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    Hunter Rank Guide by Lunaredge

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/15/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Monster Hunter Freedom, Hunter Rank Guide
    Version: 1.0
    Author: Yosei Lunaredge(IGN: Lunaredge)
    NOTE: If you are reading this Guide, I assume that know how to use most weapons
    Table of Contents
    1. Hunter Rank
    2. Rank Up List
    -THE Rank up list
    3. Urgent Quest Help
    -How to's
    4. G-Ranked
    -Stands For?
    5. FAQ
    -N00b Questions
    -Newb Questions
    -Differance Between newb and N00b
    6. Legal Stuffs and Contact Junk
    -Contact Me
    9/14/06: Ver. 1.0 Complete.
    I. Hunter Rank
    Hunter Rank is your ranking in the guild.
    Higher HR means better quests.
    Better quests means better junk
    Better Junk means better monsters you can beat
    Better monsters means more HR Up
    In Monster Hunter Portable/Freedom, the highest HR is 5. in MH1, it was 20, and
    MH2. I dont know. MHP2nd? well, thats not out
    You Can. Yes, Really. thats why your here
    When you beat the Urgent quest, listed here, which comes after the Key quests,
    you will receive a notice about your hunter rank up.
    You are now
    <Hunter Rank 4>
    O/X to continue
    Better Stuff. More Fame. a Different Colored Name. More quests
    II. Rank Up List
    Thanks to Xiao(esods/Toylet) for making this. 
    To rank up from HR1 to HR2, you must complete the following 4-star Guild quests:
    The Land Shark
    Trouble in the Swamp
    Jungle Menace
    Attack of the Yian Kut-Ku
    Catch a Yian Kut-Ku
    Catch a Gypceros
    After you have completed the above quests, an Emergency Quest will show up:
    Four Horns
    After that's completed, you will rank up to HR2.
    To rank up from HR2 to HR3, you must complete the following 5-star Guild quests:
    Basarios: Unseen Peril
    Wyvern in the Darkness
    Get me a live Khezu!
    The Desert Plesioth(Unlocked by Jungle Pless)
    Water Wyvern in the Jungle
    The Runaway Diablos
    The Fearsome Gravios
    A Troublesome Pair
    After you have completed the above quests, an Emergency Quest will show up:
    A Giant Dragon Invades
    After that's completed, you will rank up to HR3.
    To rank up from HR3 to HR4, you must complete the following 6-star Guild quests:
    Attack of the Yian Kut-Ku
    Trapped by Yian Kut-Ku
    Trouble in the Swamp
    The Poison Siege
    The Two Sand Shadows
    After you have completed the above quests, an Emergency Quest will show up:
    The Thunderous Duo
    After that's completed, you will rank up to HR4.
    To rank up from HR4 to HR5, you must complete the following 7-star Guild quests:
    The Shadow in the Cave
    Basarios: Invisible Terror
    Two Rock Wyverns
    The Land and the Sky
    After you have completed the above quests, an Emergency Quest will show up:
    Pink and Azure
    After that's completed, you will rank up to HR5.
    To unlock the normal Fatalis quest, you must complete the following 8-star
    Guild quests:
    Queen of the Jungle (Gold)
    Slay the Rathalos (Silver)
    Water Wyvern in the Jungle (Green)
    The Runaway Diablos
    The Runaway Diablos (Black)
    Volcanic Valor
    Wyverns of Land and Sky (Gold & Silver)
    After you have completed the above quests, an Emergency Quest will show up:
    A Giant Dragon Invades
    After that's completed, you will unlock:
    The Legendary Black Dragon(4 quests. See 0cu's Fatalis FAQ)
    After that's completed, you will unlock:
    The Plate of Calamity(Red Fatalis)
    The Rage of Yian Garuga
    Thunder and Lightning(Kirin G X2)
    NOTE: in MHP, Plate of Calamity and Thunder and Lightning are Download
    quests. Anytime your HR5, Go for it. YGG, well, MH2 linkup
    III. Urgent Quest Help
    This will surely kill some useless Topics.
    -How To's
    -4 Horns
    THE most hard HR up quest because of what is available to you
    TAKE A
    RathaLos set(dont have this? 4 Horns IS NOT FOR YOU)
    Ceramic blos horn(weapon tree FAQ FTW)
    take the following(organise for your own combining comfort)
    Combo book 1-4
    High potionX10
    Kelbi hornX10(or more)
    Fire HerbX20
    Bleu MushieX10
    Bomb Material X10
    Sonic BombX10
    basically use the RSPFHLS(pronounced Reshpfheless)
    when hes in mad mode
    when he burrows(throw after tail goes under)
    when you have the opening
    When hes charging
    When you need to
    When hes burrow-striking you
    With ancient potions(after expending your potion making materials)
    If your Good, half of those materials you wont need to use. WHO CARES?
    Kelbi Horns are the MH equivalent of Lucky Rabbits foots. take as many
    as you can.
    Another Strategy is to use Frost edge+. this isnt so smart, as RAW damage
    works best against Diablos
    Try to shoot for the first DBlos Down by 15 mins, and less than 10 potions
    sonics, and flashes used
    -A Giant Dragon Invades
    Beat Up Lao
    Set of choice(take good skills(and good defence)), Wolf Torrent
    Yes, YGG weapon. Just listen. its the only one worth getting
    Mega Potions X10
    LBB, LBB+ X As many as you have
    SBB+X5 if you have bombs
    Farcaster to get you out of some sticky situations
    Any other stuff you may want
    Now. When quest starts. you see Lao. I assume you are good enough to not
    get your butt kicked by Laos tail.
    Head to Camp. Take 9 Ballista shells, and dig for one more
    then, pick up your supplies. Keep your stamina up.
    Now. Wait for Lao. when he enters area, bomb up head. then whack at it.
    when you can. Triple combo the stomach. Constantly.
    Sharpness. Sharpen when you lose Green. then, sharpen twice. you get a tiny bit
    of white. which is good. Blue does the most damage.(or So myths say)
    Tripple Combo your way to the end of the areas, and when he gets to area 5,
    Blast him with the Dragonator, and all ten ballista shells
    then, continue to beat on his belly
    Why the triple combo? Its the strongest 
    you have SOLOED Lao+
    if your good, he should be lying in wait for you to carve
    If not, who cares. kick his butt with any HR3+ weapon you can now get!
    HR3. GET
    Welcome to G ranked quests. See section 4 of this Guide
    -A Thunderous Duo
    Take your regular Dual monster junk
    and extra traps, and throw out the sonics, and flashes.
    take your bombs, and other stuffs.
    Whip out your Corona. Set? maybe try a Gyps S or U. your call
    If possioble, get a Sanctioned Gunhammer and beat on them
    or Add a few extra nostrils to their heads with your Dragon Rider Spear
    and skip this. it should be over in approx 20 mins
    Find one. Beat on it. Regular Kehzu fighting tactics
    when the other comes, Paint/Auto Track it, and try to scare the other away with
    a paintball or something(hit it before it sees you with long range) if not,
    try to kill the first. if they start to sleep, or you are good with dual wyverns
    or have friends, go all out and rush them. try to fight one before it wakes up
    its buddy.
    Of course, the regular commonsensical things apply here also.
    -Pink And Azure(Sakura To Sou)(<=Much Cooler)
    Get a friend to help.
    No friends? Get Real
    No Friends with MHP/F? Now your realistic
    If you cannot beat this quest without a guide, you suck at MH and need to
    whatever. Use E.Schisms, a DBA, or a DRS or maybe Dark Punisher. your call.
    those are amongst the best weapons to fight them with.
    Regular tactics. Go.
    Regular Tactics?
    Trap them, Go bezerk on Head
    Sooner or later(15 mins), you have a dead Los/Ian
    Failed? Take Traps, and more stuffs
    Still Failed? You suck at MH. Go find a better game
    -The Legendary Black Dragon
    IV. G-Ranked
    Yes, you heard me right
    G ranked.
    G ranked quests are for the higher leveled people, and are given from the blue 
    lady. they all require HR3 and above to join. you spawn in a "Random" area
    and you have a 3% chance of getting into the "Bonus area" in Desert, Swamp,
    and volcano. The wyverns in G ranked are significantly stronger. be prepared
    Materials in G-Ranked are different. know that.
    -Material List for G-Ranked quests
    Blue Mushroom 40%
    Raw Meat 30%
    Special Mushroom 15%
    Mosswine Hide 10%
    Mosswine Head 5%
    Bullfango Pelt 53%
    Raw Meat 39%
    Bullfango Head 8%
    Kelbi stuff stays same
    Apceros, Apceroth also
    White Velociprey Hide 53%
    Velociprey Fang 29%
    White Velociprey Scale 18%
    Velocidrome Claw 37%
    Velociprey Hide+ 35%
    Velociprey Scale+ 20%
    Velocidrome Head 8%
    Genprey Hide+ 45%
    Genprey Scale+ 30%
    Genprey Fang 13%
    Paralysis Sac 12%
    Gendrome Hide 45%
    Paralysis Sac 40%
    Genprey Scale+ 15%
    Ioprey Hide+ 45%
    Ioprey Scale+ 30%
    Ioprey Fang 25%
    Iodrome Hide 45%
    Toxin Sac 40%
    Ioprey Scale+ 15%
    Rathalos Carapace 35%
    Inferno Sac 25%
    Rathalos Webbing 15%
    Rathalos Scale+ 15%
    Rathalos Brainstem 8%
    Rathalos Wing 2%
    Rathalos Tail 45%
    Rathalos Scale+ 35%
    Rathalos Plate 12%
    Rathalos Brainstem 6%
    Rathalos Ruby 2%
    Rath Soul
    Azure Rathalos Carapace 38%
    Inferno Sac 25%
    Azure Rathalos Scale+ 15%
    Azure Rathalos Webbing 10%
    Rathalos Brainstem 8%
    Azure Rathalos Wing 4%
    Azure Rathalos Tail 35%
    Azure Rathalos Scale+ 35%
    Azure Rathalos Carapace 16%
    Azure Rathalos Plate 12%
    Azure Rathalos Ruby 2%
    Silver Sol
    Silver Rathalos Shell 30%
    Silver Rathalos Webbing 30%
    Inferno Sac 25%
    Wyvern Marrow 8%
    Silver Rathalos Scale 5%
    Silver Rathalos Wing 2%
    Silver Rathalos Tail 55%
    Silver Rathalos Scale 20%
    Silver Rathalos Plate 9%
    Silver Rathalos Shell 8%
    Rathalos Brainstem 6%
    Silver Rathalos Ruby 2%
    Rathian Scale+ 35%
    Rathian Carapace 30%
    Inferno Sac 25%
    Rathian Spike 8%
    Wyvern Claw 2%
    Rathian Scale+ 45%
    Rathian Carapace 23%
    Rathian Spike 13%
    Rathian Plate 12%
    Rathalos Brainstem 5%
    Rathian Ruby 2%
    Rath Hart
    Pink Rathian Scale+ 35%
    Pink Rathian Carapace 30%
    Inferno Sac 25%
    Pink Rathian Thorn 8%
    Wyvern Claw 2%
    Pink Rathian Scale+ 50%
    Pink Rathian Carapace 30%
    Pink Rathian Plate 12%
    Rathalos Brainstem 6%
    Pink Rathian Ruby 2%
    Gold Luna
    Gold Rathian Scale 37%
    Gold Rathian Shell 30%
    Inferno Sac 25%
    Gold Rathian Thorn 8%
    Gold Rathian Scale 46%
    Gold Rathian Shell 30%
    Gold Rathian Thorn 13%
    Gold Rathian Plate 8%
    Gold Rathian Ruby 2%
    I mean, YKK
    KFC 100%
    I mean
    Kut Ku Carapace 50%
    Kut Ku Wing 30%
    Long Kut Ku Ear 12%
    Splendid Beak 8%
    Blue Kut Ku Wing 40%
    Blue Kut Ku Ear 35%
    Blue Kut Ku Carapace 15%
    Splendid Beak 10%
    Rubbery Hide+ 50%
    Power Extract 30%
    Toxin Sac 9%
    Pure Crystal 6%
    Rubbery Hide 5%
    "Barney" Pink Gyps
    Purple Rubbery Hide 44%
    Power Extract 33%
    Toxin Sac 9%
    Pure Crystal 5%
    Gypceros Head 4%
    Annoying pests
    Vespoid Bladefin 30%
    Vespoid Carapace 30%
    Monster Broth 30%
    Vespoid Razorwing 10%
    "Land Lubbers"
    Hornetaur Carapace 28%
    Monster Broth 24%
    Hornetaur Bladefin 20%
    Hornetaur Head 18%
    Hornetaur Razorwing 10%
    Khezu Hide - Tan 34%
    Pale Extract 25%
    Thunder Sac 14%
    Pale Khezu Steak 13%
    Flabby Hide 10%
    Pale Lips 4%
    Red Kehzu
    Alluring Hide 43%
    Pale Extract 25%
    Thunder Sac 14%
    Pale Khezu Steak 13%
    Pale Lips 5%
    Plesioth Top Fin 48%
    Plesioth Scale+ 45%
    Giant Lobster Shell 7%
    Green Pless
    Green Plesioth Fin 60%
    Green Plesioth Scale 17%
    Large Lobster Shell 13%
    Giant Lobster Shell 10%
    Cephalos Fin+ 30%
    Cephalos Scale+ 25%
    Piscine Liver 25%
    Coral Cephalos Fin 14%
    Coral Cephalos Scale 9%
    Piscine Fang 2%
    Cephalos Scale+ 30%
    Cephalos Fin+ 25%
    Coral Cephalos Fin 20%
    Coral Cephalos Scale 20%
    Piscine Liver 3%
    Piscine Fang 2%
    Diablos Carapace 43%
    Diablos Shell 27%
    Diablos Thoracic 20%
    Blos Fang 10%
    Diablos Tail 48%
    Diablos Thoracic 34%
    Diablos Shell 18%
    Black Blos Shell 68%
    Black Blos Spine 22%
    Blos Fang 10%
    Black Blos Tail 64%
    Black Blos Shell 26%
    Black Blos Spine 10%
    Gravios Heavy Shell 39%
    Gravios Carapace 20%
    Coma Sac 20%
    Inferno Sac 9%
    Strong Gravios Wing 8%
    Gravios Jaw 4%
    Gravios Carapace 63%
    Gravios Heavy Shell 35%
    Firecell Stone 2%
    Black Grav
    Black Gravios Carapace 46%
    Black Gravios Shell 20%
    Coma Sac 20%
    Inferno Sac 9%
    Black Gravios Head 4%
    Black Gravios Wing 1%
    Black Gravios Carapace 63%
    Black Gravios Shell 35%
    Firecell Stone 2%
    Basarios Carapace 32%
    Toxin Sac 19%
    Dragonite Ore 17%
    Basarios Tears 15%
    Carbalite Ore 9%
    Hard Monster Bone 8%
    Dragonite Ore 52%
    Basarios Carapace 30%
    Carbalite Ore 18%
    Kirin Horn 33%
    Kirin Hide+ 25%
    Kirin Azure Thunder Tail 15%
    Pure Crystal 10%
    Special Kirin Hide 10%
    Kirin Azure Horn 7%
    Azure Lao-Shan￾fs Scale 24%
    Lao-Shan Scale+ 20%
    Azure Lao-Shan￾fs Shell 20%
    Azure Lao-Shan￾fs Claw 16%
    Lao-Shan￾fs Carapce 12%
    Azure Lao-Shan￾fs Spine 5%
    Azure Lao-Shan￾fs Plate 3%
    -Stands for?
    G-Rank stands for Great-Rank. "WTF! LAME"?
    Not to us Japanese. in the history of MH in japan, G has always standed for
    1. Farcaster is your friend.
    If you like to start and venture from base, start the quest with it
    it also helps with #2
    2. Organisation.
    Co-operate with your friends. its crucial to win.
    3. Organisation of your inventory
    Organise your inventory for Combining easier. it can save up to 5 minuites
    which can make the differance between Winning and losing
    4. You=Weak. Wyvern=Strong
    Understand that
    the only thing that makes you superior to Wyverns is your brain
    Use it.
    V. FAQs
    -Newb questions (and some sane askers questsions)
    How Can I Unlock The Desert Plesioth?
    You have to do the Jungle one first
    How Can I unlock Gold Luna/Silver Sol? WoLaS?
    Gold Luna and Silver Sol need 30 kills of Ian and Los respectively.
    WoLaS is from beating Luna and Sol.
    What do those abbreviations stand for?
    They stand for decent weapons that are easy to get.
    DBA=Deadly battle Axe
    PBA=poison battle Axe
    DRS=Dragon Rider Spear
    E. Schisms= Eternal Schisms
    Go get them
    Why Do you use a new line instead of a comma or period in your posts?
    I like writing poems
    It gives me a better outlook on life
    Has it seeped into my typing?
    What is the meaning of Life?
    Spontaneous Human Combustion.
    Is that even possioble?
    Yes. Speed up every atom around you to about the speed of light(not above
    P.S. I am not responsible for cleaning up you ashes.
    Your tactics dont seem to be working for me? any other tips?
    Your skill with each weapon differs from everyone else. if you have to, use
    the weapon you feel most comfortable with. feel free to Email or ATTN: me if you
    need selecting weapons of your type best suited for the quests
    Do you like good grammer?
    Is not doing well on 4 horns normal?
    Yes. its a hard quest. everyone gets ticked off by it
    Why does this FAQ seem like it was done in 1 hour?
    Because it was.
    Can I steal your Copyright?
    Can i ask you to put more questions here?
    Wanna VS on Custom Robo Rumble/Custom Robo DS?
    Yes. Me>You
    Your Guide Has been SO HELPFUL! How may I repay you?
    2 letters, 1 number
    -N00b Questions
    ()EMGEE FAK?
    Go away. Go meditate the meaning of life or something productive like that.
    Patience, belief in your weapon, and truely knowing that your hunter is weak
    ZOMG Whyd you bl0x m3???I R L337!
    E-Mail. I dont MSN people MHF stuff
    0MG!!!>!?!?!?!?!?! MHFtwooo????
    ZOMG LAUS SO hARd!!!!!
    This Guide is not for you.
    Maispayce? Zangah? Jurnal?
    Y r J00 so m33n?
    Because of you
    ZOMG SH0l2T
    Silence fool
    Adbertyze on FAK??????!??!
    Sure. Gimme a PS2 and MH2 first.
    -Differance Betweeen newb and n00b
    VI. Legal Junk and Contact Info
    This guide is Copyright 2006 Yosei Lunaredge(Lunaredge). All rights reserved.
    This guide may not be reproduced in whole or in part under any circumstances
    except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of
    this guide on any web site not listed below or as part of any public display
    is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All trademarks and
    copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark
    and copyright holders.
    These sites can host this FAQ
    GameFAQs and the people who bribe them for links
    (Your Website HERE! Just E mail me and convince me your legit, or give me a PS2
    (PLEASE!) and your in!)
    -Special Thanks
    esods: The HR Up list
    esods, xpuffin, and the rest of the MHPTT crew: For the MHPTT(though i could
    only make it to one) Go organise a MHP2ndTT now
    -Contact Info
    Email: Bakfun@hotmail.com
    Copyright:2006 Yosei Lunaredge(Bakfun@hotmail.com)

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