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    Walkthrough by MahPiyaAte

    Version: 0.83 | Updated: 05/11/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    By: Mah'Piya Ate
    Email: mah_piya@hotmail.com
    **NOTE: If you see a guide by me posted by NativePyro or Native Pyro (neoseeker
    only), that's also me. I just changed my name. 
    | Table of Contents | 
    1. Intro.............[1.0]
    2. Controls..........[2.0]
    3. Walkthrough.......[3.0]
       A. Intro..........[3.1]
       B. London.........[3.2]
       C. Hedgemaze......[3.3]
       D. Gypsie Camp....[3.4]
       E. Sniper Alley...[3.5]
       F. Consulate......[3.6]
       G. Train..........[3.7]
       H. Factory........[3.8]
       I. Octopus Base...[3.9]
    4. Challenges........[4.0]
       A. Intro..........[4.1]
       B. London.........[4.2]
       C. Hedgemaze......[4.3]
       D. Gypsie Camp....[4.4]
       E. Sniper Alley...[4.5]
       F. Consulate......[4.6]
       G. Train..........[4.7]
       H. Factory........[4.8]
       I. Octopus Base...[4.9]
    5. Bond Moments......[5.0]
       A. Intro..........[5.1]
       B. London.........[5.2]
       C. Hedgemaze......[5.3]
       D. Gypsie Camp....[5.4]
       E. Sniper Alley...[5.5]
       F. Consulate......[5.6]
       G. Train..........[5.7]
       H. Factory........[5.8]
       I. Octopus Base...[5.9]
    6. Contact Me........[6.0]
    7. Final Info........[7.0]
    | 1. Intro | [1.0]
    	007 Hits the PSP finally! Although not in the classic first-person
    style, this third-person bond game is a good one! You take control of Sean
    Connery's Bond and go through different stages looking for the Lektor, a 
    Soviet decoding device, protecting allies, and just trying to get out alive!
    There are 8 different stages in this epic journey.
    | 2. Controls | [2.0]
    * KEY:            *
    *   [] = square   *
    *   () = circle   *
    *   /\ = triangle *
        Move..................................Analog stick
        Action/reload.........................X button
        Fire weapon/hand-to-hand combat.......R button
        One-hit disable.......................R button + button shown above enemy
        Lock on Target/Center camera..........L button (hold)
        Rotate Camera Left/right..............[] button/() button
        Bond Focus Mode.......................[] button (while locked on a target)
        Wall cover/crouch...................../\ button
        Dive roll.............................Double tap /\ button
        Weapon Select.........................Directional buttons
        Pause.................................START button
        Lock on target................................L button (hold)
        Fire..........................................R button
        Elevate......................................./\ button
        Descend.......................................X button
        Strafe left/right.............................[] button/() button
        Dodge left/right..............................Double tap [] button/() button
        Dodge up/down.................................Double tap /\ button/X button
        Move forward/backward and turn left/right.....Analog Stick
    | 3. Walkthrough | [3.0]
    			** INTRO - [3.1] **
    "The year is 1963. Your name is Bond. James Bond. And your mission is to slip
    inside the dangerous and debonair world of the original 007 played by none
    other than Sean Connery. Travel to Istanbul and connect with a beautiful 
    Russian double agent, whose possession of the Lektor, a Soviet decoding device,
    is the beginning of a devious plot that pits Bond against ruthless foes in
    the underworld. As 007, romance the women, dispatch enemies, and intercept the
    decoding device in order to save Western Civilization from certain peril...and
    in the name of the King and Country, of course." - Instruction Booklet
    In each stage, there are 4 things that you can do to get awards for. Disables 
    the amount of kills you get. The time is how long it takes to beat the stage,
    bond moment is if you do something that bond did, and difficulty is if you beat
    the stage at the 00 Agent Difficulty. I will post the amount of disables and
    the time to beat in each stage.
    NOTE: This walkthrough will be taking you through on Agent difficulty.
    			** LONDON - [3.2] **
    			DISABLES: 35
    			TIME: 10:00
    You start out at a restaurant that just got attacked by the Octopus'. The girl
    has been kidnapped and it's your job to rescue her. Start off by running up to 
    the ledge thing jutting out of the wall, there's an ally behind there shooting.
    Take out the first three Octo's, and then run straight ahead to the next ledge
    thing that's jutting out. Take out the Octo that runs across the screen and 
    runs behind the tables at the farthest end. Run up a little bit and 2 Octo's
    will come out of the archway exit, kill them. Go in where they came out of and
    open the door. Shoot all the octos in site. Then run and get the body armor 
    lying by the fountain. Get to where the octos were and turn left, you'll find
    2 repelling octo's here for you to take out. Get the ammo here and go to the 
    door between the repelling octos to continue.
    Now you're in a room. Go right, left, left, and take out the octo there. Pick
    up the ammo and go in the door. Help take out the octos in here. You'll find
    some PP7 ammo on the far side of the room, opposite the door you came in. Go to
    exit and hang a left, up the stairs there will be an octo walking to your left,
    kill him. Go out where he came in and take out the octo across the way. Follow
    the path to him to find another octo shooting at you. Take him out. Keep going
    around until you see 3 octos come out of the other exit, take them out, and 
    then go up the stairs, where they just came from, and take out the octo at the
    top. Go into the room and take out the octo hanging in the center. Go a little 
    bit ahead and go to the purple thing on the floor, by the broken railings and
    press X. Go to the side and press X again, take out the octo hanging there. 
    Jump to the last light, then go to the left and jump back on the 2nd floor. Go
    right and into the door to the left.
    After the cutscene, take out the octo across the room, and proceed down the
    stairs. Lock onto the lock with the purple thing above it and shoot it to
    open the door. Go in and press X by the lady. She'll give you the Pass Key.
    Go back out to the room where the cutscene was and take out the 2 octos by the
    door. Go out the door and take out the Octos repelling. Then go left and enter
    the door with the light above it. Go up the stairs and through the door. 
    	| Boss Battle | Octo Helicopter |                            |
    	|-------------*-----------------*                            |
    	|                                                            |
    	| First, you're going to want to switch to your rockets.     |
    	| It's the same way to switch weapons normally. Now, fly     |
    	| straight up, and blow the 2 octos up with the rockets.     |
    	| Fly around the clock and do that one each side, as there   |
    	| are 2 octos on each side. When you're done with them,      |
    	| look for the helicopter. Fly around it in circles shooting |
    	| at the helicoptor, it shouldn't be too much of a problem,  |
    	| considering I've seen better shooting from a monkey. I     |
    	| personally prefer the machine gun instead of the rockets,  |
    	| Just my personal preference though.			     |
            |							     |
    			** HEDGEMAZE - [3.3] **
    			DISABLES: 50
    			TIME: 20:00
    Start off by crouching. Go straight and take a right down the stairs, then a 
    left right after the stairs. Now go around the hedge, and stop a little from the
    end of the hedge on the other side of the stairs. Press /\ to wall hug the 
    hedge. If done correctly, you'll stand up and place your back against the hedge.
    Press the analog stick to the left until he stops, then quickly take out the
    octo walking, I'd suggest Bond focusing and sniping his head. Then walk towards
    the gate and press X to go into the next area. 
    You'll see a blonde haired agent looking guy run away in the little cutscene.
    You'll be seeing him quite a bit. Head left and quickly get across the gap, and
    then wall hug the hedge just before the statue. Then press the analog stick
    right and bond focus on the octo near the gate, snipe him out quickly. Go into
    the gap diagonal from you, it's not too far. Go in and go left, right, right, 
    left and grab the pp7 rounds. Then go back a little ways and go straight, to the
    plant. Crouch down! You'll see another octo on the otherside of the gate. Take
    him out. Shoot the octo on the other side of the gate before opening the door.
    Then walk through the gate. Walk through that area and get to the next gate and
    walk through. 
    Wall hug the hedge to your left right away, and get to the edge, and try to 
    snipe the octo walking by. If you miss him, that's alright, you'll be spotted
    eventually. If you missed him, go towards the way he walked out, but crouch 
    down behind the tree. Stay crouch and walk to the left a little so the tree 
    isn't in your way. I'd suggest bond focusing on this guy again to take him out.
    Walk a little ways ahead and press the L button to lock onto another guy that's
    standing in that little building thing. Take him out and go left. There will
    be another octo looking for you, wait for him and take him out by any means
    necessary. Then go towards the exit gate, behind the building thing. You'll
    note that it is locked. We need a key. Turn around, walk straight, and then
    left into the opening. Then take a right, and go to the table next to the tree.
    That's where the key is, walk to it and you'll automatically pick it up. Keep
    walking a little bit and pick up the pp7 rounds by the statue. Now head back
    out BUT STOP! Wall hug that little outing at the end of this stretch. You'll
    notice an octo that wasn't there before in the opening, take him out. Crouch
    down and walk behind the plant. You'll see another octo to the right, take him
    out as well. Walk to the gate and go through.
    There's our little friend again. Go right and wall hug the hedge. If you made
    it there in time, take out the octo walking, if not, then take out the octo by
    the gate when he gets there. His friend will be coming back shortly, so take 
    him out as well. Go to the opening just behind the hedge you were wall hugging,
    and go in and walk around the fountain to find some pp7 rounds and body armor.
    Then go to the gate and hang a left, as that gate is unopenable. Go straight 
    and stop. If you turn the camera around, you'll notice an Octo crouched down 
    behind a hedge on the other side of the one you were just walking by. Take him
    out. Then head for the opened gate. Go around the hedges to another gate and go
    through it. 
    Go left, right, and straight ahead. Wall hug the tip of the hedge, or just 
    walk around it and take out the octo behind it. Then walk through the gate.
    Wall hug the hedge and take out the octo to the left. Go straight from the door,
    but be careful, theres 3 octos in the hedge opening just waiting to kill you.
    So what should you do? Well, I just rolled into the opening and went rambo on
    their butts with my SMG. Why kill them? Well so they don't kill you and to get
    your disables count up. After they are dead, go back to where you killed the 
    first guy in this area, and walk to the end and take a right. Wall hug the 
    hedge to your left and take out the octo to the left of the gate. Go to where
    he was and around the hedge to find some SMG rounds. Take them. Walk through
    the gate.
    Take out the octo that's shooting at you. Go around to the gate and exit through
    FIRE! 2 octos will come and and take you out! So be aware and take them out. 
    Walk inside the building and take out the octo by wall next to the door. Go to
    the desk to pick up the key. Go upstairs and take out the octo up there, and
    pick up the armor and pp7 rounds. Go back outside and to the gate, but don't go
    through. Look to your left quick and wait, an octo will shortly be walking out.
    Take him out and go pick up the rounds he drops. Now walk through the gate.
    Walk left and get ready. Walk out into the opening, you WILL get spotted by the
    guy across the way. Take out the octos as they come. I actually ran out of 
    bullets on this part, so if that happens, hide behind the hedge and as they 
    come, quickly run up to them and press R1, then whatever button appears over
    their heads. Go to the corner opposite from where you started to find some
    ammo. Then go towards the gate, but go past it, and turn left once you get to 
    an opening. Then grab those rounds, and go to the other side to find some ammo
    and armor. Then go back to the gate and get ready for a rambo moment. 
    Go through and head to the other side of the bridge, there's guys all around so
    just bond focus them and take them out. They have rather bad aim. All the way to
    the right there are some pp7 rounds, so take them and go up the stairs when you
    can. There's some body armor on the level right above the ground, take if you 
    need it. Go up the second flight and finish off that guy if you didn't before.
    Take an immediate left and pick up some SMG rounds. Walk towards the middle 
    until you see a bunch of guys come out the door. Now here's where the rambo
    moment is. Kill them all. Don't forget about the body armor below you if you
    didn't pick it up. There's also some rounds and armor in the middle of the 
    floor. When they are all taken care of, go into the door they all came out.
    Well now you know who are friend is...well not who, but who's side he's on. Go
    straight into the next room and stand by M to recieve the breifing. After that,
    go back into the room you just were and out the other door. Take a right, a 
    left, and into the door. 
    Walk up to Q and view the cutscene. Then go left and stand in front of the
    room with the scientist guy in there. Watch him fall, and then turn around and
    go in front of the room with the guy and a helicopter in it. Now go between the
    2 rooms and through the door at the end.
    Switch to your laser watch and go to the windows ahead of you. Look right and
    you'll see a lock thing on the other side, lock onto it and press R1 to fire
    your laser at it and destroy it. Go through where the door used to be and look
    to your left and lock onto the dummy and shoot it with your watch. Go to where
    the dummy was and shoot the other one to your right. Go to where that one was
    and run straight towards the next 2, destroy them, preferably with a melee 
    disable each, and destroy the dummy diagnal to you (towards the right). Pick
    up the body armor and pp7 rounds if you chose to use that instead of the watch.
    Look at the windows and towards the door, get a distance and shoot the barrel,
    then 3 dummies will come out, destroy them. Go out the next door way and destroy
    the dummies here. Shoot the lock by the door, and open it. Destroy the 3 dummies
    here and go up to the glowing red bomb. Press and HOLD X to disarm it. 
    			** Gypsy Camp - [3.4] **
    			DISABLES: 30
    			TIME: 10:00
    Start off by bond focusing and shooting where the gunner's bond focus targets
    are, usually his shoulders. Then just finish him off. Now it's time to do a 
    little rescuing. There are 4 hostages to rescue:
    	1. In a little cave hideout behind the house.
    	2. In the house upstairs.
    	3. In the barn in front of the house downstairs.
    	4. In a little enclosure behind the barn.
    1. Ok, for this one, go straight and a little to the right once around the 
    cement wall, you should see a little red shed on 4 legs. Go to the right side
    of it and straight back, you'll find a door. Go through and kill the 2 octos
    inside. She'll say Thank You, and hostage numero uno is saved.
    2. Go back out to that red shed, and you'll see a purple dot above some gasmasks
    on the shed, press X to pick one up and go to the front door of the building 
    right next to you. You'll see 2 octos come out of the door in front of the 
    steps. Shoot them and then go up the steps. Turn around and go through the door,
    and kill the 2 octos in there. Hostage number 2 is saved. 
    3. Go outside onto the ledge where hostage 2 went, and go left, left and down 
    the ledge to the ground. Go straight to the building with the big hole on the
    top floor, go to the big front doors and press X to rappel up it. Go down the 
    stairs and shoot the 2 octos in here to save hostage 3.
    4. Go out the door and go left and into that little enclosure and kill the 3
    octos in here. Once that's done, you've saved hostage 4 and are moving on to the
    hardest part of this level.
    Kill any octos that may be alive. Then go left towards a fire and another shed,
    and then right up the 3 steps into an enclosure, then X by the wall to rappel up
    it. Then take a left and go grab the sniper and all the ammo you can. Stand by
    that purple dot that was on the floor and aim, get ready for a swarm of octos.
    If you want to use the sniper, more power to you, its a one shot kill, but me
    personally, i prefer the Magnum. If you want to use the sniper, there will be
    guys coming from all directions, and don't forget about the guy up on the second
    floor of the hostage 3 building, and make sure to take out the guy with the
    shotgun to the left of the building as well. 
    If you choose to use the magnum, just stand towards the ledge where you first
    rappelled up to and keep clicking the L button until you lock onto someone, 
    and bond focus them, preferably their heads. It's much, much easier that way.
    Just keep bond focusing their heads. You'll beat it easily.
    			** Sniper Alley - [3.5] **
    			DISABLES: 35
    			TIME: 8:00
    Start by going forward and taking that left. Go straight until you get to the
    box and wait for 2 octos to come out, shoot them and go straight til you get to
    the gate with the purple dot above the door. Before going in, however, turn
    around to pick up some ammo if needed. Lock onto the lock and shoot it to open
    the door, then go straight until you get to the box just before the purple dot
    on the ground by the wall. Shoot the 3 octos that come out, and if you need 
    some armor, go left and pick it up, then go back to the purple dot and rappel
    up it. Go down the stairs and shoot the 2 octos you come across. Go to the 
    table with the purple dot and take the apartment key. Go back to where you first
    came in after the rappel and go in the door. Shoot the guard thats watching out
    the open exit, and then go out and press X to jump the gap. Go straight and
    through the door.
    Shoot the octo walking away immediatley. Start walking towards the room and
    shoot the 3 other octos including the machine gunner. Go to the side of the 
    room opposite the stairs for some sniper rounds and armor. Go up the stairs and
    get to the purple dot and get ready for another sniper mission.
    This one I find easier to do with the sniper, I don't know why. Anyways, you 
    can try the magnum again on this one, but when I tried it, I got killed when
    Kerim just got upstairs and theres guys above and below shooting and you and
    Kerim. So if you want to use it, more power to you. If not, then there are guys
    coming out of that entrance to your left, shoot them until Kerim's up in the 
    buildings, then watch for guys that come out in between the buildings and the
    right building, then when he's in the right building, watch for guys coming out
    from the middle and the left building, then when he's upstairs, watch for them
    in the middle on both levels and both buildings. When he gets upstairs in the 
    left building, take out your bazooka. You see that big billboard on the left
    building? You see the lady? You see her mouth? That door will open and a guy
    will be holding kerim in front of him, just fire away at Kerim and the guy will
    die but not Kerim. 
    			** Consulate - [3.6] **
    			DISABLES: 50
    			TIME: 15:00
    Go right and press X at the desk with the guy behind it. Then go through the
    burning hole in the wall and take a left, and shoot the 2 octos there. Then 
    go straight, grabbing the armor and ammo by the right wall, to a door just 
    before the gas. Go in (on the right wall) and go to the opposite corner to find
    an airvent open. Use your Q-Copter to fly through it. Once out, go straight to
    the door without being blown up by the octos and press the R button to self 
    destruct by the switch, opening the door. Now kill the 2 octos in this room, and
    go out into the hallway. Take a left and kill the 3 octos at the end of the
    hallway. Go into the door to your left. 
    Kill the 2 octos in here. If you need armor or SMG rounds, there's some in
    between the first and second bookcase. Now go and press X by the switch just
    before the first bookcase. Go back out and go right, and kill the 2 octos at
    the end of the hallway when you get there. Take a left and go open the door 
    you see ahead of you to find Tania. 
    Go into the room to your right and take out the 5 octos. Go to the elevator at
    the opposite end of the room as you first entered. Then go ahead and kill the
    3 octos that come in. Take a gasmask and go in the room ahead of you. Kill the
    first octo that runs to your right when you enter, then go further in and take
    a left and kill the 3 octos you find. Then pull the switch on the last pillar
    to get rid of the gas. 
    Time to use your Q-Copter again. Fly through this airvent. Take a left when you
    get out of the original air vent, then fly to the lower right corner into 
    another air vent. Once past the flames, go up and over the generator into yet
    another air vent. Then make a complete 180 degree turn and fly up until you 
    come to an air vent. Fly through and and go down to your lower left and blow up
    the switch that's on the middle machine. Kill the 3 Octos that are in her now
    and then go back out towards the elevator. Kill these 3 octos and go into the
    Go straight and press X by the arcade game looking machine on the left. Then 
    kill the 4 or 5 octos in here. Grab the gasmask left of the door and go in. 
    Take a left at the fork and kill the 2 octos in here. On the left side of the
    room is a switch, hit it to shut the gas off in this room. Go grab another gas
    mask from the right side of the room and go across the way into the other room,
    shooting at the 2 octos peeking around the corner. Go in the office and hit that
    switch to open the cell doors, then go back out and press X by the switch on the
    wall to shut the gass off. Shoot the octo by the cell gates. There is SMG 
    rounds and body armor in the end cells. Then go back to the middle and hit the
    key on the left. 
    Go straight, killing the 3 octos in here, and hit the key. Go down the stairs
    and kill the 4 octos in here. Go down the steps on the other side of the room, 
    and kill the 4 octos in here, but watch out for the guy with the bazooka at the
    top of the stairs. Lock onto the 4 locks on the vault and shoot them. Go inside
    to get the Lektor. Get the armor and, if needed, assault rifle and serum dart
    Shoot the 4 or 5 octos that are out in the room. Then start backtracking your
    way back. Go down the stairs, then take a left up the stairs after the boxes.
    Take out the 3 octos in here, then go up the stairs. Take out the machine gun
    octo in here. There's some body armor to his left. Continue past that octo and
    go in the elevator. 
    			** Train - [3.7] **
    			DISABLES: 50
    			TIME: 15:00
    When you start off, get out your bazooka, run back to find some cover until the
    machine gunner stops firing, then get a safe distance away and fire at him! If
    you run outta ammo, use your Armor Piercing Rifle on him. Then bust out the 
    magnum and just keep killing the weak henchman until the cutscene appears. If
    you need armor, there is some lying around towards the side with the machine
    ***COMING SOON***
    			** Factory - [3.8] **
    			** Octopus Base - [3.9] **
    | 4. Challenges | [4.0]
    			** Intro - [4.1] **
    Time to face the challenges, eh? Well, I'm sure you've noticed 2 extra dots by
    every stage, those are the challenges. Each stage has 2 challenges based around
    it. You get the first challenge unlocked from earning the Disables award, and
    the second challenge for earning the Time award. 
    **What you earn = COMING SOON! (as soon as I figure it out)**
    **I've completed all the challenges (Number 1 spot is me in each one) and I**
    **still have yet to figure what I got for it.**
    			** LONDON - [4.2] **
    	This one might be a little tough, it took me a few tries to get it beat,
    	but once you do, more than likely you'll have gotten the number 1 spot
    	since staying alive for long isn't too easy. Anyways, right off, wait
    	for a few seconds before you lock on because there will be a closer
    	target coming down closer to you that will kill you if you don't take
    	him out. So when he comes, quickly lock on and bond focuse the rope. 
    	That's the easiest way to do this is to bond focus the rope because it
    	only takes one shot. Just keep locking on and bond focusing the rope,
    	after a couple tries, if that long, you'll have beaten this challenge.
    	Talk about easy! Just do this the same way you beat it in the level. 
    	Just straight away start firing at it. If you use your machine gun the
    	whole time, you can do it under 30 seconds. 
    			** HEDGEMAZE - [4.3] **
    	Ok, this is no time to dilly dally. Just run! Run straight to the gates,
    	and don't worry about being stealthy, this isn't about the number of
    	kills, if there are octos in your way, feel free to shoot them, but 
    	theres no need to stand there and wall hug and wait for octos, just
    	run! You need to go as far as the gate in the caretakers yard. It's not
    	really that hard.
    	FIRE! That's all you have to do, I wouldn't suggest standing in one
    	spot as you'll run out of ammo and armor before you know it. If someone
    	drops armor or ammo, run and pick it up, just keep firing away. Don't
    	be afraid to run up to them and melee disable either, I had to do that
    	to quite a few of them myself. 
    			** Gypsy Camp - [4.4] **
    	If you had a hard time in the walkthrough, this will get quite annoying.
    	It took me a few tries because I hate the sniper. They don't always
    	come out in the same order, just look for them. There's one in the top
    	of the barn, some that are relatively close to the wall you're on, and
    	some by the house, by the barn on wheels, by the fire, just all over.
    	Don't waste time, shoot as fast as you can. 
    	If you don't remember where they were, like me, you probably won't beat
    	the record time. Just remember where the 4 hostages are. 
    	1. In the cave hideout, just beyond the barn on wheels with the 
    	2. In the house, upstairs.
    	3. In the barn, downstairs.
    	4. Just beyond the barn, behind the cement, with the broken fence in it.
    	Just go and find them like in the walkthrough and this will be yours.
    			** Sniper Alley - [4.5] **
    	Again, just shoot! There's a few down on the ground too, and watch out
    	for one that's by a box,but he's kind of hidden by the shadows, you 
    	only see him when he fires his gun because of the light that eminates 
    	for a second. There's a number of guys on the main floor across from 
    	you, and up on the balcony, and even in the billboard, like that final
    	guy in the walkthrough. Just look around and you'll find them all.
    	Start off by going straight through the first blue ring, then up and to
    	the right a little bit through the next blue ring by the window. Take a
    	right, go through the window, through the other window, and turn left
    	into the doorway, then up the ramp. Then right through the doorway, and
    	through the window. Then go straight and down through the last ring.
    			** Consulate - [4.6] **
    	Start off going straight, and then curve a little to the right, but
    	keep going that general straight direction, through the next blue ring
    	by the doorway. Then go left, and straight to the next blue ring. Take
    	a sharp right into the scientist guys room and go into the air vent like
    	in the walkthrough. Manuever your way through the air vent and go out 
    	and through the door straight ahead. Then go straight through the blue
    	ring and curve a little to the left to get to the final blue ring.
    	You don't necessarily need to bond focus to win this. But there are 
    	about 3 guys in this first room to take care of. Then you need to go
    	into the next room, it's actually the room previous to this one in the
    	walkthrough. So go in there and take care of the 6 octos in here. Go up
    	the stairs and into the next room where there are 3 octos awaiting their
    	certain demise. Once they're killed, you win!
    			** Train - [4.7] **
    	Again, just move around and fire, there are guys that come out of both
    	ends of the train. I didn't notice at first and was wondering how 1 
    	octo in front of me was kickin my butt...then I turned around to see 
    	about 5 octos all shooting me. So just shoot the ones in front of you,
    	turn around and shoot the ones behind you, and keep doing that and hope
    	that you don't die too fast. Again, don't be afraid to melee disable, 
    	actually, a melee disable is a good thing because it takes some time 
    	away and you don't get hit. 
    	This one was a tad annoying when I first tried it. I was actually bond
    	focusing these guys but since they don't pop out of their shields 
    	enough, you can't get the first place win. So what do you do? Show them
    	who's boss! Just run up to them and fire away, they hardly fire at you
    	so you'll be good, just keep running up and shooting.
    			** Factory - [4.8] **
    	Immediatley swith the your rockets. Target each octo on the ground and
    	blow them away. Once they are killed, the top windows will shatter, 
    	allowing you to proceed. Go straight through the first two rings and
    	out the windows to another blue ring. Hang a left and then a right and
    	go down right away to the next blue ring, go through it then go straight
    	back up and straight through another blue ring. Then down a little bit
    	and after that go right, through the blue ring, then target the octo
    	and blow him up, start to go right and blow up the other octo, go down 
    	through the blue ring and stop. Blow up the two rocketers at the end of
    	the tunnel and then go through the blue ring by the window, rotate left
    	a little bit and go up through the last ring.
    	Remember that strange tank that came out of a little garage when you 
    	went through this level? That's what you're going to destroy now. Start
    	off by going left a little bit and killing the octo not to far from you,
    	just a little to your right. Then look to your right and kill all the
    	octos you see. Then go around the path to the end and go down the little
    	elevator thing. Switch to your Kronen SMG. Turn around and go straight
    	until you see it come smashing out of the glass, then lock onto it and
    	run around it like a crazy baboon shooting until it blows up. But once
    	it has only a few shots til its done, get some distance so the explosion
    	doesn't hit you.
    			** Octopus Base - [4.9] **
    	I recommend switching to your rockets right away. Just go up and down
    	the hanger pressing the L button until you lock onto an octo and blow
    	them to smitherines. Keep doing that, you'll beat it no problem. 
    	Oh fun, we get to do this again! Just remember, that wall is your best
    	friend. Remember his 3 attacks, the bombs from the yellow hand, the 
    	machine gun from the blue hand, and the laser from below. The laser is
    	always the last attack he'll use, after it's done, pop out of the wall
    	and target a hand and shoot it until he starts to attack again or you 
    	blow it up then run behind the wall. Blow up all 4 hands and then target
    	the main body, you'll be able to blow it up in under 5 minutes, just 
    	stick to the kronen SMG and your assault rifle as much as you can.
    | 5. Bond Moments | [5.0]
    			** Intro - [4.1] **
    So I'm guessing you can't seem to find the Bond Moments. Well, here's the part
    of the guide that tells you where those pesky things are. As of now, I haven't
    found them all either. Bond Moments are pretty much when you do something Bond
    did in the movies. So if you know where any of them are, feel free to help us
    all out. 
    			** LONDON - [5.2] **
    I've heard that you get this from destroying the helicopter fast, although I've
    never gotten it yet.
    I just read that when you shoot those two rappeling enemies, shoot the cables
    and not the men and you'll get it.
    			** HEDGEMAZE - [5.3] **
    Up in the walkthrough, you'll see a paragraph that starts out with "FIRE!", 
    that's the place you want to be in. That's the area where you find the NORTH
    gate key, but it's outside of the house. When the 2 octos come out, quickly
    shoot the barrel by the statues, a little to the right of the door. If you kill
    an octo, you got your bond moment. 
    			** Gypsy Camp - [5.4] **
    Well the PS2 version it's from enter a vent with the Q-Copter to gain access to
    the kitchen, however on the PSP you already have access to the kitchen, and the
    hole in the wall is covered so I'm not sure.
    			** Sniper Alley - [5.5] **
    When you're covering for Kerim, look towards the ground and to the left. You 
    see that entryway? You see that barrel next to it? I see light bulb above your
    heads right now. That's correct, you have to blow up the barrel and an octo. 
    			** Consulate - [5.6] **
    Again, I've heard its whereabouts but haven't personally gotten it. I've heard
    its in that locked room to the left of the fork where you have to shut off the
    gas in both rooms to the left and right. You're suppose to use your laser watch
    to destroy some door panel or something, I haven't found it.
    			** Train - [5.7] **
    In the room with that building in the middle of it, go up the stairs on the
    right. Then pull the lever to lift up the gates, go left out onto the ledge
    and go into the middle until you see a giant metal thing. Press X to climb up
    onto it, and then X again to swing onto the top of the building (the cafe), 
    then go to the hole and fall through. 
    			** Factory - [5.8] **
    When you get past the tunnel that has electricity and a boat, before you land,
    keep firing rockets towards the landing pad (Locking onto targets), and you 
    should hit a barrel next to a tower. I found this totally by accident.
    			** Octopus Base - [5.9] **
    I can't find this one either. I've heard it's in some missile silo hidden room,
    but that's from the PS2 version and not the PSP version so I don't know.
    I just read that when you're facing Red Grant's Robot, use your Q-Copter, find
    a vent, fly in it and detonate by a generator.
    | 6. Contact Me |
    If you notice any spelling errors in my guide, or anything that's wrong, or
    have anything to add, please email me. My email is at the top of the guide. 
    Just don't send any spam emails and don't ask stupid questions, I'm sure you
    know the difference. If you want to use my guide, get my permission first. And
    you must give me credit as I have worked hard on this guide. 
    | 7. Final Info |
    This guide belongs to and only Mah'piya Ate. The only sites that may
    post this on their website is www.gamefaqs.com, www.supercheats.com, and 
    www.neoseeker.com. You may NOT rewrite this in any way. You may NOT use this to 
    make any money in any way whatsoever. You may, however, print this guide out and
    use it to help you. This is for your helping purposes only.
    Copyright 2008 Mah'piya Ate.

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