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"Definitely Worth It!!"

At first I wasn't going to buy this game, I didn't even reserve it like I would for a game that I want. Since I really didn't enjoy the first installment I didn't think I would like it. I was checking out one of the local gaming stores out here in Hawaii, and noticed that they had this game two days early, so I picked it up since I needed something to pass the time. I was definitely not disappointed.

Controls - Basically the same as the previous game. Nothing amazing. Simple straightforward and easy.

Graphics - Definitely an improvement over the previous game. I think that they could have done the cut scenes better. They seemed a little rushed, and didn't use the full potential of the PSP.

Sound - The music was ok, and the sound effects were ok too, nothing spectacular. Started to annoy me after a while since I played this game for so long it just got too repetitive.

Storyline- Huge improvement over the previous game. This game actually had a storyline!! This should have been the first game, because it would have created a good world to play in, but at this point it doesn't matter.

Ad-hoc/Infrastructure - Great addition to this game, especially the on-line capability. The different games you can play other than co-op play are great and gives the game a more fun aspect. This was definitely made to play with others.

Game play - Here is where I thought this game shined. The storyline was solid, as opposed to the previous game. Battle system was a huge improvement and the little extras, like attacks of opportunity and charged attacks, were a great touch. The skill/magic system is good and worth exploring. On-line play is a great addition. The different character choices are another great addition. I have only played through as the Guardian so far but I am looking to beat this game with the Prowler next.

Overall - Not the perfect game but definitely worth a buy. Very Linear, so if you will be restarting the game often. The 50 level cap is kind of a bummer too, but that would force you to play the other characters. On-line play makes this golden, way more fun to play with others. Replayability factor is High!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/03/06

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