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"Madden on the PSP"

So Madden is finally here on the PSP, ready to save us from that worthless junk on the Gameboy Advance they called Madden football. Madden on the GBA wasn't even worthy of the SNES system, so how does the more advanced handheld handle this football favorite? Well considering the only other semi-football game on the PSP is an arcade classic called “Cyberball 2072” we better hope it's good....

Graphics: 6/10
The graphics in this game could've been better. This is the PSP, come on now. I've seen other sports games on the PSP with far better graphics, like NBA Live and Tiger Woods. Granted, NFL does have more people on the field at any given time, you still know they could've done much better. There's no detail in the faces, collision detection is a problem, this might be the worst part of Madden.

Sound: 10/10
I am very surprised. They got a whole crap-load of commentary in this game, which is surprising, considering other games, like Smackdown vs. Raw '06, that had commentary chose to get rid of their commentary on the PSP. But Madden delivered, and now we can hear John Madden and Al Michaels comment on every play and situation. Plus, the game has a killer soundtrack. Not only does it have some really sweet new school music by real artists, but it also has some old school NFL Films and NFL Network music. The sound really deserves a 10/10.

Controls: 8/10
The controls in this game are not too bad, yet they are not great. Shifting your D-Line around and shifting your Lbs around is the most annoying part of the game, especially if you plan on shifting a lot. You might also notice running a “no huddle offense” is impossible, as after a play ends you hold in the “no huddle” button, yet it goes back to the huddle/play picker. You might also find pump faking difficult.. It seems like some things only work in this game when they want to, when it comes to the controls.

Story: 5/10
There isn't much of a story on the PSP, considering that Superstar Mode is taken out. The only real story here is franchise mode, which is a little disappointing and has horrible load times. Running through the off-season (draft, free agency, etc) can take you more than a full hour to do, simply because the load times will slow you down. Often times free agents will ask for extremely unrealistic contracts, a problem which Madden 06 on the PS2 did not have. Franchise is a bit disappointing, but on the bright side it does keep track of stats and pro-bowls and the such, but then again, so does Madden 06 on the GBA.

Gameplay: 8/10
Limited. Superstar mode would've been a huge help. The gameplay itself is translated well from the home systems to PSP, and multiplayer mode can be fun to play with your buddies if they got a PSP and Madden. The mini-camp drills multiplayer mode has many exclusive challenges only for PSP. Are they fun? Yes! Are they worth the horrible load times? Not at all! You'll feel like putting another game in by the time you and your friends finish the mini drills.

Replay Value: 7/10
This game has decent replay value. But there's no create a team, no create a player, no superstar mode, this is just bad. It feels like I'm playing Madden '01 again. There's not even any Madden cards. You'll feel like crying or playing a different game.

Overall: 7
If you were going to go on a long road trip and you could only take 1 game, Madden would not be that game. It's disappointing, and lacks everything that not only makes Madden 2006 great on the home systems, but everything that makes a PSP game great. Limited graphics, limited replay value, EA should be ashamed of themselves. I recommend that you wait for Madden 07 to come out or buy this game used, because Madden 06 is not worth the full price in anyway, unless you are a huge football video game fan.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/03/06

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