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    FAQ/Walkthrough by _tim_mmn_

    Version: 0.3 | Updated: 03/27/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Written by Tim, Jaxel & Iriasu
    Guide last updated on 03/26/06
    :: timb0882@gmail.com
    :: http://megaman.retrofaction.com
    :: http://www.rockmanpm.com
    Welcome to Mega Man Network's official walkthrough/guide for MEGA MAN POWERED 
    UP, the first installment in what may become a series of remakes for the
    games of the Classic series. Use the index below as a reference guide or your 
    browser's Find command to navigate the sections, and be sure to check out 
    http://megaman.retrofaction.com/mmc/guides/ to find guides for all of the other
    games in the Mega Man Classic series.
    LATEST UPDATES (will be deleted when guide is complete)
    Version 0.3 (03/26/06): Wrote boss strategies for the 4 Wily Bosses, finished up
                            Sections 5 and 6, wrote stage guide for Town Level, and
                            added more to the Challenge Mode section.
    Version 0.2 (03/25/06): Wrote Rec. Order section, Playable Characters, and
                            added information on all of the bosses as well as the
                            100 Challenges walkthrough originally written by Iriasu
                            of RPM. Submitted to GameFAQs.
    Version 0.1 (03/21/06): Began skeleton guide structure, modified Contents, and
                            began writing basic information, including a few stage
    //  SECTION INDEX //
     1. Introductory Notes
     2. Gameplay Modes
     3. Playable Characters
     4. Recommended Stage Order
     5. Power-Up Uses & Locations 
     6. Master Weapons
     7. Town Stage
     8. Cut Man's Stage
     9. Bomb Man's Stage
    10. Ice Man's Stage
    11. Fire Man's Stage
    12. Oil Man's Stage
    13. Elec Man's Stage
    14. Time Man's Stage
    15. Guts Man's Stage
    16. Castle Wily, Stage 1
    17. Castle Wily, Stage 2
    18. Castle Wily, Stage 3
    19. Castle Wily, Stage 4
    20. Challenge Mode
    21. Construction Mode
    22. Secrets & Tips
    23. Credits
    24. Legal Info
    Mega Man Powered Up is a remake (and a very entertaining one at that) of the
    original Mega Man game for the NES, which was released back in 1987. Right off
    the bat, I'll note that even though there are two primary modes (New Style and
    Old Style), this guide will be covering the New Style stages, since Old Style is
    merely a graphically-updated version of the original title. Because New Style is
    so different (every stage, though similar, has been extensively revised), this
    is not to be used for any help getting through the original title. Revised
    weakness patterns, new enemies, and much more all add to the totally new exper-
    ience that this game offers.
    The general structure of the stage walkthroughs will assume you're playing as
    Mega Man, and appropriate notations will be made along the way if any sections
    require the use of Mega Man S(lide) or C(harge). Within each stage, there are
    areas that only specific Robot Masters can access, so these will be bracketed
    off within the stage guide with the proper info and instructions for accessing
    and getting through the alternate path. Any items such as extra lives or Con-
    struction Mode Packs found in stages that require alternate characters will also
    be explained in detail. Boss strategies will be equally in-depth, as the methods
    for tackling them differ for each of the 13 (yes, thirteen) playable characters,
    and each boss adds new moves depending on the mode you choose to face them in.
    So with all that out of the way, continue reading for all of the detailed info
    on how to make it through this Powered Up version of Mega Man.
    Mega Man Powered Up has two basic modes of gameplay: New Style and Old Style.
    The New Style is the fully-revamped game, with the new bosses, new playing per-
    spective, and redesigned stages, while Old Style is more or less a remade port
    of the original Mega Man. Read below for information on the two modes, as well
    as a brief infobit about some of the replay value of this game.
      New Style is the main mode, and contains all of the story segments of the
      game. In New Style, you begin as Rock and go through Wily's rampage and defeat
      the eight Robot Masters he has stolen from Light in order to bring down the
      mad scientist. New Style has a close-in perspective more conducive to the
      new graphical style of the game, and is where the bulk of the gameplay takes
      place. There are a total of 468 objectives to complete here, which consist of
      completing every stage on every difficulty as every playable character. Unlike
      Maverick Hunter X, here you can choose your difficulty for each stage before
      you begin, which is a nice feature.
        - EASY MODE: This is Mega Man for newbies, or people who want to warm up to
          the game first. In Easy Mode, enemies are weaker, there are plenty of
          little [+] blocks scattered about to help as footholds, and Retry Flags
          are just about every third room. Robot Masters in this mode are very sim-
          ple, and never pull out their more advanced moves. Boss patterns in Wily's
          Castle are very easy, and the game ends after you defeat Wily's first 
          form. Additionally, you cannot find any Construction Packs in this mode, 
          similar to how Rare Metals did not appear in Easy Mode in Mega Man X8.
        - NORMAL MODE: Normal Mode is, well, the game's normal method of playing.
          Enemies are their normal strength, Construction Packs appear in their
          normal locations, and the bosses are a bit harder than Easy Mode. There
          are generally two to three Retry Flags per stage, and the stages in of
          themselves are slightly different. Every boss has new attacks that they'll
          use, and the boss patterns in Wily's Castle completely change. In this 
          mode, you will fight Wily's second form as well in order to beat the game.
        - HARD MODE: Hard Mode is quite an upgrade. Enemies all move at far faster
          speeds (for instance, Gabyoals never slow down), all enemies are tougher
          to kill, and certain aspects of the stages are harder. Retry Flags are
          almost nonexistent, and bosses are barely stunned by the weapons they are
          weak to. The bosses in Wily's Castle receive notable difficulty upgrades,
          and Wily himself tends to pull out his most lethal moves. As with Normal
          Mode, you will need to beat Wily 2 in order to clear the game.
      Old Style is the somewhat-more traditional mode for the purists. Here the per-
      spective of the game is pulled way back to simulate the screen ratio of the
      NES stages, and all of the stages are as close as possible to their original
      versions without resorting to straight 8-bit graphics. As a homage to the 
      original game, the NES tunes play in this mode, and to be perfectly honest,
      this game seems even more difficult than the original 8-bit game, and there's
      no Pause trick to help you past things like the Yellow Devil. *evil grin*
      Each Robot Master can be used as a playable character provided you obtain
      them as one first. Defeat them using the Mega Buster, and they will merely be
      damaged instead of being destroyed. On the Stage Select screen, press R to
      go to the Character Select Screen. Once you have obtained a new character, you
      can switch to them here. You can also access Roll here if you have downloaded
      her from MMWeb, and Proto Man if you have completed the Challenge Mode (see
      Section 20 for specifics).
    Mega Man Powered Up certainly doesn't cheat the player when it comes to sheer
    variety. The game has, technically, 11 playable characters, but the total really
    comes out to 14 once you factor in Mega Man's three additional forms (Mega Man
    S, Mega Man C, and Rock). Each character's abilities are different from the
    others, most have special powers, and only Mega Man can make use of the Weapon
    Copy system. Below you'll find a short rundown on all of the characters, any
    bonuses they have, and other special information.
      01. PROTO MAN (DLN 000)
      He's FINALLY playable! And unfortunately, you'll endure a lot of pain if you
      want to unlock him. Because of the difficult requirements, Proto Man is just
      about the most powerful character in the game. He comes equipped with the 
      Proto Strike, which is like an always-charged Buster, and he can use his Proto
      Shield to defend against some attacks (being struck while defending will cause
      Proto Man to drop the shield, so be sure to retrieve it). He can also run a 
      bit faster than all others, and he jumps twice as high and twice as far as 
      other characters. His only weakness lies with his unstable nuclear reactor, 
      which causes him to take twice as much damage as other characters. You can 
      unlock Proto Man once you complete all 100 Challenges in the game's Challenge 
      Mode (see Section 20 for detailed information).
      02. MEGA MAN (DLN 001)
      Typical old Mega Man. He runs, he jumps, he shoots, and well, now he talks.
      Mega Man has the Weapon Copy system that allows him to use the weapon chip of
      a defeated Robot Master and adapt it for use with his own Mega Buster. This
      basic form can't charge up or slide (this power is granted by completing the
      requirements listed below), and is the Mega Man you will be using for your
      first playthrough. Read below for information on Mega Man's alternate forms.
        > 02A. MEGA MAN S
        Mega Man S is the first variation on Mega Man, and is made available to you
        if you complete every stage in Easy Mode and then defeat Wily 2. With this
        character, your only new move is the ability to slide by pressing Down + 
        Jump. This allows you to access a few new areas in stages that might contain
        items, and a few Construction Packs require the slide. It's nice, but Mega 
        Man C is a better reward.
        > 02B. MEGA MAN C
        Mega Man C is another special variation on Mega Man, and is made available 
        to you by completing every stage in Normal Mode, then beating Wily 2. Mega 
        Man C gets the ability to slide AND use Charge Shots with his Mega Buster, 
        making him far more versatile than any of the other characters. Mega Man C 
        is surpassed only by Proto Man in terms of ability, but it's really fun 
        getting to beat down your foes with upgraded attack power, and as a side 
        bonus, charged shots go through walls!
        > 02C. ROCK
        (The game calls him Mega, but I outright refuse to call him that when canon
        has established his name otherwise.) Rock is one of the harder characters to
        work with, since his only ability is the Rock Kick. He doesn't get any 
        weapons or anything, making him tougher to use than Roll or even Guts Man. 
        Rock also takes more damage than Mega Man would, due to the lack of armor. 
        Overall, however, Rock is quite fun to play as. You unlock this special 
        character by completing every stage in Hard Mode, then beating Wily 2.
      03. ROLL (DLN 002)
      Roll is a special character accessible only if you have an internet connection
      that can use the PSP's WLAN capabilities to wirelessly connect to Capcom's
      MMWeb server for uploading/downloading custom levels and such. To get her, you
      need to connect, then go to DOWNLOAD, and SPECIAL, and select the option,
      "Roll Refuses to Lose!". Roll plays, for lack of a better description, like
      Zero from the Mega Man X and Zero games; she uses a broom with impressive
      attack power and wields it like a sword. With it she can perform a two-strike
      combo attack, although you need to connect with the actual end of the broom
      to inflict damage. As part of special Capcom bonuses from the MMWeb, there are
      special costumes for Roll that can be accessed each month as unlockable con-
      tent by downloading activation triggers from MMWeb. These costumes have been
      made available by a save file floating around, and even though Capcom has not
      approved the distribution, they have given us (MMN) permission to talk about
      the costumes, so below is a listing of all twelve additional costumes.
        > 03A. MEGA MAN 8 ROLL (MARCH 2006 COSTUME)
        With this Roll costume, you can play as Roll in her cute Mega Man 8-style
        outfit. Her broom is the same, so this is merely a costume change.
        > 03B. SPORTS ROLL (APRIL 2006 COSTUME)
        > 03C. KNIGHT ROLL (MAY 2006 COSTUME)
        > 03D. RAINY DAY ROLL (JUNE 2006 COSTUME)
          Kero, eh? Rainy Day Roll is a costume change that features Roll in a very
          ToadMan.EXE-esque raincoat, and she uses an umbrella in place of her norm-
          al broom.
        > 03E. STRAW ROLL (JULY 2006 COSTUME)
          (Why this might be September's is beyond me...)
          We joked with our staffer Mav and his fetish for catgirls with this cos-
          tume - Roll shows up dressed in a kitty cat outfit, an...
          Roll shows up here dressed as San..err... Ms. Clause, and attacks with an
          overly-cute candy cane. Must get hot in Oil Man's stage...
        > 03K. NINJA ROLL (JANUARY 2007 COSTUME)
          Ninjas are cool by default, so that makes this version of Roll far more
          awesome than the others. She attacks with a katana blade in this costume,
          but that's about it.
          Aww, cute. Roll appears dressed in a brown outfit that more than gives 
          away her "secret crush", and attacks with what I presume to be a giant
          chocolate heart.
      04. CUT MAN (DLN 003)
      Everyone's favorite scissors-throwing robot is back and cuter than ever. He
      can only use the Rolling Cutter, and aiming is somewhat of a problem with
      him. Cut Man's special ability is wall-jumping: Jump against a wall, then
      press the opposite directional button and hit jump again. Most people liken
      this to the X series, but I prefer to compare it more to wall-jumping like
      Samus does in the sidescrolling Metroid games (Super, ZM, Fusion). As long as
      there is enough wall, there is no limit to how many times you can wall-jump.
      05. GUTS MAN (DLN 004)
      Next to Rock, Guts Man is probably the most difficult Robot Master to play as,
      simply because his only real ability is creating Guts Blocks and using them
      as projectiles or platforms. His delay in creating and actually throwing is
      horrendous, but if you can get the timing down, he's a powerful character. He
      can also break through the compacted dirt you'll find in some sections by
      headbutting it or stomping on it, an ability useful for getting some of the
      Construction Packs. I recommend using Guts Man's challenges as a means of
      familiarizing yourself with how to effectively use him.
      06. ICE MAN (DLN 005)
      Ice Man may be mentally conflicted (he orders himself around like a deranged
      military general), but his Ice Slasher is capable of freezing any foe in its
      tracks, and once frozen, Ice Man can use that foe as a platform of sorts 
      temporarily, making this almost like another Samus clone (the Ice Beam, any-
      one?). Ice Man has the added benefit of traction control, which keeps him from
      slipping and sliding on icy surfaces.
      07. BOMB MAN (DLN 006)
      Our resident explosives expert is actually more versatile than I initially
      expected. He throws Hyper Bombs, but the arcs can be controlled by pressing
      the directional buttons (for instance, pressing Down + Attack lays one at your
      feet, while Left/Right + Attack hurls one further than normal). Bomb Man has a
      slight problem with aiming, but it's not as much of a handicap as it seems to
      be with Cut Man. The biggest problem is just the delay in the detonation - the
      bombs only go off immediately if you directly hit an enemy.
      08. FIRE MAN (DLN 007)
      Two words: Pyromaniac Southerner. Fire Man's voice is quite amusing to listen
      to, and he's a well-rounded character to boot. His Fire Storm weapon creates
      blasts of fire that travel forward while surrounding him briefly with fire-
      balls, but this ability is dampened if Fireman comes into contact with water.
      For this single reason, fighting the CWU-01P boss is a major pain as all you
      can use is the watered-down (literally) orbiting fireballs as your weapon.
      Fire Man can fire rapidly, and he doesn't suffer from the delay in being able
      to move after attacking that some Masters do, like Cut Man. Playing as him is
      fun just to hear him shriek "Justice wins!" after winning a fight.
      09. ELEC MAN (DLN 008)
      He's a cocky one, no doubt about that. Playability isn't much of an issue with
      this character, as he's basically Mega Man with the Thunder Beam always on.
      His special power is that he can shoot charges into special blocks and get 
      them to move, and his Thunder Beam is the same as when you fight him and gain
      his weapon, in that it's a tri-directional weapon. Other than that, Elec Man
      doesn't have anything terribly special.
      10. TIME MAN (DLN 009)
      This new Robot Master is actually an interesting experiment. He's a prototype
      of Flash Man, and unlike other Robot Masters, he actually has two abilities:
      his Clock Hand and Time Slow moves. Clock Hand is a projectile attack that 
      shoots clock hands in diagonal directions (think Twin Slasher from Mega Man X4
      as a reference), and he activates the Time Slow by charging up for a few
      seconds and then releasing. As the name implies, this slows down the passage
      of time, allowing him to get through some areas normally inaccessable. The
      problem is that like Oil Man, this stuff is more gimmick than anything else,
      and on the whole, he comes off as an attempt just to raise the count to eight.
      11. OIL MAN (DLN 010)
      I'm not sure what the creative thought process was behind this Robot Master
      other than a simplistic boss to add to the mix in order to raise the count to
      eight. Oil Man is essentially Mega Man with only the Oil Slider as an ability,
      but playing as him is more of a pain than it needs to be, in my opinion. His
      weapon is more gimmicky than useful, and he has such poor range that the only
      real method of attacking is just to ride the Slider everywhere. He does, how-
      ever, have the benefit of not slipping on the oil slicks.
    When playing as Mega Man, there is a stage order loop that follows the classic
    "rock-paper-scissors" structure that is the hallmark of almost every Mega Man
    game. The order has been revised a bit from the original game, mostly to take
    into account the two new Robot Masters. Old Style, however, retains the original
    boss weaknesses because Time Man and Oil Man aren't present in the game. If
    you play as a Robot Master, Roll, or Proto Man, you don't get the benefit of the
    Weapon Copy system, so it's up to you to defeat your foes using your default
    weapons. Below is the recommended order for both New Style and Old Style.
        BOSS NAME		   USE		     	 	  WEAPON ACQUIRED
        =========		   ===		   	 	  ===============
        Cut Man -------------- Mega Buster/Super Arm* -------- Rolling Cutter
        Bomb Man ------------- Rolling Cutter ---------------- Hyper Bomb
        Ice Man -------------- Hyper Bomb -------------------- Ice Slasher
        Fire Man ------------- Ice Slasher ------------------- Fire Storm
        Oil Man -------------- Fire Storm -------------------- Oil Slider
        Elec Man ------------- Oil Slider -------------------- Thunder Beam
        Time Man ------------- Thunder Beam ------------------ Time Slow
        Guts Man ------------- Time Slow --------------------- Super Arm
        BOSS NAME		   USE		     	 	  WEAPON ACQUIRED
        =========		   ===		   	 	  ===============
        Cut Man -------------- Mega Buster/Super Arm* ------- Rolling Cutter
        Elec Man ------------- Rolling Cutter --------------- Thunder Beam
        Ice Man -------------- Thunder Beam ----------------- Ice Slasher
        Fire Man ------------- Ice Slasher ------------------ Fire Storm
        Bomb Man ------------- Fire Storm ------------------- Hyper Bomb
        Guts Man ------------- Hyper Bomb ------------------- Super Arm
      * It should be noted that the Super Arm only works against Cut Man provided 
        that there are Guts Blocks in the room. As this is the case ONLY with the 
        initial battle (not during the boss rematches or if you're playing as Cut
        Man and fight your Clone), the Mega Buster is generally the best weapon to
    The original game didn't have many power-ups aside from pickups, and this new
    game doesn't have many either (Construction Packs notwithstanding, which are
    detailed in Section 21). Oh well, here we go.
      Magnet Beam - Creates special platforms - Found in Elec Man's stage
      Yashichi - Refills all Life/Weapon Energy - Found randomly
    * The Magnet Beam is ONLY found in Old Style Mode.
    So... yeah. That's about the shortest section in this guide, save for perhaps 
    the Legal Info.
    Mega Man, as he always has, gains weapons by defeating the bosses in the game.
    His Weapon Copy System is able to emulate a Robot Master's weapon chip and adapt
    the ability for use with Mega Man's Buster. Below is an overview of the weapons
    Mega Man will gain from this crop of Robot Masters (although six of them we're
    already familiar with).
      This is like the Boomerang Cutter from Mega Man X/Maverick Hunter X (or is it
      the other way around?) Mega Man and Cut Man will both fire boomeranging chunks
      of titanium at their foes. Do note that if a boomerang returns to you, it does
      not refill the energy lost like the B. Cutter does.
      Mega Man's rather limited when using this weapon, as he can only hurl Bombs in
      a set pattern and direction. They are a bit time-delayed, so plan for that 
      when using the weapon. As Bomb Man, you can aim the bombs in a few directions
      by using the D-Pad to alter your bomb paths.
      While Mega Man can only fire shots which encase enemies in ice for a short
      period of time, Ice Man can use them as platforms to stand on. The weapon
      functions the same for both characters, but Ice Man gets a bit more of an edge
      to play with.
      Mega Man creates a brief shield of fireballs and also launches a vertical wave
      of flame at his enemies. Fire Man's version functions exactly the same, except
      that while Mega Man can get wet and still use it after he's dry, Fire Man has
      to find some type of fire source in order to get those home fires burning 
      This is about the oddest weapon I've ever seen. Basically it's a skateboard of
      oil. Mega Man can fire it off at enemies, but it does such pathetic damage 
      that it's useless. Drop a glob of oil and ride on it for best results, but I
      say this with hesitation, as "best results" often gets you hit or killed. Oil
      Man uses this the same way as Mega Man, so there's no differences.  
      The Thunder Beam is mostly intact, although it's a prettier animation. It goes
      in three directions - forward, up, and down, and can shock enemies. Mega Man
      and Elec Man's versions are identical, although Elec Man is the only one who
      can power up Elec Blocks with it. The weapon is very powerful, and is limited
      only by the small number of times it can be used.
      As Mega Man, the Time Slow is only used to slow down time. You only have 2
      uses of the weapon, but it slows the passage of time down for around 10 sec-
      onds, giving you enough time to do what you need. As Time Man, your default
      weapon is the Clock Hand, and you must charge up to use the Time Slow.
      This hefty weapon works only if there are Guts Blocks lying around. When you
      get next to one with this equipped, it will glow, and pressing Attack will let
      Mega Man lift blocks up and throw them. Guts Man can simply create blocks by
      pressing Attack, and pick them up that way. If a block is below you, press
      Down + Attack to pick it up.
    == 7. TOWN STAGE:
    This is a warm-up stage to get you familiar with your chosen character. Depend-
    ing on who you brought in, you'll get a different intro narration, and Wily will
    say something different each time. After Roll prompts you to go to the lab, you
    should start off heading right. There are only two enemies in this entire
    section, so avoid the two Gabyoals and head up the ladder to reach the lab of
    Dr. Thomas Light. Head through the door for another story segment where you're
    converted into a fighting robot, and afterwards, you'll move onto the meat of
    the level. The only enemies in this part are Octopus Batteries and Beaks, so
    it shouldn't be much of a problem for you at all. Just make your way past the
    gauntlet of them and you'll soon reach a Retry Flag that leads to the boss
    battle for this stage.
      This boss doesn't have nearly the armor that its smaller cousins do. In fact,
      any point on its body is vulnerable. Just pepper it with the weapon you have
      available (if using Guts Man, create blocks and chuck them, everyone else can
      use their projectiles), and run underneath it when it jumps. On Easy Mode, it
      will simply jump, whereas on Normal Mode and Hard Mode, it'll add laser blasts
      and cannon shots to its arsenal. Either way, this boss isn't hard to bring
      down at all.
    Once the Proto Eye is down, you'll return to Dr. Light's lab where you can 
    start making the rounds of the Robot Master domains.
    == 8. CUT MAN'S STAGE:
    == 9. BOMB MAN'S STAGE:
    == 10. ICE MAN'S STAGE:
    == 11. FIRE MAN'S STAGE:
    == 12. OIL MAN'S STAGE:
      If you have Elec Man, you can use his Thunder Beam here to repeatedly energize
      a Thunder Block to move it out of the way. Head into the new passage and use
      the same technique to move a block so you can reach the ladder going up. Stand
      atop the next Thunder Block and jump while firing the Thunder Beam to energize
      this one, and you can ride it across the gap to pick up a SCENERY PACK to use
      in the Construction Mode. Grab it and ride the platform back across so you can
      grab the ladder going up, and repeat this process by firing a Thunder Beam at
      the next block and dropping into it as it passes underneath you to reach the
      ladder on the left. More blocks await in the next area, so clear a path by
      firing Beams at them, and work your way up. Do the same in the next area, and
      ride the block back across to grab another SCENERY PACK. Leap off and grab the
      next ladder going up, and use the Thunder Beam here to clear the two blocks 
      out of your way at the top so you can reach the next ladder. There's an extra 
      life that awaits you here, so grab it and use the Thunder Beam one last time 
      to move a block that will place you back on the main path of the stage.
    (This part is where Elec Man's alternate path reconnects with the main path).
    Move along across the bridge and you'll find some compacted dirt. Use Guts Man 
    to stomp on the ground here to pick up an ENEMY PACK, then use some Guts Blocks 
    to create a path out. Work your way up the ladders while avoiding the oil slicks
    and fire-based enemies, then climb up the last ladder to reach the final path to
    the boss gate. Deal with yet another Big Eye guarding the path (if you are using
    Guts Man, try having fun by trapping the Big Eye inside a cage of Guts Blocks),
    and you'll be free to take on Oil Man.
      Oil Man is a very straightforward boss for every character except Guts Man.
      He has a repetitive pattern that really only forces you to dodge his Oil Slick
      and Slider moves, and more often than not, he'll jump over you if you run 
      towards each other. In Easy Mode, he'll only shoot one blob of oil, and almost
      never use the Oil Slider, but in Normal and Hard, he's more prone to firing
      around three. As Mega Man or Fire Man, pull out the Fire Storm to toast him, 
      but if playing as Guts Man, you can have a bit more fun. Here's a very cheap 
      method you can use to defeat him with ease: start off by creating 4 Guts
      Blocks in the room - two right next to each other near one side, and two on 
      the other side, with only enough room for you to stand in between them (think
      Guts Man's challenge with the Big Eye). Oil Man will be forced to leap across 
      the room, and from your safe spot, you won't be touched by his oil attacks. 
      When he jumps up into the air, hop up on one of the blocks, create another, 
      pick it up, and hurl it at him, then retreat to your safe zone. Do this and 
      you probably won't even sustain a single hit. Overall, though, Oil Man isn't
      that difficult to defeat; some Robot Masters will just need to aim a bit 
      better (such as Cut Man), and Elec Man needs to avoid the oil at all costs as
      it inflicts double damage on you.
    == 13. ELEC MAN'S STAGE:
    This is the same vertical style as the original, for the most part. Start off by
    heading upwards (if you're playing as Cut Man, you can do some wall-jumping for
    this part). Dodge the electrical beams in the next room and take out the Metool 
    in the next. Keep climbing upwards without stopping to avoid the electric blasts
    from the hovering robots, and work your way to the top. Hop on the block that 
    appears to your right, and use it to scale the ladder on the right. Walk across 
    the next set of blocks and defeat the Metool so you don't get knocked off, then 
    climb up the next ladder. Defeat the Gabyoal in the next room and climb up the
    ladder again. The next section actually differs a bit depending on what mode 
    you're playing this stage in. In Easy Mode, the platforms ahead hover back and 
    forth, in Normal Mode they alternate a bit, and in Hard Mode they shoot at you. 
    Cross the gap using the platforms and climb the ladder on the other side. Keep 
    going up and you'll reach a slight fork. If you have Mega Man S or C, slide 
    underneath the low wall and climb up two screens to reach a SCENERY PACK. Grab 
    it and continue on your way. Ahead lies another vertical section with more elec-
    tricity-shooting robots. Make your way past them to another vanishing block 
    section. Mega Man is again the character to use through this part if you want 
    another Construction Pack - use the blocks leading in a path to the left and 
    climb up the ladder to reach a section filled with electric beam traps. Make 
    your way through this part to reach another section with more of the floating 
    platforms. At the lower right corner of this area is a Time Block - come here
    with Time Man and use the Time Slow to access a new area of the stage.
    Moving along, go up the ladder to a room with two Super Arm blocks. Use them as
    stepping stones to reach the ladder, and keep going up. You'll reach another 
    room with a Metool and a Gabyoal. Defeat them, and move on up to a room with two
    more electric traps. Get past these and you're about home free. One more ladder 
    and an encounter with a Big Eye, and you'll reach the boss gate. (On the other
    side of the boss gate here is where Time Man's alternate path reconnects with 
    the main path).
    == 14. TIME MAN'S STAGE:
    The first part of this stage is mostly a horizontal trek across some hallways
    filled with Shield Guards and other enemies. There are swinging clocks here as 
    well, so avoid them and make your way to the ladder at the end after the short 
    conveyor belt. The next level up is more of the same as you backtrack left 
    across some spike pits and deal with more enemies. Climb the ladder at the end
    and you'll see some compacted dirt above you.
      If you have Guts Man, you can use him to break through the ceiling with head-
      butt attacks, and then create Guts Blocks to get up into the ceiling. Climb 
      the ladder and use two Guts Blocks to reach the next ledge, and climb up 
      another section. Here, quickly move a Guts Block out of the way and hop across
      the compacted dirt in order to grab the SCENERY PACK sitting out in the open. 
      Without moving, start creating more Guts Blocks to reach the ladder above you.
      Your best bet is probably to fall down through the floor and work your way 
      back up so that you can lay the blocks across the dirt. Once you reach the 
      ladder, go up and start doing the same thing - setting Guts Blocks on the 
      ground - across the spike pit. Do this and climb the next ladder to reach a 
      room with more dirt and a Guts Block at the top. Grab the block and destroy 
      it to reveal an extra life, and bust through the dirt so you have access to 
      the ladder, then start creating Guts Blocks to help you reach it. Go up the 
      ladder to return to the main path of the stage.
    Moving along, head to the right past the Beaks and Count Bombs to reach a large 
    wall and a hammer at the top. Jump and shoot the hammer so it starts to move, 
    then hop up on the ledge and move right before the hammer knocks you back off. 
    Further along you'll run into another set of swinging clocks and conveyors. Time
    your jump so you don't get knocked down the pit to the floor below, and make 
    your way up the next ladder. Avoid shots from the Beaks, and shoot the hammer 
    here so that you can land on it and grab the extra life. Keep going up the 
    ladder to reach a room with a lone Shield Guard. Defeat it, and move on up to 
    the next room, where another Construction Pack awaits. You'll need Guts Man for 
    this one so he can remove the Guts Block, but once it's out of the way, pick up 
    the --- PACK and move along. Climb up the ladder to another section full of 
    swinging clocks and conveyors. Keep moving left while avoiding the hazards as
    well as the Shield Guard and other enemies, and hop across the time bomb to
    reach the ladder on the left. 
    (Guts Man's alternate path reconnects here) Climb up and head right across the
    next set of Count Bombs and deal with the next Shield Guard. The rest of this
    part involves some tricky manuevering around the swinging clocks while trying to
    avoid standing too long on the Count Bombs. After you clear this part, run 
    across the conveyor (hold the Analog Stick here for better control), and leap 
    off the edge to grab the ladder to your right, and climb up. A Sniper Joe guards
    the boss gate, so dispatch him and head on in to confront Time Man.
    == 15. GUTS MAN'S STAGE:
      Right here, use Cut Man to leap up the walls to reach the high ladder. Go up, 
      and defeat the two Batontons and destroy the Cut Block. Carefully stand on the
      edge of the spikes, and wall-jump your way up to the next ladder. Here, you 
      can defeat the horde of Batontons for pickups, or just head all the way to the
      right and wall-jump up again to reach the ENEMY PACK. Drop down and head 
      through two sections involving wall-jumping while dealing with Metools, then 
      drop down again. Here you can grab an extra life by riding the lift over the 
      broken rail, or keep heading down. Grab the extra life if you want, and the 
      ladder down will put you at the part of the stage after the next broken rail
      lift section.
    (Cut Man's alternate path reconnects here). Go down the ladder, and you'll see a
    lone Batonton on the other side along with a Construction Pack. Iceman has to 
    get this one, so wait until the Batonton is within jumping distance, and use the
    Ice Slasher to freeze it, then use it as a platform to reach the --- PACK. 
    Continue heading down and deal with the next two Metools, and drop down the next
    ladder to reach the next Retry Flag. Continue across the next platform section 
    over the spikes while dealing with the assorted enemies, and if you have Guts 
    Man with you, you can use his block-creating abilities and grab another extra 
    life. Otherwise, continue on down the ladder, ride a suprisingly non-broken lift
    (jump over the obstacle, though), and go down yet another ladder. Here at the 
    homestretch, proceed to the right and take out the Big Eye, and you'll reach the
    boss gate.
      Guts Man isn't as unpredictable as he was in his original title, and the room
      is no longer staggered, so dodging is a bit easier. Basically he just creates
      blocks, jumps around, and eventually throws them at you. If you're on the
      ground when Guts Man lands, you will be stunned and unable to move, leaving 
      you a sitting duck. The trick is to jump as he's about to land, then run in
      close to attack, and he'll throw the block where you last were. Dodge the
      Guts Block, and attack again. Halfway through the fight, he'll begin burrowing
      underground, so run back and forth until he surfaces, and try not to get 
      pinned in a corner. The Time Slow works a bit of magic on him, although as
      Mega Man you only get two uses of it. Every character except Roll can attack
      from a fairly safe distance; Roll has it harder since she has to move in very
      close to attack, and Guts Man is prone to lifting blocks out of the ground
      right as you approach, so be wary when using Roll to attack.
    == 16. CASTLE WILY, STAGE 1:
      He's back, and more fun than ever. In fact, depending on your difficulty mode,
      he has three different patterns he'll work with. Read below for some info on
      his patterns and how best to counter them.
      If playing in New Style Easy, the Yellow Devil will never even separate into
      chunks, so there's nothing you really need to worry about here. However, if
      playing in New Style Normal or Hard, his patterns differ, so pay attention to
      the listings below (Idle means stand still). Lastly, his pattern is different
      for Old Style as well. Even though this guide is meant to cover New Style, 
      the pattern is different from what was in the original Mega Man game.
       NS NORMAL: Idle/Jump/Idle/Jump/Idle/Jump/Idle/Jump/Idle 3x/Jump/Idle 2x/Jump.
       NS HARD: Idle/Jump/Idle/Jump/Idle/Jump 2x/Idle 2x/Jump 2x/Idle 4x.
       OS: Jump/Idle/Jump/Idle 2x/Jump/Idle 2x/Jump 2x/Idle 3x/Jump/Idle.
      Once you have the pattern down for the version you're facing, it's a simple
      matter of waiting him out and attacking when the eye opens. If you're close,
      the Devil will try to slap you, whereas if you're farther away, the Devil will
      fire an energy shot from its eye.
    == 17. CASTLE WILY, STAGE 2:
      (Starting Note: This battle SUCKS as Fire Man). As Mega Man or Elec Man, this
      battle is a cinch until you get to Hard Mode. Easy Mode is so straightforward
      that I won't even cover it. This bubble-making boss moves in a perimeter arc
      around the room, and will stop in the center. Use the Super Arm at first to
      toss the two blocks at the boss, then use the Thunder Beam to paralyze it, so
      you can hit it with the Mega Buster. As Fire Man, you must resort to simply
      attempting to whittle it down with the fireball shield that you can create,
      as the water will prevent you from using the Fire Storm. Any other Robot Mas-
      ter will do just as well, although Cut Man is a little tough to use since the
      delay of the returning Cutter can throw off your timing. The CWU-01P increases
      in speed as the battle progresses, and when it stops in the center, it will
      create more blocks to impede you as well as fire a laser which sweeps around
      the room. The Thunder Beam can prevent this, so Mega Man and Elec Man have
      the easiest time with this battle.
    == 18. CASTLE WILY, STAGE 3:
    This teleport room is evil, in a way (and makes me wonder why they didn't do a
    teleport room for Maverick Hunter X). There are no energy refills here, so in
    a way, it's good practice for the Survival Challenges, but it's still pretty
    unfair, in my opinion. Anyway, here's a basic text layout of the boss teleports.
    			================ _ =================
    			|		 _		   |
    			|FIRE	         _	        ICE|
    			|MAN	         _		MAN|
    			|___	         _		___|
    			|				   |
    			|TIME          _____   	       GUTS|
    			|MAN           |||||		MAN|
    			|___				___|
    			|		  		   |
    			|ELEC     _		_      BOMB|
    			|MAN      _		_	MAN|
    			|___      _		_	___|
    			|				   |
    			|CUT           _____		OIL|   
    			|MAN           |||||		MAN|
    			|				   |
      You'll face a clone of yourself in this battle. Unlike the first go-round in
      the original game, your clone doesn't have to switch weapons when you do, or
      even mimic your attacks for that matter. As Mega Man, you'll face a version
      that can slide and charge up, so be prepared for that. As any other Robot 
      Master, your attacks will do exactly 0.5 units of damage to your clone, so 
      you need to concentrate more on evasion than trading hits. Roll is a bit hard
      to work with given her short range, and Proto Man's clone is adept at guarding
      against your attacks. However, give it some time and patience, and you'll be
      able to overcome.
    == 19. CASTLE WILY, STAGE 4:
      Dr. Wily will attack you in two forms here if you're playing on Normal or
      Hard Mode. If playing on Easy, he'll flee after his first form is defeated,
      and even use a different attacking style (that is similar to his machine in
      the NES game). Wily's vulnerable point is the windshield of his machine. The
      attack patterns for the two fights are more or less the same, although he
      starts to spam the Rolling Cutter more during the second phase. The key to 
      this battle is to watch for the color of the glass atop Wily's Machine, which
      will clue you into what weapon to use. Since Wily attacks using the abilities
      of the Robot Masters, using the weapon they're weak against will stun Wily
      and force him back a bit (think back to the colors of the teleports in the
      last stage). The only attack that's overly difficult to avoid is the charging
      attack, but if you jump just as he fires, you have a better shot at winning.
      Of them all, this fight is hardest as any Robot Master since you'll only have
      one weapon at your disposal. With enough perseverance, though, you'll make it
      through and win.
    == 20. CHALLENGE MODE:
    The game's Challenge Mode is the part of the game that you go to under one of a
    few conditions:
    - You've played the Robot Masters to death.
    - You're bored with Construction Mode.
    - You want to experience a new definition of frustration while somehow managing
      to have fun.
    For the most part, Challenge Mode revolves around the third option listed. It's
    the part of the game where even the most experienced Mega Man gamer can test 
    their skills on a total of 100 different missions involving Mega Man and the
    eight Robot Masters. Successfully completing all 100 gains you Protoman as a
    playable character (and coming from someone who has done the rigorous require-
    ments for this, it's one heck of a bonus). 
    To unlock a set of missions, you first have to have that character playable. As
    mentioned above, defeating the Robot Masters with only the Buster (no charged
    shots) damages the boss instead of destroying them, and Light will repair the
    boss and you can play as that character. 90 of the missions involve Mega Man and
    the eight Masters, and the last 10 consist of survival missions against the 
    bosses in the game (think Battle Network's License/Endurance battles). The Boss
    Survival challenges aren't made available until you've completed New Style at
    least once, however.
    Missions are varied across a wide spectrum of tasks. Each one has a specific
    goal, and you have usually a set means of accomplishing the task, which is made
    plainly obvious to you. However, the challenges all have specific elements to 
    them which may make your day a bit less bright. They include:
      This regulates your starting HP (hit points). A great deal of the challenges 
      give you only 1HP, so you'd better bone up on not getting hit.
      > TIME LIMIT
      Many missions have a set time limit that you need to complete the objective(s)
      in. If you fail, your character explodes. Whee!
      Other missions require that you collect a Retry Flag or certain number of 
      items, such as Score Balls. The vast majority of these have unlimited time, 
      although there are those annoying ones that give you a time limit.
      > BODY COUNT
      This revolves around destroying a set number of enemies or Party Balls usually
      by any means necessary (Buster or Master Weapons). Some of these are also 
      timed, which makes things even more fun.
    You can restart any Challenge you're in by hitting the Select button, but be
    warned - you're allowed to pause, and Select is notoriously close to Start...
    Now with the explanation out of the way, read below for detailed information,
    written by Iriasu of Rockman Perfect Memories, for details on how to complete
    each challenge. You can also access an HTML version of this Challenge database
    at http://www.rockmanpm.com/?p=game/original/rockmanrockman/challenge .
                                  MEGA MAN'S CHALLENGES
      MISSION 01: JUMP FOR JOY! | GOAL: Get the Retry Flag!
      You need to jump from one platform to another to reach the flag at the very
      end of the course. Keep running and you'll gain enough speed to jump to each 
      platform. It's wise to always run fast and jump from the very far edge of a 
      platform. If you keep doing this, you won't fail at all.
      MISSION 02: JUMP FOR JOY 2! | GOAL: Get the Retry Flag!
      This is another jump test, but filled with spikes. This course forces you to 
      make very high jumps to survive all the spike mayhem that shows up near the 
      end of the course. When you see two spikes that are diagonally aimed in a 
      north-east direction, pay attention to the platform precisely under them. You 
      need to run and the very, very end of your current platform position, jump 
      over the spikes and make sure you land on the platform under the spikes. With 
      enough patience and precision, you'll make it. 
      MISSION 03: FLEE FROM FLEAS! | GOAL: Get the Retry Flag!
      LIFE: 1 | NOTES: Attacks Forbidden
      This place is completely filled with Fleas trying to jump towards and damage 
      you. On top of things, you can only afford to get hit once, or else you're 
      dead. Wherever you're standing, they'll keep following you. When you begin the
      mission, a good tip is to always run to the right and not stopping at all. If 
      you do things right, you'll be able to run past over 50% of all the Fleas, 
      since they'll jump over you instead. Close to the end, you need to be extra 
      careful with how you're gonna avoid them though, since there's no straight-
      road anymore, but some small platforms in different heights that may make your
      life a bit miserable. 
      MISSION 04: SNIPE HUNT | GOAL: Take out Sniper Joe!
      LIFE: 1
      You versus a Sniper Joe, with only one health. Both of you each stand on a 
      long pole and it's up to you to deal some quick shots on him and jump over his
      bullets, or else it's over. Just stand where you are and wait until he's 
      vulnerable (puts his shield down) and give him everything you got. He'll come 
      down easily. Infact, it can be done in only 2 seconds if you button-mash with 
      your Mega Buster quickly. 
      MISSION 05: BOMB WALKER | GOAL: Get the Retry Flag!
      LIFE: 1
      This is another spike-filled course, but your only platform assistance is a 
      gang of Time Bombs. Yup, that's right, the same Time Bombs from Mega Man 8 
      that can walk in a set direction. Basically, all you need to do is step on one
      Time Bomb, let it take you a bit to the right and then jump to the next Time 
      Bomb before the bomb you were standing on blows up. Also, while you do that, 
      there will be some white blocks in the way. Make sure you shoot all of them as
      early as possible, unless you wanna get stuck and blown to pieces. Hit the 
      flag and you win! 
      MISSION 06: SPECIAL WEAPON MASTER | GOAL: Break 25 Party Balls!
      LIFE: 1 | NOTES: Special Weapons OK
      This mission requires you to break 25 Party Balls located in different places,
      and you have access to all weapons. First things first, shoot the very first 
      one with the buster, then switch to the Rolling Cutter to destroy those that 
      are hidden behind walls, then you switch to the Thunder Beam to destroy those 
      that are placed on top of each other, both high and low. You will now see a 
      few Bomb Blocks. Stand a bit to the left of them and throw a Hyper Bomb to get
      rid of the blocks, then throw another one to deal with the Party Ball hidden 
      there. Also, there's a spikebed with a Party Ball over it. From a distance, 
      throw a Hyper Bomb to blow it up. A bit further in the course, you'll spot 
      some Fire Towers aligned in different directions. The best way to deal with 
      them is to shoot an Ice Slasher when they're elevated almost halfway. That 
      way, while they're frozen, you can stand on them and destroy some more Party 
      Balls that way. At the large pit where there's some Fire Towers shooting to 
      the left and right, step down a bit to the left and shoot an Ice Slasher 
      through the thick wall where the Fire Tower to the left of the large pit is. 
      Now you can quickly run over it and freeze the next one, while destroying a 
      Party Ball in the process. Then you'll see some Guts Blocks, so get rid of 
      them with Super Arm. Now you're close to the end of the course. When you see 
      an Oil Block, you should first shoot an oil patch with the Oil Slider, and 
      then run on it to skate. Keep skating forward, destroying a bunch of blocks 
      and Party Balls in the process. Don't stop yet. When you see that you have 2 
      Party Balls left, stop a bit and check what is happening near the end of the 
      course. A whole row of Yoku Blocks are appearing and dissapearing fast. The 
      best tip here is to keep using the Oil Slider to skate over the blocks, and 
      then hit the 2 remaining Party Balls that way. 
      LIFE: 1 | NOTES: Attacks Forbidden
      Octopus Battery Mayhem! And you can only afford one hit! Here's the thing. You
      need to keep running to the right and not stopping. When you're close to an 
      Octopus Battery and it is about to fly to the left, jump over it. You'll be
      threatened by more of them in pairs. Don't be afraid and keep running and 
      jumping over them. The jumping is important. A bit further, you'll spot 5 more
      in different heights - 3 at the bottom and 2 at the top. Wait for them to fly 
      towards you, then jump between their openings that they're suddenly revealing.
      After that, walk to the right and you will be able to fall to the next floor. 
      In this next floor, wait until all Octo Batteries are stuck to the roof, and 
      then run to the left and fall down the next hole to the next floor. Now 6 of 
      them are in the way, 2 each in pair. Wait until they're on the roof, then 
      stand between them when they go down again, making sure you won't get hit. Do 
      this one more time and you'll run past them completely. Now it's just the last
      4 left. Quickly run to the right and fall down the area seen a few tiles down,
      to run past the first 2 Octo Batteries that are now flying to the left, over 
      your head. The last 2 are flying towards you, so jump back to the upper area 
      you came from and they won't hit you. When they fly to the right, follow them 
      and don't stop running. When you see them stuck to an edge to your right, wait
      until they decide to fly to the left again, then just jump over them. Now the 
      flag is within reach and this horror is over.  
      MISSION 08: BLADER RAIDER | GOAL: Destroy 30 Bladers!
      LIFE: 1 | TIME LIMIT: 1 minute
      This mission requires you to shoot down 30 Bladers under 1 minute, and you can
      only afford getting hit once. This one is way more easier than the other 
      missions so far. Keep running to the right and shoot the first batch in a long
      row flying close to the ground. Then you just need to carefully jump to one 
      platform to the next, while shooting Bladers along the way. Keep this up 
      slowly and steadily, and they'll go down simple and quietly. 
      MISSION 09: TACKLE FIRE FRENZY | GOAL: Destroy 16 Tackle Fires!
      LIFE: 1
      Another one-health mission. Drop down to the next floor, and Tackle Fires will
      now fly from the holes to your left and right and then land on the oil plat-
      form under you. Don't run too much on this platform, or you'll slip and the 
      Tackle Fires will definitely kill you instantly for your mistake. Stand still
      on the platform, and only face the left and right directions while you jump, 
      nothing else. Also, while jumping, shoot every damn Tackle Fire you see, or
      they'll kill you. Don't let them get to you at all. Kill 16 of them and this 
      mission is complete. 
      MISSION 10: SCORE BALL WRANGLER | GOAL: Collect 100 Score Balls!
      NOTES: Special Weapons OK
      This is a 100 Score Ball Get mission. There are no penalties here, like low 
      health or not being to use any weapons. Keep running to the right and pick up 
      the free Score Balls placed in a row close to each other and keep on moving. 
      Pick up the ones on the air as well. A bit further in the course, you'll spot 
      the Drop Lifts from Guts Man's stage. Stand on them and jump at the precise 
      right moment so you won't fall and pick up Score Balls on your way. Now, pick 
      up some more between some narrow areas at the top and bottom part of the 
      current floor and then jump on a Hammer Pendulum-thing that swings to the 
      left and right and when it's on the right side, make a huge leap to the right 
      and pick up 4 Score Balls there. Now proceed further and ignore the ladder 
      seen there. You will see a long row of Score Balls in a huge pit. Basically, 
      you need to fall down and get all of the Score Balls while falling a couple of
      screens down. Make sure that while you fall, press left a bit and you'll most
      likely get them all. If you didnt get them all on the first try, take the 
      ladder up again, or redo the whole mission. After this, proceed to the right 
      to see a long row of Conveyor Belts, and a White Block Generator a bit further
      in. Make sure that while the block gets transported to the left with the 
      conveyor belt, run past the generator quickly and safely, otherwise you'll see
      more white blocks. Now keep walking to the right and pick up a few Score Balls
      in the sky. In this last batch of Conveyor Belts, shaped like a staircase, be
      ready to use Time Slow on the next White Block Generator. When the block is 
      created, use the Time Slow to slow time, so the block gets some more screen-
      time, giving you lots of time to skip to the right past the conveyor belts 
      mayhem and touch the flag at the end.
                                  CUT MAN'S CHALLENGES
      MISSION 01: WALL JUMP SEMINAR | GOAL: Get the Retry Flag!
      The easiest mission in the whole game! No seriously! This course is only one
      PSP screen long. Run to the right a bit, jump to the left wall and make a
      wall- jump in the right direction. The flag is yours.
      MISSION 02: WALL JUMP SEMINAR 2 | GOAL: Get the Retry Flag!
      Some more wall-jumping testing. Basically, you need to kick on the right wall
      so you can reach the platforms that are a few blocks high in the areas. Keep
      heading to the right until you come to a ladder. No need to climb it down.
      Instead, you need to fall down the narrow hole to the left of it and wall-jump
      on the right pillar to the left of the ladder, so you'll land on the area to
      your bottom-left. Now go down to the next floor and this time, you should kick
      the left wall to reach the flag.
      MISSION 03: OCTOPUS BATTERY PANIC! | GOAL: Get the Retry Flag
      LIFE: 1 | NOTES: Attacks Forbidden
      This one truly tests your skills in avoid incoming enemies flying towards you.
      You have can only afford one hit or else you die. The trick here is that if
      you want to jump to the right, always do that from a wall situated in the left
      direction, and vice versa if you want to jump left. Wait until an Octopus 
      Battery is about to get close to you, then use a wall next to you and wall-
      jump it and jump over them that way. Keep walking to the right and you'll spot
      some small blocks in the sky. Use the blocks to wall-jump to the right, so the
      groups of Octopus Batteries won't hit you. Keep moving to the right and when 
      you see 4 of them in a row close to the ground and they're about to get you, 
      use a block to your right seen above and use it to jump left just a bit, but
      press right while in the air and you'll fall in that direction instead and 
      you'll make it. Proceed and wait until the next group of Octopus Batteries are
      on the right wall. Use the left one to get to the ladder. On the next floor, 
      there's a lonely Octopus Battery there. You can be a daredevil and run to it 
      and jump on the left wall seen on its left side, or just wait until it's close
      to you, then jump up the walls and the ladder above you. Next up, there are 3 
      Octopus Batteries in the way and 1 to your right. It will fly away to the 
      right though, so don't worry about it. Wait until the one directly above you 
      flies to the right, then use the blocks on your left side to wall-jump and 
      reach the ladder to your right. Next floor, run after those Octopus Batteries 
      that are flying to the left, by wall-jumping the long pillars in the middle of
      the screen. Get to the left-side pillar and make sure you're standing on it. 
      Jump over the Octopus Batteries with precision when they're about to fly to 
      the right and once they're gone, take the ladder up. Here's the last batch of 
      Octopus Batteries. They will fly above the ladder you're stuck to, so wait 
      until they all fly to the right side of the screen. Climb up and wait next to
      some walls seen above you. When the Octopus Batteries flies towards you now, 
      keep wall-jumping the walls above you until there are no Octopus Batteries in 
      your way and there's an open space for you. Quickly run to your right and up 
      the ladder and the flag on the next floor is yours.
      MISSION 04: OCTO BATTERY EXTERMINATOR | GOAL: Destroy 30 Octopus Batteries!
      You need to kill 30 Octopus Batteries with the Rolling Cutter. You'll also 
      stumble across spikes, White Blocks and Cut Blocks. When a block is above the 
      spikes, make sure to not hit them, or you'll have problems reaching the other 
      blocks and platforms further ahead. The best method here is to hit the Batt-
      eries when they're stuck on the roof or are a bit higher up than the blocks 
      you're standing on. That way, you won't accidentally destroy the blocks you're
      standing on. So throw Rolling Cutter while you're jumping and you won't have 
      so much problems with the first half of the course. The second half requires 
      you to throw Cutters through a wall if you don't want to hit the blocks ahead 
      and just want to hit the Octopus Batteries. When there's only 4 left, you'll 
      be standing at a huge pile of blocks. You're allowed to destroy the middle 
      blocks if you know what you're doing. Stand on either side of this area, not 
      touching the spikes, and hit the remaining ones from your current position.
      MISSION 05: NO DAMAGE FLYING SHELL HECK | GOAL: Destroy 25 Flying Shells
      LIFE: 1
      Walk to the left and fall down the pit. OK, here's what you must do. Keep 
      standing on the left side of the screen and destroy 25 Flying Shells to clear
      this mission. Seems tough huh? Not really. See, if you stand on the edge of 
      the platform you're currently standing on (to your right), and you have enough
      courage, you can time your Rolling Cutter attacks against the Flying Shells
      before they even get the change to open their shells and shoot at you. So 
      stand at that edge and time your Cutter about a second you see each one on-
      screen and you may be able to hit every one of them without failure.
      MISSION 06: WHEN PRUNING SHEARS ATTACK | GOAL: Destroy 20 Party Balls
      Walk to the left and climb the ladder. You need to destroy 25 Party Balls to 
      clear this mission. Ignore the 3 Party Balls seen to the right, you'll deal 
      with them from the other side. Climb the ladder and destroy the 2 Party Balls 
      above you. Go up the next floor. Use the lonely block above you to hit both 
      the Party Ball to your right. Climb the ladder on the left side. Once you're 
      up in the next area, walk to the right a bit and use the small wall-structure 
      above you to bounce a bit to the right and hit the 2 Party Balls sealed inside
      a small room. Now climb up the ladder above your left side. Destroy the 3 
      Party Balls here and keep going right, down the pit and when you're falling in
      the next screen, use the right wall to kick yourself to the lonely Party Ball 
      next to some Guts Blocks. Now you may fall to the right side (and keep going 
      right). In the screen below you, you need to jump over the spikes in front of 
      you. Use a wall above your left side to get over them and destroy the Party 
      Balls along the way. Climb down the ladder. In the next floor, stand to the 
      right of the lonely spikeball and throw a Cutter to the left, dealing with the
      Party Ball in the middle of the screen. Use the wall to your right to jump to 
      the left side and deal with the 3 other Party Balls with the proper use of 
      wall-jump and throw Cutters in the air. Now you may see a small alcove you 
      can get to on the left side. Enter it and hit the 3 Party Balls you saw at the
      start of the mission, by throwing Cutters through the wall.
      MISSION 07: SURVIVE RARE ENEMY | GOAL: Avoid damage for 1 minute!
      LIFE: 1
      This mission requires you to survive against a whole bunch of Telly's for a
      whole minute, on an icy platform, and you can only afford being hit once. 
      Cruelty, I says! What you need to do is to make alot of open space so you can
      deal with all the Telly's chasing you. Best way to do this is to first strike 
      a bunch of them either on the left and right side of the platform, run in that
      direction and hit the remaining Telly's behind you. Run in the other direction
      and create some more open space by dealing with more Telly's in front of you. 
      Repeat this until time runs out. You shouldn't make any hasty turns on this 
      slippery platforms. If you can, make small jumps only (not to high) to be able
      to skip in the direction you want to head without being hit or falling in the 
      corner areas of this course.
      MISSION 08: NO CLIMBING FROZEN WALLS! | Goal: Get the Retry Flag!
      This mission teaches you the difference between a regular wall and a frozen
      one. You can wall-jump on regular ones and not the frozen types. Therefore, 
      you'll go through a few tests 2 floors up before you get to the challenging
      part. Once you're at the 3rd floor, make sure you wall-jump the small brownish
      blocks that are seen together with the icey ones. You need to lead to the 
      ladders seen in the opposite directions of your position, so if you see a 
      small block that you can wall-jump on, fall to it and press the jump button at
      the precise moment you're in contact with it. With a bit of trial and error, 
      you'll reach the ladder. In the fourth floor, there's a huge mix of regular 
      and ice blocks together and you need to reach the ladder on the left side. 
      You're gonna have to fall down this pit and make sure you press the jump 
      button on the small block seen at the most southern area of this screen. On 
      the next floor, wall-jump the block on the right side in a zig-zag pattern to 
      reach the ladder above you. At the top floor, use the wall on your left side 
      to bounce over the spikes. The same thing goes with the block at the top part
      of the screen. Now you need to fall down and hit a brownish block so you'll 
      reach the flag on the right side of the screen.
      MISSION 09: CRAZY CONTAINERS | GOAL: Get the Retry Flag!
      The stage begins with a bunch of Cut Blocks blocking the way for you. Destroy 
      them with the Cutter and jump on the walls to proceed. You'll also spot some 
      Guts Blocks a bit further in, and you can't destroy them, so just focus on the
      Cut Blocks. You'll see a conveyor belt at the top area of the screen to your 
      right and a Guts Block is approaching you. Wait until it's very close and jump
      on the right side of the Guts Block when it's about to fall and wall-jump to 
      the ledge to your left. Now keep going further in the stage and get to the 
      conveyor belt at the bottom part of the screen. Stand at the edge of that 
      conveyor belt's Guts Block and be ready to jump to a wall that can be seen on 
      the roof and wall-jump it so you'll land in the area to your right. Now a 
      bunch of Guts Blocks and Cut Blocks gets constantly created by generators. 
      Jump past the Guts Block generator when there's some space and keep throwing 
      Cutters near the Cut Block generator and you'll create enough space to travel 
      further. Go through that space quickly or they'll come back fast. Wall-jump on
      the right side of those generated Cut Blocks to proceed. Now, the next con-
      veyor belt area requires you to stand on the right edge of a Guts Block and 
      when you and the block are about to fall down the pit, quickly wall-jump the 
      right side wall and then the left one at the top of the screen to proceed 
      unharmed. the next conveyor belt area has generators that keeps making Guts 
      Blocks that falls to the left and the right. Focus on the one that falls to 
      the right and stand on it so you can reach the ledge to the next area. This 
      one is a bit simpler, but it still takes efforts from you, since there will be
      Cut Blocks generated and transported on generators. Keep running to the right 
      and keep throwing Cutters on them and reach the ladder above you. Alright, the
      last one requires a bit of thinking to beat. A bunch of Cut Blocks and Guts 
      Blocks are blocking your way to the flag. In the first area, focus on throwing
      a Cutter at the Cut Blocks above you, in hope of them not falling at you. Now 
      deal with the rest of the block in this particular area. The last area has 2 
      Cut Blocks and a Guts Block between them. Throw a Cutter at the top Cut Block
      through the wall and you'll have enough space to wall-jump onto the Guts Block
      and reach the flag.
      MISSION 10: UNSTOPPABLE PENDULUM | GOAL: Get the Retry Flag!
      This is a Hammer Pendulum platform type mission. You'll see these Pendulum-
      shaped things hanging up-side-down and they swing to the left and to the 
      right, and you need to stand on them to proceed to the right. Ignore the first
      one and jump on the second one to get past the first pit. Now to reach the
      third pendulum, use the small wall pillar stuck to the roof and make sure you
      land on it properly. The next area has 2 pendulums over a large pit, so stand
      on them with precision and safely land on solid ground on the other side. Walk
      a bit to the right to see a ladder. To reach it, wait until the pendulum above
      you is about to swing to the right, then wall-jump the right side of it to 
      reach the ladder. The next floor has small spikebeds with a pendulum over 
      them. Land on the platform and let it swing you to the ladder on the left 
      side. The next floor requires you to fall down a pit, land on the pendulum 
      that swings there and jump to the bottom-right corner of the screen. Do it 
      when the platform swings to thr right side, land on it and then jump to the 
      right. Walk to the right to see another ladder and a pendulum very high up. 
      Use the right side wall to bounce to the platform and then wall-jump the plat-
      form's right side to get to the ladder. Climb the ladder and another one to 
      get 2 floors up. Jump on the right side of the pendulum seen in the skies to
      reach the ladder above you, but once you reach the next floor, don't climb up
      all the way. A pendulum blocks your way, so wait until it's swinging to the 
      left or right, then jump on it and wall-jump the left side of the right 
      pendulum to reach the ladder. Get up on the ladder and touch the flag!
                                  GUTS MAN'S CHALLENGES
      MISSION 01: CONTAINER FACTORY | GOAL: Get the Retry Flag!
      MISSION 02: CONTAINERS UNDERFOOT | GOAL: Get the Retry Flag!
      MISSION 03: STACK ATTACK! | GOAL: Get the Retry Flag!
      MISSION 04: HARD HEADED HERO | GOAL: Get 24 Score Balls!
      MISSION 05: THROW MANIA! | GOAL: Destroy 15 Flying Shells!
      MISSION 06: ELEVATOR PANIC! | GOAL: Get the Retry Flag!
      LIFE: 1
      MISSION 08: SECURE A FOOTHOLD! | GOAL: Defeat the Big Eye!
      LIFE: 1
      MISSION 09: ONLY 5 AT A TIME! | GOAL: Get the Retry Flag!
      MISSION 10: STACK AND CLIMB! | GOAL: Get the Retry Flag!
                                  ICE MAN'S CHALLENGES
      MISSION 08: CROSS FLEA VALLEY | GOAL: Get the Retry Flag!
      LIFE: 1
      MISSION 09: FREEZE! YOU'RE TOAST! | GOAL: Destroy 3 Octopus Batteries!
      MISSION 10: KILLER BULLET ICE FIELD | GOAL: Get the Retry Flag!
      LIFE: 1
                                  BOMB MAN'S CHALLENGES
                                  FIRE MAN'S CHALLENGES
                                  ELEC MAN'S CHALLENGES
                                  TIME MAN'S CHALLENGES
                                  OIL MAN'S CHALLENGES
                                   THE WILY CHALLENGES
      MISSION 01: BOSS ATTACK! | GOAL: Defeat all 6 bosses!
      NOTES: Old Style Mode
      Beat the Robot Masters from Old Style mode (6 bosses). They'll have Old Style 
      mode weaknesses and you have access to all weapons. You play as Mega Man, and 
      you can't select the Robot Master you want to face either, since you'll run 
      into them one after another while going through doors. Behind each Robot 
      Master, there's a bit of life energy to pick up as well (but not so much), so 
      you need to effectively avoid their attacks, or you won't have enough energy 
      to beat them all.
      [BOSS ORDER] Guts -> Cut -> Elec -> Ice -> Fire -> Bomb
      MISSION 02: EASY BOSS ATTACK! | GOAL: Defeat all 8 bosses!
      NOTES: New Style Mode
      Beat the Robot Masters from New Style mode (8 bosses) on Easy Difficulty. They
      will have New Style mode weaknesses and you have access to all weapons. Also, 
      you can play as any of the characters you've unlocked. And like the last 
      mission, you face all the bosses in a set order, so you can't choose which one
      to face first. It's recommended that you bring Mega Man C into this mission. 
      For recovery, you'll get a small life energy capsule each battle.
      [BOSS ORDER] Cut -> Bomb -> Ice -> Fire -> Oil -> Elec -> Time -> Guts
      MISSION 03: NORMAL BOSS ATTACK! | GOAL: Defeat all 8 bosses!
      NOTES: New Style Mode
      Beat the Robot Masters from New Style mode (8 bosses) on Normal Difficulty.
      They'll have New Style mode weaknesses and you have access to all weapons. 
      Also, you can play as any of the characters you've unlocked. And like the last
      mission, you face all the bosses in a set order, so you can't choose which one
      to face first. It's recommended that you bring Mega Man C into this mission. 
      For recovery, you'll get 3 small life energy capsules each battle.
      [BOSS ORDER] Fire -> Oil -> Elec -> Time -> Guts -> Cut -> Bomb -> Ice
      MISSION 04: HARD BOSS ATTACK! | GOAL: Defeat all 8 bosses!
      NOTES: New Style Mode
      Beat the Robot Masters from New Style mode (8 bosses) on Hard Difficulty. 
      They'll have New Style mode weaknesses and you have access to all weapons. 
      Also, you can play as any of the characters you've unlocked. And like the last
      mission, you face all the bosses in a set order, so you can't choose which one
      to face first. It's recommended that you bring Mega Man C into this mission. 
      For recovery, you'll get a big life energy capsule each battle.
        [BOSS ORDER] Elec -> Time -> Guts -> Cut -> Bomb -> Ice -> Fire -> Oil
      MISSION 05: WILY BOSS ATTACK! | GOAL: Defeat all 4 bosses!
      NOTES: Old Style Mode
      Beat the Wily Castle bosses from Old Style mode (4 bosses). They'll have Old 
      Style mode weaknesses and you have access to all weapons. You play as Mega
      Man, and you can't select the Boss you want to face either, since you'll run 
      into them one after another while going through doors. Behind each Boss, there
      is a bit of life energy to pick up as well (but not so much), so you need to 
      effectively avoid their attacks, or you won't have enough energy to beat them
      all. For recovery, you'll get 3 small life energy capsules each battle.
      [BOSS ORDER] Yellow Devil -> Copy Robot -> CWU-01P -> Wily Machine
      MISSION 06: WILY EASY BOSS ATTACK! | GOAL: Defeat all 4 bosses!
      NOTES: New Style Mode
      Beat the Wily Castle bosses from New Style mode (4 bosses) on Easy Difficulty.
      They'll have New Style mode weaknesses and you have access to all weapons.
      Also, you can play as any of the characters you've unlocked. And like the last
      mission, you face all the bosses in a set order, so you can't choose which one
      to face first. It's recommended that you bring Mega Man C into this mission. 
      For recovery, you'll get a big life energy capsule each battle.
      [BOSS ORDER] Yellow Devil -> Copy Robot -> CWU-01P -> Wily Machine
      MISSION 07: WILY NORMAL BOSS ATTACK! | GOAL: Defeat all 4 bosses!
      NOTES: New Style Mode
      Beat the Wily Castle bosses from New Style mode (4 bosses) on Normal Difficul-
      ty. They'll have New Style mode weaknesses and you have access to all weapons.
      Also, you can play as any of the characters you've unlocked. And like the last
      mission, you face all the bosses in a set order, so you can't choose which one
      to face first. It's recommended that you bring Mega Man C into this mission. 
      For recovery, you'll get a big life energy capsule each battle.
      [BOSS ORDER] Yellow Devil -> Copy Robot -> CWU-01P -> Wily Machine
      MISSION 08: WILY HARD BOSS ATTACK! | GOAL: Defeat all 4 bosses!
      NOTES: New Style Mode!
      Beat the Wily Castle bosses from New Style mode (4 bosses) on Hard Difficulty.
      They'll have New Style mode weaknesses and you have access to all weapons.
      Also, you can play as any of the characters you've unlocked. And like the last
      mission, you face all the bosses in a set order, so you can't choose which one
      to face first. It's recommended that you bring Mega Man C into this mission. 
      For recovery, you'll get a big life energy capsule each battle.
      [BOSS ORDER] Yellow Devil -> Copy Robot -> CWU-01P -> Wily Machine
      MISSION 09: NORMAL ALL BOSS ATTACK! | GOAL: Defeat all 12 bosses!
      NOTES: New Style Mode
      Beat ALL the bosses from New Style mode (12 bosses) on Normal Difficulty. 
      They'll have New Style mode weaknesses and you have access to all weapons. 
      Also, you can play as any of the characters you've unlocked. And like the last
      mission, you face all the bosses in a set order, so you can't choose which one
      to face first. It's recommended that you bring Mega Man C into this mission. 
      For recovery, depending on the boss, you'll get different size life energy
      refills after each battle.
      [BOSS ORDER] Time -> Guts -> Yellow Devil -> Cut -> Bomb -> Copy Robot -> Ice
                   -> Fire -> CWU-01P -> Oil - Elec -> Wily Machine
      MISSION 10: HARD ALL BOSS ATTACK! | GOAL: Defeat all 12 bosses!
      NOTES: New Style Mode
      Beat ALL the bosses from New Style mode (12 bosses) on Hard Difficulty. 
      They'll have New Style mode weaknesses and you have access to all weapons. 
      Also, you can play as any of the characters you've unlocked. And like the last
      mission, you face all the bosses in a set order, so you can't choose which one
      to face first. It's recommended that you bring Mega Man C into this mission. 
      For recovery, you'll get a big life energy capsule each battle.
      [BOSS ORDER] Ice -> Fire -> Yellow Devil -> Oil -> Elec -> Copy Robot -> Time
                   -> Guts -> CWU-01P -> Cut -> Bomb -> Wily Machine
    == 22. SECRETS & TIPS:
    == 23. CREDITS:
    This section is to acknowledge everyone that has helped out with updates to this
    guide. It's small at the moment, but it has room to grow.
    - Iriasu for allowing me to use a modified version of his Challenge Mode guide, 
      found at http://www.rockmanpm.com/?p=game/original/rockmanrockman/challenge
    This guide must always be shown in full form with credit given to the author, 
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