What are the best 3 styles?

  1. I've got street fighting but I was wondering.What are the 3 best styles put together.Because in story mode.You can have up 3 styles.For ex. martial arts,submission,street fighting.I just want to create the ultimate fighter.

    User Info: JAMESEY_10

    JAMESEY_10 - 8 years ago

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  1. for a speed combo go for 2 kickboxing and 1 street fighting
    for a sthrength combo get 1wrestling 1 streetfighting and 1 submission
    and for a balanced combo get 1 boxing 1 kickboxing and 1 submission

    Hope this helps

    User Info: masterchaozz

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  1. 1-Street fighting-street fighting-street fighting


    User Info: bo_wleed7

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  2. Try jeet kune do instead, has extreme fast low kick combination, although it suffers from the range problem a bit. To learn jeet kune do, martial art comes first, and then learn 2 levels of submission (if I'm not mistaken). I find myself easy to win with jeet kune do. The combo can damage your opponent's leg easily.

    User Info: Nocturnos

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  3. Street fighting - street fighting - martial arts

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  4. Without a doubt, the best three styles to have, learned in the following order are:

    1. Wrestling
    2. Kickboxing
    3. Martial Arts

    I've tried various different orders and combinations, but nothing comes close to the final product you get with these. You may struggle at first, but once you've learnt the 3rd style; you're near unbeatable.

    It's crucial you learn them in that order too. Wrestling first, then kickboxing and finally Martial Arts.

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  5. Kickoxing, submissions, wrestling

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  6. Matrial arts, Submission, Kickboxing, that can perform submission like ice t.

    User Info: vandreyjf

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