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    Boss FAQ by FionordeQuester

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/03/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            Mega Man Legends Hard Mode Boss Faq
                            Copyright Capcom 1998
                            Written by Fionordequester
                            Email: Shreinman@yahoo.com
                            Version 1.0
    -----------------------------Table of Contents--------------------------------
    1) Introduction
    2) Walkthrough
    (Why? Because a Faq without an intro is like "Superman" without the "Super")
    Yo, this is FionordeQuester.  Just writing a short faq about all about owning
    all the bosses in this game even on Hard Mode.  It's not a very hard game at
    all if you know what to do, but it's an awesome one, so read on and enjoy!
    Ok, so here's how it's gonna work.  I'm gonna recommend buster combos for two
    types of occasions.  One for if you're just trying to get through the game as
    fast as possible, and one for if you're actually taking the time to beat it 
    100% (all buster parts, all armors, all weapons, etc....).  To me, that's a
    waste of time for everything up until the last three bosses, but hey, to each
    his own :)
    One technique that you're going to want to perfect for two of these three 
    bosses is that of what I like to call, "diagonal running", where you tilt the 
    camera slightly away from where you want to run before running in that 
    direction.  For those of you who are visual learners, watch this for a few 
    The technique is used althroughout that video to beat the game as fast as 
    possible.  As a matter of fact, you could pretty much just that video if 
    you're honestly willing to sit through about 57 minutes of the video 
    downloading fully.  I do not have that kind of patience, so this guide is for
    those who are like me in that way.
    Also, the "blasting your way through as fast as possible" way assumes you 
    don't fight any Reaverbots you don't have to fight.  It's a waste to do so, 
    and as for buying health and canteen upgrades, this Faq assumes you don't do
    any of that.  Most of the attacks in this game are easy to avoid anyways, and
    I'm going to tell you how to dodge all the ones that aren't anyways.
    So, with that out of the way...
    Intro Stage
    Just avoid all the enemies here, and try to perfect that "diagonal running"
    technique while you're at it.  None of the enemies here give you a lot of 
    Zenny, and you're pretty weak at this point.  Get the Power Raiser and 560 
    Zenny though, and make sure to destroy that box of Zenny for easy money.  
    Soon, you'll meet...
    Boss Fight #1: Hanmurudoll
    He's the intro boss, and he sure fights like it.  Just run circles around him
    and blast him away.
    Class C Ruins
    Do everything you need to do here and make sure to get the 2600 Zenny.  Skip
    the Rapid Fire, you'll never be needing it, whether your beating this game
    100% or not.
    Collect the Broken Propeller from one of the Garbage Cans
    Shopping Arcade:
    Before you head into the coming boss fights, make sure you pick up a Power 
    Raiser Alpha from the Junk Shop, as well as a Broken Motor from one of the 
    trash cans.  Putting everything into the Power Stat will really help you plow 
    through the first few boss fights in this game.  You can get the 160 Zenny 
    here too, but personally I never bother.  Also, sell off both the Broken 
    Propeller and the Broken Motor for around 2000 Zenny.
    Bonne Family Army: Part 1
    Your very first Mini-Boss Fight, and a pretty easy one at that.  Here's what
    you should have...
    Buster Check: Power Raiser Alpha, Power Raiser
    Zenny Check: ~4600 Zenny.
    Dodge to the right and keep blasting the Blue Robot while dodging the Drache
    blasts.  Once one of them screams "He's too strong!", zip in and bomb the hell
    out of the Blue Robot with the Splash Mines.  He should drop a key, so collect
    all the Zenny and collect the key.  
    Boss Fight #2: Feldinaut
    Ah, here we go, your very 1st fight with Tron Bonne, and the very 1st one to
    actually require strategy!  As for the attacks...
    Attack #1: Circles around and drops a ring of bombs around her.  Just running
    away will dodge it.
    Attack #2: Shoots machine gun while circling around and keeping you in its 
    sights.  Just running in circles will help you dodge it.
    Attack #3: Throughs a stream of machine gune fire at you.  Either run a circle
    around it, or run away while slipping through the gaps of the bullets.  Either
    way, not so tough to dodge.
    Attack #4: She same as #2, only with a stream of bombs this time.  It's a 
    shorter burst, and slower than 3#, making it even easier to dodge.
    Attack #5: She slams its two front legs together and steam erupts from its paws
    as it charges forward.  It can't go off the road, so just get off of it to 
    dodge it.
    Attack #6: She slams its two front legs together, like in #5, and fires a huge 
    ball of fire at you.  As long as you're not too far away, you can dodge this 
    just by running to the left or right, and jumping for good measure.  If you're 
    too far away though, it will actually home in on you, making it much harder to
    dodge, so make sure you're not much further away than the distance your shots 
    will hit her.
    Well, that was a mouthful, and as you can see, she has a lot of attacks.  
    They are all executed pretty quickly, all of them do decent damage, and the
    Feldinaut is pretty durable to boot.  Still, she's not too hard as long as 
    you don't get careless.  If you feel confident enough, you can drain her 
    health faster by charging in and dropping Splash Mines on one of her legs.
    Pre-Boss Fight #3
    As you should know (and you should considering you've unlocked Hard Mode), 
    there's one coming up immediately after this one, so talk to Data to recharge
    your weapon and life energy.  Also, talk to Data, and choose these options...
    Tell me...<What should I do now?<No<Yes
    Yes, I like my directions to be idiot proof XD!  In the next battle, I like to
    switch between the two whenever I feel like firing at long range, or firing at
    short range.  So, with that out of the way, head into City Hall...
    Bonne Family Army: Part 2
    Destroy one of the orange bots near City Hall, and one of those three flying
    robots will go off to pick up a replacement.  Follow it there and continue 
    blasting at it until it disappears off screen.  After it comes back, continue
    blasting it until it and its passenger drops down and explodes in a shower of
    Zenny.  Collect those Zenny and do the same to whatever other bot is attacking
    City Hall and repeat the process with the other two flying bots.  After 
    they're all out of the way, do the same to all the other land bots, using the
    Splash Mines to make it go faster.  Be sure to collect all the Zenny the 
    enemies drop.  
    Boss Fight #3: Bon Bonne
    Much easier than Tron, oddly enough.  The attacks are...
    Attack #1: Fires six homing missles at you.  Dodge them by running under Bon,
    and turning around to destroy any missles that followed you (not a usual
    Attack #2: Fires some kind of...retractable thing from his mouth.  Just run
    to the left or right to dodge it.  It's slow enough that it's pretty 
    Attack #3: Spreads his arms out, follows you around, and claps his hands 
    together, avoidable by just jumping out of the way.  Easiest attack of all to
    So, as you can see, fighting this guy after Tron is like fighting the Dirty 
    Ape after Saturos in Golden Sun.  Not nearly as dangerous and isn't even as
    durable as the previous boss.  But at least this game has an excuse, being 
    that you fight the two one after another.  Anyways, this is a very simple and
    predictable boss, but one word of warning, if you plan on saving City Hall,
    don't go too far away from it, or lead it too close to City Hall.  He will 
    flatten it in a matter of seconds if you do.
    Anyways, after beating this nut, save your game, get some R&R by way of Data,
    and rush off through Cardon Forest to show Tiesel what's what!
    Boss Fight #4: Marlwolf 
    This fight is either easy as hell, or hard as hell depending on how well you
    can dodge a certain attack that has given us Legends fans grief since the
    very beginning...
    Attack #1: One of the Servebots emerges from the hatch to throw a bomb at
    you.  Only does so if you're on the Marlwolf, and is easily blocked by just 
    shooting the heck out of the hatch it emerges from.
    Attack #2: A series of flying bombs emerges from the hatch.  Easily evade by
    just not...being in its limited range.  Pathetically easy to dodge really.
    Attack #3: Ah, now HERE'S the attack I'm been refering to.  It fires it right
    at the beginning of the battle, and after, it cycles between this and #2. 
    Basically, it charges two green balls of plasma in its hand and shoots it at
    you.  To dodge it, you have to wait until JUST before it hits you, then 
    press X+L1 or X+R1 to roll to the left or right.  You should dodge it if you
    did it right.
    Attack #4: It lifts one of its arms to attack you.  Only uses it if your on
    the Marlwolf.  It's extremely slow, so you shouldn't have any problems 
    dodging it.
    After dodging its first green plasma shot, run off to the left of the 
    Marlwolf, and climb up a series of platforms until you see a tank just above
    you.  Shoot it to pieces, and wait until you can jump onto the gray platform
    you should see on the Marlwolf.  You'll probably have to dodge some more
    plasma shots from the Marlwolf before this happens, so just know that you'll
    need to dodge those.  Otherwise, you'll most likely be too stunned from the
    blast to jump on the Marlwolf in time.
    After jumping on the Marlwolf, stand back a good distance from the hatch, and
    you pretty much have this fight won.  Just spam Splash Mines when the hatch 
    opens, and dodge the occasional swats from the Marlwolfs arms.
    Get the Blumebear Parts from one of the trash cans.
    Bonne Family Army: Part 3
    Geez, these guys just don't give up, do they? o.O
    Well, here we go again, here to deliver their 3rd ass kicking in a row (4th 
    if you actually took the time to destroy the tanks in Clozer Woods).  Just
    destroy the tanks and your set.  
    Cardon Forest Ruins
    Collect the Spring Set from here and be sure to check the holes for Zenny. 
    As soon as you get the Spring Shoes, jump over that high wall at the entrance
    explore until you've pilfered the Buster Unit, Rollerboard, and ~1500 Zenny,
    from both the holes, those tiny pink reaverbots, and the Zenny box.  
    Shopping Arcade
    Buy the Laser.  After that, build a Machine Buster from the Blumebear parts
    and max out its attack, range, and increase its energy level by one.  You 
    should now have this...
    Buster Check: Laser, Buster Unit
    Machine Buster: Max Attack, Level 2 Energy, Max Range, Level 1 Rapid.
    Zenny: ~2000
    Yep, we're upgrading special weapons, because the Splash Mines just aren't
    going to cut it anymore.
    Bonne Family Navy
    Probably one of the hardest segments in the game.  There are two types of 
    ships that will attack you.  Yellow ones that shoot missles, and Red ones 
    that shoot ice bergs.  The Ice bergs are more deadly, as they are always
    guaranteed to hit if you don't destroy them, unlike the missles.  The basic
    trick is to just keep all the robots in view at once, as best you can, and
    destroy all they throw at you.  After a brief fight with five Draches, the 
    Red ships are going to start attempting to get so close to your ship that its
    near impossible to block their icebergs.  Try to destroy them as fast as you
    can with your newfound Machine Buster before they can get the chance!  After
    clearing this, you'll fight...
    Boss Fight #4: Barcon
    It will shoot two missles that will miss you, then fire two that will hit if
    you don't destroy them.  It will cycle between doing those two things, and
    Roll will eventually ask if you want to "Fight or retreat".  You'll probably
    want to retreat and save before fighting this guy, because even though its
    a pretty easy fight, that previous segment is probably gonna leave you pretty
    drained.  After reengaging, Roll will eventually run away again, with the 
    Zuuf in hot pursuit, firing missles in pairs of four.  Eventually, you both
    get into some kind of arena, and its here that you can finally put this thing
    Attack #1: Same missle attack its been doing, and not anymore accurate.  I
    don't even take the time to destroy these things to tell you the truth.
    Attack #2: Two turrets on its rear will shoot at you.  If you prepared for 
    this fight like I told you to prepare for it, they should barely even get a
    chance to attack.
    Attack #3: After you destroy both the turrets and the arms, it'll sprout a 
    a cannon on it's rear that'll shoot the same green plasma shots that the
    Marlwolf used.  It's impossible to defend against, so destroy it as fast as
    you can!
    So yeah, as you can see, none of its attacks are threatening in any way.  
    Just fire at the turrets with your Machine Buster until you can't anymore, 
    then start firing at the arms until you can fire at the turrets again, then
    just do away with the arms.  After that, just blast away the cannon it grows
    as fast as you can, and bam!  Mission Accomplished!  That was easy huh?  Make
    sure you replace the Buster Unit with the Power Raiser Alpha.
    Lake Jynn Ruins
    Colect the Old Hoverjets, Joint Plug, and ~6300 Zenny from all the holes in
    the wall.  
    Boss Fight #5: Garudoriten
    He may be pretty big, but not to worry, he's extremely predictable...
    Attack #1: Tries to tackle you, then jumps to the center of the room and 
    creates a shock wave.  Jump away from his tackle, and jump the shock wave.
    Yup, that's about it.  That's the only attack he has.  So anyways, his head
    is his only weakspot, so just keep pounding away with your Buster Gun (your 
    dodging maneuvers won't be as fast if you use the Machine Buster).
    Go into Casketts room and get the Grenade Kit.  Have Roll develop items for
    you and you should get the Adapter Plug, Jet Skates, and Grand Grenade.  
    Change your special weapon into the Grand Grenade, equip the Jet Skates, and
    use your newfound ability to equip three buster parts to equip the Buster 
    Unit.  Your stats should now be as follows...
    Buster Check: Laser, Power Raiser Alpha, Buster Unit
    Buster Check (Perfectionist): Power Blaster R, Laser, Omni-Unit
    Yep, this is the very first part of the game where a perfectionist buster 
    setup will actually vary significantly from that of the lazy mans setup.  I'm
    not gonna tell you where to get any buster parts not mentioned in this guide,
    there are already plenty of resources on Gamefaqs to tell you, including the
    very 1st topic you will see, and always should see, on the Forums!  Also, as
    you can see, we don't really care about Zenny anymore.  Your Machine Buster
    should already be as awesome as it needs to be, so just spend the rest on
    Life upgrades, Canteen Upgrades, upgrading the Machine Buster further, I 
    don't really care.
    Also, one last thing, if your just bumrushing through the game, this will
    be the very last time there will be a plain ol' Buster Check.  The rest will
    be nothing but Perfectionist Buster Checks.
    Boss Fight #6: Karumumas
    This fight can be somewhat difficult if you let your guard down.  Basically,
    these three wolf things will chase you around the room and occasionally 
    breath a jet of fire at you.  Just group them together and run circles around
    you, jumping whenever one of them dives forward.  They may seem intimidating,
    but it's easier than it might seem.
    Make sure to switch to the Machine Buster after returning to the Flutter.
    Bonne Family Airforce
    The Gesselschaft will send five Draches at you.  Just fire off the Machine 
    Buster immediately, and it should destroy them all immediately.
    Boss Fight #7: Gesselschaft
    One of the easiest fights in the game.  
    Attack #1: When the Flutter is in front of the ship, it will fire grenades.
    Destroy them with your Buster Gun.
    Attack #2: When the Flutter in on the side of the ship, three cannons will 
    launch grenades.  It's almost impossible to block them all this close up, but
    if you do this fight right, the ship should only be able to do this once 
    Attack #3: When the wings and hull are destroyed, the Flutter will fly to 
    the front of the ship, and the skull on the front will launch those all too
    familiar green plasma shot at you.  Just like in Lake Jynn, these shots are 
    unblockable, so make sure you're not standing right in front of the ship, and
    destroy this thing as fast as you can.
    Start off by destroying the bottom of the ship with your Machine Buster.  
    Defend against attack #1, destroy one of the wings, defend against attack #2,
    destroy the last wing, then defend against attack #3 by destroying the skull.
    Boss Fight #8: Falcuerufe
    This ones a little tougher, if only because this boss is much harder to hit.
    Attack #1: It will fire a trio of missles.  This is the only attack that's
    blockable, so take advantage of that and destroy the missles!
    Attack #2: It will hover above the Flutter and blast it with rounds of 
    machine gun fire.  Unblockable, but also the perfect opportunity to blast it
    with your Machine Buster.
    Attack #3:  It will cross your ship and spray it with machine gun fire as it
    flies by.  Also unblockable, as well as another opportunity to land some 
    blows with the Machine Buster.
    Another easy boss.  Use the Buster on it until it uses Attack #2, and use the
    Machine Buster once it starts using it.  This boss can't take hits well at 
    all, so this should be another short battle.
    Buster Check (Perfectionist): Laser, Power Blaster R, Sniper Scope
    Boss Fight #9: Bruno
    Finally!  A boss that's actually *gasp*, <i>actually somewhat difficult!!</i>
    Make sure you have the Lock-On function turned off for this fight.
    Attack #1: His main attack, and it's a doozy if you still haven't learned how
    to dodge it by now.  It will fire two of these, one after another at random
    intervals.  This attack, combined with his massive health is what makes him 
    "somewhat difficult".  He does it a lot, and it takes off a massive amount of
    your health, so if your not confident, just hide behind whatever buildings 
    you can as well as the Sub Gate and Main Gate entrance.  They're invincible!
    If your going to go that route, make sure you use the "Diagonal Run" I
    told you about at the very beginning of this Faq, it's much faster than 
    regular running.
    Attack #2: Fires off two missles.  Sometimes does this after it's green 
    plasma shot barrage.  Easily destroyed.
    Attack #3: Fires grenades from its feet.  Only does so if you're dumb enough
    to actually get in front of it.
    Attack #4: Fires machine gun bursts from its shoulders.  Again, only if you're
    dumb enough to get in front of it.
    His only weakpoint is his midsection, but if you left the lockon on, it's 
    just going to cause you to fire almost everywhere EXCEPT that point.  You 
    see, you can actually destroy the shoulder pads and foot pads on this guy, 
    but its pointless to do so since you should never even be bothered by these
    things anyways.
    So yeah, just get behind him, do whatever you have to do to dodge the green
    plasma shots, and if you can do that, you've pretty much got this fight in
    the bag.
    Also, if your a perfectionist, and have done every sidequest, then do this.
    Go to the Flutter and watch some T.V.  You'll hear a report where some 
    Servebots rob a bank.  Go down to Downtown and blast the Robbers car into
    smithereens.  Choose to steal the money for yourself, and you'll now have
    200,000 Zenny!  Assemble the Shining Laser (use the Faqs to figure out how
    to make it), upgrade its attack twice, and its energy and rapid once.  Use it
    on Bruno, and it does just ABSURD amounts of damage, demolishing Bruno in 
    litteraly SECONDS!!
    Buster Check (Perfectionist): Omni-Unit Omega, Buster Unit Omega, Blaster 
    Unit R.
    Boss Fight #10: Juno 1st Form
    Ah, Mega Man Juno, the toughest foe in the game, and rightfully so.  He may
    not be a Purifier, but that doesn't stop him from being fast, powerful, and
    durable!  Fortunately, most of his attacks are occampanied by vocal cues, and
    there's usually at least a slight lag before he actually uses any of these
    attacks, so combine that with the fact that he never uses any of his attacks
    without following them up with #2, and he's also very predictable.
    Attack #1 (Ready?): He fires one of his arms at you, then the other.  Just
    jump over them.
    Attack #2 (Defend yourself): He charges at you.  Jump or run out of the way.
    He always uses this attack as a follow up to whatever other attack he uses.
    Note that he doesn't always say the vocal cue before using this.
    Attack #3 (How 'bout this?): He spins his arms before slicing the entire 
    room with energy blades that emerge from his arms.  Just jump to avoid it.
    Attack #4: The only attack that doesn't have a vocal cue.  He leaps into the
    air and homes in on you to land on top of you in a devastating ground pound.
    He does this three times before stopping.
    Attack #5 (Said AFTER attack: How 'bout that?!):  He teleports twice in a row
    and the center of the room is consumed in showers of blue explosions.  Juno
    teleports into the center of the mayhem and brings his arms down, sending 
    a shockwave ala that Garudoriten you busted up in the Lake Jynn ruins.  Just
    So yeah, after some practice, Juno should be a cinch.  But that's not all 
    Buster Check (Perfectionist): Blaster Unit R, Omni-Unit Omega, Machine Gun
    Final Boss: Juno 2nd Form
    Oh crap.  Here he is, the Bureaucratic Model from hell, the Carbon 
    Reinitializer, the hardest boss in the game, the big badass of the Kattelox 
    Island himself, Mega Man Juno Ascended!  And boy is he PISSED!!
    Attack #1: He tries to jump on you twice before jumping to the center of the
    room again.  I swear, the sound effects used for this attack are some of the
    coolest sound effects I've ever heard in a video game, dead fricken serious!
    Attack #2 (<b>Are you ready?</b>): He charges at you like he did in the 
    previous battle, except this time, he'll occasionally fire burst of fire 
    everywhere, so you'll most definetly want to jump to the side to avoid this.
    He usually does this as a follow up to Attack #4.
    Attack #3 (How 'bout this?!):  Don't be fooled, his delivery of that line is
    much more badass than it was in the last fight.  He raises one of his hands
    and gathers energy a ball of energy into that hand before throwing it at you.
    It's very slowly, so you can easily dodge it just by running to the side. 
    Attack #4 (Take this!): He raises his arm up and sends streams of fire at you.
    Just jump out of the way.  He usually does this as a follow up to Attack #2.
    Attack #5 (UAAGGGGHHHH!!): The room whole room turns red as he clasps his 
    hands over his head and throws two shockwaves at you.  He then calls down
    beams of light to strike you down.  The hardest attack to avoid by far, as
    well as extremely powerful, you're pretty much doomed if you don't know how 
    to dodge this.  The shockwaves have enough of a gap between them that you can
    jump them twice (if in doubt, remove the Spring Shoes just for this attack), 
    and as for the shockwaves, I hope you've mastered that "Diagonal Running"
    technique, because that's the only way you're going to be able to move fast
    enough to dodge this attack in Hard Mode.  It's pretty much impossible 
    I don't know what Junos problem is, but whatever it is, his personality has
    taken a drastic turn for the worse in this transformation.  He went from an
    emotionless prat in his 1st form, to a raving madman who sounds slightly 
    demonic and screams most of his lines o.O!  It's absolutely badass, and this
    combined with the awesome sound effects and attack animations make this one
    of the most epic battles I've ever seen in a video game!  It's just awesome!
    Anyways, most of your strategy revolves around circling him and jumping out 
    of the way of all of his attacks.  What really determines whether or not you
    win is how well you can dodge his final attack, and it's a doozy if you don't
    know exactly how to dodge it.  Thankfully, he only does it when his health is
    down to about 25%, so if there's a perfect time to empty all your special 
    weapon ammunition on him, that time is when he's down to 25%.  Don't give up!
    You can do this!  Believe it!!

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