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    Lao Shan FAQ by rigaT0NY

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 03/12/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    BY: rigaTony (rigatony789@hotmail.com)
    Version 1.2
    -Reasons for this Guide..........................(RES)
    -Reasons for reading this guide..................(RED)
    -Lao Shan who is he?............................(LSWH)
    -Reasons for fighting him........................(FGH)
    -How to Unlock Him...............................(UNL)
    -Laos Status....................................(STAT)
    -Laos Techniques and Attacks.....................(ATT)
    -Using the Field.................................(UTF)
    -Offline (Elder) Lao Shan-Lung...................(ELS)
    -Recommended Items..............................(ITEO)
    -Recommended Weapons............................(WEPO)
    -Recommended Armour.............................(ARMO)
    -Lance Guide....................................(LANO)
    -Sword Guide....................................(SWRO)
    -Great Sword Guide...............................(GSO)
    -Dual Sword Guide................................(DSO)
    -Hammer Guide...................................(HAMO)
    -Bowgun Guide...................................(BOWO)
    -Hr2 Urgent Lao Shan-Lung
    -Recommended Items
    -Recommended Weapons
    -Recommended Armour
    -Lance Guide
    -Sword Guide
    -Great Sword Guide
    -Dual Sword Guide
    -Hammer Guide
    -Bowgun Guide
    -Hr5 Azure Lao Urgent
    -Recommended Items
    -Recommended Weapons
    -Recommended Armour
    -Lance Guide
    -Sword Guide
    -Great Sword Guide
    -Dual Sword Guide
    -Hammer Guide
    -Bowgun Guide
    -Probable and Frequently Asked Questions
    -Special Thanks
    -Legal Stuff 
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Reasons Why~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(RES)
    -This is my 1st FAQ I have done and besides my eagerness to post 
    one there wereother reasons for this guide.One MAJOR reason for 
    this guide was those posted bymany hunters about both the Elder Lao
    and the Hr2 urgent Lao.My brothers need for this guide that he keeps 
    bugging me to make (because he can’t take all this info in at once I suppose)
    And to clean up the posts on the board  making it less likely 
    (even though we all know not completely eliminating)
    that someone posts a question about Lao ever again.
    -I assume if you are reading this guide it’s either to find an easier way to
    beat Lao or you’re having trouble yourself.I also assume that you 
    are either soloing both Laos (kind of needless to say about the Elder) 
    or have help from one other weak friend and you are still unable to beat him.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Lao Shan-Lung Himself~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(LSWH)(FGH)
    -Lao Shan is a massive red Dragon with four stumpylegs and large
    Spines on its back
    -Lao Shan has no true attacks towards you however don’t take him lightly
    he can still pack a punch
    -Your reasons for fighting Lao may include…
    =You wish to clear all offline quests
    = You need a Sm. Lao Shan claw for armour or to
    make a Power or Armor Claw
    = You want to reach Hr3 and finally fight G class monsters
    = these are very few possibilities but enough talk lets get to the guide…
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~How to Unlock Him~~~~~~~~~~~(UNL)
    To unlock Lao you must....
    Elder Lao-Complete All Quests except Kirin and Garuga I believe
    (Wyrverns of Land and Sky is unlocked afterwards)
    Hr2 Lao- Clear:
    Basarios: Unseen Peril
    Wyvern in the Darkness
    A Troublesome Pair
    Get me a live Khezu!
    The Desert Plesioth
    Water Wyvern in the Jungle
    The Runaway Diablos
    The Fearsome Gravios
    Hr5 Azure Lao- Clear:
    Queen of the Jungle (Gold)
    Slay the Rathalos (Silver)
    Water Wyvern in the Jungle (Green)
    The Runaway Diablos
    The Runaway Diablos (Black)
    Volcanic Valor
    Wyverns of Land and Sky (Gold & Silver)
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Lao Shan-Lung’s Status~~~~~~~(STAT)
    Lao Shan-
    Elemental Status-
    Dragon-Highly Recommended
    Fire-Second in line but still effective
    Thunder- Good but not as good as Dragon or Fire
    Water-I find this to be useless and recommend you
    not using it
    Secondary Elements-
    I’m not even going to list them. No secondary
    elements are effective against Lao I mean
    come on… Nothing affects
    him he’s a mountain.
    Well He has no Attack but these are thingsthat can hurt you...
    Belly Flop (I don’t know what others call it)You only have to worry
    about this move if you’rehitting the stomach… This goes into affect when
    ever he staggers… it does little damage but send you flying toward the
    Similar to Fatalis he’ll do that when your on the bridge
    (ill explain that later)
    Tail Whip
    Self explanatory as he walks his tail swings back and forth this
    can be devastating as Lao can trap you with this killing you in
    1-3 hits depending on your armour and a common obstacle you’ll
    have to face when going back to base to change areas.
    Shadow Push
    When in area five using the Dragonator, ballista, est. he can stand up
    and push against the fort while itdoesn’t damage the fort it can send
    you flying against the back wall sometimescausing an area change…
    an irritating move at best
    ~~~~~~~~~~Using the Field~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(UTF)
    Capcom gave you many things to use and helping things on this
    quest such as…
    --Your Bed-Duh allows you to heal when changing areas.
    --Ballista-Does good damage and is easy to use
    --Dragonator-Extremely Vital to a beginner...can bethe difference
    between winning and losing.
    --Rocks- while they can hurt you they also do damage to Lao I
    know this because I have seen Lao stagger while I was sharpening.
    ~~~~~~~Offline Lao Shan-Lung~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(ELS)
    Now heres the real deal its time to fight Lao Shanhimself and with
    my help KILL him.
    Items I highly recommend you bring are…
    -Ancient potion (kelbi horn + immunizer)
    -Power Charm
    -Potions x10
    -Hot Drinks x3 (While your character may notshiver I find that my
    stamina goes down faster in Lao’s area (later explained)
    so these come in handy.
    -Whetstones x20
    -Power Juice (Rare Steak + Catalyst)
    (if your using a hammer or Dual Swords)
    These are the weapons I recommend and I am assuming you have
    not gone online so I will give you 2-3 choices for each type.
    Ogre Tusk- Semi hard to get but very useful start with the
    Bone Lance.
    Babel Spear- Extremely useful because of its sharpness.
    Growling Wyvern-HIGHLY recommended I just did this and
    killed him maybe 2 minutes in to the area. If you can manage to
    kill black Gravios (which you already have) enough times to
    get 10 crusts make it from the Babel Spear.
    Incessant Wolf- Not highly recommended as you must kill
    Garuga 7 times to get the materials however this is what I used
    because I had to kill him a few times just to get the armour
    ---Sword and Shield--- 
    Eternal Strife- from the Rusted Sword (made by polishing a
    rustone) extremely easy to kill Lao with because of the
    extremely high dragon element (630)
    Corona- The high Fire element (440) makes this a very useful
    weapon against offline Lao.
    ~~~~Great Sword~~~~
    Rathalos Fire Sword- I tried this out and it seems ok I don’t highly
    recommend using this or any GS but if you have this or can make it
    I’m still going to have a Great Sword Guide later on.
    Obelion-Dragon element is still good but still great swords aren’t great
    against him.
    ~~~~Dual Swords~~~~
    Gradios Ultimus- Once again the fire damage is affective against Lao.
    Iron Impact+- If you’re a hammer user this works I killed with dragonator
    and even though I missed 3 carves due to the head falling in to the area it is
    rather simple to use.
    Raven Torrent- Same Attack as above better sharpness...quicker kill...
    not much quicker until....
    Wolf Torrent- 100 more Att. and white sharpness = faster kill... there’s a
    math lesson for ya.
    Black Belt Hammer-100 more attack than the Impact+ but less sharpness.
    You decide which one you want.
    N/A don’t bother its hard and not worth it in the least just get some
    of the other recommended melee weapons.
    Any armour you have will do just make sure you don’t get hit by the tail.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~LAO SHAN WEAPON GUIDES~~~~~~~~~~~(WEAPO)
    Ok you got your Lance but now you have no idea what to do against this
    massive dragon right? Well look no further ok first things first, be prepared.
    Bring 10 potions, 20 whetstones, 2 Lg. Bombs, and 2 Sm. Bombs.
    Ok you post the quest and leave your waiting…waiting…ok now you see
    Lao’s movieand yes every time you do this quest you must watch this video.
    Now since your Lancing there is nothing you can do in this area go through
    the doorway next to you and enter base. Now go to the blue box and grab
    the Bombs and notice they say bombs+ that means there stronger which
    is a good thing. Also grab the Meds, lifepowder, mini whetstones, Rations,
    and the ballista S. Go to area 2 in order to do this you must go through
    the hallway and into the door to the left. Ok now you wait until Lao enters
    the area and once you see his head over the rocks place the Lg. Bombs+
    were his head is going to be then once it get right before the bombs place a
    Sm. Bomb this will either make him stagger or after you hit him a few times
    he will and his horn will break.
    Now hit his head until you reach the end of the area and his head is
    impossible to hit and get 3-6 hits on the stomach. Now heres were
    it begins to get difficult.
    You must run out from under Lao and avoid getting hit by the tail diving
    is your best friend since you are immune to damage while diving.
    Now once you get back to base if you have any damage done to you, you
    can use Meds or Potions or if you have few or don’t want to use them 
    use the bed. Now going back to the area were you entered the first area
    go straight you’ll see another doorway, enter it and run to the 
    left you’ll notice it is much smaller than the last one this is true so you have
    less time to hit it.Now once you see his head if you have anymore 
    bombs lay them out and once they have been exploded begin hitting him.
    Now just hit him in the head again watching out for boulders 
    and run ahead of him to sharpen same as last area and once
    he gets to theend get 1-2 combos on him then run back to base. 
    Now go to your left and you’ll see another door enter it and run to your
    left again. Same as area 2 (the first area you fight it in) just watch for the
    Turn and once you  reach the end you can just run to base no need hitting
     his stomach if you don’t want to. Now remember to dive because death 
    is never a good thing.
    Ok now you’re going to the last area and your probably going to kill it
    soon but don’t get to excited your jobs not done yet. Ok now go to
    the part of base that has the bed  if you didn’t before grab the Ballista
    shots and then enter the door with the light at the end of the tunnel
    (pun not intended) now you have to go through a skinny turn and
    then your on top of the fort wall just run to one of the two guns and
    with the Ballista Ss you just got wait until the Lao enters the area you
    will hear some music then wait until the actualmusic starts (the stuff you
    hear when you load your character) then begin shooting toward the left
    cave thing. Once all your shots are gone run off the fence and begin
    attacking Lao’s head until he begins to slam the fort when this happens
    run up by using the ladders on the right side of the gate. I don’t know
    why but they are hard to climb onto just press circle while running
    (w/o pressing R) until you get on it then climb up the second ladder. 
    Now wait for Lao to stand up and just before he des a standing slam
    (you’ll see him about to slam) then press circle while in front of the red 
    button like thing. You’ll see 4-5 spike pop out and hit Lao he’s probably 
    going to die or will in a few attacks if he didn’t already before you had 
    to use the D-nator.
     The Sword is one of the easier ways to fight Lao. Simply go to your
    supply box get the things you want and go to area 2 (a map will help on this 
    quest, so you can find out how to get to each area until you get used to it) 
    now wait for Lao’s head to appear and then lay the bombs so his head will 
    move over them. Blow them up then get behind his head.
    --Once behind his head do the Tri.-Tri.-Tri.-0 combo adding the
    (Tri. +0) jump attack when you get behind his head a little ways. 
    Once his head moves over the other rocks run past his tail 
    (dive if you have to) and go to base and enter area 3. This 
    area is shorter than the others so you have less time to attack 
    so lay it on thick and get in as many hits as you can. Once again
    (if you have any bombs left over) lay out bombs once you see 
    his headso you know that they will hit him and begin comboing the head.
    --Now once he reaches the end of the area (if you want to this is not 
    needed but does do more damage than hitting the head) hit the part 
    of his body were his stomach meets his tail (his crotch basically) then 
    once you can’t hit it anymore go back to base and remember to dive 
    so you don’t get hit.
    --Ok now your in area 4 second to last area and your doing great
     just keep comboing the head until he reaches end of area 
    (instead of hitting head you can hit stomach and he will die quicker 
    but it can get tiresome) then dive/run back to base and go to the part 
    of base with the bed go to your left and enter through the door way. 
    (Grab Ballista S from the box if you didn’t before)
    --Now go through the skinny area and go to 5. This is the final 
    area your Lao should be slain here unless you haven’t been doing 
    what I said. Now if you took ballista S from the box go in front of one 
    of the large guns on either side of the big red button. Select Ballista S 
    in your mini inventory thingsand press Square then once Lao enters 
    the area and you have heardthe mane melody (or harmony w/e it is) 
    of thesong (the stuff you here when you load your character) begin 
    firing them by pressing 0 and aiming at the left exit cave like thing. 
    Once all your shots are gone jump off the fort and combo Lao’s head.
    If it does not die and begins to stand up run back up the fort and go 
    to the big red button once Lao is close or begins to slam the fort 
    (while standing) press 0. Now jump off and your Lao should either 
    be dead or will die in 1-5 combos. You can carve by the stomach, 
    Front Leg (close to stomach) and Head, this is the most irritating spot 
    since it often disappears from view and you can find it, you may not 
    get all the carves only 6-7 but you have killed Lao and now have the 
    chance to do themost irritating quest Capcom could devise, 
    Wyverns of the Land and the Sky. 
    ------Great Sword-----(GSO)
    --This once again is not highly recommended butif you think you 
    must here it is…Once you’re done watching the movie exit the 
    area you’rein via the doorway behind you. Ok now that you’re 
    in Base go to the blue box and grab everything you want, 
    Make sure to grab the Ballista S. ok now go to area 2. Just go 
    through the little doorway make a left and change areas (taking a 
    map will help here) now go all the way to the left until you reach 
    a large pile of rocks. Now once Lao’s head is visible lay the 
    Lg. Bombs so his head willmove over them, once it is over them 
    lay a Sm. Bomb and once they explode get behind 
    the head and do the walking combo. (0 - Tri. +0) until you reach 
    the end of the area then run past Lao, diving when his tail becomes
    dangerously close.
    --Once you can leave the area do so and sharpen if you need to,
     then go to the middledoor way and do the exact same thing here
     as you did in area 2 except now you don’t have to worry about the 
    turn. Once you get into the end of the area remember to dive so his
    mighty tail-o-doom won't hit you.
    --Now go back to base sharpen once again if you need to and go 
    to the door to your left. This is very similar to the 1st area with 
    you turn but no worries you got through it once you can do it again. 
    Same as the 1st Time. Watch out for boulders, Lao's feet, Tail ect. 
    --Ok now your going to the last area, go back to were the blue 
    box was and enter the door nearest to it now your in a long skinny
    are just run through it until you get to the door.. Ok now you’re 
    on top of the wall that separates the Village and Lao and it’s your 
    job to make sure he doesn't destroy it.
    --Run to one of the Mounted Bowguns and then select the 
    Ballista S as you would a potion and press [ ] once Lao has 
    entered the area you will begin to hear the Monster Hunter Theme 
    Song once it reaches the part that you hear when you load you
    character begin shoot toward the left Cave like exit thing...once all 
    your shots are gone run off the fort and begin hitting Lao in the 
    head until...
    --He stands up then begin to climb the fort using the Ladders 
    on the right side of the fort. Once you are on top go in front of 
    the big red button and once Lao is close to the fort press O. 
    He should of either died already or just did now jump off and 
    get you’re carves you can carve the: 
    -Foot inside the stomach
    -And Head (which if you killed with D-Nator, 
    the spikes, you wont get to carve) 
    -Each Will Get You THREE (3) Carves
    ----Dual Swords---- (DSO)
    --Dual Swords are quite effective versus Lao and by using them you are
    for a very easy read. First you must be ready, bring 5 Power/Mega Juices
    and bring alot of herbs because you will be dime and nickeled to death.
    --Ok now you have departed on the quest...Loading...Preparing...Giant 
    Wyrven Invasion...Beginning Quest...ok now you're going to see a movie, 
    yes its irritating and yes you have to match this every time you do this
    quest. Now once the movies done go through the door behind you, because
    you can do nothing to Lao while hes down there. Ok go to the Blue Box and
    get every thing you want or need.
    --Now go through that small doorway to your left and then through the 
    actual door to you left. Now you should be in area 2 if not go back and
    try again. Once your in area 2 go all the way to the left and wait til
    Lao's head is close to the rocks and lay out 2 lg barrel bombs and the
    Lg Bmb+ you took from the Blue box. Then once his head is over them lay
    a Sm Bomb+ and move. Once they Blow Up hit his head until he shakes it 
    and his horn breaks off. And then hit his head until...
    -- His crotch is out over the rocks. No I am not trying to be sick
    this is Lao's weak point (isn't it always...ouch). Now Take a Mega Juice
    Run all the way back to his crotch and do the Rage Combo (Tri+Cir while 
    in rage (R1).)
    -- Continue this, while moving back so you dont get hit by the tail.
    Now when he staggers you will fly toward the head unless you are lucky,
    this isn't a big deal just run back to the spot and continue attacking
    until finally...
    --Once he gets to the end of his area run all the way back to the doorway
    and remember to dive if the tail even comes close and if you brought a 
    farcaster you can use it now or in the next area.
    --Once in base you can go to the bed to heal or go straight into the next
    area which is straight through the doorway, or if your coming right out of
    the area move forward ~5 steps and then to the left.
    --Now if you have anymore bombs do the same thing you did for the other
    area and then continue hitting his head until once again his crotch is 
    exposed and then take another Power/Mega (take another one once the last
    stops working) and go attack until the end of the area and then go back
    to base. Easy right ? exactly.
    --Ok now go straight into the next area, this is going to be the same
    as the last few except this time your going to carve off his back.
    Once his head reaches the Ramp (will be on the left side) climb up
    the ramp and up the ladder at the top until you get to the bridge.
    He might stand up and Snap N' Drag at the center of the bridge, so don't
    stand there. Once he gets back down stand on the bridge until the 
    exposed part of his back is just under you. Walk off the bridge and onto
    his back and then press () and carve 3 times.
    --Eventually he will throw you off his back then you can attack him
    again until he gets to the end of the area, get back to base.
    --Go to were it looks like a rack of spears and press () until you get
    as much ammo as possible then go to the blue box and brab more 
    Balista Ammo.
    --Next Go to the area with the bed and into the long hallway with a light
    at the end. You will walk through a thin hallway into a large area. Go to 
    the mounted gun and press [] and wait. Once Lao enters the area you will 
    begin to hear the same music that you hear when you load your
    character, wait until the main melody of the song and then point 
    the ballista toward the 1st large Cave Door looking thing and fire.
    Reload.Fire.Repeat. until all your ammos gone and then run down and 
    hit his stomach until he stand up. 
    --If he does stand up (he might be dead already) run back up the
    gate. And then walk in front of the large red button and once he gets
    close enough to the gate press (). If he still isnt dead. Hit his 
    stomach because he will be very soon. Good job on unlocking the
    most annoying quest in the game. Wyverns of the Land and the Sky.
    ---Hammer Guide---(HAMO)
    Special thanks to…
    My Little Brother for asking me how to kill his offline Lao 
    (a thousand times...) The Thousands of questions on how to 
    kill Lao. GameFAQ for hosting this Me for being a tasty treat
    Legal Stuff…
    This FAQ was created for GameFaqs only any use of this 
    on your own website or any use of my information in any 
    guide, blog ect. Is illegal and you will be giving me your money 
    and that’s not a good thing. So do not use this guide without my 
    consent simply send me an email asking to use it and ill probably,
    probably, say yes.
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