Review by Robbie Kennedy

Reviewed: 12/19/05

Laying the Smackdown on the Candy asses

Smackdown vs Raw 2006, for the PSP. For the first time ever, the Smackdown series has come out of the consoles. And it is much needed because this game is excellent. The graphics are superb, and it is quite easy to play. Plus, we can play it anywhere we wish to. The Gameplay is slightly different in this game, because obviously, the PSP is a lot smaller than the PS2 and it is all contained in one pack, whereas the PS2 has a controller to go with it. But it is not that bad, and the controls are quite easy to get used to.

This game also succeeds where other wrestling games on the handheld’s failed. Memorable mentions like Wrestlemania 18 and Survivor Series can go here. They were made by good developers, but they were really bad. But this game is better, despite being made by the same developer (THQ). But that is by the by, I guess the PSP has more power than the Game boy advance, and that is highly evident in the superb graphical details in the game.

Speaking of graphical details, every single wrestler is animated down to the last hair and pectoral muscle. The pyrotechnics in entrances look awesome, and everything else can leave you gasping for breath at just how awesome it is. Unfortunately, the crowd is not as good as they are on the console, in fact, they are 2D in this game, so they have no depth at all so they look very bad.

This game can connect to the PS2, allowing you to transfer data over. This is useful because you can unlock Jake “The Snake” Roberts for the Console version using the PSP version. But in a sense it is bad because you should not have to pay 300 odd currency (Wherever you live) just to get another character for a game. But if you already have the PSP, I recommend that you get this game, as it is good for playing when you do not have access to the console.

This game is packed. Every wrestler found in the PS2 version of the game is included in this game. It is a wonder that the PSP is not bursting what with all the data stored in this game.

So I highly recommend you to get this game if you have a PSP. It is not really worth buying if you already have the console version but not a PSP, as you have pretty much the same features on the console as you do here.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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