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Reviewed: 01/16/07

Would be an above average game... (review for offline campaign)

I only had a chance to play this game offline, as my internet connection is too slow to play PSP games online, but I have come to a conclusion- SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo would have been an above average game, if not for two major flaws in the single player campaign.


Fireteam Bravo's graphics are really quite good. Everything looks like it should, without any compromises. Levels are just as big as the SOCOM games for consoles, character models are realistic ( even weapons are show on characters, rather than being invisible, like in most games ), and levels are filled with details. Overall, the graphics rival those of the first SOCOM for the Playstation 2.

While the graphics for the game itself is good, the cutscenes, although there are only five, look amazing. The only problems that I had with the graphics is that the sky usually looks bland, without any clouds, and that the draw distance is not very good.



The music of Fireteam Bravo isn't very memorable, but it does add a lot to the experience- playing with the volume off just doesn't feel right. Voice acting is also good, and though it is kept to a minimum during gameplay, every character's voice fits their personality.

The sound is very well done, and I have no problems with it.

SOUND SCORE: 10 / 10


The game's storyline is very forgettable, and doesn't make much sense at most times. The end of the game is very anti- climactic, and it unclear why most things are happening. Although the story isn't the best, it hasn't ever been a big part of the series, and doesn't really matter.

The series doesn't really have a big focus with storylines, so it doesn't really matter that the story is merely average.



Fireteam Bravo's gameplay is where the game starts to go wrong. It starts out very entertaining, when you aren't pressured to use stealth, but later in the game, when you are, it gets frustrating because of your team member.

Throughout the game, you are followed around by another SEAL member, and he constantly drags the game down with his inability to follow orders. When you tell him to hold fire and stay still, he will just ignore you and run around firing as he usually does. When you tell him to disarm an explosive or sabotage a piece of machinery, he ignores you and forces you to do it yourself.

At one point in the game, where your mission is to capture a specific enemy at the end of a long and hard mission, it becomes incredibly annoying when your team mate insists on killing the enemy, even after he surrenders.

Another big problem with the game is that it is simply too short. There are four different continents to play on, but only four missions on the first three, and three on the last. Almost all of the missions are short, with only two that last long than ten minutes.

Although the game is difficult, most of the difficulty is because of your partner's bad AI and inability to follow orders, rather than the skill of your enemies.



SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo would have been a great game if your team member's AI was better. Everything else was in working order, with amazing graphics, sound, and a fairly good storyline.

If you don't have a fast enough internet connection, I would not reccomend purchasing this game.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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