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    Fatality List by ivory_soul

    Version: V1.3 | Updated: 06/20/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    A2--Version History--
    	1. Ashrah
    	2. Baraka
    	3. Blaze
    	4. Bo' Rai Cho
    	5. Dairou
    	6. Darrius
    	7. Ermac
    	8. Frost
    	9. Goro
    	19.Lie Mei
    	20.Liu Kang
    	26.Shao Kahn
    A6--Thank You--
    This is my second FAQ I've written-My first FAQ was for Syphon Filter: Dark 
    Mirror and some of you viewing this FAQ may have read or seen that FAQ. If you
    liked that one I hope you like this one.  
    For starters this is the exact port of Mortal Kombat: Deception for PS2. The 
    fatalities are pretty much same and the characters from Deadly Alliance are the
    same as well. Also note that I put the characters in alphabetical order. It's
    easier for me that way so I can just scroll through real quick and find my
    character. Who remembers the order the characters are in on the select screen
    anyways? I've always found FAQs that are set up that way annoying. I also made
    the layout for the standard default control setup. It always annoyed me when
    the FAQs would have the buttons numbered, and that always made things harder to
    memorize. I have also added a description to each fatality so you know what it
    does before you execute the code.
    This FAQ is for private and personal use.  It can only be reproduced
    electronically. This FAQ is NOT to be used for PROFITABLE or
    PROMOTIONAL purposes.  This includes being incorporated,
    reprinted, or otherwise used by magazines, books, guides, etc.,
    in ANY way. This FAQ was created and being maintained currently
    by Richie Baker. All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged
    that are not specifically mentioned in this FAQ.
    Just please don't use this FAQ or walkthrough to sell or make
    money please and your cooperation would be appreciated.
    Mortal Kombat: Unchained is © Midway Entertainment.
    V1.0 (3/5/07) - This was just codes copied from Mortal Kombat: Deception and 
    Mortal Kombat:Deadly Alliance. If I recieve any correction or new content I 
    will add it here.
    V1.2 - Changed Scorpion's fatality descriptions around since they were in the
    wrong order. Thanks to Verneri Helin for the heads up.
    V1.3 (6/20/07) - Added Sub-Zero's Hara-Kiri that I forgot. Thanks goes to
    Tom Jones for spotting this.
    Please contact me at ivorysoul@gmail.com with the subject MKU if you see any 
    things I missed in the walkthrough such as misspelled words, or any codes 
    that are wrong. This would be a lot easier on me so I would appreciate it if 
    you could submit fixes.
    Close: You have to stand right next to the character.
    Sweep: Stand at sweep distance or about 2 steps back (just tap the back button
    and the character will jump back a whole step), or just almost half way.
    Full Screen: Stand as far away from you opponent as you can get.
    Anywhere: This means the fatality can be performed anywhere on the screen.
    F1: Fatality 1
    F2: Fatality 2
    HK: Hara-Kiri
    /\: Triangle
    []: Square
    (): Circle
    X: Well...X
    For those of you who don't already know Midway finally brought two fatalities
    back into the game and all new death traps (which instantly kill the opponent
    once knocked into it. These represent red lines), stage hazards (which can
    seriously damage an opponent and these represent yellow lines), stage specific
    weapons (which you can pick up and use at will and you can pick these up by
    pressing /\+(), and Hara-Kiris (which are suicides that you can do if you 
    are defeated(!)). 
    F1: Down, Down, Up, Up, /\ (Close)
    --Ashrah spins backwards and pulls out a voodoo doll, then sherepeatedly stabs 
    it with her Kriss which affects her opponent--
    F2: Forward, Down, Forward, Down, /\ (Sweep)
    --Ashrah's hands glow blue and she waves them around, then she brings them 
    down and her opponent starts to glow blue. Then she thrusts them to the upwards 
    and her opponent’s body parts start melting--
    HK: Up, Down, Up, Up, /\
    --She spins so fast she glows blue and her body parts fly everywhere--
    2. --BARAKA--
    F1: Forward, Up, Down, /\ (Close)
    --Baraka slices the arms legs and head off the opponent. The parts slide of the
    victim and then he impales the center body and holds it up triumphantly--
    F2: Forward, Down, Back, Forward, /\ (Sweep)
    --Baraka slices the opponent's head off with one of his blades and then catches
    it with his blade by skewering it--
    HK: Down, Back, Up, Back, ()
    --Baraka slices his own head off with one of his blades then falls to the
    3. --BLAZE--
    Blaze doesn't have any fatalities, unfortunetly, and Midway kept it this way 
    from Deadly Alliance. If you don't know who Blaze is he's the boss character in 
    Mortal Kombat: Armageddon (PS2, Xbox, Wii), and he was an unlockable character
    in Deadly Alliance if you did the Konquest (training) mode with all the
    4. --BO' RAI CHO--
    F1: Down, Up, Forward, Forward, /\ (Close)
    --Bo' Rai Cho reaches into his pocket and pulls out a torch and a jug of
    alcohol. He then drinks the alcohol and lights the torch on fire and spits it
    at the opponent causing he/she to become engulfed in flames--
    F2: Up, Back, Forward, X (Sweep)
    --Bo' Rai Cho pulls a torch out of his pocket, as before, and lights it. This
    time he farts on it and causes a huge green flame to engulf the opponent--
    HK: Back, Back, Forward, Foward, /\
    --Bo' Rai Cho outstretches his arms and starts to inflate then he explodes in
    a gory mess--
    5. --DAIROU--
    F1: Down, Up, Back, Back, [] (Sweep)
    --Dairou slips behind the opponent and grabs both of their arms while putting
    his feet on their back. He then sends their upper body to the ground causing
    it to explode on impact--
    F2: Down, Down, Back, X (Close)
    --Dairou turns his opponent around and rips out two of the oppoenents ribs. He
    then jabs them into the opponents eyes while the opponent stumbles back in
    HK: Back, Back, Back, Down, []
    --Dariou fall straight back and snaps his back and it splits him in two--
    6. --DARRIUS--
    F1: Up, Down, Back, Forward, X (Sweep)
    --Darrius rearranges the opponent's body parts when he grins and kicks them to
    the ground--
    F2: Down, Forward, Foward, Up, [] (Close)
    --Darrius rips the opponents arms off and beats his/her head off with them--
    HK: Back, Forward, Forward, /\
    --Darrius puts both hands on the sides of his head and squeezes it off--
    7. --ERMAC--
    F1: Down, Back, Back, Down, X (Sweep)
    --Ermac uses his telekenesis and raises and slams the opponent to the ground a
    few times then the last time the opponent explodes on impact--
    F2: Back, Down, Back, Down, () (Full Screen)
    --Ermac uses his telekenesis and lifts the opponent up and forces him/her into
    a ball, then on the last force he tears them apart--
    HK: Down, Up, Up, Down, X
    --Ermac smashes his head into the floor a few times, gets dizzy, then on the
    last hit his head explodes--
    8. --FROST--
    Frost only has her one fatality from Deadly Alliance
    F1: Foward, Back, Up, Down, [] (Anywhere)
    --Frost freezes the opponent then she kicks off there top half and it falls and
    shatters on the ground--
    9. --GORO--
    Goro has the same fatalities as he did on Deception for GameCube
    F1: Back, Back, Forward, Forward, X (Sweep)
    --Goro takes his four daggers out and cuts the opponent once then he impales
    them all into the opponent's torso. He then takes the lower left one and
    impales the opponent's head--
    F2: Foward, Back, Foward, Back, [] (Close)
    --Goro lifts the opponent up by his/her arms with his upper arms then he takes
    his lower arms, along with his upper, and rips the oppoents limbs off--
    HK: Up, Forward, Forward, Back, ()
    --Goro takes out his four daggers and impales his lower torso with his lower
    arms and his eyes with his upper arms--
    F1: Down, Forward, Forward, Up, () (Close)
    --Hawik pushes the opponent's arm to face him then he rips off their leg and
    knocks their head off with it. He then holds it up in victory and drops it--
    F2: Forward, Forward, Forward, Back, /\ (Sweep)
    --Havik screams at you then he eats both of the opponents arms and pukes up
    some blood--
    HK: Forward, Up, Up, Up, X
    --Havik rips his own head off and shows it to you then he falls to the ground--
    F1: Forward, Up, Back, Down, [] (Sweep)
    --Hotaru picks the opponent up by his/her leg and throws him/her over his
    shoulder and the opponent hits the ground. He then throws them forward and then
    he spins them around in a circle then slams the opponent down one more time and
    he/she explodes on impact--
    F2: Down, Forward, Back, Foward, /\ (Close)
    --Hotaru kicks the opponent to their knees then twists his/her neck three
    three times. He then kicks them one more time--
    HK: Up, Back, Back, Back, /\
    --Hotaru twists his neck so it faces behind him and falls to the ground--
    F1: Back, Forward, Up, Forward, [] (Sweep)
    --Jade throws her Bojutsu into the opponent's head. She then jumps into the air
    and grabs the Bojutsu and comes down while throwin the opponent's body off
    his/her head--
    F2: Back, Forward, Forward, Forward, /\ (Close)
    --Jade slices the opponent in half with her Bojutsu then the upper half slowly
    slides off (like Baraka's fatality)--
    HK: Forward, Forward, Forward, Back, /\
    --Jade throws her boomerang away from her and it comes back and slices her head
    Jax only has his one fatality from Deadly Alliance
    F1: Down, Forward, Forward, Down, /\ (Anywhere)
    --Jax lifts his opponent over his head and slams them on the ground. He then
    jumps and stomps on his/her head and it explodes--
    F1: Forward, Up, Up, Up, X (Close)
    --Kabal kicks his opponent in a fast spin then he slowly cuts them downward
    with his hookswords sending body parts flying everywhere--
    F2: Up, Up, Down, Down, /\ (Close)
    --Kabal kicks his opponent high into the air then he aims and throws his
    hookswords at him/her and slices them in half--
    HK: Forward, Up, Up, Down, /\
    --Kabal impales one of his hookswords into his head and falls down--
    F1: Foward, Forward, Back, Back, /\ (Sweep)
    --Kenshi impales his opponent in his chest and then takes it out and slices
    his/her torso in two areas. The opponent's torso then slides apart (like Baraka
    and Jade's fatalities)--
    F2: Up, Forward, Back, Forward, /\ (Sweep)
    --Kenshi uses his telekenesis and rips the opponent in half (like Ermac's
    HK: Down, Back, Back, Forward, ()
    --Kenshi falls to his knees and starts to slice open his right side with his
    Katana but bleeds to death first--
    F1: Back, Forward, Forward, Back, () (Full Screen)
    --Kira throws her daggers into the opponent's feet. She then does a sexy walk
    up to him/her and rips their torso off--
    F2: Up, Forward, Down, Back, X (Sweep)
    --Kira whips our on of her daggers and slices the opponent's neck. She then
    does a roundhouse kick to the opponent's torso and the opponent's head falls to
    the ground (like Baraka, Jade, and Kenshi's fatality)--
    HK: Foward, Back, Up, Back, X
    --Kira impales her kidneys with her Dragon Teeth and falls to the ground--
    Kitana only has her one fatality from Deadly Alliance
    F1: Down, Up, Forward, Forward, /\ (Anywhere)
    --Kitana kisses her opponent's cheek and he/she inflates three times then on
    the fourth they explode--
    F1: Down, Back, Foward, Down, () (Close)
    --Kobra rips the opponent's heart out and shoves it down his/her throat--
    F2: Foward, Back, Forward, Forward, /\ (Close)
    --Kobra does a super powerful kick which knocks the opponent's head off--
    HK: Up, Up, Back, Back, /\
    --Kobra rips his own heart out and falls to the ground--
    19.--LI MEI--
    F1: Forward, Forward, Forward, Forward, [] (Sweep)
    --Li Mei does a bunch of quick punches all over the opponent's body then they
    shake and explode--
    F2: Up, Back, Forward, Forward, () (Sweep)
    --Li Mei uppercuts the opponent's head off then she kicks it into the
    opponent's body and he/she explodes--
    HK: Up, Down, Up, Down, X
    --Li Mei takes out her Kun Lun Dao and she bends over and the sword comes down
    and slices her head off--
    20.--LIU KANG--
    F1: Back, Back, Back, Foward, /\ (Sweep)
    --Liu throws a huge fireball at his opponent and he/she explodes--
    F2: Foward, Forward, Up, Up, X (Sweep)
    --Liu teleports inside the opponent's body and tears he/she's head off and his
    head shows--
    HK: Down, Down, Down, Up, X
    --Liu creates a green energy and disinigrates himself--
    F1: Forward, Forward, Down, Down, [] (Sweep)
    --Mileena takes off her veil and jumps on the opponent and rips his/her head
    off with her teeth. She then spits it out and does a creepy laugh and sexy
    F2: Up, Up, Forward, Forward, X (Full Screen)
    --Mileena takes out her Sai's and throws them into the air then kicks them into
    her opponent's torso--
    HK: Back, Down, Forward, Back, []
    --Mileena takes out her Sai's and stabs them into the sides of her head--
    F1: Down, Foward, Back, Forward, [] (Full Screen)
    --Nightwolf pulls out a Tomahawk and throws it into the opponent's face--
    F2: Down, Forward, Down, Up, /\ (Sweep)
    --Nightworlf decapitates his opponent with his Tomahawk then he catches the
    head and holds it up triumphantly--
    HK: Up, Up, Up, Up, X
    --Nightwolf throws a Tomahawk into the air and it falls into his chest--
    You must be Noob to perform this
    F1: Back, Foward, Back, Foward, () (Sweep)
    --Noob throws shurikens into the opponent and they stumble back gurgling on
    You must be Smoke to perform this
    F2: Up, Down, Down, Forward, /\ (Sweep)
    --Smoke disappears then he hits the opponent's head and then rips their arms
    and head off and reappears--
    You must be Noob to perform this
    HK: Down, Up, Up, Down, ()
    --Noob throws his shurikens into the air and they imbed in his body as they
    You must be Smoke to perform this
    HK: Down, Up, Up, Down, ()
    --Smoke will push buttons on his arm and he'll slowly raise it up and he'll
    F1: Back, Down, Forward, Down, [] (Sweep)
    --Raiden raises his hands into the air and lightning will strike and make both
    opponents explode--
    F2: Up, down, Forward, Forward, [] (Full Screen)
    --Raide raises his hand creating a lightning ball then he shoots it as his
    opponent until he/she explodes--
    HK: Forward, Up, Up, Back, []
    --Raiden makes himself explode with his powers--
    F1: Foward, Back, Foward, Back, [] (Close)
    --Scorpion walks up to his opponent and rips their head off by reaching in
    his/her neck and pull his/her throat out--
    F2: Forward, Down, Forward, Forward, [] (Sweep)
    --Scoprion steps back and throws his spear into his opponent's arm and rips it
    off and repeats for the other arm. He then walks up to the opponent and snaps
    his/her neck--
    HK: Forward, Up, Up, Back, []
    --Scorpion snaps his neck and falls to the ground--
    26.--SHAO KAHN--
    Shao Kahn has the same fatalities as he did on Deception for GameCube
    F1: Down, Up, Up, Forward, /\ (Sweep)
    --Shao Kahn uppercuts his opponent into the air then takes his hammer and
    swings it at him/her like a baseball bat and he/she explodes--
    F2: Back, Forward, Down, Forward, /\ (Close)
    --Shao Kahn takes his hammer and pounds his opponent into the ground three
    times until just his/her head sticks up. Then he swings the hammer and bashes
    his/her head off--
    HK: Down, Up, Up, Down, []
    --Shao Kahn throws his hammer into the air and it comes down and smashes his
    F1: Up, Down, Down, Forward, X (Close)
    --Shujinko takes his Autumn Daos and slices the opponent up. He then kicks
    him/her in the torso and they fall apart (like Baraka, Jade, Kenshi, and Kira's
    F2: Back, Up, Foward, Forward, [] (Close)
    --Shujinko uses his swords like shears and snips his opponents head off--
    HK: Down, Back, Down, Back, X
    --Shujinko throws his swords into the air and they come down and slice his arms
    F1: Back, Forward, Forward, Back, [] (Sweep)
    --Sindel does her Banshee Scream and makes her opponent's limbs and head fly
    F2: Up, Up, Back, Forward, X (Sweep)
    --Sindel knocks her opponent into the air with her Kwan Do and then spins it
    above her head and her opponent comes down and gets diced to bits--
    HK: Foward, Up, Up, Down, ()
    --Sindel backflips high into the air and comes down on her head breaking her
    F1: Forward, Back, Down, Forward, /\ (Close)
    --Sub-Zero freezes his opponent's body then he rips their head off and slides
    back, then he throws it at him/her and they shatter to pieces--
    F2: Back, Down, Forward, Down, [] (Sweep)
    --Sub-Zero freezes the lower half of his opponent then kicks off there torso.
    His opponent crawls backwards a bit and dies--
    HK: Down, Up, Down, Up, /\
    --Sub-Zero basically just freezes himself from the ground up.--
    F1: Forward, Down, Down, Down, [] (Sweep)
    --Tanya rips out her opponents right femur (thigh bone) and jabs it into
    his/her eye--
    F2: Up, Back, Forward, Up, /\ (Close)
    --Tanya takes her Kobu Jutsu an slices her opponent's arm and neck. Then she
    steps back and impales her opponent with her Kobu in the torso--
    HK: Down, Down, Foward, Up, X
    --Tanya rips both of her femurs out and jabs them into her eyes--
    A6--THANK YOU--
    Thank you for reading my FAQ and I hope it helped.
    © Richie Baker All Rights Reserved

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