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    Manual Translation by BuraiKing

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/14/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    TWELVE 戦国封神伝
    2005 Copyright KONAMI
    on PSP
    Manual Translation by BuraiKing
    ryuchan1 (at) hotmail (dot) com
    Version 1.0. -- (10-15-05) Quick translation of manual completed
    I translated most of this on the fly, so if their are
    any discrepancies or minor errors, please send a
    message to notify me. Mention "Twelve Manual" in the
    subject.  Remember to be civil. 
    This Manual translation is only available on GameFAQS
    Feel free to use this manual as you like, but do not change the
    --Table of Contents--
    (p02)--Background Story
    (p03)--Basic Controls
    (p04)--Starting & Ending a Game 
    (p06)--Game Flow
    (p07)--Adventure Part
    (p08)--Troop Screen
    (p12)--Battle Part
    (p12)--Viewing the Screen
    (p13)--The Flow of Battle
    (p14)--The Character Menu
    (p16)--Actions and Commands
    (p18)--Battle Techniques
    (p20)--Character Introduction
    (p28)--Cheer Command List
    (p28)--Tactician Effect List
    (p29)--Option & Data
    (p02)--Background Story
    ---Once, there was an time when spirits and man lived together.
    This time was called "The Age of Gods"...
    However, one day the Demon God appeared and in the resulting war,
    the land was sunk and cleansed. Although the Demon God was sealed
    at the bottom of the land,  the Gods were exhausted and it is 
    said that
    they are hiding throughout the land.
    This is a story that has been passed down about those who lived 
    that time.
    (p03)--Basic Controls
    --Adventure Part--
    D-Pad = Move Cursor
    Analog Pad = Move Cursor
    O Button = Confirm / Scroll Messages
    X Button = Cancel
    /\ Button = Display ADV Menu
    [ ] Button = Press to hide message window
    L Button = Scroll Messages
    R Button = Speed Messages
    --Battle Part--
    D-Pad = Move Cursor
    Analog Pad UP & DOWN = Zoom IN & OUT on Battle Map
    Analog Pad LEFT & RIGHT = Rotate Battle Map
    O Button = Confirm / Scroll Messages / Enter Combo
    X Button = Cancel / Return to a previous command
    /\ Button = Display Battle Menu
    [ ] Button = Switch between Move / Attack Range Display
    L / R Button = Select Character / Target
    (p04)--Starting and Ending a Game
    After selecting the game on the PSP, you will see the game's 
    opening (by pressing
    the O button you can skip it), then you will be taken to the 
    Title Menu.
    --Title Menu--
    --[Start a new game]
    --[Load temporary save data]
    オプション --->(p29)
    --[Option] Controls Volume, Message Speed, etc
    データ --->(p29)
    --[Data] After clearing a game, you can view weapons and jewels 
    you have collected
    --Selecting Hero and Entering Name--
    After selecting new game, you will be taken to the Hero Select 
    Screen. Here you can choose the sex and enter the name of your 
    hero. If you want to change the name press the [] Button to 
    delete default name.
    --Entering a New Name--
    D-Pad -- Choose Letter
    O Button -- Select Letter
    [] Button -- Delete Letter
    L/R Button -- Move Cursor
    Select Button -- Switch Alphabets
    Start Button -- Confirm
    (p05)--Saving and Loading a Game
    **Twelve requires over 448KB**
    You can SAVE your game in the troop screen or from the ADV map by
    You can LOAD your game in the same way by selecting
    You can make a TEMPORARY SAVE file during battle by opening the 
    battle menu
    **There is only one space for Temporary Save**
    (p06)--Game Flow
    --ADV (Adventure) Map Screen--
    At the end of each part of the story this screen will appear. By 
    pressing the L/R Button, you can move the cursor between choices. 
    Press the O Button to confirm your choice, then the next part of 
    the story or battle will then start.
    --ADV Conversation Screen--
    The story will proceed by conversation. After, you will be able 
    to select the battle tactician (軍師) from your troop.
    --Troop Screen--
    Here you can prepare for battle. You can check troop status, 
    attach jewels, buy items, and purchase/equip weapons.
    --Battle Part--
    Move your characters and fight the enemy on a 3D map.
    (p07)--Adventure Part
    --ADV Map Controls--
    L/R Button - Move cursor between selectable points on the map.
    O Button - Confirm
    Directional Pad / Analog Stick - Move Cursor Manually
    /\ Button - Open ADV Menu
    X Button - Cancel
    --ADV Menu--
    シナリオ選択-(Choose Scenario) - Returns to ADV Map
    本陣画面- (Troop Screen) - Equip weapons, etc. Save & Load Data
    日記-(Diary)-Gives you a summary of the story you have been 
    through so far.
    --ADV Conversation Controls--
    O Button / L Button - Scroll message
    R Button - Speed messages
    [] button - Hold to hide message window
    --Battle Tactician Select--
    As you proceed through the game, you will be able to choose a 
    tactician (軍師) from the characters in your party to lead your 
    troops. When you select a tactician, your troops will receive a 
    tactical effect (軍師効果) that affects your battle. Also you will 
    talk with that character which will deepen the friendship between 
    the tactician and the leader and delve further into the story. 
    **Before a battle you will be given the opportunity to change the 
    tactician, however it will not engage in conversation with that 
    **As the friendship between the hero and the tactician deepens, 
    the tactician's tactical effects will increase.**
    **Tactical Effects--->(p28)
    (p08)--Troop Screen
    軍師変更(Change Tactician)
    --Change the tactician you selected on the ADV Conversation Screen
    --Buy Weapons and Items
    **Before some battles you will not be able to use this function**
    --View current held items
    仙玉組込(Insert Spirit-Jewel)
    --Equip spirit-jewels to your weapon. Spirit-Jewels give you the 
    ability to use combo attacks, add elements to your weapons, and 
    strengthen your stats.
    **More info on combo attacks--->(p16)
    武器装備(Equip Weapon)
    --Equip weapons on a character. Characters can equip a master and 
    reserve weapon, and during battle, it is possible to switch.
    --View character stats. Press L/R Button to switch between Stats
    (能力), Equipment (装備一覧), Friendship Level ( 友感度), Arcanum
    Special Abilities (特殊技能)
    --Save (セーブ), Erase Save Data (セーブデータの削除), 
    Load (ロード),Options (オプション)
    **Save & Load --->(p05)**        
    **Options --->(p29)**
    戦闘情報(Battle Conditions)
    --View Conditions for victory, defeat, and other information.
    出撃 準備(Prepare for Battle)
    --Choose the characters you will take into battle. Confirm to 
    start battle.
    経験値(Exp. Pt)
    --When you get 100pts. you will gain 1 level and your exp. 
    returns to 0
    体力(Health Points)
    --When a character reaches 0, character can no longer participate 
    in battle
    意気(Spirit Points)
    --Used by arcanum, and combos
    攻撃力(Attack Power)
    --Modifies the amount of damage a characters weapon can do.
    神術力(Spiritual Power)
    --Modifies the effects of arcanum
    --Modifies the damage a character receives
    命中率(Hit Percentage)
    --Modifies a weapon's accuracy
    回避率(Evasion Percentage)
    --Modifies the ability to dodge a weapon's attack
    反撃率(Counterattack Percentage)
    --Modifies the chance a character will launch a counter attack
    必殺率(Critical Hit Percentage)
    --Modifies the chance a character will launch a critical hit
    --Represents the distance a character can move in one term
    退却数(Retreat Number)
    --How many times a character has retreated from battle
    --Elements (属性)
    火(Fire Element)
    --Strong vs Lightening, Weak vs Ice
    氷(Ice Element)
    --Strong vs Fire, Weak vs Earth
    雷(Lightening Element)
    --Strong vs Earth, Weak vs Fire 
    震(Quake/Earth Element)
    --Strong vs Ice, Weak vs Lightening
    **Using opposing elements will increase damage by 1.2**
    --Status Conditions (状態異常)--
    --Each turn a characters health will be reduced 5% 
    --Character can not act/move, evade attacks, or counter attack
    --Character cannot act/move, evade attacks, or counter attack. 
    --Effects last longer than sleep.
    --Character cannot use Cheer
    --Other Statuses--
    Golden Hammer(経験値の取得アップ)
    --Increases amount of exp gained
    --Increases amount of money gained
    --Increases Chance to get items & spirit-jewels
    Glowing Blade(エンチャント武器)
    --Allows character to damage spirits
    Blurred Character(分身・迷彩系)
    --Increases Dodge
    Inverted Arrow(裏フェーズに行動が可能な状態)
    --Allows character to attack after normal attack phase(Rear Phase)
    **Phase=Your Turn-->Enemies Turn-->Your Rear Phase-->Enemies Rear 
    **Rear phase does not normally occur**
    --Character using guard
    (p10)--Weapon Parameters
    装備キャラ(Equipable Character)
    --What character can equip the weapon
    スロット数(Slot #)
    --How many spirit-jewels can be equipped
    --Weapon range type & distance
    攻撃力(Attack Power)
    --Weapon's inherent attack power
    神術力(Spiritual Power)
    --Weapon's inherent spiritual power
    防御力(Defense Power)
    --Weapon's inherent defense power
    命中率(Hit Percentage)
    --Weapon's inherent chance to hit an enemy
    回避率(Evade Percentage)
    --Weapon's inherent chance to evade an attack
    反撃率(Counter Attack Percentage)
    --Weapon's inherent chance for a counter attack 
    必殺率(Critical Hit Percentage)
    --Weapon's inherent chance to launch a critical hit
    --Weapon's element based on equipped spirit-jewel
    --Goes up with weapon's use in battle
    神器LV(Sacredness Level)
    --When proficiency reaches 100, then weapon's level goes up.
    **Attack Power, Spiritual Power, Defense Power, Hit Percentage
    Counter Attack Percentage, Critical Hit Percentage can be 
    modified by the equipping of Spirit-Jewels**
    **As the Sacredness Level of a weapon increases, so does it's 
    Slot #**
    --Spirit-Jewels & Weapons--
    Spirit-jewels represent the crystallized form of gods on the 
    earth. Spirit-Jewels can be gained from defeating enemies. These 
    jewels can be equipped on a weapon by inserting them in the 
    weapon's available slots. By equipping spirit-jewels, a weapon's 
    attack, defense, hit percentage, etc go up. Also some jewels can 
    add specific elements and/or the ability to use combo attacks.
    (p11)--Spirit-Jewel Parameters
    --Raises Attack Power
    --Raises Spirit Power
    --Raises Defense Power
    --Raises Hit Percentage
    --Raises Evasion Chance
    --Raises Counter Attack Chance
    --Raises Critical Hit Chance
    --Adds ability to use combos
    --Adds element:Fire(火), Ice(氷), Lightening(雷), Quake/Earth(震) 
    --Attach Status Effect : Poison(毒), Paralysis(痺), Sleep(眠)
    --Setting Spirit-Jewels & Elements--
    When setting multiple Spirit-Jewels, the most numerous element 
    will be the weapon's added element (ex. 2 Ice Jewels and 1 Fire
    jewel would result in an Ice element weapon). If the number of 
    different element are the same then it will result in no element 
    (ex. 2 Ice Jewels and 2 Fire Jewels)  
    --Character Growth--
    Characters gain experience by damaging enemies and healing 
    allies.  Defeating enemies stronger than you will give more 
    experience, weaker enemies will result in less experience. 
    Defeating an enemy results in not only more experience, but also 
    Spirit-Jewels, Items, and Money. As a character increases in 
    level, the character's base parameters raise as well as the 
    possibility of learning new arcanum and cheers/taunts.
    (p12)--Battle Part
    --Viewing the Battle Screens--
    --Battle Map Screen--
    体力 Current Health / Max Health     Element
    意気 Current Spirit / Max Spirit
    命中  (Hit %)      回避 (Evade %)       反撃 (Counter %)
    Status Bar
    補正命中(Adjusted Hit %)
    **The Adjusted Hit Percent is a combination of the attackers Hit 
    Percent and the defenders Evasion.**
    --Battle Staging Screen--
    体力 Current Health / Max Health     Element
    意気 Current Spirit / Max Spirit
    命中  (Hit %)      回避 (Evade %)       反撃 (Counter %)
    Status Bar **located at bottom of screen**
    (p13)--The Flow of Battle
    --Character Dispatch--
    The area in which you can dispatch your troops will be displayed. 
    If you wish to change the placement, move the cursor over the 
    character and press the O Button. Use the Directional Pad to move 
    the character to a new position and press the O Button. Press the 
    X Button to end placement and start the battle.
    **Two characters cannot occupy the same spot**
    --Controlling your troops and defeating the enemy--
    You and the enemy camp take turns moving troops and attacking the 
    enemy. An example of a normal encounter follows.
    1. Choosing a character
    Choose a character by moving the cursor over he character you 
    want to use and pressing O Button.  This will cause the character 
    menu (キャラメニュー) to open.
    **Before selecting a character, by pressing the L/R Button you 
    can select characters who have not been used  this turn**
    2. Moving
    By choosing move (移動) from the character menu (キャラメニュー), 
    the area that your character can move will be shown in blue. Move 
    the cursor to the area you want your character to move and press 
    the O Button to confirm.
    3. Attacking (Healing, Guarding, Etc)
    By choosing act (行動) from the character menu (キャラメニュー), you 
    will be able to choose what action your character will perform 
    such as, normal attack (通常攻撃), etc. For example, if you choose 
    normal attack, and then select a target, your character will 
    attack the enemy.
    **If you want to heal, you can select a healing spell from the 
    arcanum (術) menu, or by using a healing item by selecting item
    4. End Action
    When you are finished with a character, select end (修了) from the 
    character menu (キャラメニュー) and then you will be able to select 
    which way your character will face. Press O Button to confirm 
    your selection.
    --The Flow of Battle Cont.--
    Normally, once all your troops have finished their turn, the 
    enemy's turn will begin. However, by pressing the /\ Button and 
    from the battle menu (戦闘メニュー) choose end phase (フェーズ修了) 
    and regardless of having characters that have not acted yet, the 
    enemy's phase will begin. 
    **When your troops or the enemy's troops HP becomes 0 they become 
    incapacitated and disappear from battle. In the case of your 
    troops, although they disappear, they will be available for the 
    next fight.**
    **If your troops become incapacitated, the character will lose 
    some experience gained, but will not lose any levels.**
    --Clearing a mission--
    By meeting the conditions for victory on a map, you will clear
    the mission. Generally the condition will be to defeat all 
    enemies, but there are also others. If you lose the mission, it 
    will result in game over. 
    **You can check the Winning (勝利) / Loosing(敗北) conditions at 
    any time during battle by pressing the /\ Button and selecting 
    Battle Conditions(戦闘情報)from the Battle Menu (戦闘メニュー).**
    (p14)--The Character Menu
    --Movement (移動)--
    Move your character. By selecting this command, the area that 
    your character can move will be shown in blue. Move the cursor to 
    the area you want your character to move and press the O Button 
    to confirm. When selecting the area to move your character, the 
    possible clips (クリップ) or moving attacks (移動攻撃), will be 
    shown at the bottom right of the screen. If you want to use a 
    clip attack, it is a good idea to check whether you can use them 
    or not before confirming your move.
    **More on Clip Attacks on p17**
    --Act (行動)--
    You can choose between the following actions.
    Normal Attack (通常攻撃), Combo (コンボ), Clip (クリップ) , 
    Arcanum(術),Guard (防御), Item (道具)
    **More on Actions on p16**
    --Cheer (応援)--
    Aid others in battle, and deepen the relationship between 
    characters. When you select this command a list of useable cheers 
    will be displayed. Select the cheer you want by pressing the 
    O Button, then the possible target area will be shown.  Choose 
    the target you want by using the cursor, then press the O Button. 
    Cheers have a lot of uses in battle, such as: raising a 
    character's move range, or the ability to dodge attacks for 1 
    turn. Also, by using cheers, the friendship level of the two 
    characters will increase. Using a cheer does not reduce a 
    characters spirit points, but that character will not be able to 
    use a cheer command on his next turn. Effectively timing the use 
    of cheers is the key to victory. 
    **Cheer List --->(p28)**
    **You can also change the target of a cheer by using the L/R 
    --Change Weapons(武器変更)--
    You can change between the character's main and sub weapon. When 
    you select this command the characters main and sub weapon will 
    be displayed. Choose the weapon you wish to use and press the O 
    Button to confirm.
    When you select this command, you will be able to check your 
    character's status. By pressing the L/R Button, you can change 
    between the stats you want to see. 
    Finish using actions and choose the direction you want your 
    character to face. When you select this an arrow will be 
    displayed. Choose the direction you want the character to face 
    using the D-pad and press the O Button. 
    --Command order and number of uses--
    The Move, Act, and Cheer commands can be used in any order. 
    However, each command can only be used once. The Change Weapons 
    and Status commands can be used as many times as you wish. 
    **If you choose to use a Clip Attack, you will not be able to 
    move afterwards.**
    **A character that uses a Cheer command, will not be able to use a Cheer command
     on his next turn.**
    (p16)--Act Commands
    --Normal Attack(通常攻撃)--
    Attack using the character's equipped weapon. The possible areas 
    of attack are displayed in red. 
    **Even if your troops are in the target area, they will not 
    receive damage.**
    --Combo Attack(コンボ)--
    Using your spirit points, your character will be able to chain 
    attacks together. You can only chain the number of attacks 
    permitted by the Spirit-Jewels equipped on your weapon.  When 
    using a combo attack, a combo display will appear on the Battle 
    Staging Screen. By using good timing when pressing the O Button, 
    your character will deliver more damage to the enemy. 
    **The more chain attacks you use, the more the character's spirit 
    points will decrease.**
    1. In the middle of the Battle Staging Screen, the Combo Bar will 
    start to disappear. 
    2. As soon as the bar disappears, press the O Button.
    3. If you time it right, you will deliver more damage to the 
    enemy than a Normal Attack.
    --Clip Attacks (クリップ)--
    Helmet Cut (兜割) Charging Attack (突撃), and other Moving Attack 
    can only be used if your character has the appropriate move left. 
    When you select this command the available Clip Attacks will be 
    displayed. When you choose a Clip Attack, the possible area of 
    attack will be displayed in red.  Choose your target with the 
    cursor and press the O Button to confirm. Clip Attacks do not use 
    Spirit Points, but you will need the appropriate move number 
    leftover. Moreover, you will not be able to move after you use a 
    clip attack. Clip Attacks can raise your Attack Power, knock an 
    enemy back, and other possible effects, so effectively using 
    Clips can significantly improve the progress of your battle.
    =Clip Name=(required move)
    =Charging Attack(突撃)= (2 move)
    Increase ATT Power & Knock-back
    =Piercing Attack(貫通攻撃)=(3 move)
    Increase ATT Power & Move to back of enemy
    =Helmet Cut(兜割)=(3 move)
    Increase Attack Power & Knock enemy back
    =Snipe Shot(狙撃)=(3 move)
    Increase Attack Power & Range
    =Warning Shot(威嚇)=(3 move)
    Keep enemy from entering surrounding squares 
    =Evade Attack(回避攻撃)=(2 move)
    Increase character's evasion & Attack
    =Dance(舞い)=(3 move)
    Attack surrounding squares
    =Bind(束縛)=(2 move)
    Attack surrounding squares & cause paralysis
    --Arcanum (術)--
    By using your Spirit Points, you can use arcanum which has 
    various effects such as : attack, defense, healing, etc. There 
    are several types of arcanum:  Spirit Arcanum (神術), Occidental 
    Arcanum (西洋神術), Ninjutsu (忍術), etc.  When you select this 
    command, a list of useable arcanum will be displayed. After 
    selecting the arcanum, the area in which you select a target will 
    be shown in red (for enemy units), or green (for your units). The 
    area in which a spells can effect will be shown in yellow. After 
    selecting where you want your arcanum to effect, press the 
    O Button to confirm. 
    --Guard (防御)--
    Until the next turn, your character's evasion rate will go up, 
    and damage received will be decreased. With the cursor over your 
    character, press the O Button to confirm.
    --Item (道具)--
    Use items to heal your character from damage, or from status 
    changes, etc. After selecting this command, a list of useable 
    items will be displayed. After selecting the item you want to 
    use, the target area will be shown in green, and the area of 
    effect will be shown in yellow. Select a character and press the 
    O Button to confirm. 
    --The attack or arcanum target can be selected by pressing the 
    L/R Button as well--
    (p18)--Battle Techniques
    --Positioning Your Troops--
    Attacking the enemy from the side or back will raise your Damage 
    & Accuracy Rate. This also works for the enemy, so when ending 
    your turn, it's important to keep this in mind.
    --Characters with special move ratings--
    Character's on mounts have excellent movement rates when moving 
    forward, but poor rates when moving to the side or back. Before 
    ending your turn, it is a good idea to think about your next 
    move, or you may not be able to move as you had predicted. As 
    many enemies are mounted, it is important to think about how they 
    will move before making your move. 
    **Among your troops, Tien, Kurou, and Benkei are of this type.**
    --Gaining Experience--
    You gain experience by attacking enemies and healing your 
    comrades. However delivering the finishing blow will result in a 
    large amount of experience points for that character.  Therefore 
    it is a good idea to use this to level up characters that you 
    wish to level up.
    --When retreating is a good tactic--
    Even if you retreat from battle, any experience and money gained 
    will be kept.  This is a good tactic when you don't think you can 
    win the battle. Leveling up by attacking and retreating, you will 
    be able to defeat an enemy no problem.
    --Pay Attention to the Battle Conditions--
    Before beginning a battle, the Battle Conditions Screen will be 
    displayed. By paying attention to this, you will be informed 
    whether there will be backup or not, and other information about 
    the enemy. 
    --Immortal / Undead Enemies & Enchant Magic--
    Ghost Soldiers (亡霊兵) and Ogres(鬼), can not be attacked with 
    normal weapons.   By enchanting your character's weapons using 
    the arcanum Devil Break Sword(破魔の剣) or Enchant (エンチャント) 
    they will be able to attack these enemies. If your character has 
    a Sacred Weapon (神器), this arcanum is unnecessary.
    --Elemental Attacks--
    Weapons that are attuned to a certain element will effect attack 
    and defense during battle. Adding elements can be done by 
    equipping Spirit-Jewels.
    火(Fire Element) -- Strong vs Lightening, Weak vs Ice
    氷(Ice Element) -- Strong vs Fire, Weak vs Earth
    雷(Lightening Element) -- Strong vs Earth, Weak vs Fire 
    震(Quake/Earth Element) -- Strong vs Ice, Weak vs Lightening
    (p20)--Character Introductions
    Hero Male (男)  /  Hero Female (女)
    Name: Hibiki (ヒビキ)  /   Minori (ミノリ)
    Description: Swordsman possessing the sacred sword (鷹鏡), in 
    which lies the spirit of the Hawk.
    Special Characteristic: Specializing in close-quarters combat, 
    makes a well-balanced advanced guard.
    Name:Tien (ティエン)
    Description: Born between her father, the head of the Ao Clan, 
    and her mother, an outsider. Taken as hostage by Masanaga, but 
    escaped before being offered as the living sacrifice to resurrect 
    the Demon Lord. Accompanied by an old white tiger, Shiromaru. 
    Possesses the sacred vessel of the tiger.  
    Special Characteristic: Has 2 panel reach with her spear. Can 
    also use healing type spells.
    Name: Mumei (ムメイ)
    Description: A mercenary of unknown origin skilled in the Daito 
    (Large Katana). Meets up with the Hero in Kyo as the head of 
    vigilante group. 
    Special Characteristic: An expert in close-quarters combat, has a 
    high Attack Power.
    Name: Yamato (ヤマモト)
    Description: A merchant working for the Kobe Merchant's Air 
    Division. Also a skilled marksman. Added to your party during the 
    spirit disturbance in Kyo. Possesses the Monkey Spirit Vessel.
    Special Characteristic: Has long range targeting abilities with 
    his gun. Knows basic Occidental Arcanum.
    Name: Seishou (セイショウ)
    Description: A ninja assigned to guard over Tien.  Obedient and 
    naive, cannot go against those of higher status than himself. 
    Possesses the Rabbit Spirit Vessel.
    Special Characteristic: Does not have a high defense or health 
    point, but is the best character for evading attacks.
    Name: Masahime (マサヒメ)
    Description: You meet up with this girl from the Aobana Clan 
    after saving her from pursuit of Kasumi Clan soldiers in a forest 
    in Oushuu.
    Special Characteristic: Has extensive spell repertoire. Lacks in move. 
    Name: Kurou (クロウ)
    Description:Heroic. A warrior woman from the hidden village of 
    elves in Oshuu. Rides the spirit horse Shizuka.
    Special Characteristic: Has long range targeting abilities with 
    bow. Also has a horse mount making her move rate high.
    Name: Benkei (ベンケイ)
    Description: A mute and loyal automaton that lives together with 
    Kurou. Possesses the Boar Spirit Vessel.
    Special Characteristic: Has low evasion rate, but as overwhelming 
    Name: Julie (ジュリー)
    Description: Originally a monk, but now a cross-dresser who 
    travels the land. Meets up with the Hero in Sakai after meeting 
    with the philosopher Saaki. Past is shrouded in mystery. 
    Special Characteristic: Is skilled in Occidental Arcanum
    Name: Bask (バスク)
    Description: A fighting monk who was the heavy-weight champion of 
    the WBT. Possesses the Bull Spirit Vessel.
    Special Characteristic: Skilled in close-quarters combat. Uses 
    Occidental Arcanum to increase Attack Power.
    Name: Yuki (ユキ)
    Description: The Grand Chamberlain at the Imperial Palace in Kyo. 
    Accompanies the Empress' son, Touguu. Joins Hero as a request 
    from the Empress.
    Special Characteristic: Has a high evasion and counter-attack 
    rate. Specializes in Counters.
    Name: Kashin (カシン)
    Description: An old man who wanders the land. Was requested by 
    Tien's father to educate her. 
    Special Characteristic: Uses both Spirit Arcanum and Ninjutsu. 
    Has a high critical.
    Name: Onaga Masanaga (尾長・マサナガ)
    Description: Head of the Onaga Clan. Wants to rule all of Daiwa 
    with the help of the Demon Lords powers. Because of this he is 
    often called the Demon King.
    Name: Fujoshi (フジョシ)
    Description: Shogun under Masanaga's command. Also part of 
    Masanga's Six Demon Guards. Always wears a mask. Masanaga in his 
    youth became interested in her quick wits.  Went from being a 
    page to a shogun. 
    (p28)--Cheer Command List
    --One unit in area recovers 4 Spirit Points
    -- For one turn, movement rate raises by one
    狙って!(Take Aim)
    -- One time only, absolute critical hit
    さあ参りましょう(Let's go)
    -- For one turn, movement rate raises by one
    何をしてるんんですの!(What are you doing!)
    -- One time only, absolute evasion
    負けないで!!(Don't give up!!)
    --For one turn, Attack & Defense raise by 1.2
    --For one turn, the damage for the clip attack (突撃)
     charge attack is raised by 1.5
    下がっていろ!(Get back!)
    -- All friendly units in area move back 2.
    戦い方を教えよう(I'll show you how to fight)
    --For one turn, absolute Hit
    狙われてるぞ!(They've got us in their sights)
    --For one turn, Evasion raises 1.2
    誰でも良いから行け!(It doesn't matter who, just go!)
    --One time only, target cannot move.
    伏せろ!(Get down!)
    --One time only, Absolute Evasion.
    防御は任せて下さい!(Leave defense to me!)
    --For one turn, takes hit instead of targeted unit. does not 
    apply to area attacks.
    敵をよく見ましょう!(Watch for enemies!)
    --For one turn, Evasion raises by 1.2
    コツを教えます!(I'll show you how it's done!)
    --One time only, absolute evasion
    失せろ雑魚(Get outta here small fry)
    --Pushes all enemy units in target area back 2
    ボディーを狙え!(Aim for the body!)
    --For one turn, Attack raises by 1.2, and hits enemy back.
    --For one turn, Attack raises by 1.2 and Critical raises
     50 points.
    たーすーけーて!!(H-E-L-P ME!!)
    --One friendly unit in area will move next to Masahime. 
    動いちゃ駄目です!(Don't move!)
    --For one turn, targeted enemy's attack probability lowers.
    --Push back one enemy unit.
    歩法を施す!(first law)
    --For one turn, targeted enemy's attack probability lowers.
    神速を施す!(godlike speed)
    --For one turn, move raises by 2
    戻れ!(Get back here!)
    --One friendly unit in area will move next to Kurou.
    --One use only, enemy unit cannot evade attack.
    防御代役(Defense Substitute)
    --For one turn, takes hit instead of targeted unit. does not 
    apply to area attacks.
    あたしを見てー!!(Look at me!!)
    --For one turn, target's attack probability raises
    やってきなさい!!(Do it!!)
    --For one turn, target's attack raises by 1.4 & defense by 0.7.
    最近の若い者は(Today's youth...)
    --For one turn, target's gained experience raises by 1.2
    シャキっとせい!(Stay Alert!)
    --For one turn, completely defends against hit-back.
    可愛い子は頑張らんと(If you don't try...)
    --One use only, absolute evasion.
    世の中お金かなあ(Money makes the world go round)
    --For one turn, received money doubles.
    色々持ってるっぽいかも(Looks like their loaded!)
    --For one turn, you will absolutely get an item.
    大人は大変よね~(It's hard being an adult)
    --One use only, absolute evasion.
    --Tactician Effect List--
    当主の心得(The master's knowledge)
    --Recovers Spirit Points by 4 every turn
    刀の声を聞け(Listen to the voice of the blade)
    --Critical raises by 1.5
    値切りの交渉(Price Negotiations)
    --Lowers price on goods
    忍の道も一歩から(Even a ninja's path begins with a step)
    --Duration of status effects decrease by 1 turn.
    肉を切らせて(Cut the meat)
    --Counter raises by 1.5
    竜の当主見習い(Apprentice of the Dragon Lord)
    --Max Spirit raises by 1.2
    生き延びるすべ(The way of long life)
    --Raises chance to get item.
    大橋の守護者(Protector of the bridge)
    --When using the guard command, damage taken is reduced.
    汝自身を愛せ(Love thy self)
    --The effects of items and healing arcanum raises by 1.2
    何事も経験(Anything's experience)
    --Gained Experience raises by 1.2
    何故か盗みの技(How to steal)
    --Gained Money raises by 1.2
    (p29)Options & Data
    BGM, SE, VOICE--Change sound level
    会話音声--Turns Voice ON / OFF
    会話速度--Change Message Speed--Slow / Normal / Fast / Instant
    応援CG--Turn Cheer Animation ON / OFF
    戦闘アクションン--Change between Normal & Easy fight sceen
    初期値に戻す--Restore Default Settings
    引き継ぎ仙玉 / 引き継ぎ武器一覧
    --View weapons and Spirit-Jewels you have obtained in your quest
    --View the turns it took to clear each map
    --Display characters whose endings you have viewed

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