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"A Lemming Feast Galore"

Lemmings on the PSP is the latest update to the classic puzzle franchise that has been ported a good many systems over the years. This latest attempt is Team 17's turn to bring forth the original to a new format. How well does it translate and how well is it implemented? How well does the game play without a mouse that many old school fans are used to? And what's this about a level editor?

WHAT IS LEMMINGS? ( A Brief Description)
The goal of each and every level of Lemmings is to allocate abilities and skills to your suicidal chums in order to lead them all the way to the exit. Without a mind of their own, you must make them climb/build/bash/dig/mine/float/bomb their way around trap ridden stages to reach the goal. The objective is simple. Getting there isn't.


- Control Scheme -

This remake of the original classic comes with new graphics, new tunes and new control mechanics. While you might be concerned over how well Lemmings could be played without a mouse, the control scheme and button configurations that T17 have implemented works like a charm, and a heck of a lot more efficient than one might expect.

The addition of the lock-on feature is the most successful and most welcome addition to the game; where the original suffered problems where some levels relied on 'luck', the lock-on button included with the PSP version eliminates any frustration associated with trying to 'guess' which way your lemmings are facing. On the one hand, this makes some of the allocated later levels much easier, on the whole, it makes the Lemmings experience less of a pain and more enjoyment as you guide them through trap infested levels.

Team 17 have also included elements that makes gameplay a lot more convenient. Once you have rescued the required number of lemmings for a level, you will be given an option to finish the stage automatically instead of having to wait for all the lems to exit or to nuke the remaining blockers. It's stuff like this that, although isn't major, makes things more user friendly and cuts through the crap and just lets you get on with it.

- New Levels -

There are 36 specially designed stages that are exclusive to this game. In general, they are well designed, imaginative and creative with only a few duds here and there. They're not the most challenging to the Lemmings Veteran, but they should keep the newcomers happy with a pretty consistent increase in difficulty the further you reach.

The soundtrack still retains a few songs from the original which have been remixed, but the rest of the stuff are new and more ambient.

- Level Editor FTW! -

Probably the main attraction of the package is the Level Editor feature; combine this with the ability to put your creations online for other fans to share, and you'll realise the limitless potential fun you can have with such a thing. The interface is incredibly simple to use, so if you've never tried level editors before with other games, there's no need to feel daunting. The amount of tilesets on offer based on the themes in the game (Earth, Egypt, Rome, Crystal and Hell) is staggering and gives you more to play with when designing your own stages. You have full control over pretty much every aspect: Number of lemmings, number to be saved, the abilities and so on and so forth.


Overall, Lemmings on the PSP is a successful remake and redesign of a classic title that not only manages to attract new players but also, it does the uncommon job of actually retaining what is so attractive about Lemmings in the first place. Well done to Team 17 on developing this and the hard work really shines in a package that is well polished, well implemented, and above all, immensely fun as it always has been.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/05/06

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