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    Secrets/Chests/Rings/Items FAQ by ZeroHiei

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    Goku Makai Mura (Ultimate Ghosts And Goblins)
    Before we start: 
    I'm not here to hold your hand. Work your way through the game itself, 
    remember the maps. DON'T ask me for a walkthrough. I'm not going to 
    respond. If you have anything I'm missing, tell me and I'll update it.
    DO NOT ASK ME FOR STRATEGIES. There's a reason why this game is 
    supposed to be hard - no one's supossed to tell you when to jump.
    Understood? Good.
    Q: Why are your names different from the US/EU versions?
    A: I played the JP version.
    Q: Where's _______ (insert something I already covered)?
    A: There's a reason I listed everything out painstakingly.
    Q: Are there any modes other than Beginner, Normal and Arcade?
    A: What, you want something even MORE challenging? Go play the NES version.
    Q: Are there cheat codes?
    A: No.
    Q: Why is this game so hard?!?!?!?!?1111
    A: It's supposed to BE hard.
    Q: Can you send me a gamesave?
    A: No.
    Q: You're awesome.
    A: I know.
    Q: Can I have a gamesave?
    A: No.
    There are 3 endings in total:
    1) Finish the first time (22 rings) - 
    	The princess will be sent back to the castle ruins
    2) Finish the second time (11 rings) - 
    	The princess waits for Arthur in her room...
    3) Finish the game the first time round with all 33 rings - 
    	The princess waits for Arthur on her bed... ^_~
    All 3 endings are achievable through any mode.
    Secret - Once you have over 30 lives, your life count will become infinite. 
    	   Useful, no?
    Red Chest Locations:
    1-1 Ma no Mori (Forest of Evil)
    1) Jump left right at the beginning
    2) On the first grave
    3) Kill the eye-tree (above the boiling cauldron)
    4) Between 2 graves in the middle of the forest
    5) In the hollow cave under a cliff (walk left into it), 
       on the right is a grabbing hand
    6) In front of the red witch
    1-2 Chi no Sukutsu (Nest of Blood)
    1) The blood pool right at the beginning
    2) The platform after the first blood pool
    3) The platform after the giant snake's corpse
    4) After you climb the ladder, move right one step and jump twice
    5) Above the platform between the spiders
    6) Where the ring is, on the left of the blood pit
    2-1 Arashi no Shiro (Castle of Storms)
    1) To the left of the first platform in the air
    2) Activate the switch on the right, jump to the rock platform to the left of 
       the first giant rock, then to the platform on the right
    3) To the right of a platform in the middle
    4) After jumping down from the first moving platform
    5) The first platform after the gargoyle weights 
    6) Below the last gargoyle weight's platform
    2-2 Shi no Kojiro (Old Castle of Death)
    1) After riding the first cloud to the end, jump LEFT to the cloud 
       that moves up and down
    2) Ride the second cloud to the top (very, very high), on the right 
       is the giant face that smokes at you
    3) In the falling-staircase room, below the Dragon Shield
    4) The first moving rock in the latter part of the gold straw room 
       (jump to the right after the rock accelerates)
    5) The lower-left side in the centre of the gold straw room
    6) The roof of the gold straw room (the path to the yellow witch)
    3-1 Fuhai no Shou (Swamp of Corruption)
    1) After killing the eye-tree
    2) On top of the third blue pump
    3) The roof, where you kill the gold dragons for Hiryu no Tate (Dragon Shields)
    4) The second swamp, where the exploding vomit (XD) appears
    5) Second swamp, when the last platform moves down (ring)
    6) Forgot ^_^;
    3-2 Chitei no Shikai (Undergound Sea of Death)
    1) The first chomping rocks
    2) At the top of the hole before the spikes to blue witch's room
    3) The top of the first room with hands
    4) First room with huge bubbles (top, beginning)
    5) Same, in the middle of the tadpole bubbles (jump)
    6) The second room with huge bubbles. After the first huge bubble shrinks, 
       jump to the top.
    4 Shakunetsu no Mayama (Devil Mountain of Burning)
    1) The middle of the first cliff
    2) To the right of the cauldron in the air
    3) Inside the volcano, at the bottom, where there are two platforms 
       that go up and down
    4) Inside the volcano, where the two platforms that push up are
    5) When the giant platform is rising, there's an entire row of rocks. 
       Break the second one from the left.
    6) In the upper part of the inside of the volcano, to the lower-left 
       hand side of the cauldron
    5 Ankoku no Daimakou (Dark Castle of Devils)
    1) Middle of the left, after killing the first boss
    2) The top, after killing the second boss
    3) Lowerleft of the room with all the blue blocks
    4) Upper-right-ish of the room, after killing the third boss
    5) Lower left of the room, after killing the fourth boss
    6) VS the two gargoyles, near the door 
      (get this before killing them if going for 3rd ending)
    Blue Chests
    1) Above the 1-1 Key (Flame Magic)
    2) The leaves above the lava
    3) Lower left of the entrance to the red witch 
       (have to drop down)
    1) First platform that moves up and down
    2) To the left of the Key
    3) The grave where the man eater plant is
    1) To the left of the first fire worm
    2) The cave under the second fire worm
    3) The grave in the air that contains a shield
    4) The rocks beside the stairs going up to the tower 
       (Invincibility Magic)
    5) After unsealing, the left side of the room
    1) After riding the first cloud for some time (>_>")
    2) Beside the red POW in the gold straw room
    3) Where the ring is, in the crumbling stairs room 
       (Time Magic)
    1) The first grave
    2) Above the green slime, after unsealing the entrance with Rock Magic 
       (Treasure Magic)
    3) After entering the sealed room
    4) First platform of the first swamp room, near the exploding vomit.
    1) The second chomping rock
    2) Second grabbing hand room, on the floor
    3) The right hand side of the long alley of small bubbles 
      (as far up and right as you can move) (Seal Magic)
    4) The top of the second grabbing hand room
    1) The platform on the furthest left in the beginning
    2) Beside the ring inside the volcano (Tornado Magic)
    3) The left side, when the giant platform moves up
    4) The grave on the platform in the upper part of the 
       inside of the volcano
    1) The middle of the first room
    2) The fourth floor of the second room (Octopus Eye)
    3) After killing the snake, the fourth room on the right
    4) In the room with lots of blocks (to the right) (Rock Magic)
    Rings (Missing one. I got it, but forgot to write it down >_>)
    1) Above the last platform above the lava
    2) Third grave from the beginning
    3) First height in the forest (need Shield or Fallen Angel Armor)
    4) Kill the Red Arrimar that appears from the second grave 
       where you kill the mini-boss
    1) To the right, where the blood waves come from
    2) The grave above the man eating plant
    3) Kill the minotaur after unsealing
    4) (Second time back) Spider nest on the top left
    5) The left side of the blood pit near the end
    1) Where the second fissure in the ground occurs
    2) Kill the two cyclops in the Key room
    3) The second giant cave (Need Fallen Angel Armor)
    4) The top of the Jishiki no Tou (Tower of Knowledge), 
       after unsealing
    1) First cloud, behind the blue POW
    2) Below the Dragon Shield
    3) In the middle, where the stairs are missing
    4) Gold straw room, in the middle fire where the platform 
       revolves around the fires (need Hadou no Mahou [Hadoken])
    5) Killing the boss the second time
    1) The very top at the beginning 
      (Need Dragon Shield or Fallen Angel Armor)
    2) The grave blocking the route to the Treasure Magic
    3) After entering the sealed room
    4) After the last platform moves down in the second swamp
    5) Kill the Red Arrimar
    1) Before the blue witch's room
    2) Kill the flame dragon
    3) The second grabbing hand room, first moving grave
    4) After entering the sealed room
    1) To the right of the first cauldron (chest)
    2) The grave above the second fire pillar
    3) Inside the volcano, upper section, the rightmost grave
    4) When on the giant moving platform, to the left, 
       after the row of rocks
    The last hidden chest
    Weapons (Normal Rank: S, A-F)(Upgraded Rank: S, A-F)
    Jousting Spear 		(F)(C)
    Spiral Spear 		(E)(B)
    Knives (ZA WARULDO!!)	(C)WRYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! I mean, (A)		
    Crossbow 			(D)(A)
    Flame Crossbow 		(D)(B)
    Electric Crossbow 	(D)(B) 
    Whip 				(C)(A)
    Electric Whip		(C)(A)
    Scythe			(D)(A)
    Bombs				(E)(D)
    Holy Water			(D)(B)
    Homing Anchor 		(B)(S)
    Broken Shield
    Knight's Shield
    King's Shield
    Majin Shield
    Dragon Shield 	(Flying)
    Ultimate Shield	(Absorb attacks into MP)
    Magic (Power)(MP Usage)(Rank)(Remarks)
    Explosion Magic 	(2)(4)(B)
    Flame Magic 	(1)(4)(D)
    Shield Magic	(-)(4)(C)
    Invincibility	(-)(-)(B)
    Tornado Magic	(1)(2)(A)(Unlimited Flight)
    Rock Magic		(-)(3)(S)(Absolutely vital)
    POW Magic		(-)(10)(S)(Kickass!)
    Sealing Magic	(-)(8)(-)
    Treasure Magic	(-)(-)(-)
    Hadoken		(4)(4)(S)(HADOKEN!)
    Permanent Accessories
    Hanema no Kutsu (Jumping Boots) - 
    	Can be upgraded by killing the 1-1 boss again, allows you to jump twice
    Datenshi no Hane (Feather of the Fallen Angel) - 
    	3-1 boss, allows you to use Fallen Angel Armor
    Kishi no Tamashii (Knight's Soul) - 
    	No matter where you are, you receive this as soon as you hit 2 million points, 
    	decrease damage by half 
    	Addendum: Receive this on Normal @ 5 million points
    Junba no Tamashii (Steed's Soul) - 
    	You will receive this after the first time you clear the game, 
    	increase speed by 20%
    Maryoku no Kouren (Necklace of Magic) - 
    	Receive this by trading with the witches, can be upgraded at 4 million points, 
    	cuts magic consumption to half, then be able to cast L3 magic w/ any armor 
    Temporary Items
    Youki no Ba (Leaf of the Devil Tree) - 
    	1-2, above the moving platform
    Shokuninha no Ba (Leaf of the Man Eating Plant) - 
    	2-2, below the third moving platform
    Jyukkusa no Ba (Leaf of the Cursed Grass) - 
    	3-2, second grave of the dragon room
    Ousen Kachi (Frog Blood) - 
    	1-1, in front of the red witch
    Furou Chouchi (Unaging Bird Blood) - 
    	2-1, Far right side of the second cave, need Fallen Angel Armor
    Ougon Youchi (Golden Goat Blood) - 
    	4, Far right side of the cave filled with weapons (have fun getting this one)
    Hyakunen Hebi no Datsugaku (Shedding of the Hundred Year Snake) - 
    	3-1, top of the swamp
    Ikkakugyuu no Hone (Bone of the Single-Horned Bull) - 
    	4, visible once you enter the volcano
    Hatsumezakana no Me (Eye of the Eight-Eyed Fish) - 
    	5, second room, 4th floor (there should be eight of these XD)
    After you give all 3 witches their items, you will have to fight them. 
    If you win, you get the ultimate shield and Hadou no Mahou (Hadoken). 
    1-1 Somewhere near the top XD
    1-2 Above the spiders
    2-1 The left side of the tower
    2-2 Second staircase (wait for it to fall)
    3-1 The second swamp, below the second moving platform
    3-2 The second grabbing hand room
    4 Under the falling bridge
    And... that's it. Wow, I wrote this in less than 4 hours, go me XD
    Legal and Disclaimer -
    The author has no affilates or relations with any organisations who made 
    the game, and should not be treated as one who has participated in the 
    making of Goku Makai Mura. The FAQ cannot be used for any kind of 
    commercial purposes or advertisement. It cannot be used in magazines, 
    guides, books, etc. or in any other form of printed or electronic media 
    (including mediums not specifically mentioned) in ANY way, shape, or 
    form (including reprinting, reference or inclusion), without the express 
    written permission of the author, myself.
    This FAQ is created and owned by me, ZeroHiei. All copyrights and trademarks 
    that are not specifically mentioned in this FAQ are acknowledged and respected. 
    Credits -
    Me, me, me.

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