How do I beat sigma in his wolf robot?

  1. He is in the big wolf robot custom

    User Info: pspdudeman

    pspdudeman - 8 years ago

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  1. Assuming you mean the Mechaniloid that Sigma's damaged head becomes a part of and not his lupine familiar (named Velguader according to the original SNES game), use either the Rolling Shield weapon (16 hits), the Hadoken Fireball (1 hit) or simply blast away with charged shots. Unlike the original version, in MHX there is now a difference between the capsule-based X-Buster upgrade and Zero's Arm part upgrade -- Zero's deals more damage and has a higher hit chance, where you have to connect both parts of the capsule part's shots (a double-helix) to ensure damage. Using the X-Buster capsule, it will take 32 direct hits. Using Zero's Arm part, it should only take 8-16 hits. In either case, you cannot fire anything less than the maximum charge X can achieve at that point in the game.

    If you employ the Hadoken, either use the Rolling Shield or Chameleon Sting for protection. Remember that the Hadoken can dispatch almost any Maverick or Mechaniloid in a single hit -- the exceptions being Vile's Ride Armor directly or a Met who is waiting between strikes -- therefore it can be a very easy win to charge up the Rolling Shield at the beginning of the stage, then throw three of them: one for Velguader, a second for Sigma and the last to finish him off in the Mechaniloid.

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  1. use the weapon from Armored Armadillo and jump on the hands and shoot him in the head

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  2. You can also use the Ice weapon that you got from Chill Penguin, since it it's weakness.

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  3. The easiest but longest way: first, get all the sub-tanks, the heart tanks and the armor parts for X (check the cheats section) and then get the hadooken capsule in Armored Armadillo stage. The way to get it is by crossing the whole stage without getting touch neither loosing a live, once you get to the end, jump off the last platform to the right and climb up the wall. You will see the capsule there. The easiest way to get it is by using the Chameleon Sting charged at max, so that way you become invincible for a while, them go further as much as you can, then use it again, and so. Once you get the capsule, you can use the hadooken by pressing down-down+forward-forward and X (like in street fighter), but you have to have full energy in order to use it. This power kills any enemy whit one hit, and i mean ANY, like the Sigma's wolf, Sigma himself and the final robot too.

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  4. Sorry, to use the hadooken you have to press square, not X. My mistake

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  5. Linkshido, the best way to get through Armored's stage without taking damage is using the Rolling Shield. The only segment where you can actually get hurt with it is after the first platform ride, and against the wheel robots in one segment. I usually power up a Rolling Shield and use the flamethrower.

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