you can take anything you want from the fridge (you'll need
    to pay first, of course) and then cook it. Then go to your inventory and eat 
    it! Don't let yourself dying in hunger (no pun intended. You'd really die!)
    Mircowave			$250
    ReadyPrep Range			$400
    Bottch Reactor-Range		$650
    EconoCool Refrigerator		$400
    Chow Bella Fridge		$1000
    * 3.2 Bladder *
    Go to the toilet. Simple. Or you'll wet the floor.
    Urinal				$150  	(5)
    Flush Force Toilet		$300	(10)
    Laxative Bidet			$5000	(15)
    * 3.3 Stinkiness *
    Take a shower or wash your hands! Or else, no one will be willing to get
    near you.
    Flushitol Public Sink		$275	(1)
    Cleenix Faucet System		$640	(3)
    Skin Scorcher			$3000	(15)
    Showers / Tubs
    HygiElite Luxury Shower		$650	(7)
    'HubbaTubba'			$700	(10)
    'Suds du Solei' Tub		$900	(12)
    BubBlaster Hot Tub		$6500	(10)
    * 3.4 Nausea *
    Take some medicine or puke by using the toilet.
    Medicine Cabinet		$400	(10)
    HomeMedic			$1500	(15)
    * 3.5 Headaches *
    Take some medicine too! Or get a good night's sleep.
    SpineStrate Bed			$150	(6)
    Foam Bed			$300	(7)
    DreaMaker Bed			$375	(7)
    'San Carlos' Budget Bed		$450	(9)
    Courtly Sleeper Bed 		$700	(9)
    Princess Luxury Bed		$900	(10)
    The Vallarta			$950	(10)
    CornuCopious Bed		$1800	(10)
    Medicine Cabinet		$400	(10)
    HomeMedic			$1500	(15)
    * 3.6 Exhaustion *
    Sleep, sit, relax! Don't think about the missions and let your Sims lie down
    and dream.
    Sofa / Benches
    'ChassiSass' LS			$45	(1)
    Utopian Bench			$100 	(1)
    UpholsteRelic Loveseat		$150	(1)
    Unfolable Futon Sofa		$180	(1)
    'Floral Fantasy'		$350	(2)
    The Satisfunctioner		$450	(3)
    Gothic Revival Bench		$500	(2)
    Baroccoco Sofa bu MiRE		$700	(2)
    The 'Bruno'			$850	(3)
    'The Olde Fogey' Sofa		$1200	(4)
    Lap of Luxury Sofa		$1500	(4)
    Teak Party Chair		$80	(1)
    FX Examination Chair		$100	(1)
    NuRest Kitchen Chair		$125	(2)
    Oaktowne DineRite		$175	(2)
    Stool Sample			$180	(1)
    Office Chair			$250	(2)
    LoungeMaster Chair		$325	(3)
    Medi-evil Dining Chair		$375	(3)
    'Bon Appetit' Dining Chair	$450	(3)
    Certified Pre-owned Relaxer	$80	(1)
    LeatherLand Armchair		$250	(2)
    Touch of Teak Lounger		$450	(3)
    Luxuristics Armchair		$900	(4)
    SpineStrate Bed			$150	(6)
    Foam Bed			$300	(7)
    DreaMaker Bed			$375	(7)
    'San Carlos' Budget Bed		$450	(9)
    Courtly Sleeper Bed 		$700	(9)
    Princess Luxury Bed		$900	(10)
    The Vallarta			$950	(10)
    CornuCopious Bed		$1800	(12)
    Sensory Deprivation Tank	$4000	(15)
    Dream Recorder			$6000	(10)
    Showers / Tubs
    BubBlaster Hot Tub		$6500	(10)
    * 3.7 Boredom *
    Feeling bored? Dance, play, woo-hoo!
    Bass Boss Ka Boom Box		$99	(6)
    Ingebretson LKG 9000		$375	(8)
    Wurl 'N' Hurl Jukebox		$2550	(10)
    MedioCity Mid-Range TV		$500	(7)
    Scrounged TV			$625	(9)
    Excesutive Plasma TV		$1750	(10)
    The GetSmart 2200		$999	(10)
    The HubriSofe Superion		$2200	(15)
    Antique Poster			$25	(2)
    Mr. Happy Moon-Moon		$70	(2)
    'Default Trees'			$90	(2)
    Disembodied Horn Display	$135	(2)
    'The Harvest'			$145	(2)
    'Just Passin' Theough'		$165    (2)
    'Life Spirit' Motivational Sign	$250	(2)
    Pop Pug Poster Pic		$320	(2)
    Pink Dawg Cola Sign		$375	(2)
    'Mad Cow'			$440	(3)
    Tooo Mooo Neon Sign		$590	(3)
    * 3.8 Debt *
    If you experienced a breakdown, and have no money to pay the doctors (I am 
    quite sure that all doctors in Strangetown are money Sims!), or you just leave
    the bills in front of your door, you'll be in debt. Try painting or cooking, 
    then sell your masterpiece. It will causes headaches if you don't take care of
    your money a look time.
    * 3.9 Others *
    Here's something that can ease all your urgencies!
    Nanovitalizer			$9000	(15)
    * 3.10 Deaths *
    When your hunger level is empty, you will collapse and turned into a 
    ghost, then grim reaper will phone you. You can either use your sanity 
    points to buy a new lease on life, or wander around scaring people (which 
    is fun!).
    - The Bargain Pack: Red sanity, Hungry empty and Bladder maxed out. 
      [100 Sanity Points]
    - The Good Life Pack: Green sanity, everything normal.
      [500 Sanity Points]
    - The Gold Pack: Yellow sanity, everything great!
      [2,500 Sanity Points]
    * 3.11 Bills *
    Your Sim will recieve bills every 3 in-game day. Either Emily will call you or
    a message will pop up to remind you about this. It depends on your total 
    asset score. The higher is the score, the higher the bill will be. If you 
    ignore if for 3 days, you will be in debt and the bill will double up. My 
    advise is that: The bill won't exceed 100$, just pay it as fast as you can. I
    know it's hard to do so if you're in Division 47 but please, for your wallet's
    sake... Do it! By the way, having roomates can reduce your bills!
    * 4. Skills *
    Just like previous Sims games, there are skills for you to max out. Here's 
    the list:
                    |     Usage    | Usage for Games|
    |     Body      |   Pulling    |Flirt/Intimidate|
    |               |              |  Smack-A-Ghoul |  
    |   Charisma    |      N/A     |Flirt/Chat/Kine | 
    |               |              | Sunrise Ritual |   
    |     Logic     |  Researching/| Smack-A-Ghoul/ | 
    |               |   Repairing/ |      Chat/     |  
    |               |    Hacking   |   Intidimate   |  
    |  Creativity   |  Making Fake |  Kine Sunrise  |
    |               |      IDs     | Ritual / YETI  |
    |   Mechanical  |   Crafting   |      YETI      |
    |    Cooking    |   Cooking    |      N/A       |
    And here's how you can build the skills up:
    Bod-Tite Weight Bench		$700	(+)
    Magna-flex			$2500	(++)
    Reflective Glass Mirror		$100	(+)
    Porcelain Oval Mirror		$200	(+)
    Morrocoptilopticon		$370	(+)
    Medicine Cabinet		$400	(++)
    Book Dehydrator			$250	(+)
    'Library' Bookcase		$370	(+)
    Modern Mind Bookshelf		$560	(+)
    The GetSmart 2200		$999	(+)
    The HubriSofe Superion		$2200	(+)
    Mind Teaser			$2800	(++)
    Painter's Easel			$350	(+)
    Chimeway Saloon Piano		$1100	(+)
    'Legend' Grand Piano		$1500	(+)
    Gothic Organ			$2200	(++)
    Mechanical / Cooking
    MedioCity Mid-Range TV		$500	(+)
    Scrounged TV			$625	(+)
    Excesutive Plasma TV		$1750	(+)
    Hypno-teacher 			$2600	(++)
    * 5. Socialize *
    * 5.1 The Basics *
    When you come across an NPC (Let's say he's a guy), his face will appear. 
    Press X to have the option of greeting him, or cancel your act. Greet him 
    to get more options:
    - Apologize    : If you have intimidate him or bite him, apologize to 
                     maintain your relationship. You can either pay him money 
                     or lose your relationship.
    - Talk to      : If there is an exclaimation mark above his head, talk to 
                     recieve mission, or else, find secrets about him.
    - Sell Secrets : Sell him secrets to make money, only available for the 
    		 following NPCs: Mambo Loa, Doctor Newlow, Hoot Howell and
                     Tank Grunt.
    - Social Game  : There are flirt, intidimate and chat for you to choose. 
                     Flirt or chat sucessfully for 4 times to reach the maximum 
                     relationship respectively. Intidimate to learn deep dark 
                     secret. To play, look at what they expect you to say (in 
                     a bubble above their head), then say it. Sometimes, you can 
                     only say things related to it, for example, he will say 
                     "Werewolves" and you can respond "Full Moon".
    * 5.2 Secrets *
    There will be 2 kinds of secret throughout the games: either character's 
    secret or a thing's secret. Each character will have a basic of 3 secrets and
    1 additional secret for some. The 3 basic ones are:
    - Personal Secret: Gained when friendship reached level 4.
    - Intimate Secret: Gained when love reached level 4.
    - Deep Dark Secret: Gained after intidimating.
    The extra one is:
    - Mission Secret: Gained by talking to them during missions.
    Each stuff's secret will have 4 too. Collecting all 4 secrets of a certain 
    stuff when gain some additional skills. To find them, look for a blue, 
    glowing, floating and pointy things. And here's a list of NPC you can sell
    secrets to:
    - Mambo Loa: Secrets about supernatural stuff.
    - Doctor Newlow: Secrets about life and universe.
    - Hoot Howell: Secrets about his customers.
    * 5.3 Woo-Hoo *
    When a NPC is in love with you (Friendship and love both reach level 4), you 
    can invite them to your home, then you yourself relax on the bed, then invite
    your lover to do so too. Cuddle, then kiss, make out or woo-hoo. By the way, 
    you can't have baby through woo-hoo. Sims will have their own safety measures
    to prevent that.
    * 5.4 Roomates *
    To gain yourself roomates, clear all ghosts out of our home (except the third
    one, of course). Then invite your soulmate or level 4 lover to your home. 
    Greet them, then invite roomate. You can dismiss him/her anytime, though. By
    the way, you can only have a maximum of 2 roomates. Boo.
    * 5.5 Phones *
    There are two kind of phones in this game: The normal one and the Party Line.
    With the normal one, you can chat, buy furniture of redesign your home, by the
    Party Line, you can call everyone in one single call.
    Wireless Wall Phone		$45
    Party Line			$2000
    For more about furnitures, chect the urgencies section!
    * 6. Perks *
    Another new feature of this game is perks. They can be brought via the Sim 
    overview menu by sanity points, or made via the workbench. Different perks 
    have different usage. Some can resist several urgencies, some can let you to 
    perform some unique actions, and some can help you to intidimate, chat or 
    * 6.1 Cheat Perk *
    In the Buy Perks screen hold L + R + Square to bring up a cheat perk with a 
    woo-hoo icon. Buy it (It costs nothing) and use it to max out your sanity, add
    yourself some money, reset urgencies and add skills!
    * 7. Your Home *
    You can do the original stuff in Sims 2: Buying furniture and redesigning your
    home. Use the phone on the wall in your home to gain access to buy mode or 
    design mode. However, there is a limit of the total money you can spend on 
    your home (Feng Shui). You can also redesign the wallpaper or floor pattern of 
    your home.
    * 8. You *
    Tired of your face or your clothes? Change it! Get in front of a mirror and 
    then primp yourself! Change your glasses, hairstyle and colour. Also, you can
    buy/ change clothes if you get in front of a wardrobe:
    Auntie Quaint's Armoire		$250
    Empress Teeje Armoire		$600
    Reflective Glass Mirror		$100
    Porcelain Oval Mirror		$200
    Morrocoptilopticon		$370
    Medicine Cabinet		$400
    * 9. Walkthrough *
    * Create-A-Sim *
    I don't think you'll need help on this one, Create-a-Sim, then create a sim, 
    then it will start.
    Your sim is driving through a desert, then the car 
    mysteriously broke down. A guy named Oscar Del Fuego said that he'd fix it up 
    for you. Then you offically start your Sims 2!
    * 9.1 Service Station *
    * 9.1.a Garage *
    |           Goal Set #1             |
    | Befriend Oscar Del Fuego          |
    | Visit the Curio Shoppe across the |
    |   Rocket   			    |
    | Talk to Mambo Loa                 |
    Walk towards Oscar and then talk to him. Ask him how much is needed to fix the
    car, and then he will claim that Michelangelo painted the Mona Lisa. You gain 
    a mission secret. He keep nagging and finally you've got a mission. To chat 
    with him. Play the social game and repeat what he said. Respond before the 
    patient bar goes out and watch the bar next to Oscar's face fill up. If you 
    suceed, there will be a pleasant musuic, and you guys will shake hands. After 
    that, he'll give you a discount and ask you to pay 500$. Do so. He will then 
    tell you about Curio Shoppe to hang out for a moment while he fixs your car, 
    and talk to Mambo Loa. Do it.
    * 9.1.b Curio Shoppe *
    |           Goal Set #2             |
    | Fullfill a Want                   |
    | Learn Bella's Secret              |
    | Flirt with Duncan or Bella        |
    | Eat the Food [see Mambo Loa for   |
    |  details]                         |
    | Check on Your Car                 |
    You now leave the garage. Pick up all the secrets you can find! Because soon, 
    this place will disappear (No kidding). After that, walk into Curio Shoppe.
    There, you can find 2 person: Mambo Loa and Bella Goth. Talk to Mambo and take
    the personality test to see if you are a knowledge sim, a money sim or a 
    social sim, it will affect your wants, so choose smartly! Then, satisfy one of
    your wants and talk to Mambo again. Then, she will lecture you about secrets. 
    You will now need to chat with Bella until she gives you a secret. Then return
    to Mambo.
    Then, she will tell you to flirt with wither Deputy Duncan or Bella Goth. Do 
    it, then return to Mambo again. Buy something cheap from her and eat it. 
    Finally, you're done and free from Mambo's preaches. Go and check your car 
    out. But, just like what I've said before. Vanished. At this moment, you will 
    catch sight of a cell phone. Pick it up, and it is Doctor Newlow the Mad 
    Scientist. He will start to tell you that he understand you and he'll give you 
    a job if you can find a home to stay in and travel to Paradise place without 
    dying of thirst.
    |           Goal Set #3             |
    | Find a Place to Stay              |
    | Get a Ride to Paradise Place      |
    | Get a Dount from Mambo Loa's Stash|
    | Go to Paradise Place              |
    Now, get back to the Shoppe and talk to Bella, she said she'd sell you a 
    mansionif you've got $900,000. That won't work, you thought, so she lowers the 
    price. Just all your money, she offered. How nice, Bella. But for EA's sake, 
    do it. 
    Now, what you need is a ride to Paradise Place. Talk to Deputy Duncan, and he 
    tell you that he wil give you a ride if you give him donuts. Well... 
    Nevermind, Get into the Shoppe and start intimidating Mambo until she said 
    that she hid the donuts in the trash can of the bathroom. Salvage the trash 
    can, and return the donut to Duncan. He will said that it's terrific. Finally 
    you can get into the car, and proceed to Paradise Place.
    * 9.2 Paradise Place *
    * 9.2.a. Meet the Neighbors *
    |           Goal Set #1             |
    | Go to the Espiritu Estate and Meet|
    |   the Maid                        |
    | Track down this 'Doctor Newlow'   |
    | Meet Isaac Rossum                 |
    | Meet Hazel Dente                  |
    | Meet Loki Beaker                  |
    Duncan will tell you that you now own the Espirtu Estate, gives you 800$ and 
    tell you to meet your neighbors: the Rossum's, the Dente's and the Beaker's. 
    Also you'll need to chech out the Newlow's.
    Get into your home, go through the fountain and then turn left in the living 
    room, you should see a radio. Then wait. Ghost! Now run for your lives to your
    left, another room with a bed. Ghost! Quickly ran back to the living room. 
    Hope you didn't lose to much sanity points. Talk to Emily, your butler. She 
    will tell you about the haunting and the three ghosts in the house. Yup, 
    three, not two. She will then tell you how to get Dennis the Music Room Ghost 
    out of your mansion.
    Talk to Deputy Duncan again, and he will tell you that a garbage man is 
    missing, and there are zombies in the graveyard. You have now unlocked the 
    Smack-A-Ghoul minigame. After that, run to the green garbage truck and examine
    * 9.2.b. The Dente's *
    |           Goal Set #4             |
    | See Roland Calonzo about a Job    |
    | Tell Roland the Garden is Ready   |
    | Tell Roland the Bathroom is Clean |
    | Bring the Hot Dog to Roland       |
    |  Calonzo                          |
    | Confront Hazel about her Husbands |
    | Warn Roland Calonzo about Hazel   |
    |           Goal Set Home           |
    | Retrieve the Remians of Dennis    |
    |  Philips			    |
    | Bury the Swimsuit in Hazel's      |
    |  Garden                           |
    | Talk to Emily Emory               |
    Get out of your house, and enter the left house. Inside you'll found two 
    person: Ronald and Hazel Dentes. Talk to Hazel, she said that she'd jobs for 
    you, now talk to Ronald, who will gives you three jobs. Start by getting into 
    the toilet and clean everything. When you're cleaning the sink, you will find 
    a ring. Then watch the Yummy Channel until you gained 2 for cooking and cook 
    a hot dog for the Dente's, and you'll find a note inside the fridge, asking 
    for help. Talk to Ronald and give him the hot dog. Then go to the backyard 
    and examine the pumping machine for the pool. Holy cow you found the remain 
    of Dennis! Bury it in the plots for planting. Now exit the Dente's house, 
    and return to yours. Talk to Emily and let her free Dennis. Dance for it in 
    the music room! After you feel happy enough, go to the opposite of your 
    Estate, where there will be a intersection. Take the left and return to the 
    Service Station. Buy some Garlic seed and return back. Plant them in the 
    Dente's backyard, and you'll find a pacemaker. Talk to Ronald, and he'll pay 
    Put all the pieces together now. Ring in drain. Rescue note in fridge. 
    Pacemaker buried. That spells M-U-R-D-E-R. Talk to Hazel and accuse her. She 
    will said that it's all accident. Now intimidate her, and she'll tell you the
    turth: She's a mass murderer! Warn Ronald about this and he'll ran away. Don't
    worry, though, you'll see him very soon.
    Get back to your home, talk to Emily again, and she will tell you about the 
    Nervous Subject ghost. Proceed to the Beaker's.
    * 9.2.c. The Beaker's *
    |           Goal Set #5             |
    | Rescue Gimi Branko                |
    | Hack the Keypad Next to the       |
    |  Beakers' Locked Door             |
    | Get the Beakers to Leave the Room |
    | Tell Circe about the Patent       |
    | Tell Loki about Circe's Affair    |
    In the house there will be two people: Loki the guy and Circe the gal. Have 
    your logic skill raised up to 2 and then try to hack the keypack. Either one 
    of them will stop you. If it's Loki, he'll said that he won't leave the house
    unless Circe do so. Talk to Circe. She said that she feels that Loki is hiding
    a patent from her. Go examine the wardrobe and you'll find the patent, head
    back to Circe and then she'll explain you're used by her. Intimidate her and
    she'll admit that she's having an affair with Newlow. Tell Loki about this and
    you're done. 
    If it's Circe, then talk to Loki, Loki will suspect that Circe are having an 
    affair so intimidate Circe, and confrim it to Loki. They'll then be to busy 
    fighting, and cannot stop you from rescueing the garbage man inside the 
    * 9.2.d. The Newlow's *
    |           Goal Set #2             |
    | Sell Five Secrets to Doctor Newlow|
    | Find the Doctor's Hiding Place    |
    | Obey Doctor Dominion              |
    Get into the house right to your estate, walk into the reading and talk to Doc
    Newlow. Sell him 5 secrets. If you don't have that much, check the Service 
    Station again, and prehaps the Rossum's too. After you've done so, talk to 
    him, he'll reveal that he is a mad scientist and he'll hide. Raise your
    mechanical skill to 2 and then open the secret door that looks like a bookcase
    in the reading. He'll talk even more. Then, talk the secret behind his desk in
    the chamber and exit the house. Turn right and proceed into the Rossum's.
    * 9.2.e. The Rossum's *
    |           Goal Set #3             |
    | Become Close to Roberta [Relation-|
    |  ship 4]                          |
    | Steal 'liberator.exe' from Doctor |
    |  Newlow's Computer                |
    | Give Rotera 'liberator.exe'       |
    | Talk to Isaac                     |
    |           Goal Set #6             |
    | Give the Hyper-attractor to       |
    |  Roberta                          |
    | Give the Cow Idol to Roberta	    |
    | Speak the Code Sentence to Roberta|
    | Talk to Isaac Rossum              |
    | Travel to Deadtree
    Talk to Isaac, and he ask you to befriend Roberta. Go chat with Roberta until 
    she's your soulmate and then talk to her. She will start to wind up and tell 
    you that she's nothing but a robot. She wants to be free and thus, she need
    a programme called "libertor.exe" to set her free. Go back to Newlow's house 
    and hack his computer in the chamber with level 2 of logic. Then return to the
    Rossum's and give Roberta it along with some money. Talk to Isaac, and then 
    your phone will ring. It's the mad scientist Doc Newlow and now you're under
    his control again. Make a cow statue by the wheelchair-like machine in the
    Rossum's house (you'll need a creativity of 2) and then pull the hyper-
    attractor with a body of 2. Then the doc will call again, and remind you of
    the order of newsreader, waiter and trousers. Talk to Roberta and browse 
    through the options until you come across a correct one with the correct 
    order, it should be the third option. Talk to Isaac again, and you're done.
    * 9.3 Deadtree *
    * 9.3.a. Find Roberta! *
    After you got there, Isaac will give you a call along with a tracking device.
    Now you'll need to find Roberta's parts scattered all over Deadtree. Take a 
    walk in Deadtree first. There are a meetinghouse, an old library, a store, a
    bar and a diary. Head to the store and find a chest behind the chasier and 
    picklock it, and you'll have Roberta's torso.
    Go inside the bar and instantly turn right, pick up the leg and get out. Enter
    the meetinghouse and go through the door left to the piano. Turn right and you
    will be in a graveyard. Avoid the zombies and pick up the arm right in front
    of you. Then enter the old library just opposite to the meetinghouse.
    Argh! Ghost! Well, actually he's not transparent, so he's not a ghost, just a
    guy. It's OK it he saw you. Take the arm installed in a dish-player. You can
    not, you'll need to hack the computer. Hack it and take the arm away then go.
    A leg should be still missing, but don't worry, you'll get it soon...
    * 9.3.b. The Kine Diary *
    There should be a guy in white clothes waving his hand and shouting. Go talk 
    to him. It's Ronald! See? I told you so. Buy a pamphlet from him, and then go
    inside the diary. Talk to Rick Wong, the guy guarding the door and do a fill-
    in-the-blanks test with the help of the pamphlet.
    Hooray! Now you can get inside the diary. Turn right to reveal two cows, a 
    pile of manure and Roberta's leg.
    Talk to the black guy, and then he will give you three tasks. Now, go to the 
    cashier and buy a Bovinomicon, then, keep chatting with Sara Starr (The woman
    in brown cloak) until she's your soulmate. Talk to her about the Ritual, and
    she'll taught you so. Now wait until it's 6 o'clock in the morning and perform
    the ritual (Walk to the cow statue. Yes, it's the one you made for Doctor
    Newlow.). After you successfully do so, you should have some money too. Talk 
    to the black guy again. Mission accomplished. Now you can play the Kine
    Sunrise Ritual mini-game!
    * 9.3.c. The Curse of the Were... pug! *
    Get into the bar and talk to Hoot Howell, he will tell you about Annie and the
    Nightbeast. Now, your task is to find out who is the Nightbeast! Walk out at 
    night to take a look at it. Try not to be scared, although it's hard. Then, 
    buy some spare parts from the vendor and make yourself a taser on the work-
    Now use your detective senses and put all the pieces together:
    - There are Nightbeast's scratches on the wall near the lady's restroom in the
    bar, that means that the Nightbeast is a female wandering in the bar! That 
    means that it is either (i) Annie Howell, (ii) Virginya Feng or (iii) you (if
    you are a female character).
    - The Nightbeast've got straw-coloured hair, pigtails, and hot shorts. And 
    that means... Annie!
    Go and talk to Annie and ask for a messege. She'll freak out and ask you to 
    leave her alone. But don't! Use the taser and she'll transform into the 
    Nightbeast. She'll need 700$ for anger management class. Give her after you 
    earn that all and then bang! The Nightbeast vanished! Talk to Hoot to unlock
    the line-dance mini-game.
    * 9.3.d. Nervous Subject Charm *
    Get into the meetinghouse, then into the graveyard. Get to the very right end
    of it and examine all 4 tombstone. You'd better do it together with the tasks
    of: Investigating what Virginya Feng is doing in the graveyard and to find
    Pita Florica (The vendor)'s family treasure.
    If you decide not to do it altogether in a time, simply examine the four 
    tombstone and one of them will let you to dig after you examined it. Done!
    Now, take the charm and head back to Nightowl Bar and talk to Annie. Then, you
    will need to let Emily free the ghost. Do it if you have time. Return back to 
    the Estate and then talk to Emily.
    * 9.3.e. The Seize of the Meetinghouse *
    Talk to the vendor to begin this mission. She said that the meeting house is 
    actually hers, but Ophelia, the woman in the Meetinghouse took it. You need to 
    befriend Ophelia and lure her to say the turth about the Meetinghouse. Go and
    make Ophelia your soulmate, and she'll tell you that she knocked down the 
    bookcase where her mother's will was kept. Head up to the old library and then
    go to the place where there's a bookcase knocked over. Pick up will and return
    to Pita, the vendor, she'll said oh, nevermind, and that she only wants her 
    family treasure back.
    Go into the graveyard and then examine every tombstone until one of the dead
    bears a surname of "Florica". Dug it up and take it back to Pita. Case Closed!
    * 9.3.f. Virginya the Vamp *
    Talk to the floating guy, Lincoln,  in the old library and he wants you to 
    find out stuff about Virginya Feng, the woman that Lincoln is crushed with. 
    Go to the graveyard, and again, examine every grave until you see her name on
    it. Eek! She's a vamp! Talk to Lincoln again. Then together you'll search for
    her info in the library. Boost up your logic a bit and then do so. You'll 
    find a picture of her. Give it to Lincoln. He then tell you to question the
    vendors. Talk to Pita and she'll transfer your problems to Gimi, his brother.
    Intimidate Gimi until he admit that he sells plasma to Feng! Go back to 
    Lincoln. Then he tell you to either make Feng your soulmate or lover. Do it 
    either way and she'll bit you. You gain a new (cool) perk. Return back to 
    Lincoln (again) and he'll give you 1000$. You gained 2200$ in this mission!
    Rich guy, Lincoln. But Virginya've got one more task for you to do: Get a 
    Get back to the Service Station (You can free Nervous Subject on the way) and
    ask Mambo Loa about this. She will give you a recipe. Go back to Deadtree, buy
    a garlic gloves and a bag of plasma and start working on the cure. Give it 
    back to Virginya, she'll say she's hungry. Talk to her again and she'll give
    you 1500$.
    * 9.3.g. Kine... Again! *
    You will recieve a phone call from Sinjin, telling you that he's got job for 
    you to do. Head to the diary and recieve your job. Take a manure from the 
    floor, buy a smart milk from the cashier, and head out to the street. Made a
    Cowporri on the workbench. Now head back to Paradise Place and go into the
    Rossum's. Create another cow statue and go back to the diary. Put the Cowporri
    on the candle thing in the left of the room, then burn it. Perform the 
    Beezlebeef and watch a cut-scene...
    El Toro is Doctor Newlow, and he steal the Beezlebeef away. Talk to the hiding
    Sinjin and recieve your new goal: Head to Division 47...
    * 9.4 Division 47 *
    * 9.4.a. Lazlo Curious *
    You travelled to Division 47 and talk to the first guy you see. He's Lazlo. He
    will tell you that General Buzz Grunt've got job for you. He also tells you
    where's the barrack, and that you can't get into the laboratory. Go inside the
    * 9.4.b. General Buzz Grunt *
    Once you get into the barrack, get into a room with two guys fighting. Then 
    proceed to another room and talk to the general there. He will shout at you.
    Befriend him with a level 2 friendship and then talk to him again. He will 
    give you 3 tasks and a Division 47 ID card for you to go into the laboratory.
    First, clean the toilet, that's easy. And then fix Tank's computer, if you've
    got high logic, you can do it. Then, get into the laboratory, clean everything,
    including puddles and toxic wastes and then talk to the General again. Get 
    your reward.
    * 9.4.c. Tank Grunt *
    Talk to Tank Grunt and he said that he'd find something fishy about Mister
    Smith (an alien) and wishes you to find it out. You'll need to befriend Jenny
    Smith, his wife. Make her your soulmate, and she'll tell you about Mister 
    Smith going out at night around the saucer. Wait till it's night and confront
    Mister Smith. Either beat him up or befriend him to learn that the saucer is
    to brought a photo album of his first family (Jenny's his second wife). He
    wants you to fetch it. 
    Now get into the laboratory and go into a dark passageway until you see the 
    Dude in Black. Beat him up to know the code to open the door of the Secret
    Sublevel. Get inside the Sublevel and then you will find a chest in the first
    room you saw. Open it and take the album to Mister Smith. Goal completed!
    * 9.4.d. Johnny Smith *
    Talk the the alien in the barrack. He's Johnny Smith and he want to get out of
    Division 47. He wants yo to make a fake ID and loop the feeds for him. You'd
    just do these tasks with Tank Grunt's computer together with some logic and
    creavitivity points. Give Johnny the ID and tell him everything's done in 
    order to see him in Deadwood. Done!
    * 9.4.e. Pascal Curious *
    Go into the laboratory and talk to Vidcund Curious (the one with straw-
    coloured hair) and ask him about the 'big slab of metal' to unlock the YETI
    mini-game. Then talk to another guy called Pascal Curious with black hair. He
    said that the son he had given birth to (No, it's not a typo) is lost. He 
    suspected that either Lazlo or Vidcund took him. Ask Lazlo about it and he 
    will tell you that Vidcund had been hanging out with the Dudes in Black. Then
    talk to Vidcund to know that Lazlo had been hanging out with alien. Then 
    accuse Vidcund of taking the baby. He denied so intimidate him until he admit
    it. Get down to the secret sublevel, go in the corridor and go into the right
    room and take the baby. Don't miss the secrets in the left room and the dark
    passageway to the Sublevel. Talk to Pascal and then give him back the baby.
    * 9.4.f. or4ngut4n *
    Isaac will now give you a call and tell you that he'd find out a note saying 
    'Division 47: or4ngut4n' in Newlow's home. Now get to the Secret Sublevel and
    to the rearest room in the corridor. Use the computer and said that you're the
    mad Newlow. Enter the password 'or4ngut4n' (Not 'rosebud', darn it!), and 
    answer some question given by the computer. The answers are all in the mission
    secret of everyone. Answer it all correctly and it'll let you to take the
    teleporter of Doctor Newlow. Use it to teleport yourself to the 'Monument'.
    * 9.5 The Monument *
    * 9.5.a. The Showdown *
    Save your game, and then you'll greeted by the Doctor. He'll start saying crap
    like your Sim is controlled by am outside force who thinks it's just a little
    game. That's not true, of course. So now you've got 2 minute to rescue 
    Strangehood! First, run up to the giant holy cow and pull the hyper-attractor
    away from it, then hack the machine with Roberta's head on it in 2 minutes. 
    Then, intimidate Doctor Newlow. Use everything you've got - Pyrokinesis,
    taser, just do everything you can! If you do it successfully, the Doc should
    disappear. Congradulations! You've just beat the game!
    * 9.6 After the Showdown *
    Yes. You've beat the game, and let's look at what you've unlocked:
    - Freeplay : That's nothing special, actually.
    - Oscar's Back : Secrets! 
    - Hyper-Attractor : Just a piece of crap.
    - Doc's Helmet : Change your Aspiration!
    - Teleporter : Teleporter is for... teleport.
    And here's what you can do after you beat the game:
    - Gain all the secrets.
    - Buy all the perks, then change your Aspiration, then buy the perks, until
    you've got all of them.
    - Invite roomates.
    - Fulfill all your Aspiration Goals, then change your Aspiration, and so on.
    * 10. Lists *
    * 10.1 I Need Your Help *
    The list below is incomplete: Some information are missing. You can help and
    get a credit by mailing me information not shown here!
    By the way, the secrets below may contain spoiler, read at your own risk!
    * 10.2 Secret List *
    * 10.2.a Character Secret *
    | P= Personal Secret  | I= Intimate Secret|
    |    D= Dark Secret   | M= Mission Secret |
    * Service Station *
    Del Fuego, Oscar
    	D: Sometimes Oscar overcharges for repairs to pay for his music-
               downloading fines.
    	M: "Philistine!" Oscar thinks that Michelangelo painted the Mona 
    Duncan, Deputy
    	D: When Mambo Loa rejected Duncan's advances, he started STALKING her!
    	M: "Ungrateful Dead" Deputy Duncan says that Paradise Place is built 
            on an old cemetery!
    Goth, Bella
    	M: "Bella's Alien Secret" Bella is running away because she was 
    	   abducted by aliens!
    Loa, Mambo
    	M: "Trash Dount" Mambo Loa hides her donuts in the trash can in the 
               restroom. Gross!
    * Paradise Place *
    Beaker, Circe
    	M: "Circe's Affair" Circe has been sneaking off with Doctor Dominic 
    Beaker, Loki
    	D: Met his wife by lurking in an online chatroom devoted to lurking 
               in online chatroom.
    	M: "Loki's Secret Patents" Loki has secret patents for an electric 
    	   vomit recycler and fuzzy carrying case. Sounds delicious!
    Branko, Gimi
    	P: Became a garbage man so he'd haave another source for his 
    	M: "Compromising Position" Gimi was found half crazed in the Beakers' 
    Calonzo, Ronald
    	D: Ronald is a bit scared because Hazel once told him she 'loved him 
               to death'.
    	M: "Dallying with the Help" Ronald had a fling with Hazel as her pool 
               boy before they got engaged.
    Dente, Hazel
        	M: "Serial Monogamist" Hazel Dente may have caused her husbands' 
    	   deaths so she could keep their money.
    Emory, Emily
    	P: Emily Emory died in 1923. She has been haunting the Espiritu Estate
               ever since.
    	M: "Haunted House" The Espiritu Estate is haunted by three scary 
    Ferretino, Vanghan 
    	P: Is convinced that his dead parrot is 'just sleeping'.
    Newlow, Dominic
    	P: Forgot to patent his lasser veggie-dicer doomsday device and lost
    	I: Secretly loves to be humiliated so he has an excuse for evil
    	D: Prefers sixties- and seventies-era spy movies to the mordern stuff.
    	M: "Secret Identity" Dominic Newlow is really an evil supergenius who 
               calls himself 'Doctor Dominion'.
    Philips, Erin
    	P: Once accidentally poisoned her friends with a bad casserole.
    Rossum, Isaac
    	D: Isaac is now developing a single-celled organism that will evolve 
    	   in mere minutes.
    	M: "Robotic Wife" Roberta is actually a ROBOT that Isaac built in his 
    	   workroom using bits of old toasters!
    Rossum, Roberta
    	P: Has an inexplicable craving to condition her hair with motor oil 
    	   each morning.
    	I: Nothing gets her motor going faster than having her buttons pushed
    	D: She routinely solves an array of available, functional problems and
               is sick of getting pointers to this data.
    	M: "Rebellious Robot" Roberta has always dreamed of having free 
    	   will... and a way to leave her husband.
    Turnberry, Scoots
    	P: Smuggles illegal wool tartan blankets into the country for extra 
    	D: Moved to Strangetown to get away from the stress and strain of 
    * Deadtree *
    Balani, Sinjin
    	P: Sinjin once tried to start a sheep-themed secret society, but 
    	   people only said, 'Bah!'
    	D: Sinjin has switched to skim milk to lose weight. But he still 
               preaches the virtues of whole!
    	M: "The Turth about the Kine" Sinjin Balani secretly knows that the 
    	   Kine Society is based on a lie.
    Broadsheet, Lincoln
    	P: Lincoln lost the use of his legs in a freak stapler incident.
    	I: Lincoln Broadsheet likes to watch Virginya Feng from his window...
       	   a little too much.
    	D: Lincoln was barred from practicing journalism in Miniopolis for his
               crazy ideas.
    	M: "Squatter" A reporter named Lincoln has set up shop in the 
               abandoned library, probably illegaly.
    Comonova, Yeva
    	M: "She's a Little Too Happy..." The Dairy is apparently owned and 
    	   operated by the creepy Kine Society.
    Feng, Virginya
    	D: Apparently, there is some bad blood going way back between Virginya
    	   and the Kine Society...
    	M: "Virginya the Vamp" Virginya Feng is a vampire, and has been undead
               since the 19th century!
    Florica, Pita
    	M: "Disappointed Heir" Pita's claim on the Meetinghouse is no good. It
               really belongs to Ophelia.
    Howell, Annie
    	D: When you pushed her to the edge, Annie looked like she might SNAP!
    	   Scary girl.
    	M: "Holy Howling Hoochies!" Annie Howell is the Night Beast!
    Howell, Hoot
    	M: "Struggling Saloon" Hoot's business has been going badly since the 
    	   Night Beast arrived.
    Hudd, Dante
    	D: Once didn't wash for three weeks just to see what he smelled like.
    Kline, Penelope
    	D: Thinks deep-fried marshmallows are a holiday delicacy.
    Shelton, Betsy
    	P: Hates the Kine Society, but is just jealous of the cool dresses 
               they wear.
    	I: Has made out with everyone in town, except the Night Beast, and 
    	   it's next!
    Specter, Ophelia
    	M: "To Heir is Human" Ophelia knocked over the bookcase where her 
    	   mother's will was kept.
    Starr, Sara
    	P: When she's not ranting and raving, Sara likes to relax with some 
    	   fireside power-knitting.
    	M: "Kine Sunrise Ritual" You now know the secret Sunrise Ritual of the
    	   Kine Society.
    Wong, Rick
    	M: "Qualifying Round" Rick's little 'impromptu' quiz is acutally the 
    	   first step of initation into the Kine Society.
    * Division 47 *
    Curious, Lazlo
    	D: Claims to have contacted a lost civilization with the aid of two 
    	   pie tins and duct tape.
    	M: "Xenophile" Vidcund claims that Lazlo has been skulking around the
               UFO with an alien.
    Curious, Pascal
    	M: "Proud Father" Pascal actually gave BIRTH to baby Tycho after he 
    	   was adbucted by aliens.
    Curious, Vidcund
    	D: Vidcund sold Tycho to the Dudes in Black so they would fund his 
    	   secret project.
    	M: "Working with the Enemy" Lazlo claims that Vidcund has been working
               with the Dudes in Black.
    Dudes in Black, The
    	M: "The Dudes in Black" You now know the passcode into the Secret 
    	   Sublevel: 24601.
    Grunt, Buzz
    	M: "Keep Enemies Closer" General Grunt has imprisoned the Smith family
               under the guise of 'protecting' them.
    Grunt Ripp
    	M: "Innocent Victim" Ripp's brother beat him up regularly, even though
               they are both adults.
    Grunt, Tank
    	M: "Tank's Incometence" Tank let someone hack into his security 
    Smith, Jenny
    	P: Jenny loves the smell of Napalm. It reminds her of her dad.
    	M: "Nocturnal Investigation" Jenny admits to you that her husband 
               leaves every night to search the crashed UFO.
    Smith, Johnny
    	M: "Cabin Fever" Johnny Smith ran away from Division 47, and is hiding
    	   out in Deadtree.
    Smith, PT-9
    	P: Pollination Tech #9 really thinks his human disguise is working.
    	M: "Special Delivery" The crashed UFO was here to deliver a personal 
    	   item to Mister Smith.
    * 10.2.b Stuff Secret *
    Secrets of Romance
    -The shortest route to a man's heart is through the Vena Cava.
    -If the woman you love is always nearby, but never seems to notice you... stop
    stalking her.
    -The key to instant romantic success? Lower your standards.
    -The fires of passion are readily extinguished by the asbestos blanket of 
    Secrets of the Occult
    -Most experts agree that sticking pins in a dool's rear is more effective than
    in the eye.
    -Bats are useful for cold remedies and curses, but mostly, they're just darn 
    -Voodoo dolls can be recycled into clothing, stuffing, or chew toys for dogs.
    -Modern zombies are employed as game developers because they can work around 
    the clock.
    Secrets of Intimidation
    -Water torture is generally ineffective, since water doesn't really have 
    anything to hide.
    -'Good Cop, Bad Cop' isn't as effective as 'Good Cop, Undead Cop'. They never 
    see it coming!
    -If the subject does not yield to the comfy chair, you should advance to the 
    soft pillows.
    -Sometimes you can learn more through love than through cruelty. Just kidding!
    Secrets of the Government
    -The Roswell crash was actually a weather balloom... an ALIEN weather balloon!
    -There is nothing better for your cranial hygiene than a good government brain
    -The ultimate democracy would allow all people to vote on all issues and ruin
    them equally.
    -A typical Sim City is presided over by an elected mayor, a board of advisors,
    and a giant robot.
    Secrets of the Undead
    -Zombies don't literally want 'brains'... they just want a decent education.
    -Wild yeti are acutally glaciovores, and only pose to threat to agressive 
    -The living dead prefer to use the more inclusive term 'respiratorally 
    Secrets about Monsters
    -The original 'Bogeyman' had a condition that made him secrete snot from his 
    sweat glands.
    -Vampirism isn't nearly as virulent as people think. Most people shake it off
    like a bad cold.
    -The legend of the Minotaur is false... he actually had the head of a giant 
    -Dragons once roamed all over the world, but were hunted to extinction by 
    sheep ranchers.
    Hazel Dente's Mass Murder
    -"In the Garden..." There is a pacemaker buried in Hazel's garden!
    -"In the Bathroom..." There is a scratched-up wedding ring lodged in Hazel's 
    -"In the Kitchen..." There is a note in Hazel's fridge: 'Help, my wife is 
    starving me to DEATH!'.
    -"In the Pool..." There is a shredded swimsuit in Hazel's pool filter.
    Secrets of Biology
    -Biologists have synthesized a flower that adheres perfectly to principles of
     Feng Shui.
    -Apparently, money DOES grow on trees, but the trees all waste it on junk food
    and hats.
    -If a tree falls alone in the forest, it actually makes the sound of a duck 
    -Scientist can finally communicate with dolphins... but it turns out dolphins
    are jerks.
    Secret of Engineering
    -Scientist at Division 47 have developed a new energy-efficient fuel based 
    on hair.
    -New military-grade 'stealth toothbrushes' allow oral hygiene without 
    walking the whole family.
    -Aliens built every architectural wonder on earth, culminating in the 
    perfection of Burlington, Vermont.
    -Moore and Murphy predict that every year, computers will double their 
    capacity to go wrong.
    Secrets of the Aliens
    -Aliens don't have huge black eyes. They just wear ultra-cool alien 
    -Aliens don't abduct humans for study... they just need somewhere to keep 
    their unused probes.
    -Curiously enough, most aliens are not flammable, though they are terribly 
    allergic to bees.
    -Flying saucers are the alien equivalent of jetskis. Responsible aliens drive
    Ronald's Pamphlet says...
    -Always stay with the herd. The stray cow falls into the thicket.
    -Always keep your eyes on the cow infront of you. Attention yields obdience. 
    -Always look to the future. The path behind you is strewn with manure.
    -Always be warry ... the enemy tips the cow who sleeps.
    Virginya the Vamp
    -"The Headstone" Virginya visits a headstone with HER name on it! From the 
    19th century!
    -"The Photograph" You find a picture of 19th-century Virginya. She looks 
    exactly like modern Virginya.
    -"The Black Market" You find out that Gimi Branko has been selling packets of
    plasma to Virginya Feng.
    -"The Infection" You are infected with vampirism. You can suck the happiness 
    from living humans.
    The Bovinomicon
    -The great cow Beelzebeef slumbers beneath the surface of the earth.
    -When Beelzebeef rises again, she will awaken the Elder Herd.
    -The Elder Herd will trample all those who stray from the teachings of the 
    -Once the earth is cleansed, there will be a new era of peace and dlicious 
    * 10.3 Perks *
    |    10.3.a. Mission Perks      |
    Cell Phone
    Maintain relationships from everywhere!
    Lets you travel instantly to places chosen by Doctor Dominion
    Tracking Device
    Use this device to track Roberta. Watch for the red glow.
    Vampire Bite
    Max out your hunger Urgency in a single bite
    |     10.3.b. Normal Perks      |
    Sanity Points 2000, Creativity 3
    You do your best thinking at night (resist Exhaustion; Passive)
    Sanity Points 1600, Charisma 2
    Hold off the smell of nature for just a bit longer (resist Stink; Passive)
    Eye Surgery
    Sanity Points 3200, Logic 4
    Read for hours without strining yourselg (resist Headache; Passive)
    High-energy Diet
    Sanity Points 3200, Cooking 4
    Go on a low-carb diet and loss your will to eat! (resis Hunger Passive)
    Iron Stomach
    Sanity Points 2800, Body 3
    You can eat like a goat, and nothing fazes you (resist Nausea; Passive)
    Sanity Points 2400, Logic 3
    You don't need to play ALL the time (resist Boredom; Passive)
    |   10.3.c. Workbench Perks     |
    40$, Rose, Cooking 2
    Get a temporary boost of Charisma
    Colostomy Bag
    $400, Plasma, Mechanical 2
    A plastic bag to hold your excess waste (resist Bladder; Passive)
    Happy Juice
    $200, Berries, Cooking 10
    This will fill your Sanity Meter instantly... or drive you insane.
    Love Potion
    $160, Gumflower, Cooking 8
    Spraying this makes them more open to your advances.
    Matter Converter
    $1000, Parts, Toxic Waste, Mechanical 8
    Transform any trash FROM YOUR INVENTORY into Simoleons!
    $1200, Parts, Diamond, Mechanical 10
    Instantly apologize for no money! Can cause Sanity loss.
    Smart Milk Shake
    Cost Unknown
    Get a tempoary boost of Logic
    $600, Parts, Mechanical 4
    INTIMIDATE: Instantly gain respect from your target.
    $800, Parts, Watch, Mechanical 6
    CHAT/FLIRT: Stop the countdown timer for the next combo.
    Truth Serum
    $120, Cider, Cooking 6
    INTIMIDATE: Make your toughest opponents easier to break down.
    Vampire Cure
    $800, Garlic, Plasma, Cooking 4
    Drink this potion to cure the curse of vampirism.
    |   10.3.d. Knowledge Perks     |
    Fast Learner
    Sanity Points 2000, Secrets Score 25, Logic 3
    Learn skills at a CRAZY rate for two hours
    Sanity Points 3500, Secrets Score 35, Logic 4
    Gain Sanity at the cost of Boredom and an impatient Bladder
    Mind Reader
    Sanity Points 7500, Secrets Score 60, Logic 6
    Plumb your neighbors' minds for valuable Secrets
    Sanity Points 2500, Secrets Score 15, Body 2
    INTIMIDATE: Use this to instantly get your target's attention.
    Sanity Points 5000, Secrets Score 50, Logic 5
    INTIMIDATE: Moves are more powerful when your target is on fire
    |      10.3.d. Money Perks      |
    Con Artist
    Sanity Points 3500, Asset Score $10000, Charisma 6
    What are friends for, but to exploit, cheat, and swindle?
    Credit Card
    Sanity Points 7500, Asset Score $15000, Logic 5
    Gain INSTANT money, then watch it tick down again, with interest.
    Cost Unknown
    Why earn money when they're GIVING it away on the street?
    Prepaid Bills
    Sanity Points 2500, Asset Score $4000, Logic 2
    You no longer need to worry about your bills! (Passive)
    Sanity Points 5000, Asset Score $6000, Logic 4
    This perk improves what you get from selling things. (Passive)
    |     10.3.e. Social Perks      |
    Sanity Points 2000, Charisma 3, Friends Score 24
    Other tell you to talk to the hand? Time to talk to your OWN hand!
    Sanity Points 2500, Body 2, Friends Score 12
    CHAT/FLIRT: Use this to instantly get your target's attention.
    Sanity Points 5000, Charisma 4, Friends Score 48
    CHAT/FLIRT: Gives you one free turn, or relieves Anger at a cost to Sanity.
    Sanity Points 7500, Charisma 6, Friends Score 64
    Entertain yourself and others! [use Creativity and Charisma]
    Rose Trick
    Sanity Points 3500, Creativity 5, Friends Score 36
    Make a rose appear in your hand!
    * 10.4 Secrets Whereabouts *
    * 10.4.a. Service Station *
    - When you exit Oscar's garage, look behind the bushes.
    - When you exit Oscar's garage, turn left and there's one in the corner.
    - One is behind Mambo's cashier.
    - One's in the toilet.
    * 10.4.b. Paradise Place *
    - In your own home, there is one in the frontyard near the gate.
    - There is one behind the bushes in front of the door of Newlow's home.
    - There is another on the right to the way out to Deadtree.
    - You can found one behind the bathtub in the Dente's.
    - Another is in the Dente's backyard. Try walking along the right wall of the
    - One is between the bed and the wardrobe in the Beaker's.
    - One is next to the bed in Gimi's chamber located in the Beaker's.
    - One is in the storing chamber in the Rossum's.
    - A secret is behind the plasma TV in the Rossum's.
    - Another is located in Doctor Newlow's chamber, behind his desk.
    - Yet another is behind Doctor Newlow's piano.
    * 10.4.c. Deadtree *
    - There's one next to the cashier of the Kine Diary.
    - Another is in the graveyard of the meetinghouse, next to Dennis's grave.
    - There's another next to the bed in the meetinghouse.
    - One's in the old library.
    - Between the Kine Diary and the Saloon there's a alley, walk inside and 
      look left, you should see a dead tree, it is behind the tree.
    - To the left of the workbench, there's another tree. Walk towards the tree
      and you can see one in the corner of the walls.
    - Walk into the ladies in the Saloon and turn left. You'll see one.
    - Walk near Hoot Howell, the old guy in the saloon, one is in front of a shelf
      holding wines.
    * 10.5 Price List *
    Here is all the thing you can buy from all the shops in game. The price you 
    sell it is the price without the Profit Perk.
    [Item Name]		[Effect]      	      [Selling  [Buying
                             	      	       Price]    Price]
    * 10.5.a. The Fridge *
    Sim Soda		Hunger 1		$2	$5
    Chips			Hunger 1 		$5	$10
    Cereal 	  		Hunger 2 		$10	$20
    Uncooked Burrito	Hunger 8		$2	$5
    Uncooked Hot Dog	Hunger 1		$2	$5
    Uncooked Macaroni	Hunger 2 		$2	$5
    Uncooked Hamburger	Hunger 2		$5	$10
    Uncooked Spaghetti	Hunger 3		$5	$10
    Uncooked Chili		Hunger 6		$7	$15
    Uncooked Pork		Hunger 5		$7	$15
    Uncooked Turkey		Hunger 7        	$10	$20
    Unbaked Cake		Hunger 5		$20	$40
    Burrito			Hunger 8		$20	N/A     400 %
    Hot Dog			Hunger 3		$15	N/A	300 %
    Macaroni		Hunger 4		$45	N/A	900 %
    Hamburger		Hunger 5		$25	N/A	250 %
    Spaghetti		Hunger 6		$30	N/A	300 %
    Chili Con Carne		Hunger 12		$45	N/A	300 %
    Pork Chops		Hunger 10		$37	N/A	247 %
    Turkey			Hunger 15		$60	N/A	300 %
    Personalized Cake	Hunger 10		$100	N/A	250 %
    			Friendship (Max 4)	
    * 10.5.b. Mambo Loa *
    Donut			Hunger 5		$25	$50
    Calling Card		Romance (Max 1)		$12	$25
    Road Map		N/A			$0	$10
    Heart Chocolate		Romance (Max 3) 	$100	$200
    Uncook Macaroni		Hugner 2 		$5	$10
    Garlic Seeds		N/A			$5	$10
    Candy Bar		Hunger 1		$2	$5
    Chips			Hunger 1 		$5	$10
    Greeting Card		Friendship (Max 1)	$12	$25
    Gift Certificate      	Freindship (Max 2)	$50	$100
    Ice Cream		Hunger 3		$7	$15
    Hungry Bar		Hunger 15		$80	$160
    * 10.5.c. Pita Florica *
    Garlic Cloves		Hunger 1		$25	$50
    Spare Parts		N/A			$65	$130
    Rose			Romance (Max 2)		$25	$50
    Watch			N/A			$100	$200
    Rose Seeds 		N/A			$25	$50
    Plasma Pack		N/A			$75	$150
    Diamond Ring		Romance (Max 4)		$800	$1600
    Uncooked Burrito	Hunger 8		$5	$10
    Uncooked Chili		Hunger 6		$15	$30
    * 10.5.d. Kine Diary *
    Donut			Hunger 5		$12	$25
    Heart Chocolate		Romance (Max 3) 	$50	$100
    Gift Certificate      	Freindship (Max 2)	$25	$50
    Smart Milk		N/A			$15	$30
    Personalized Cake	Hunger 10		$200	$400
    			Friendship (Max 4)
    Bottle of Cider		Friendship (Max 3)	$100	$200
    Ice Cream		Hunger 3		$7	$15
    * 10.5.e. Ripp Grunt *
    In Progress......
    * 10.5.f. Planting *
    One of the newest feature of this game is planting. Here's a list of all seeds
    and output and their prices.
    Garlic Seeds		N/A			$5	$10
    Rose Seeds 		N/A			$25	$50
    Gumflower Seeds		N/A			?	?
    Garlic Cloves		Hunger 1		$25	$50
    Rose			Romance (Max 2)		$25	$50	
    Gumflower Petals	?			?	?
    To plant, you just bring the seeds to Hazel's backyard, and plant! Remember to
    water them and then... Harvest time! Bring 5 roses, 5 garlic cloves and 5 
    gumflower petals to hazel and she'll give you some berry seed. The berries 
    is useful for making Happy Juice.
    * 11. Trivia *
    Yes, I have used a shorted name. Hooray!
    The Useless Money Bug
    A e-mail sent in by James Cole says:
    "i used the cheat where you gain 1000 and when i go to buy things sometimes it
    says that i don't have enough, even thought i used the money cheat a few times
    it tell me to move things and sell them to get the money"
    The Pillow out of Wall Glitch
    It might happen when you put a bed, with it's front sticking to a wall. The
    pillows will merge out of the wall when you use the bed. Creepy!
    The Wrong Side Sims Glitch
    When you open a wardrobe or fridge, your Sims might be facing the opposite 
    direction when they open it, i.e. they are not facing the wardrobe or the 
    The Bed Glitch
    Say, when your Sims is sleeping on the LEFT side of a bed for two, the RIGHT
    side of the bed should be flat, and the blanket of the LEFT side of the bed 
    should be bulge up, because the Sims is sleeping inside the blanket. But 
    when this glitch strikes, the effect will be opposite. That means that the 
    LEFT side of the bed (where the Sims sleeps) is flat and normal, but the RIGHT
    side bulges as if someone is sleeping in it.
    The Fast Money Secret
    Paint on a easel, and wait for the white cloth to appear for you to paint,
    press cancel and your painting will be done and is ready for you to sell! Max
    out your creativity for the best effect.
    Bella Goth
    This is crap. Just that Bella Goth is the woman infamous for abducted by the
    aliens in the Sims world.
    Divison 47
    It is a reference to the real world Zone 51. Carp too.
    Dennis Philips
    Emily Emory said that he died because there's no ladder in the swimming pool
    in which he's swimming in, so he can't get out and drowned. This is the most
    common way to kill off a Sims among players of the original Sims... Well, you
    get the point.
    Connection with Sims 2 of PC
    It is likely that the things happened in the Sims 2 of PSP is what happened
    after the stories of Sims 2 of PC. Pascal Curious is pregnant in the PC while
    he'a already given birth to the alien son in the PSP. Here are some fun
    back stories (according to the PC):
    - Circe Beaker is the ex-girlfriend of Vidcund Curious
    - Buzz Grunt's dead wife is called Lyla Vandermorgan, and he's got a third son
      called Buck.
    - Jenny Smith is actually the sister of the Curious.
    * 13. Mini-Games *
    Wow! I have recieved tons (Yes, tons!) of e-mails about where you can play 
    minigames... Maxis says there is six mini-games but there are only 4...
    I will explain it here one by one:
    | Smack-a-Ghoul |
    Where: 			The graveyard in the middle of Paradise Place
    When: 			Night, exactly time not sure.
    Perks you should get: 	Iron-Stomach
    Who:			Dupety Duncan
    Description: 		Just look at where the enemy pops out and smack them
    			them by pressing the corresponding button. There are
    			three types of enemies:
    			Normal Ghoul: Smack them and they're gone, or they
    				      will make you lose a life.
    			Stink Ghoul: Smack them for bonus, if you missed them,
    				     it's ok, you won't loss a life.
    			Ghost: Horrible. You need to smack them, but after you
    	                       do your shovel will be stuck onto the ground.
    			       Miss them and lose a life!
    			If you hit an empty grave (or a ghost), your shovel
    			will be stuck on the ground!
    Level and Reward:
            | Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3 | Level 4 | Level 5 |
    |  Name |    ?    |    ?    |    ?    |    ?    |    ?    |
    |Rewards|    ?    |    ?    |    ?    |    ?    |    ?    |
    | Bonus |    ?    |    ?    |    ?    |    ?    |    ?    |
    | Howlin' Hoedown |
    Where: 			A jukebox in Nighthowl Saloon
    When: 			?
    Perks you should get: 	?
    Who:			Hoot Howell
    Description: 	  	Darn hard! You need to look at the direction the 
    			people's head are turning to in a split second, then
    			press <-- if its left, --> for right, and so on. Try
    			not to miss one step or you'll lose a chance.
    Level and Reward:
            | Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3 | Level 4 | Level 5 |
    |  Name |    ?    |    ?    |    ?    |    ?    |    ?    |
    |Rewards|    ?    |    ?    |    ?    |    ?    |    ?    |
    | Kine Sunrise Ritual |
    Where: 			The Kine Diary
    When: 			6:00 am - 2:00 pm
    Perks you should get: 	Colostomy Bag
    Who:			Sara Starr
    Description: 	  	Easy, look at what the chief do on the stage, and he
     			will gesture to certain direction, follow him by 
    			pressing <-- for left, and so on. Press the direction
    			button longer for bonus.
    Level and Reward:
            | Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3 | Level 4 | Level 5 |
    |  Name |    ?    |    ?    |    ?    |    ?    |    ?    |
    |Rewards|    ?    |    ?    |    ?    |    ?    |    ?    |
    | Bonus |    ?    |    ?    |    ?    |    ?    |    ?    |
    | YETI |
    Where: 			Laboratory
    When: 			?
    Perks you should get: 	?
    Who:			Any of the Curious
    Description: 	  	It's the old listen-and-follow game. You need to 
    			repeat to the music played by the aliens.
    Level and Reward:
            | Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3 | Level 4 | Level 5 |
    |  Name |    ?    |    ?    |    ?    |    ?    |    ?    |
    |Rewards|    ?    |    ?    |    ?    |    ?    |    ?    |
    | Gardening |
    See section 10.5.f.
    | Maintenance |
    Just pick up all the trash and sell it to shops.
    | Artistic Expression |
    You paint something with the easel and you sell your painting. The more your
    creativity points is, the more you will gain. You can calculate the sum of
    money you can earn here:
    [Creativity Points] x 50 = [Money Gained]
    So, if you have 7 creativity points, you can gain $350, if you max your 
    creativity points out, you can earn $500.
    | Gourment Cooking |
    See section 10.5.a.
    | Weight Bench |
    Huh? Training your Body skills is a mini-game? Anyway, buy a weight bench, and
    use it, watch your Sims max out his or her body skills. End of story.
    | TV |
    Is Maxis running out of ideas? Buy a TV, and use it, watch your Sims 
    max out his or her logic skills. End of story. Sounds famaliar?
    | Computer |
    Buy a computer, and use it, watch your Sims max out his or her logic skills. 
    End of story. Hmm... Interesting.
    * 13. FAQs *
    Q: Can I have babies?
    A: No.
    Q: Will my Sim turns old?
    A: No.
    Q: Can I marry to anyone?
    A: And no! But you can have roomates.
    Q: Is there anything that differs from the Sims 2 on other consoles?
    A: Big difference! You can't build your house, have your family, have 
    babies in the PSP version. The PSP version is a role-playing adventure game
    while on other consoles it is just like the original Sim, with better 
    features, of course.
    Q: How long does it takes for you to beat the game?
    A: I never beat the game 100%. I just finished the storyline and then I won't
    bother to find out all the secret. To finish the storyline I used like 8 to 
    12 hours.
    Q: But when you finish the game don't you have your car back? (the one that 
    got crashed at the begining of the game) - sharminesf
    A: No. Maxis is too lazy to build another new place for you to roam in.
    Q: In your FAQ you said that I have to socialise with Virginya Feng, but where
    is she?  - sharminesf
    A: A lady with red hair and always playing the piano.
    Q: i want to know where i need to go and dig up nervous subjects charm. i 
    tried the meeting house,where u said to dig it up at. and it wouldnt let me in
    the meeting house. - wildmantim90
    A: This is either a glitch, or you haven't finish all the mission in Paradise
    Place yet.
    Q: when you have to zap the warewolf-person, how do you do that??? i think 
    that i already know who it is, but how do i complete the goal "decide who you
    think the warewolf is"??? that is where i am stuck - magna.dude
    A: Well, that's the trcky part for me when I first played it... But it turned 
    out that it was simple when you know how.
    1) Made a Taser
    2) Go and talk to Annie Howell
    3) Now you have different option of what you say, choice the one about 
    4) She'll ask you to leave her alone. Do so.
    5) Press Square, change your perk by pressing left and right until you found
    the taser.
    6) Press Square again. Go to Annie (No need to talk to her, just stand besides
    her) and press O.
    Q: i have a question on the Sim's 2 on the psp. my question is, i cant find 
    the rest of the ingredients for hazels garden? i already have roses and garlic
    cloves, i just don't where to get the rest? If you could help me that would be
    awesome. - pinkdolfin710
    A: The gumflower seeds can be bought via Ripp Grunt after you unlocked 
    Divison 47. Give 5 roses, 5 garlic gloves and 5 gumflower petal to Hazel to 
    get seed for berries.
    Q: In the subject of Tank Grunt, every night I go and search for Mr. Smith 
    outside but I can never find him. - sharminesf
    A: Make sure you get the goal and go outside at arouhd 0:00 to the place 
    where there was a crashed saucer.
    * 14. Legal Disclaimer *
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    Copyright 2006, Christopher Yu
    If you see this FAQ being posted or translated into any language in any other
    website not listed below, please contact me: chrisyudbs@hotmail.com
    - GameFAQs
    - SuperCheats
    - Neoseeker
    * 15. Thanks *
    Jonathan  - For giving me chances to play this game.
    My family - Same as above.
    EA games - Same as above.
    Amaze Entertainment - Same as above.
    Sony - Same as above. (Duh...)
    ASCII Generator - I get the ASCII art there!
    pinkdolfin710 - For asking question.
    wildmantim90 - For asking question.
    magna.dude - For pointing out my grammatical mistakes and asking questions.
    sharminesf - For typing out (tons of) secrets, asking questions and pointing out
    mistakes anout Buzz Grunt.

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