PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File04/07/06rpaloalto304K
level 49 guardian after final boss + 382,037 gold
Save Game File06/30/06ltsgthgh302K
Level 49 Prowler with lots of cash, best armor and weapon.
Save Game File06/30/06ltsgthgh302K
Level 50 Mercenary w/ Best weapons and armor i found. Lots of cash...!!!!
Save Game File09/29/06knauerLater305K
lvl 50 prowler. best possible setup I have found. still 20 skill points left.
Save Game File04/29/06Super_Wizzy302K
Lvl 50 Skill Build Guardian 147 unused attribute points 119 unused skill points 5th save slot
Save Game File04/03/06manwithskills302K
Lvl. 12 Prowler 1st save slot. 20-30 damage
Save Game File04/18/06dap666302K
lvl. 48 guardian melee waepon damage 87 to 135 with gem add to it
Save Game File04/16/06horrer302K
Ryu lvl 50 prowler non-free build beaten the game #2 save slothas best armor and shoes best range weapon and16 obsidian stones plus 1,023,983 gold

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File08/01/06tadger2005291K
Guardian Lvl 50 Best Armour And Weapons So Far Story Mode Complete
Save Game File07/23/06Felix_Hip_Cat291K
Laia, Mercenary, Level 17, good weps and armour, Hidden Monastery, Chapter One, The Debt, lots of points in Discharge

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