How can i get past through mcneils guards??

  1. This scene is from the 1st part...i can't get past them coz i always end up being caught...

    so please help me!!!!!

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    SprakyBoy - 7 years ago

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  1. use the walkthrough but heres how:
    - pay guard 50z
    - go upstairs and find the wallet in the corner (west)
    -give wallet to the guard close to you.
    -go pass the other guards and watch out for the lights
    -go to a small tower with a bell and ring it with the sword.
    -a guard will go away, so go there.
    -go to the center (fountain) with a lounging guard , talk to him.
    -kill dog at the main gate entrance (learn SNAP)
    -go talk to the people (workers) in the bushes (talk to girl)
    - talk to guard at the east, guarding a chicken coop , he will go away and enter the coop
    - fight ROCKY (learn JUMP or you can learn it from the ROACHES inside the mansion later)
    - go back to east side of the main door entrance of the mansion.

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