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    FAQ/Walkthrough by techie.pinoy

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                              Megaman:  Maverick Hunter X
                                 FAQ/Walkthrough v.1.4
                                    10. August 2006
    - 0 - Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------
     As with any new system, the first few games being released for the Playstation
     Portable are ports or remakes of existing games.  This game, Megaman: Maverick
     Hunter X (MMHX from this point onwards) is one such game.  This is a remake of
     the 1993 SNES game Megaman X by Capcom.  Unlike most other remakes though,
     Capcom has done a great job in that they not only upgraded the game so that it
     conforms with current standards in terms of graphics and style, they also
     added in a bunch of new features and game modes.  This resulted in a great
     game for new players as well as nostalgic romp for older fans of the
     This FAQ aims to guide players through MMHX, giving relevant tips on the
     harder portions of the game.  The following items are covered in this guide:
     * A quick run down on what's new in this game.
     * An introduction to both characters with a detailed discussion of their
       weapons and upgrades.
     * Walkthrough for both X MOVE and VILE MODE (both for normal and hard).
    - 1 - What's New in Maverick Hunter X -----------------------------------------
     Upon booting up the game for the first time, fans of the original will
     instantly recognize a number of key changes.
      * First and foremost, a new graphics engine was implemented.  Gone are the 2D
          sprites moving on "layered" flat backgrounds.  Everything is now made in
          3D!  Sprites (X, Zero and the Maverick Bosses in particular) are very
          detailed and the animations are now great to watch (you'll see what I
          mean after you kill your first Maverick Boss).
      * A new playable character is introduced in Vile.  Fans will remember Vile as
          a powerful yet relatively minor character in the original game, only
          appearing in a couple of scenes: one near the beginning and another time
          right near the end of the game.  Through the different cut scenes and the
          actual game itself, we get to know more of the motives behind Vile and
          how he fits into the X Saga.  More on Vile later on.
      * X's stages have been changed a bit though not by that much.  The most
          significant change is the swapping of the locations of the armor
          upgrades.  This change I was, I think, made them a bit easier to obtain
          but that is just my opinion.
      * Overall difficulty of the game is somewhat on the easy side.  The included
          X's Normal mode should be easy to cruise through if you're a veteran
          Megaman X player.  If not, you should still be able to play through the
          said mode in a couple of days.  Hard Mode is more at par with the
          original but still a bit easier.  I would have hoped that they instead
          labeled Normal Mode as "Easy", Hard Mode as "Normal", and created a
          really hard "Hard" Mode.  Difficulty is something that the current
          generations of games has been a bit lacking I think (with the exception
          of the Zero games for the GBA as well as the hellish Megaman Powered
      * You will now able to "Escape" even non-completed stages and go back to the
          Stage Select screen.  They probably realized that it was a common tactic
          for beginners to get upgrades/power-ups from stages then forcing stage
          select via suicide :-) (well I know I did that).
      * A number of few new albeit minor features were added as well such as the
          inclusion of a save feature (for newer gamers, believe it or not older
          games never allowed you to save as is a limitation of the systems
          involved) to replace the Password system, and the inclusion of Free Play
          Mode which is essentially your last save game with all bosses revived for
          play through again (very handy for FAQ making).  Note that in Free Play
          Mode, Vile's equipping limit is removed (you'll understand this later on
          in the FAQ).
      * Upon completion of the game, you will be treated to a 20 minute long movie
          featuring the start of the conflict between Reploids and Mavericks.
          Sigma's turning is detailed as well as the motives behind this.  Now I
          hope they include another movie showing the beginnings of Zero :-).
    - 2 - Frequently Asked Questions ----------------------------------------------
     Please read through this before you send any questions.
     * What is the Hadouken Upgrade?
       The Hadouken Upgrade is an old easter egg Capcom decided to put into the
       original SNES version of Megaman X.  If you are familiar with or have played
       Street Fighter (1, 2, Alpha, etc), also created by Capcom,  you should know
       that this is one of Ryu's/Ken's basic attacks.
     * How do I get it?
       Basically, you have to collect everything (heart tanks, sub-tanks, boss
       powers) and then go to Armoured Armadillo's stage.  Ride the second train
       until the it flies of the tracks.  At about the apex of its jump (somewhere
       between the time it starts falling), jump to the right.  You should see the
       capsule there.  Note that you shouldn't have taken any damage along the way.
       Strategies are listed below.
     * How do I use it?
       This has been e-mailed a lot of times.  Basically, you need to have full
       life to trigger this.  Then, similar to Ryu/Ken, trigger it by pressing,
       DOWN, DOWN+FORWARD, FORWARD+A on the controller.
     * Can you play as Zero in this game?
       Sadly know.  I myself am an avid Zero fan.  I hope Zero finds his way to the
       PSP soon.
     * How do I charge up X's weapons?
       To charge a weapon, simply select it and press and hold your "attack"
       button.  Note that you need the Arm Parts to do this.
     * What PSP version is needed to play the game?
       I unfortunately don't know.  Mine is 2.5 when I bought this game if that
       helps.  Also, if you're asking this because you want to run a pirated
       version of this game via your memory stick, I would just like to say that I
       don't condone piracy in any shape way or form so don't bother.
     * Why didn't you include this SUB TANK/HEART TANK/PART etc in your FAQ?
       This has been e-mailed a lot as well.  Please check the section heading
       before you send out the mail.  Most probably you were checking the "Starting
       Activities" portion of a walk through in which case, the specific item in
       question is not yet available.  Check the walkthrough for required upgrades
       for obtaining the said items.
    - 3 - Megaman X ---------------------------------------------------------------
     From the start, the Megaman titles follow the same basic formula, where the
     main protagonist fights 8 (or 6 in the original) themed robot masters after
     going through stages following the same theme (i.e., Ice Stage for Ice bosses,
     Fire Stage for Fire bosses, etc).  After defeating the said robot masters, the
     protagonist obtains a crippled version of that enemies weapon which he can now
     use on the following stages (as long as the energy meter for said weapon
     allows of course).  Note that some robot masters are more susceptible to some
     weapons than others (similar to Pokemon where Leaf Types are easily defeated
     using Fire Types).
     Players familiar with the original Megaman series but new to the X series will
     quickly find out that X is much more agile compared to the original blue
     bomber.  X can climb up walls and slowly slide down them as well.  He can (
     with the correct upgrades) also perform pretty long jumps.  X also sports a
     cooler more mature look (this is further emphasized if you compare this game
     with Megaman Powered Up!, the remake of the original Megaman game).
     In terms of weapons, X starts out with the Variable Weapons System (or X-
     Buster).  This is your standard pellet shooter with the additional ability to
     charge-up for more powerful shots.  As discussed above, this has one special
     feature and that is the ability to replicate weapons of defeated bosses (
     though in comparison, these weapons are definitely gimped versions of the
     originals).  Once upgraded, his X-Buster can charge up the said stolen weapons
     either for more powerful shots or for special abilities (such as temporary
     invincibility or shielding).
     Below is the list of weapons that X can obtain in the game:
        Firing Cost: 2 units (4 charged up)
        Description: Fires a spherical projectile that rolls along the ground and
            until it hits an enemy or obstacle.  Fully charged up it creates a
            shield which blocks some non-energy based projectiles and destroys some
            smaller enemies  outright.  It is significantly improved in that you
            can now switch weapons while this is active greatly increasing its
            usability.  You get this after you beat ARMORED ARMADILLO.  This is
            most useful against LAUNCH OCTOPUS as it staggers him for a bit of
        Firing Cost: 2 units (4 charged up)
        Description: Fires a missile that homes in on the nearest enemy or non-
            energy based projectile.  This has been gimped somewhat compared to the
            original in that it does not home in on enemies as fast as before.
            This is best used when there are no obstacles between you and the
            enemy.  Charged up it fires three somewhat stronger homing missiles.
            You get this after you beat LAUNCH OCTOPUS. This is most useful against
            BOOMERANG KUWANGER.  It also staggers him upon impact.
        Firing Cost: 2 units (4 charged up)
        Description: Fires a short range boomerang that travels a small distance
            and loops back to the thrower.  This weapon is relatively weak but has
            some very specific applications.  One such application is that it
            carries all power ups and pickups it passes through back to X.  Charged
            up it fires a number of more boomerangs starting from X in the four
            primary directions.  Fun to watch but has limited use.  You get this
            after you beat BOOMERANG KUWANGER.  This is most useful against STING
            CHAMELEON as it causes him to stop his current action when hit.  Also
            note that it is also effective in limiting the move set of FLAME
            MAMMOTH (it cuts off his trunk) and LAUNCH OCTOPUS (it cuts off four
            of his tentacles).  More on this later.
        Firing Cost: 2 units (4 charged up)
        Description: Fires three laser beams one going horizontal and the other two
            at ~5 degree angles up and down.  It can also be aimed up and down (up
            angling all shots by 5 degrees upwards and down angling all shots 5
            degrees downwards). This is useful in that it makes aiming some enemies
            easier though I rarely use this except for the maverick susceptible to
            it (STORM EAGLE).  Charged up, X is rendered invincible for a duration
            (indicated by X flashing different colors).  You get this after you
            beat STING CHAMELEON.  This is most useful against STORM EAGLE.  It
            staggers him upon impact negating his more lethal attacks.
        Firing Cost: 2 units (4 charged up)
        Description: Fires a tornado type attack horizontally, which can hit larger
            enemies multiple times and destroys most non sub-boss/boss enemies
            outright.  Charged up it fires a larger vertical tornado. Useful in
            many situations.  You get this after you beat STORM EAGLE.  This is
            most useful against FLAME MAMMOTH.
        Firing Cost: 2 units (4 charged up)
        Description: A flame thrower type weapon that sends out a continues flame
            starting from X's arm propagating to about 8th the length of the PSP
            screen.  This is pretty strong though has limited use because it
            requires you to be at close range as well as being very energy
            consuming.  Charged up it sends a wave of fire from  the ground just in
            front of X that propagates until it hits a solid object.  You get this
            after you beat FLAME MAMMOTH.  This is most useful against CHILL
            PENGUIN.  Upon impact, he is burned severely and he cannot do anything
            while burning.
        Firing Cost: 2 units (4 charged up)
        Description: Fires a shard of ice that shatters upon impact (enemies or
            obstacles).  Each shard is as powerful as the original.  It has the
            ability to freeze certain enemies.  When charged up, this creates a
            large block of ice which X can use like a skateboard.  The ice block
            can also be used as weapon.  You get this after you beat CHILL PENGUIN.
            This is most useful against SPARK MANDRILL.  He is frozen solid for a
        Firing Cost: 2 units (4 charged up)
        Description: Fires a small electric sphere which splits into two upon
            impact.  It has the ability to electrocute certain enemies.  When
            charged up, a sort of electric storm is created centered on X frying
            enemies in a radius of almost the vertical length of the PSP screen.
            You get this after you beat SPARK MANDRILL.  This is most useful
            against ARMORED ARMADILLO.  Hi is staggered and his armor is removed
            making him susceptible to damage even while rolling.
     Note that each of these weapons have their own energy bar which is depleted
     with each use (more so if charged up).
     Aside from these, X can pickup armor upgrades that give him specific
     abilities.  These are as follows:
     LEG PARTS - Gives X the ability to Dash.  Unlike the slide move from the
        original series, Dash can be used in conjunction with jump giving the X to
        jump long distances.
     HEAD PARTS - Makes X's head harder :-).  This gives him the ability to break
        some blocks with his head and block some attacks coming from above (like
        the falling rocks in STING CHAMELEON's stage).
     BODY PARTS- This reduces damage taken by half.
     ARM PARTS - While the non-upgraded X-Buster is able to charge to 3 levels,
        after the upgrade charge level is increased to 4, which is actually two
        level 3 charges traveling in a helix formation.  Note that these hit
        separately so full damage is not always done.  More importantly, this
        upgrade gives X the ability to charge up stolen weapons as well.
     You also get two "secret" upgrades.  These are the following:
     Z-BUSTER UPGRADE - Upon reaching near the end of the game, if you didn't
        pickup the ARM PARTS upgrade, an ally of yours (Zero, not discussed,
        playable character in later games in the X series) will give you his
        version of the X-Buster, the Z-Buster.  It is a much more powerful compared
        to the X-Buster and has many things going for it.  For one, instead of two
        level 3 charged shots forming a helix, this is actually one level 5
        projectile meaning it hits harder and it always hits at full strength
        unlike X's level 4 blast which only hits full blast if both
        projectiles in the helix formation hits the enemy and often that not it
        doesn't.  Plus, its red :-).
     HADOUKEN UPGRADE - Most older gamers should know that Capcom (the makers of
        Megaman) also had another fairly successful series under its belt, the
        relatively well known Streetfighter Series.  The main character of the
        game(in my point of view), Ryu, has one well known move named Hadouken.
        Triggering this, an energy blast is fired from his hand propagating
        forward.  Given certain requirements, X can get a version of this move (
        complete with animation and sound effects).  Note that this is more akin to
        the Hadouken move in the first Streetfighter in that it can kill anything
        in one hit (except if doing can disrupt the story of course).  Note that
        to use this, X's life bar should be full.  This is triggered by the key
     Note that X's armor is blue but as you collect upgrades, the body part
     relating to the upgrade is changed to white (i.e., X will have white legs
     after the leg upgrade).  In the end, X will be white (i.e., white bomber?,
     doesn't suit him much).  Just a thought.
     X can also pickup power ups in the form of 8 heart tanks (raises max life by
     two tics) and 4 sub-tanks (a store for health when you pick them up while
     your life is full so you can be use when you need them).
    - 4 - Vile --------------------------------------------------------------------
     Vile shares some of the abilities of X (climbing, stealing weapons, etc.) but
     his style of play is radically different.
     While X's arsenal of weapons consists of his X-Buster plus 8 weapons stolen
     from maverick bosses (as is normal Megaman fare), Vile has a staggering 45
     weapons (and two armor upgrades),  in his repertoire.
     While X's weapons are all readily available once obtained, Vile can carry only
     3 weapons at a time, one for each of his launchers (shoulder mounted gun, arm,
     and leg/knee) and these are selected at the start of the level and cannot be
     replaced until you go back to the stage select screen.  Equipping these
     weapons also depend on Vile's energy bar which starts out very short but
     increases with each defeated Maverick.  This energy bar is shared by all three
     weapons chosen.  Note that each weapon has a firing cost and the total of
     these costs cannot exceed the length of your bar (so if you have an energy bar
     20 tics long, you can't equip three items if the total of their firing cost
     exceeds 20 tics).
     Note though that in contrast to X whose energy bar can only be refilled via
     energy pickups, Vile's energy bar is constantly refilling (and fast at that).
     This means that you can use weapons indefinitely.  You can't spam them though.
     Sooner or later, rate of fire is reduced greatly as the refill rate can't cope
     with your fire rate.  Also note that, depending on the order you defeat the
     bosses, you may be able to pickup the stronger weapons sooner than later, but
     this doesn't mean you can use them immediately.
     As discussed above, Vile has three weapon launchers:  his shoulder-mounted
     gun, his arm, and his leg/knee.  Each of these have three weapon sub-classes
     and these sub-classes are unlocked upon defeat of certain bosses.  Each sub-
     class has 5 types which you are unlocked after defeating other bosses.  This
     means that you would need to two bosses to get some weapons.  These are
     discussed below.
      Note the following:
      * I haven't had the time to extensively test all weapons against all enemies
        but I have had success in finding weaknesses for all enemies.  I will
        update the list later on.
      * For those observant enough to notice, from the below you will see that
        weapon weaknesses are similar to X's (i.e., ICE types are strong against
        SPARK MANDRILL, FIRE types are strong against CHILL PENGUIN).  This is not
        always the case though so be forewarned.
    = ARM WEAPONS =================================================================
      This is your most commonly used type and is most akin to X's X-Buster.
    ----- VULCAN-TYPE--------------------------------------------------------------
          This is your default ARM weapon type.  This type can be described as a
          sort of rapid fire gun (hold-down SQUARE button), akin to Bass' weapon in
          Megaman and Bass although this cannot be aimed.  This is available from
          the start.
          CHERRY BLAST
          Energy Requirement: 2
          Description: This is your default Vulcan.  It has good range but damage
              leaves much to be improved.  You probably won't use this outside
              after you defeat your first Maverick unless you are short on energy.
              This is available from the start.
          ZIP ZAPPER
          Energy Requirement: 8
          Description: This VULCAN, though a bit stronger than the default, has
              very limited range (about a sixth of the length of the PSP screen
              only).  I prefer CHERRY BLAST over this due to difficulty of use.
              This becomes available when you defeat ARMORED ARMADILLO.
          Energy Requirement: 12
          Description: This is a combination of Chameleon Sting from X and Cherry
              Blast in that it fires a series of "Vulcan shots" forward but the
              resulting shots are angled slightly at about 5% - 10% horizontally.
              This is pretty useful in that in some cases you no longer need to
              jump shot to hit enemies.  Other than that usefulness is limited.
              This becomes available when you defeat STING CHAMELEON.
          Energy Requirement: 6
          Description: This, in my humble opinion, is the best of the Vulcan
              class weapons.  It has excellent range (much longer than the PSP
              screen length), and it can go through most enemies (even shielded
              ones!).  It's main downfall is that its fire rate is very slow but
              that is compensated by its relatively more powerful shots.  This
              becomes available when you defeat CHILL PENGUIN.  I've tested this
              to be useful against SPARK MANDRILL.
          TRIPLE 7
          Energy Requirement: 16
          Description: Similar to BUCKSHOT DANCE only more powerful but more
              costly so you can't combine this with some of the more powerful
              shoulder and leg types until Free Play.  This becomes available
              once you defeat FLAME MAMMOTH.
    ----- MISSILE TYPE ------------------------------------------------------------
          Vile removes his arm and fires a missile from the hole.  This is less
          powerful compared to the last type below but unlike that one it can be
          fired multiple times.  This offers a good balance of speed and power.
          Note that ALL MISSILE TYPEs become available after you defeat LAUNCH
          Energy Requirement: 4
          Description: This is your basic MISSILE TYPE.  It fires a missile
              horizontally.  It is not rapid fire, so you need to press the
              SQUARE button multiple times.  This becomes available after you
              defeat LAUNCH OCTOPUS.  I've tested this to be useful against
          Energy Requirement: 6
          Description: Fires a missile that splits into three a short distance
              away from Vile.  Its usefulness is akin to that of BUCKSHOT DANCE
              in that you can fire missiles at enemies on slightly higher or
              lower ledges.  This becomes available after you defeat STING
          Energy Requirement: 6
          Description: Fires a missile with wings which improves accuracy in that
              you can hit the enemies via the wings as well and not only the
              missile itself.  This becomes available after you defeat STORM
              EAGLE.  I've tested this to be useful against FLAME MAMMOTH.
          LOST LAMB
          Energy Requirement: 6
          Description: Fires a missile that travels at an irregular path.  It is a
              bit quirky to use but otherwise is usable.  This is useful against
          Energy Requirement: 4
          Description: Fires missiles that travel at a very slow rate (almost
              floating for a few seconds).  This is most useful against aggressive
              enemies in that you can fire it then run a way and see said enemies
              rush into your missile.  This becomes available after you defeat
              CHILL PENGUIN.  This I have tested to be effective against BOOMERANG
              KUWANGER and SPARK MANDRILL.  Though this doesn't damage him that
              much, this is also useful against STORM EAGLE.
    ----- PUNCH TYPE --------------------------------------------------------------
          For fans of the series, this is similar to the weapon given to Megaman by
          Hard Man in Megaman 3 in that you launch your fist itself into a rocket
          boosted punch attack.  This is extremely powerful but you need to wait
          for your arm to reattach to your body before you fire again.
          Nevertheless, this is the best arm type weapon and one that you would be
          choosing most of the time.  All PUNCH TYPEs become available once you
          defeat SPARK MANDRILL.
          Energy Requirement: 6
          Description: The default PUNCH TYPE.  This is as close to the original
              Hard Man Punch weapon as you can get.  This becomes available once
              you defeat SPARK MANDRILL.  This is most effective against
              ARMORED ARMADILLO though this does not have the effect of removing
              his armor.
          SPOILED BRAT
          Energy Requirement: 6
          Description: The same as GO-GETTER RIGHT but FASTER and WEAKER.  I
              won't use this.  IMHO I'll take one of the VULCAN's instead if I
              was looking for something fast.   This becomes available after you
              defeat LAUNCH OCTOPUS.
          Energy Requirement: 12
          Description: PUNCH TYPE but armor piercing!  Useful but I would choose
              something else.  This becomes available once you defeat ARMORED
          GOLDEN RIGHT
          Energy Requirement: 20
          Description: This is extremely strong (probably the strongest in terms
              of raw damage of all of Vile's weapons).  It suffers greatly in
              range though which limits its usefulness.  This becomes available
              once you defeat LAUNCH OCTOPUS.
          INFINITY GIG
          Energy Requirement: 16
          Description: This is probably the best PUNCH TYPE of all.  It has the
              power of a PUNCH TYPE plus homing and armor piercing.  If you've
              played Diablo II using a high pierce guided arrow Amazon, you'll
              know what I mean.  This is just so good.  This becomes available
              after you defeat CHILL PENGUIN and is extremely useful against
              ARMORED ARMADILLO though it doesn't remove his armor.
    = SHOULDER-MOUNTED GUN WEAPONS ================================================
      This form your anti-air arsenal.  Note that you pause in place when you fire
      this (even in the air) which may be advantageous and disadvantageous
      depending on the situation.
    ----- BLAST TYPE --------------------------------------------------------------
          These fire concentrated energy similar to X's charged shot in appearance
          (though you don't need to actually charge).  This is Vile's default
          SHOULDER TYPE and as such is available from the get go.  Note that except
          if explicitly specified, this weapon can be aimed using the UP and DOWN
          keys.  Note though that UP fires at ~80 degrees from the horizontal,
          default fires at ~45 degrees from the horizontal and DOWN fires
          FRONT RUNNER
          Energy Requirement: 2
          Description: This is your default BLAST TYPE.  It's about as powerful
              as X's charge shot.  This is available from the start.
          TRIDENT LINE
          Energy Requirement: 6
          Description: As is all weapons you get from beating STING CHAMELEON,
              this fires 3 FRONT RUNNER like blasts at angles of each other.
              Note that the 3 blasts are fired one at a time leaving Vile
              vulnerable for that time span.
          Energy Requirement: 20
          Description: Exceedingly powerful but cannot be spammed due to
              Energy Requirements.  This becomes available after you defeat
          FIRE MURRAIN
          Energy Requirement: 8
          Description: This fires a short range blast that explodes after
              traveling a short distance.  It is very powerful though and good
              against multiple flying enemies.  This becomes available after you
              defeat FLAME MAMMOTH.
          Energy Requirement: 14
          Description: Similar to TRIDENT LINE except it fires five blasts.  This
          becomes available after defeating STORM EAGLE.
    ----- LASER TYPE --------------------------------------------------------------
          This fires lasers (obviously).  These are extremely powerful though I
          would use the type below except for specific situations.  All LASER TYPEs
          become available after defeating STING CHAMELEON.  NOTE THAT IN MY
          Energy Requirement: 6
          Description: This is the default LASER TYPE.  Like all weapon's
              received from STING CHAMELEON, this fires 3 lasers at angles of
              each other.  Note that this can be aimed.  This is especially
              effective against STORM EAGLE, having the ability to stagger him.
              This is important given it is almost impossible to defeat STORM
              EAGLE without the ability to interrupt his tornado attack.
          Energy Requirement: 8 | DEFEAT: Sting Chameleon, Flame Mammoth)
          Description: Stronger version than CERBERUS PHANTOM but fires only one
              laser.  Note that this can be aimed.  This becomes available after
              defeating FLAME MAMMOTH.
          Energy Requirement: 18
          Description: Much, much stronger laser though cannot be aimed.  You
              won't need to though because of its width.  This is very effective
              against STORM EAGLE.  This becomes available after you defeat FLAME
          Energy Requirement: 14
          Description: Slow and piercing, this is one of the more powerful
              lasers.  This has the distinct disadvantage of not being able to fire
              upwards.  I don't use it much though, since I find RISING SPECTER to
              be more useful.  This becomes available after you defeat STORM
              EAGLE.  This is useful against FLAME MAMMOTH.
          NECRO BURST (COST: 28 | DEFEAT: Sting Chameleon, Launch Octopus)
          Energy Requirement: 28
          Description: Now this is different.  Firing this kills any non-boss
              enemy right next to you.  This means though that you'll be taking a
              lot of damage.  Also note that after firing this, you won't be able
              to fire anything else for a short while so its usefulness is rather
              limited!  I would like to try this against some end bosses though
              sometime except using this will mean you'll be using the weakest
              weapons of your other launchers because of the cost.  This becomes
              available once you defeat LAUNCH OCTOPUS.
    ----- BOOMERANG TYPE ---------------------------------------------------------
          This is akin to X's BOOMERANG CUTTER except for different flight patterns
          and number of projectiles.  Read below for details.  This type becomes
          available after you defeat BOOMERANG KUWANGER. Note that in
          Energy Requirement: 4
          Description: This is you default BOOMERANG TYPE.  It fires 3 boomerangs
              and is aim able.  This becomes available after you defeat BOOMERANG
          Energy Requirement: 4
          Description: This is the exact same boomerang as X's in that it
              returns to you picking up items along the way. Note that this is
              the ONLY BOOMERANG TYPE with this ability.  This becomes available
              after you defeat FLAME MAMMOTH.
          Energy Requirement: 6
          Description: This is exceptionally powerful and useful.  It fires a
              single boomerang which grows larger the farther it goes.  It can
              also pierce through enemies and shields! I usually use this over
              every other SHOULDER TYPE except MAROONED TOMAHAWK.  This becomes
              available once you defeat CHILL PENGUIN.
          Energy Requirement: 6
          Description: Another useful boomerang type.  This is almost the same as
              PARASITE SWORD except for the fact that it fires two boomerangs and
              that the boomerangs don't grow in size.  This becomes available after
              you defeat LAUNCH OCTOPUS.
          Energy Requirement: 12
          Description: One of the best weapons in the game, in my humble opinion.
              This fires a boomerang that stops a short distance away from Vile
              and just rotates in place.  It can also pierce through enemies
              and shields! This is very useful against all stationary enemies and
              can also be used to block of pesky flyers while you fight something
              else.  This becomes available after you defeat ARMORED ARMADILLO.
    = LEG WEAPONS =================================================================
      This holds your most powerful weapons and are your best bet against
      stationary enemies.  Note that triggering this usually involves quite a
      lengthy animation sequence (i.e., Vile kneels down before firing) so time
      your use wisely.
    ----- BOMB TYPE ---------------------------------------------------------------
          This your default LEG TYPE and as such is available from the start.
          These are mostly powerful given the right situation.  One tip for these
          weapons is to jump then fire them.  This makes firing time a bit faster
          and a lot less difficult to aim though you need to be right on top of an
          enemy to hit it.
          BUMPITY BOOM
          Energy Requirement: 02
          Description: This is your default BOMB TYPE and powerful at that.  It
              usually takes two to three shots to kill powerful stuff though so I
              don't use it when I get something else.  This works well against
              CHILL PENGUIN though which is nice for a default weapon.
          Energy Requirement: 12
          Description: A bit more powerful than BUMPITY BOOM and sporting a
              larger horizontal range, its not one I prefer though.  This becomes
              available after you defeat SPARK MANDRILL.
          SPLASH HIT
          Energy Requirement: 8
          Description: This is the best of this type, IMHO.  It fires a tornado
              similar to a X's charged up STORM TORNADO which is a lot more useful
              compared to others in its class.  I use this a lot in the early
              going.  This becomes available after you defeat LAUNCH OCTOPUS.
          Energy Requirement: 4
          Description: More of a shield type than anything else, it blocks some
              enemy projectiles. You need to time it right though.  Me, I'd
              rather avoid projectiles than waste offensive power on this one.
              This becomes available after defeating ARMORED ARMADILLO.
          Energy Requirement: 10
          Description: This fires something similar to X's charged up FIRE
              WAVE though not as powerful.  This is useful against ground
              enemies.  This becomes available after defeating STORM EAGLE.
    ----- BALL TYPE ---------------------------------------------------------------
          This is slightly better than the BOMB types simply because you can fire
          them a distance away from enemies which makes the animation sequence
          bearable.  Jumping before firing is still the best way to use this.  IN
          Energy Requirement: 4
          Description: This is very similar to X's ROLLING SHIELD attack.  This
              type becomes available after you defeat ARMORED ARMADILLO.
          Energy Requirement: 6
          Description: When this hits a surface, this splits into two each going
              in opposite directions of each other (so if it hits a wall, one
              goes up and the other goes down; if it hits the ground, one goes
              left while the other goes right).  This is the most effective
              weapon against ARMORED ARMADILLO, as it removes his armor and is
              easy to use (you just need to hang on to either wall and fire away).
              This is a shame because you need to beat him (as well as SPARK
              MANDRILL) first to get it.
          Energy Requirement: 16
          Description: This napalm fires something similar to X's charged up FIRE
              WAVE though not as powerful.  This is useful against ground
              enemies.  This becomes available after defeating FLAME MAMMOTH.
          HOT ICICLE
          Energy Requirement: 10
          Description: Similar to SWORD BOUQUET except its fired on ceilings not
              floors.  Not that useful since you have your SHOULDER gun to deal
              with flyers.  This is pretty useful against STORM EAGLE though.
              This becomes available when you defeat STING CHAMELEON.
          Energy Requirement: 12
          Description: Similar to DEATHSTAR HUGGER except it doesn't stop when it
              hits walls.  This becomes available when you defeat BOOMERANG
    ----- FLAMETHROWER TYPE -------------------------------------------------------
          This is like a whole family of different types of X's FIRE WAVE. These
          are the most powerful weapons in your arsenal.  Note that if fired while
          on the ground, fire is release horizontally.  When fired while jumping,
          fire is released from Vile down.  Firing it while jumping, in my opinion
          is much more better than while on the ground as it keeps you safe from
          ground enemies.  This type becomes available when you defeat FLAME
          Energy Requirement: 6
          Description: This is your default flamethrower with about the same
              range and power as X's FIRE WAVE.  I have tested this to be useful
              against CHILL PENGUIN.  This is available after defeating FLAME
          DRAGON'S WRATH
          Energy Requirement: 8
          Description: It has exceptionally long range.  It arcs as well making it
              a bit more difficult to aim.  I don't use it that much.  I have
              tested this to be useful against CHILL PENGUIN.  This is available
              after defeating STORM EAGLE.
          Energy Requirement: 10
          Description: This is similar to WILD HORSE KICK in terms of range but
              upon reaching max range it flares up and causes more damage.  Not
              as useful as others though.  I prefer range over power.  This is
              available after defeating STING CHAMELEON.
          Energy Requirement: 12
          Description: This is the only flamethrower useful under water and it
              has excellent range to boot.  This is one of my favorites.  This
              becomes available after you defeat CHILL PENGUIN.
          Energy Requirement: 16
          Description: This is exceedingly power if used correctly but is limited
              in range.  I prefer SEA DRAGON's RAGE.  This becomes available
              after you defeat BOOMERANG KUWANGER.
     Vile also receives a couple of armor upgrades, though it doesn't change
     anything graphically.
          Description: This reduces damage taken by Vile by half!  You need to
              defeat CHILL PENGUIN to get this.
          SPEED DEVIL
          Description: This greatly improves your speed!  You need to defeat STORM
              EAGLE to get this.
     Vile's stages are also somewhat more difficult.  The level designers have done
     a great job in swapping the enemy types and locations in Vile's levels such
     that although the they are (structure-wise) the same as X's, reaction times
     are much more critical if you want to go through to the maverick with minimal
     All in all Vile's game is a lot more strategic and requires a lot of
     forethought especially in the early going.  It is much more satisfying though
     (similar to how Zero's game in X4 is a lot more satisfying compared to X's).
    - 5 - X GAME WALKTHROUGH ------------------------------------------------------
     Note that I won't provide you with a step by step walkthrough the entire
     stages as that won't be that useful.  I will instead focus on the giving you
     tips in beating specific points in the game that are particularly difficult.
     For those experienced MMX players here, the route taken in this FAQ is not at
     all optimal.  My aim is to provide the easiest route for beginners so don't
     flame me saying that I'm not doing stuff right.  End goal is to beat everyone
     and collect everything and this is pretty much achieved albeit in a much
     longer time.
     Now let's begin.
    = CENTRAL HIGHWAY =============================================================
     General Tips:
     * Familiarize yourself with controlling X.  This is the best place for you to
       do it as the enemies are relatively harmless.
     * Keep your X-Buster charged up even if you don't see any enemies so you are
       always ready to fire.
     * If an enemy doesn't drop after a charged shot, continue shooting it with
       uncharged shots.  It will drop faster than if you charge up your shot again.
       This is not applicable against bosses though since you will after firing
       they will be invincible and this time is best used charging up again.
     * When fighting the giant bee, just continue firing taking note of the enemies
       it drops.  When it starts lobbing missiles, dodge these by jumping.  Take
       this time to re charge up your X-Buster.
     BOSS: Vile
     * Note that unlike the first game, Vile does not aim to capture you this time.
     * Only his head is vulnerable so don't bother trying to hit his Ride Armor.
     * When he dashes towards you, jump over him, though he is big, his speed
       relative speed should make it easy for you to jump over him.
     * When he fires his spark attack, jump else, you'll get stunned for a while.
    = STARTING ACTIVITES ==========================================================
     * Note that you can get all armor upgrades even before you defeat each
       individual Maverick.  I highly recommend this as this will make your life a
       lot easier even in normal.  Below are their locations:
     * To make it even easier, there are a number of HEART TANKS and SUB TANKS
       readily available to you at the start.  These are as follows:
       HEART TANKS available in:
         MINE RUINS
       SUB TANK available in:
         MINE RUINS
    = MISSILE BASE ================================================================
     * Again, always charge up your X-Buster.  Most enemies will go down in one hit
       while for others you will need to follow it up with a few single ones.
     * The best way to defeat the woodcutter is to jump over him and shoot him from
     * HEAD PARTS (needs LEG PARTS) *
       Near the start of the stage where you need to climb up but are hindered by
       wheel enemies, you will find a set of breakable bricks on the right wall.
       Just climb up it and the wall should break.  You will find the HEAD PARTS
       just behind it.
     * HEART TANK (needs fire wave) *
       Somewhere along the middle of the stage, you will notice a metallic bunker.
       Go past it and through to a cave.  When you get out from the other side,
       find the ride armor.  Go over to the top of the cave by jumping in the
       armor then jumping, and then at the apex of your jump, jumping out of the
       armor.  You should be high enough that you can go on top of the cave.  From
       their find the bunkers and break them open using Fire Wave.  Go back later
       if you don't have it yet.
     BOSS: Chill Penguin
     * For those who didn't follow this FAQ and has acquired FIRE WAVE already use
       it.  The hardest part of this battle would be to hit him once.  This will
       stun him and you can stun him continuously through timing your shots
     * For those without FIRE WAVE, immediately grab hold of the wall farther a way
       from him and charge up your X-Buster.  If he grabs on to the ring, fire away
       with your X-Buster making sure you charge it up again.  If he jumps to your
       side of the screen, drop over him and run to the other side and grab hold of
       the other wall as he will either jump and hit you or grab on to the ring and
       fire his blizzard attack which will make you fall to the ground.  You
       survival relies on being able to keep hold of a wall.  Ignore his other
       attacks.  He should go down in a bit.
     * Hard mode is a bit of a doozy if you try this guy first.  He has one special
       attack where he fires a series of Shotgun Ice shots against a wall and you
       will undoubtedly get hit.  Since you will probably have very limited life
       you would need to take a more offensive approach here as you won't survive
       if you try waiting it out.  You may want to get some upgrades, HEART TANKs
       and SUB TANKs available first to make life easier for you.
    = POWER PLANT =================================================================
     * If you've beaten STORM EAGLE already, you will find this place in ruins.
       The spark hazards will be gone.  The dark stages will be very dark, however,
       making those parts a wee bit harder IMHO.
     * Learn to dodge the sparks.  They don't do much damage but it does add up.
     * To fight the big enemies firing sparks and missiles, just charge up your
       shot, and after he fires his missiles, dodge them and fire your charge shot.
       Follow this up by spamming single shots.  Repeat as necessary.
     * When you get to the dark areas where you see flying light bugs, just go
       slowly.  Stop when the area gets dark and move forward when it lights up
       again.  This shouldn't be that hard.
     * When you get to the large gel type robot, just charge up your shots and fire
       at him from the side wall, remembering to move to the other end if he gets
       near you.
       Near the beginning where you avoid the sparks, always take the stairs down.
       Near the end of this area, you should find the SUB TANK behind a wall.  You
       should be able to reach it with a well aimed BOOMERANG CUTTER.
       Near the middle of the stage, you will find a set of stairs going down.
       Notice the ceiling is especially high in this area.  That is because their
       is a HEART TANK off screen.  You can reach this by grabbing hold of the
       right wall and climbing up.  When you reach the top, you need to aim your
       BOOMERANG CUTTER such that it reaches the HEART TANK.
     * You should have SHOTGUN ICE now.  You just need to keep him frozen and he
       should drop without any difficulty.
     * If you don't have SHOTGUN ICE, well, some strategy is in order.  The first
       thing you should do is learn his movements.  You should know the animation
       sequence for his different attacks so you can dodge them easily.  As with
       CHILL PENGUIN, hug one of the walls and charge up your X-Buster.  If he
       climbs up, he will go to your side so fire your X-Buster then go to the
       other wall.  If he does his dash punch, drop over him (time it right since
       if he hits you before you drop, you will fall and hit him), fire your X-
       Buster and hug the opposite wall.  If he fires his spark attack, drop down (
       as it can traverse walls) fire your X-Buster and climb the same wall again.
       He should drop in no time.
     * He won't be as hard as CHILL PENGUIN in Hard Mode since he doesn't have any
       additional attacks.  Note though that while you can afford to get hit a
       couple of times in Normal, in Hard Mode, avoiding hits  is much more
       critical as damage taken is much larger.
    = MINE RUINS ==================================================================
     * For miners, charge your shot.  As he throws his pickaxe, fire the shot and
       step forward (or backward) a bit (enough that it misses you) and fire
       multiple single shots.
     * Be careful when riding the train.  You will always fall in a pit at the end
       of a ride if you just stay put.  Jump at the last second.  Also, just keep
       firing single shots especially.  Be careful with the third (last) train
       sequence.  The end is a real doozy.
     * The best way to deal with the mining tanks is to use either FIRE WAVE or
       STORM TORNADO on it.  If you don't have this, use one charged shot followed
       by a quick barrage of single shots.  It should go down before long.
     * SUB TANK *
       You should see a mining tank during one of the longer drops.  Quickly climb
       back up the wall and let it go past you.  The SUB TANK is right behind it.
     * HEART TANK *
       At the second long drop, you will find yourself right behind another mining
       tank.  Quickly release a fully charged shot (you did charge before hand did
       you) and barrage it with quick single shots while following a short distance
       hind it, being careful not to run into it.  It should die before it reaches
       a hole in the ceiling holding the HEART TANK.  If you lack the dexterity,
       just go back later when you have FIRE WAVE or STORM TORNADO.  It will go
       down easily with either.
     * HADOUKEN UPGRADE (need everything!) *
       Just go through this entire stage with full SUB TANKS and without taking any
       damage.  After the last train ride, time a jump to get above the entrance to
       the boss fight.  You should see the capsule there.  To get past this test
       easily, charge up your ROLLING SHIELD and you should be nigh invincible.
       Spam a STORM TORNADO on stronger enemies to beat them easily.
     * If you have ELECTRIC SPARK, use it else, use Charged Shots.  Either way the
       pattern is the same.
     * If you have ELECTRIC SPARK, immediately fire it at him and he will drop his
       ARMOR, then go to the side wall.  If not, immediately climb the side wall.
       Now he will shoot you a few times.  Keep on the wall ignoring these rounds
       as they won't hit you.  He will then roll into a ball and bounce around the
       screen.  When he first rolls into a ball, he will hit the ground below you
       and ricochet well away from you missing you completely.  Immediately drop
       down and position your self such that his bounce path will miss you, it's
       not that hard believe me.  After going from left to right a couple of times,
       he will unroll himself.  If you don't have ELECTRIC SPARK, immediately fire
       your charged shot (else he will block it).  If you have it, just fire away.
       Either way, go back to the wall and repeat the process.  When he reaches
       less than 50% his life, he will have a new attack.  He will roll into a ball
       again but this time, he will roll in place for a few seconds.  This is your
       cue to drop down as he will roll around walls and ceiling instead of bounce
       around it as before.  Now just time your jumps carefully (he will gain speed
       continually while rolling).  Hit him again when he unrolls.  He should die
       soon enough.
     * Like CHILL PENGUIN, ARMORED ARMADILLO also has a special attack that is
       nigh unavoidable.  His attack is one where he bounces around the screen but
       instead of at 80 angles which is very easy to avoid, it will be at 30 degree
       angles!  He will also be firing blasts on all four cardinal directions.  If
       you are presented with the option, get hit by his blast instead of ARMORED
       ARMADILLO himself as damage is much less.  Stock up on upgrades and power
       ups first if this is your first Maverick.
    = SUBTERRANEAN BASE ===========================================================
     * To beat the turtles, just fire you charged shot, wait for him to fire off
       BOTH missiles then walk forward (or backward) then fire again.  Rinse and
     * You can charge up your ROLLING SHIELD here to prevent the rolled shrimps
       from harming you.
     * The round fish will suck you in, they are mostly harmless but try not to
       drop on the spikes when you destroy them from the inside.
     * You will soon meet up with a large submarine like fish.  To beat it, charge
       up your shield for protection against the smaller eels (if you don't have it
       doesn't matter).  Then just fire away at the thing on its head (a search
       light of sorts).  It will eventually drop off along with its shield.  Now
       just continue firing its main body and it should die without any troubles.
       Note that one of its attacks involves firing off a small whirlwind (similar)
       to Storm Eagle's. This is mostly harmless for the first sub at least.
     * You will meet up with a second sub, except with this one you have to deal
       with having a relatively small place to stand on with either side having
       spikes.  Just repeat the process above but this time jumping when he fires
       off his wind attack. To avoid getting pulled/pushed to the spike pits.
     * You will encounter a big dragon type robot. Just keep firing at his head or
       tail and it should drop sooner or later.  Keep to the sides and you should
       be safe.
     * HEART TANK *
       Around the middle of the stage, you will find missiles dropping from above.
       Go back until you find a sort of whirlwind device.  Hop on it and it will
       take you to a large boat type robot.  Hop on it and fire at its core (its
       big and blue you can't miss it).  Sooner or later, it will drop down taking
       you along with it and break through the blast doors below and into a large
       area.  Moving forward you will meet up with a dragon type robot.  Just keep
       firing at his head or tail and it should die soon enough.  Keep onto the
       side walls to be safe.  When he dies move to the right side of the room to
       receive the HEART TANK.
     * If you have BOOMERANG CUTTER, keep firing on him until his tentacles drop
       off disabling his absorb attack.
     * If you have ROLLING SHIELD just keep to a side wall and keep pelting him
       with it when he comes in range.  Then keep him stunned using buy firing the
       ROLLING SHIELD in time with the end of his stun animation.
     * If you don't have ROLLING SHIELD, keep on the ground and keep your X-Buster
       charged up.  Fire at him when you can and recharge.  If he fires his
       missiles, jump to avoid them.  If he fires fish, fire you charged shot at
       them and then jump over what's left.  When he starts spinning, that's your
       cue to run.  Make sure that you are not in the middle when the whirlwind
       forms as this not only damages you greatly, it also heals him!  He'll die
       before long.
    = FORTRESS TOWER ==============================================================
     * Slowly make your way up.  This is not a very difficult stage for X.  If you
       have rolling shield, have it up at all times so you don't need to worry
       about the flyers in this stage.
     * When you get to the part on the elevator going up, always have your X-Buster
       charged up and kill the wheel robots ASAP.  Use STORM TORNADO if you have
       After the elevator, you will be climbing up a series of ledges with guns
       coming out of the left wall.  When you get to the top, you will see the
       HEART TANK on a ledge.  This is very easy to get if you have BOOMERANG
       CUTTER,  just aim it correctly and you should get it in one or two tries.
       With SHOTGUN ICE, you need to be a bit more agile.  Charge it up to create
       an ICE BLOCK.  Ride the ICE BLOCK and immediately jump up to the ledge.
     * If you have HOMING TORPEDO as it stuns him.  Note that you can't keep him
       stunned though.
     * Climb the wall on the side of the room opposite him.  If he fires his
       boomerang, drop down and fire whatever weapon you are using then when it is
       safe, climb back up (if you are using your X-Buster, charge it up again).
       If he rushes towards you, go over him to the opposite wall.  You won't be
       able to avoid his boomerang otherwise.  Rinse and repeat.
    = RECON BASE ==================================================================
     * Again, mostly weak enemies.  Just spam you Buster shots and they should go
       down without a problem.
     * For woodcutters, remember to charge up first and destroy the blocks that he
       lobs at you.
     * On the cave with the falling rocks, walk slowly and keep fire HOMING
       TORNADOES every few paces to root out the robots.  Don't worry about the
       rocks as your helmet should block them (that is if you have the helmet
       already).  The robot will drop easily by spamming your HOMING TORNADO.
     * You will soon get some ride armor use it.
     * You will have to contend with other ride armor enemies here, 3 punches from
       yours should flatten them though.  If not, a charge shot plus a steady shot
       of normal shots should do them in.
     * ARM PARTS (need LEG PARTS) *
       After the first "green area", you will find a cave.  You should recognize it
       by the low ceiling and the pit at its entrance.  Dash Jump to reach the
       upper ledge.  Here you will fight a rather large (about the size of FLAME
       MAMMOTH) robot.  Just keep firing charged shots (or STORM TORNADOES) on his
       head and dash-jumping over him when he gets close.  Once you beat him, you
       will gain access to the ARM PARTS.
     * HEART TANK (need LEG PARTS, and have beaten LAUNCH OCTOPUS) *
       Starting from the same cave entrance, drop into the pit.  The screen should
       scroll down (else wrong pit and you just died, sorry about that).  You have
       to break a few bricks, do so by climbing up them (you need the LEG PARTS to
       break them).  Now do a dash-jump right and you should reach the an upper
       ledge to the right.  Note that this would be flooded if you defeated LAUNCH
       OCTOPUS already giving you the ability to reach that said ledge, else you'll
       most likely come short though I was able to reach it once (in the original)
       before without beating him though I don't know if that's possible now as I
       haven't been able to do so.
     * This is one easy Maverick to defeat even without BOOMERANG CUTTER so it is a
       good first level choice.
     * If you have BOOMERANG CUTTER use it.  It will stagger him giving you some
       breathing room and preventing him from using his more lethal attacks.
    = NEW-TYPE AIRPORT ============================================================
     * This is a relatively easy stage, but you need to be alert since even though
       you don't take much damage, it doesn't matter if you fall off a ledge or
     * Shoot the grabbers immediately.  If you are captured, time your shots so
       that they don't drop you off the to a premature death when they blow up.
       For other enemies, use the same strategies as before (as they are mostly the
     * Again don't rush it especially in the jumping areas, patience is a virtue in
     * HEART TANK (need LEG PARTS) *
       At the very beginning, you will be riding a set of moving platforms operated
       by pulleys.  At the very top of the platform (you won't be able to go up
       anymore at this point), do a dash jump towards the left.  You should land
       just above the starting position.  The HEART TANK should be there.
     * SUB TANK *
       Near the middle, you should see a gun situated on a rising pillar.  Destroy
       the gun and ride the pillar up.  You should see a large glass room.  Shoot
       the glass to break it and go through.  The SUB TANK is on the far side of
       the room.
     * BODY PARTS (need HEAD PARTS) *
       Near the middle of the stage, you will climb a tall pillar to a set of
       ledges above.  Note that at the top, you will see that you can drop down the
       other side of the  pillar.  Jump across to the other side of the small room
       and you will find some breakable walls above you.  Break through these and
       you will find the capsule where you get the HEAD PARTS.
     * I usually give strategies not requiring any special items but for this one,
       having the LEG PARTS (or CHAMELEON STING) would save you from much anguish.
     * Use CHAMELEON STING if you have it.  It always staggers him and breaking his
       attack sequence.  Note that most (some are though) of his attacks are
       passive and as such won't damage you.  They will push you down the side of
       the ship though and that will kill you.
     * As always keep your X-Buster charged (if you're not using CHAMELEON sting).
       If you don't have the LEG PARTS or CHAMELEON STING, keep very close to him.
       If he does his normal wing buffet type move (he uses his wings to create a
       relatively mild wind to push you back), just keep running forward and keep
       shooting.  CHAMELEON STING would stop him from doing it but its not really
       that important to do so.  If he fires up his tornado attack, keep dashing
       forward else you'll get pushed off the ledge.  If you don't have the LEG
       PARTS yet, you need to watch out for this attack and jump over him to get
       behind him (even if it means taking some damage) else you will die.  If he
       flies up, he will either throw an egg which releases 4 homing birds (easy to
       kill with one perfectly aimed charged shot), or he will fly further up.  If
       he flies up, keep on running in one direction.  He should either attack you
       flying diagonally in your direction (he won't hit you unless you stand
       still) or by flying along the ground (this will hit you so JUMP!).  Now if
       you don't have either of my recommended equipment, try to have a few 1-ups
       :-).  It would be much easier just to come back when you have either.
    = PROTOTYPE WEAPONS PLANT =====================================================
     * This is a bit easier if you already defeated CHILL PENGUIN as all flames
       would have been extinguished already.
     * Again, being aggressive will get you killed and fast!  Take your time.
       Hmmm, there seems to be a common pattern with all my strategies :-).
     * The moving platforms will cause you a lot of pain if you try rushing it.
       Take it slow, there is a bit of wait time in between junk drops so you don't
       need to rush it.
     * At some point in the stage, you will encounter a small hall with motion
       sensors.  Note that if you move, the cubes right next to the sensors will
       each fire on shot at you.  Note that you can hang on to these cubes without
       any trouble so use them to traverse the sensor area.
     * LEG PARTS *
       This is very hard to spot at first (if you're the type who just runs in with
       guns blazing :-)) but when you find it, you should go here first in every
       game.  Near the start of the stage, right BEFORE the area with ledges and
       pickaxe throwing miners, you will pass through an area with a relatively
       low ceiling.  Around the middle of this area, the ceiling will suddenly
       become higher and you will see that there is a wall to your left that is
       rather easy to climb up on.  Go up and you should get the LEG PARTS.
     * HEART TANK (defeat CHILL PENGUIN or not but you'll die after getting it) *
       Right near the beginning where the ground is on fire and with miners
       throwing pickaxes at you, try to stay at the bottom most ledges at all
       times.  You should see the HEART TANK on the ground next to a wall under one
       of the longer ledges.  Just dash to it and you should reach it before you
       die.  With CHILL PENGUIN defeated, the fire on the ground will have been
       extinguished already making it possible to get it without dying.
     * SUB TANK *
       This is in the same general area as the HEART TANK except instead of being
       in the bottom right part of the area, the SUB TANK will be in the upper left
       area.  Go up this area (if you have CHAMELEON STING and ARM PARTS, charging
       it up will make this much easier) to the upper left area of the room.  When
       you get to the top left ledge, do a jump to the left wall. Slide down and
       you should see the area where the SUB TANK is stored.
     * Use STORM TORNADO if you have it.  Else, charge up your X-Buster once again.
     * Unlike other bosses, you should stay a bit close to him.  This is because he
       will start lobbing balls of fire at you (like throwing a grenade).  When he
       does this, run back a bit and shoot him.  If he throws another one, run back
       again and shoot again.  Keep doing this until you get to the wall, in which
       case wait for him to be right below you then jump over him (this can be
       tricky as he is a lot bigger than most other bosses), and repeat the same
       process going in the opposite direction.  If he lobs a black glob at you
       keep well away from it as, if he throws a ball of fire on it, it will create
       a much bigger fire that is relatively hard to avoid.  Also, if he jumps,
       jump as well, timing your own jump such that you are be airborne when he
       lands.  If not, you will be stunned and open to attacks.  He should die in
       no time.
     * He has one hard mode attack (you will notice this one immediately as it is
       blue and not red).  This is similar to a fully charged FIRE WAVE.  It is, as
       its name states, a wave of fire propagating forward.  Simply do a dash-jump
       over the fire before it gets to high to avoid it.
    = POST ACTIVITIES =============================================================
     * This is a good time to review the FAQ and check what items you don't have
       yet, say the HADOUKEN UPGRADE for example.
     * In between the last few stages, you might want to revisit ARMORED
       ARMADILLO's stage to fill up your SUB TANKs and stock up on 1-ups.  This is
       the best place to do this since (1) you are totally safe, and (2) 1-ups drop
       once in every 1 or 2 minutes.  To do this, charge up your ROLLING SHIELD.
       Now just run back forth between the first train and the first ostrich
       destroying all the bats (they should die upon contact with your shield) and
       collect the items they drop.  This second or third bat drops 1-ups so
       frequently that you will find you have 9 lives (i.e. full) before your four
       SUB TANKs are filled up.
    = SIGMA PALACE 1 ==============================================================
     * The first part of this level is relatively easy.  Just use STORM TORNADO and
       you should be fine.  Keeping ROLLING SHIELD up makes this a bit easier as
       well, conserve it though since you'll need it soon.  Note that this is like
       a shorter but harder version of LAUNCH OCTOPUS' stage so just use the same
       strategy as there.
     * You should encounter the same big robot fish sub thing as before.  This
       time, you will have to fight him with a relatively small ledge to stand on
       (making his whirlwind attack especially deadly).  Use STORM TORNADO to make
       short work of him.  If he does fire his whirlwind, make sure you jump and
       not dash as dashing room is not that wide.
     * You will now fight LAUNCH OCTOPUS once again.  Use the same strategy as
     * Now you will have to go up a series of ledges (similar to BOOMERANG
       KUWANGER's stage).  Take it slow and you should get there with little
       trouble.  ROLLING SHIELD helps in this area as well.
     * You will now fight BOOMERANG KUWANGER.  Use the same strategy as before.
     * Take it slowly through the next area and you should reach this stage's
       Maverick without any problems.
     * This is a relatively simple boss to defeat.  Use either SHOTGUN ICE or the
       good old charged shot.
     * He has only a couple of simple attacks.  His first one is to lob four
       spiders at you which, upon landing will go in your direction.  Jump over
       them or fire a well timed charged shot (or STORM TORNADO) to destroy them
       all in one shot.
     * His other attack starts of with him creating a series of horizontal "webs"
       between the 5 pillars behind you.  These represents the possible paths he
       can take from the top-down.  To get his actual path, start where he is and
       always take the first web left or right until you reach the bottom.
       Position yourself as close as possible to him while still being out of his
       reach.  He will only be vulnerable for a very short amount of time so being
       near him gives you a bit more leeway.  He should die without you taking much
       damage (if at all).  Note that SHOTGUN ICE works well against him.
    = SIGMA PALACE 2 ==============================================================
     * The first part shouldn't present any significant challenge to you.  Use
       STORM TORNADO and you'll breeze through unscathed.  Watch out for the mining
       tanks though.  The second one, in particular, will drop right behind you and
       this usually means a one hit kill.  Good thing you have Ride Armour here.
       Time it such that it when it hits the miner (and explodes in the process)
       you are clear of the spikes when you become vulnerable.  There is a big hole
       in the ceiling where he drops, use this knowledge to your advantage.
     * You will soon meet up with ARMORED ARMADILLO.  Use the same strategy as
     * You will now reach an area with floating platforms.  Charge up your ROLLING
       SHIELD once again and cruise through this part unscathed.  Don't fall
     * You will be fighting STORM EAGLE once again.  Use the same strategy as
     * Pass through the next (relatively short area) and you should be fighting
       SPARK MANDRILL.  Use the same strategy as before.
     * Another short walk, if you need to fill up your Sub Tanks here.
     * This boss looks like a big face with both eyes and the nose capable of
       attacking you, albeit one at a time.
     * His eyes will do the most damage at you as they are hard to avoid.  They
       will appear in either of the 3 colors, RED, GREEN and BLUE.  When RED, it
       will fire 3 fire balls that are pretty much hard to avoid but doesn't damage
       you much anyway.  When GREEN it will fire a single shot which is easier to
       hit as well.  When BLUE, it will throw its entire weight on you.  Note that
       keep moving as it will do this a couple of times before returning to the
       socket.  Shoot each eye when as often as you are able to.  Use CHAMELEON
       STING or a charged X-Buster against the eyes.
     * The nose is much easier to avoid as it follows a clear pattern (you did
       ARMORED ARMADILLO right, so this shouldn't be a problem to you).  You will
       know he is coming when the walls suddenly close in to you leaving only a
       quarter of the original screen length, and no room on the floor (falling
       means death because of the middle spikes).  What I did to hit it is throw
       ROLLING SHIELDS from above him.  This seems to be the safest and easiest
       method.  Note that don't get hit, or if you do, make sure you go back up the
       wall again immediately.  Falling means instant death.
    = SIGMA PALACE 3 ==============================================================
     * The whole stage is easy so I won't give details on the enemies anymore
       albeit annoying (especially the FLAME MAMMOTH one).  I'll go straight to the
       Mavericks you'll be fighting.
     * Here you'll be fighting CHILL PENGUIN, STING CHAMELEON, and FLAME MAMMOTH.
       CUTTER if you want to cut his trunk off) respectively.
     * Learn his moves.  By default he will fire CHERRY BLAST which, though hard
       to dodge, is not that damaging.  His BANGAWAY BOMB attack is very damaging
       but easy to avoid as well.  His laser attack is easy to avoid as well, just
       stay at the far end of the screen when he fires so you have enough space
       and time to dodge it.  His PEACE OUT ROLLER attack will often catch you off
       guard so be careful.  Use ROLLING SHIELD to damage him more.  Try to
       conserve your SUB TANKS because you'll be facing another boss in this area.
     * Z-BUSTER (need to NOT have ARM PARTS)
       After you beat Vile, Zero will give you his Z-Buster, but you need to not
       have upgraded your own X-Buster with the ARM PARTS.  IMHO, its not worth it
       but you might want to do it a second time just to have this (for bragging
     BOSS: D-REX
     * You'll be facing a large tank that looks like a T-Rex's head.  It is
       composed of two parts that move independently of each other.  The bottom
       part is invincible so don't bother trying to hit it.
     * The bottom part only has one attack and that is to rush the left wall.  when
       it hits the wall with you on it, you will fall down, but thankfully it won't
       damage you (though it will leave you stunned leaving you open to attacks).
     * The upper part will glide back and forth and diagonally up and down.  Be
       sure you don't get squashed between the two parts as will damage you
     * The best way to beat him is to stay on the ground and jump-firing BOOMERANG
       CUTTERS.  If the bottom half is getting precariously close, just jump
       through to the other side (being careful not to get squashed.)
     * He will also sometimes fire a large electrical ball at you.  You will no
       this immediately as the charging sequence is very noticeable.  If this
       happens, do a carefully timed dash jump over the ball.  If done correctly,
       you shouldn't receive any damage.  Use SUB TANKS as needed.
    = SIGMA PALACE 4 ==============================================================
     * Were finally at the last stage.  This part is composed of 3 bosses in
     * When you get the timing right, you won't get hit a single time against him.
     * He has three basic attacks.  First he will try to fire a sort of flame
       thrower at you.  Second he will try to fire a few ice bolts at you.  You
       can either try to avoid them (the first by jumping over, the second by
       positioning yourself correctly).  Both can be stopped by firing a fully
       charged X-Buster (or Z-Buster) shot at him right before he gets a shot off.
       The latter is the better option IMHO.
     * He will also jump over you to the wall then back down to his original
       position.  Fire another charged shot to stagger him again.  (If you have the
       HADOUKEN UPGRADE, you can wait for him to jump up the wall and trigger it,
       he should land right on the fireball and die instantly).
     * He won't put up much of a fight.
     BOSS: SIGMA 1
     * This fight is just as easy if you get the pattern right.
     * Just get up the left most wall and stay there.  He will do one of two
       things.  He will either shoot you with a series of pellets from his forehead
       (in which case, you should position yourself correctly so that the pellets
       will hit the wall above and below you) or ricochet from wall to wall then
       back down (similar to the nose part of RANGDA BANGDA).  This is easily
       avoided by keeping to the top left corner and dropping at the last moment.
       Note that in hard mode, if you do this, he will sometimes zoom down above
       you so to be safe, after dropping down, always zoom to the other side and
       repeating the sequence now from the top right wall.  This shouldn't present
       you with any problems as well.
     BOSS: SIGMA 2
     * You then fight SIGMA's final form.  This is easily the biggest boss of the
       game.  If you've played Megaman 3, this boss is strangely familiar to it in
       structure.  It is a very big character with only its head as its vulnerable
     * Use ROLLING SHIELD on its head to damage it.
     * It has quite a few attacks.  The first one involves it hitting you with
       either hand (whichever you are closer to).  You should be able to dodge it
       easily once you recognize the animation sequence.  You should then ride on
       top of the hand and hit its head with ROLLING SHIELD a couple of times.
     * It can also attack via large sparks from his hand combined with sort of
       flame thrower from its mouth.  If he starts his animation, hug either wall.
       You should be safe from both attacks from there.
     * It can also fire a laser from its shoulder.  This will release a wave of
       lasers propagating to the opposite wall.  Position yourself under the hand
       near the start of the wave and when the laser on that hand dissipates, jump
       over it and fire a couple of ROLLING SHIELDs at him.  He is vulnerable until
       the laser reaches the opposite wall.
     Congratulations, you just beat X Mode.
    - 6 - VILE MODE WALKTHROUGH ---------------------------------------------------
     Similar to the X MODE WALKTHROUGH above, this won't go into much detail
     regarding the stage layout.  I will focus only on problematic areas.
     I will also give the recommended weapon load out for Vile (at least what I
     found useful).
     Again, the route taken in this FAQ is not at all optimal.
     Now let's begin.
    = CENTRAL HIGHWAY =============================================================
     Recommended Load out: Like you have a choice :-)
     General Tips:
     * Familiarize yourself with controlling Vile.  Each of the three weapon
       launchers have particular uses.  The ARM TYPEs are for general use.  The
       SHOULDER TYPEs are mainly for airborne enemies and stationary enemies on
       upper platforms.  The LEG TYPEs are mainly for stronger enemies on the
       ground.  Note that for LEG TYPEs, I suggest that you jump attack instead of
       keep on the ground since firing from the ground leaves you exposed to other
       attacks.  Needless to say that if you do this, destroy all flyers and
       turrets capable of firing at you when you are in the air first.
     * Here you will meet up with the most common (and most annoying) enemy in Vile
       Mode.  Those pesky miners are a pain due to their strategic location.  As in
       most other enemies, the basic strategy is wait for them to fire, dodge the
       projectile and let them have it (if they don't die on the initial attack,
       just repeat the process).  Never fire your LEG TYPEs before the initial fire
       of an enemy (unless you are sure you are safe).
     * Turtles are easy once you get the pattern of their attack.
     * When fighting the giant bee, just continue press and hold the SQUARE.  When
       it starts firing missiles, dodge them by jumping.  If it sends out any
       walkers, fire at them using your SHOULDER CANNON (press DOWN while firing to
       fire horizontally).
     * The car type enemies can be defeated easily by jumping over them then
       shooting from behind.
     BOSS: X
     * X is a piece of cake here.  He doesn't have much in terms of weapons.  His
       Charged Shot does hurt though so be careful.  What I do is I jump over him,
       then drop a BUMPITY BOOM, timing it such that I not land on him.  He
       sometimes jumps though so be careful.  This is much harder in hard mode as
       damage to you is much higher.
    = STARTING ACTIVITES ==========================================================
     * To make life easier, there are a number of HEART TANKS and SUB TANKS
       readily available to you from the start.  If you are having trouble
       fighting your first boss, take your time to get a few (one SUB TANK does
       wonders) before retrying the said Maverick.
       HEART TANKS available in:
         POWER PLANT
         ENERGY MINE RUINS (easier though after STORM EAGLE)
         PROTOTYPE WEAPONS PLANT (easier though after STORM EAGLE)
       SUB TANK available in:
         RECON BASE RUINS (easier after STORM EAGLE)
         NEW-TYPE AIRPORT (difficult but obtainable whether you choose to get it at
                           the beginning or near the end)
     * Note that while these are technically available to you, surviving to the
       point where you can get them can be a problem, especially in hard mode.
    = MISSILE BASE ================================================================
     Recommended Load out: Following the FAQ, you should have no choice else, WILD
       HORSE KICK, and DRAGON'S WRATH (the latter is better due to range) works
       well against CHILL PENGUIN.
     * Take it slow.  Vile's game is not designed for rushing.
     * The best way to defeat the woodcutter is to jump over him and shoot him from
     * Use the terrain.  If an enemy is above and can't target you, use your
       SHOULDER TYPE.  If he is below, use your LEG TYPE.  Your enemies are doing
       it so why can't you.
     * HEART TANK *
       The HEART TANK is inside the first metallic bunker you encounter.  Get the
       Ride Armor at the opposite end of the cave.  Make your way back with the
       Armor to the said bunker.  Note that the easiest route is over the cave.
     BOSS: Chill Penguin
     * If you don't have either FLAMETHROWER TYPE, immediately grab hold of the
       wall farther a way from him and wait.  Use the same general strategy as X.
       Expect a harder fight though since you don't have charged shot.
     * If you have a FLAMETHROWER TYPE, attack him once to burn him, wait for him
       to be vulnerable again (when he stops flashing) and immediately fire again.
       If you do it right, this shouldn't take long.
     Note that after this you will have FROZEN CASTLE which halves the damage you
     take automatically making the latter stages much easier.
    = POWER PLANT =================================================================
     Recommended Load out: Following the FAQ you should have DISTANCE NEEDLER which
       works wonders in this stage.
     * The layout is mostly the same as in X so the same tips apply.
     * When you get to the large gel type robot, just keep firing your NEEDLER at
       him from the side wall, remembering to move to the other end if he gets near
     * HEART TANK *
       You find it in the same location as X's.  If you have QUICK HOMESICK, use
       the same strategy as in X using the BOOMERANGE CUTTER, else just use Dash
       Jump using the Ride Armor you get nearby, and jump out at the right moment
       to reach the ledge.  Either way is easy.
     * Use the same strategy as in X without SHOTGUN ICE, using whatever weapon you
       have.  DISTANCE NEEDLER does not freeze but it does the same damage as
     PUNCH TYPEs are now available to you.
    = MINE RUINS ==================================================================
     Recommended Load out: Following the FAQ, you should have both GO-GETTER RIGHT
       and INFINITY GIG, both of which are good options against him, though you
       should only have enough energy for the former.  PEACE OUT ROLLER works well
       against him as well as it removes his armor.  Unfortunately, BALL TYPEs are
       unlocked only after you defeat him the first time making PEACE OUT ROLLER
       out of the question at this point.
     * No train rides for Vile :-).
     * I never got to destroying any of the tanks.  Just avoid them, you won't lose
       anything by not killing them.
     * HEART TANK (easier after STORM EAGLE) *
       This is at the same location as the HADOUKEN upgrade but instead of the
       train ride, you'll have to traverse a series of floating platforms.  at the
       top right platform, make a leap of faith to the right and you should see
       another platform.  Jump from there to the right wall to get the HEART TANK.
       Note that after you get SPEED DEVIL you're jumping range will increase
       significantly making this easier.
     * If you have PEACE OUT ROLLER (FREEPLAY MODE only), just stick to a wall and
       keep firing, taking care to go down when he rolls.
     * Use the same general strategy as in X.  This shouldn't be that hard for you.
     BALL TYPEs are now available to you.
    = SUBTERRANEAN BASE ===========================================================
     Recommended Load out: following the FAQ, only DEATHSTAR HUGGER is really
       needed though most BALL TYPEs work well.  PEACE OUT ROLLER works well in
       this stage.
     * Use the same general startegy as X.
     * When you meet up with the fish submarine sub boss jump over him and spam
       your LEG TYPEs from above him (watch your energy bar).
     * You will meet up with a second fish, except with this one you have to deal
       with having a relatively small place to stand on.  The same strategy works
     * You will encounter a big dragon sub boss. Just keep firing at his head or
       tail and it should drop sooner or later.  Keep to the sides and you should
       be safe.  If you have your Ride Armor, one punch should bring it down!
     * HEART TANK *
       Same as X.  Pity you can't take your Ride Armor in here to fight this
     * SUB TANK *
       After you Punch the second dragon sub boss (the one above ground) with your
       Ride Armor :-), go back to the left side pillar and do a dash jump.  You
       should see the SUB TANK floating slightly on the water.  You should be able
       to reach it with the dash jump.
     * If you have any of the BOOMERANG TYPEs, keep firing on him until his
       tentacles drop off disabling his absorb attack.
     * If you have any of the BALL TYPEs just keep to a side wall and keep pelting
       him with it.
     * If you don't have a BALL TYPE in hand, keep the ground and keep firing with
       your SHOULDER TYPE.  Use the same strategy as in X MODE.
     MISSILE TYPEs should now be available to you.
    = FORTRESS TOWER ==============================================================
     Recommended Load out:  If you followed the FAQ, HUMERUS CRASH and SEROTINAL
       BULLET should be available to you and both are effective against BOOMERANG
       KUWANGER though I prefer the former due to its speed advantage.  SPLASH HIT
       will make his stage more than manageable so use it as well.
     * The Ball and Chain Robots and the Turtles are pain but, with SPLASH HIT they
       shouldn't pose much of a threat to you as you can blow them up from below.
     * When you get to the part on the elevator going up, be careful as the thorns
       mean instant death.  Your ARM WEAPONs will be of much better use to you
       compared to the other launchers.  The other launchers have a lengthy
       animation sequence which makes you susceptible to the spikes.
     * HEART TANK *
       When you reach the top of the elevator, you should see a platform very high
       up.  To reach it, jump on the platform near the exit and quickly jump up to
       the HEART TANK.  Do this quickly as the platform will break before the
       elevator stops.  If you are having a hard time reaching it, just go back
       when you get QUICK HOMESICK and use it to get the HEART TANK.
     * SUB TANK (needs QUICK HOMESICK) *
       Use the same strategy as in X's HEART TANK replacing BOOMERANG CUTTER with
     * If you have any MISSILE TYPE use it.
     * Use the same strategy as in X.
    = RECON BASE ==================================================================
     Recommended Load out: MAROONED TOMAHAWK works best but you'll be gimping all
       of your other launchers to use it.  All other BOOMERANG TYPES will work well
       (with QUICK HOMESICK being the worst).  Use a VULCAN TYPE for your ARM
       WEAPON (though it's not really necessary).
     * The hardest part here would probably be the one where you face many Ride
       Armors.  They are best dealt with using a VULCAN TYPE as this can keep them
       away by simply holding the fire button.
     * HEART TANK *
       Near the start, you should see a Woodcutter robot on a high ledge.  Hop on
       the metallic wood he shoots at you and you will pass by the HEART TANK.
     * SUB TANK (easier after STORM EAGLE) *
       Get your Ride Armor from same location as X's LEG PARTS.  Keep it alive
       until about the middle of the stage (after 3 enemy Ride Armors).  You
       should see a hole in the ceiling.  Jump and then jump out of the Ride Armor
       to reach the hole and the SUB TANK inside.
     * The strategies for X still works well here.
    = NEW-TYPE AIRPORT ============================================================
     Recommended Load out:  CERBERUS PHANTOM is all you need here.  SEROTINAL
       BULLETS help as well.
     * Most tips using X still works here.  Again, don't rush it.
     * HEART TANK *
       This can be found above the building where you find the Xs SUB TANK.  Use
       the floating platform near the end if you shot the glass.
     * SUB TANK *
       Take the Ride Armor in the place where Xs SUB TANK is and go down.  Use
       your Ride Armor’s guns to shoot the flame throwers on the floating
       platforms before you hop on (or better yet dash jump over them).  Don't try
       to punch any of them.  At the end of the second set of platforms, you should
       see a set of crates below the ledge.  Just punch the first one using your
       Ride Armor to go through.  If you find that you are almost out of time,
       another tactic would be to not destroy the last flamethrower enemy and land
       just between it and the crates, destroying your Armor.  If done correctly,
       the blast should destroy the crates as well.  Go right to get the SUB TANK.
     * This is one annoying fight.  Aside from the fact that your LASER TYPEs don't
       stagger him, you don't have dash.  This is workable though.
     * Use the same strategy as X (without the LEG PARTS).  Remember to choose to
       jump over him (even if it means hitting him) than staying put as he will
       push you off the side.  If he tries his dive attack on you, just keep firing
       your SEROTINAL BULLETS and he will run into them giving minimal damage
       (better than none at all if you ask me).
    = PROTOTYPE WEAPONS PLANT =====================================================
     Recommended Load out: STRAIGHT NIGHTMARE and BANZAI BEATLE are best against
       though to make the level a lot easier.
     * Same rules apply as in X.  Read that part and you should be fine.
     * HEART TANK (easier after STORM EAGLE) *
       This is in the same area as the X's SUB TANK.  Pretty easy but without SPEED
       DEVIL, you run the risk of hitting an enemy on the bottom ledge making you
       miss your mark.  One trick I use is to keep firing your current leg types
       pressing forward slowing your descent somewhat.
     * Again, same strategy as in X using BANZAI BEETLE instead of STORM TORNADO.
    = POST ACTIVITIES =============================================================
     * This is a good time to review the FAQ and check what items you don't have
    = SIGMA PALACE 1 ==============================================================
     Recommended Load out: I suggest a BALL TYPE, a BOOMERANG TYPE (not QUICK
       HOMESICK please), and a MISSILE TYPE (a fast one is preferred).
     * You should have developed some strategies now on most enemies.  My
       suggestion, as always is to take it slow.
     * You should encounter the same big robot fish sub as before.  Even though the
       platform is small, you should still be able to easily defeat him using your
       BALL TYPE.  Just jump on top of him and spam your BALL TYPE from above him
       and he should go down.
     * You will now fight LAUNCH OCTOPUS once again.  Use the same strategy as
       before. Plus you have a BOOMERANG TYPE :-).
     * Now you will have to go up a series of ledges (similar to BOOMERANG
       KUWANGER's stage).  Take it slow and you should get there with little
       trouble.  Your BOOMERANG TYPE will get you out of here without a problem.
     * You will now fight BOOMERANG KUWANGER.  Use the same strategy as before.
     * Take it slowly through the next area and you should reach this stage's boss
       without any problems.
     * Sorry if this is getting repetitive but the same strategy as in X applies
       here still.  Note that "ice-based attacks" (i.e., distance needler) are
       useful here.
    = SIGMA PALACE 2 ==============================================================
     * Again, the mining tanks are a pain if they catch you by surprise.  Otherwise
       this isn't that hard.  Use the same Ride Armour strategy as in X to get
       through him.
     * You will soon meet up with ARMORED ARMADILLO.  Use the same strategy as
       before.  Note that with PEACE OUT ROLLER, you are now able to remove his
     * Take it slow through the floating platforms.
     * You will be fighting STORM EAGLE once again.  RISING SPECTER staggers him!
     * Pass through the next (relatively short area) and you should be fighting
       SPARK MANDRILL.  Use the same strategy as before.
     * Another short walk, if you need to fill up your Sub Tanks here.
     * Sorry still same strategy as in X.  Use Rising Specter as this is effective
       against him.  Note that if you followed the recommended layout, you should
       have this.  Thanks to Oracolex for pointing this out.
    = SIGMA PALACE 3 ==============================================================
       (believe me, you shouldn't worry yourself about the bosses here, only worry
       about X and Zero).
     * The whole stage is easy so I won't give details on the enemies anymore.
       I'll go straight to the enemies you'll be fighting.
     * Here you'll be fighting CHILL PENGUIN, STING CHAMELEON, and FLAME MAMMOTH.
       In easy mode, use the appropriate weapons and sail right on through.  In
       hard mode, use the strategy without the appropriate weapons and use SUB
       TANKS when needed.
     * If you used your SUB TANKS, refill them before heading out.  You'll use them
       all in hard mode the first time you go against X and ZERO and they would
       most probably be not enough.
     BOSS: X and ZERO
     * In this mode, X and Zero share one life bar and once either one of them take
       enough damage or a relative amount of time has passed, one will warp out
       and the other will warp in.  I will give strategies for both.
     * ZERO has only a few relatively easy attacks.  Either he shoots charged shots
       at you or does a flying kick.  Either is easily avoided.  Either spam PEACE
       OUT ROLLER or INFINITY GIGs at him until he warps out (or dies).
     * X will always warp in with a ROLLING SHIELD equipped.  Your first order of
       business is to destroy it. The best weapon against it is a spammed PEACE OUT
       ROLLER.  Just jump and spam it (you need to jump to avoid his normal fire).
       If he fires his HOMING TORPEDOES, fire your METAL CRESCENT to cancel it out.
       If he suddenly changes color to purple, that's your cue to move.  He will
       fire a charged STORM TORNADO on your current position.  Once his shield is
       gone, spam INFINITY GIGs or PEACE OUT ROLLERs.
     * They will sometimes join forces and both will fire a charged shot.  These
       charged shots will combine and split into four homing charged shots.  These
       can be dodged by simply going to the opposite wall and jumping as they pass
     * After ZERO dies, X will warp in.  He will be much more powerful in that he
       moves around more and he will fire two charged STORM TORNADOES instead of
       one.  Use the same strategy as before and he should go down after a couple
       of tries.  In hard mode, you pretty much need at least two SUB TANKS full at
       this point.
     Congratulations, you just beat Vile Mode.
    - 7 - Tips and Tricks ---------------------------------------------------------
     * You can fire X's default shots (but not charge it up) even if you have
       enemy weapons equipped by pressing triangle.
     * INFINITY GIG can fire on enemies through thin ceilings.  Note that while the
       actual projectile is not able to pierce the ceiling, it should damage the
     * Instead of pressing circle to dash, double-tap forward.  It's easier to
       trigger that way.
    - 8 - Personal Review ---------------------------------------------------------
     Pros:  The game is extremely polished and the production    Graphics:     4/5
            values are very good.  The new features give X a     Sounds:       3/5
            whole new lease to life.                             Gameplay:     5/5
                                                                 Longevity:    3/5
     Cons:  The game is a bit on the short side.  The fact       Tilt:         5/5
            that its easy doesn't help it much either.  Sounds   -----------------
            could have been better.                              Overall:      4/5
     Megaman:  Maverick Hunter X sets the bar high for all remakes.  Not only does
     it bring the Megaman X experience to new gamers, it brings a slew of great new
     features that makes it a viable buy for older gamers like me.
     At first, I was kind of sceptical since well, games cost a lot of money and
     this is a remake of a game I know very well.  I was very worried that while I
     might enjoy it, there might not be enough of it to enjoy it for a long enough
     time as to make it worth the buy.  In the end (and after watching a number of
     gameplay videos), I decided to shell out the dough and give it a try.
     The first thing that hit me was how the graphics has been improved.  The new
     style really brings an old game to the present!  X even fires from his left
     arm always irregardless of where he is facing (in the old days, to minimize
     the amount of memory a game takes up, developers just mirrored a sprite
     horizontally when a character moves to the opposite direction).  Defeating
     your first Maverick is even more fun since you actually see them crumple up
     and die before exploding instead of just flashing and disappearing without a
     trace.  There are some significant slowdowns though when you encounter a large
     amount of enemies and that detracts to the game a bit.
     Sounds remain mostly the same (though the tunes are remixed to current console
     standards).  Characters are voiced pretty well (except for some of the bosses
     like FLAME MAMMOTH who seems devoid of emotion).  Gameplay sounds do get a bit
     irritating though (hearing Vile say "Take This" while trying to fill your SUB
     TANKS can get annoying).  Nothing special in this regard though it could be a
     lot better in my opinion.
     Gameplay is basically the same one we've known and loved all these years.  It
     is still extremely addictive.  It is a bit easy though and average gamers
     should finish the game in a week tops.  Don't flame me.  I just have to say
     that games nowadays tend to be on the easy side.  I'd hoped that the
     developers put in some masochistic hard mode in somewhere for us older gamers
     but alas, its not meant to be.  That's really too bad since this is a
     very nice game and I'd hoped there were more to it.  That said, X and Vile
     controls very well (I can go further into saying that controls are noticably
     better than the original).
     Overall, I can say that the game has been successfully introduced to a new
     generation of gamers and adds a sufficient amount of content to give older
     players like me more than enough reason to revisit a franchise that we have
     grown with all these years.  I'm just a bit disappointed that the game was
     made way to easy now and the fact is that it is just a bit too short.
     Now, let's hope that Megaman Powered Up! is even better than this.
    - 9 - Contact Info ------------------------------------------------------------
     For any questions, clarications or God-forbid violent reactions, please
     contact e-mail me at techie.pinoy@yahoo.com.  Please write the nature of your
     e-mail in the Subject line.
     Send in any strategies you have on beating the bosses in VILE MODE.  I regret
     that I don't have time to test all the weapon combinations (especially now
     since I'm busy with my next FAQ for Megaman Powered Up) so any help will be
     greatly appreciated.
    - 101 - Acknowledgements ------------------------------------------------------
     Thanks to the following for useful info added into the FAQ:
       * Black Master EX and Calm Soldier for info on dodging X and Zero's charge
       * Oracolex for fleshing out the Rising Specter strategy against Rangda
       * jaypanglinan for confirming info regarding filling up of tanks in Armoured
         Armadillo's stage
    - 11 - Approved Sites ---------------------------------------------------------
     See below the list of sites where this FAQ can be legally posted.
     If I gave your site prior permission but failed to list the name of the site
     here, or if you want permission to post the FAQ, please drop me a mail.
     If you find this FAQ in any site other than the above, please drop me a mail
     so I can take appropriate action.
    - 12 - Version Info -----------------------------------------------------------
     14 March 2006     1.0   First release of the FAQ.
     15 March 2006     1.1   Fixed a number of glaring errors in the first FAQ!
                             Added a review and Tips Section.
     23 March 2006     1.2   Minor revisions as well as change in email address.
     25 April 2006     1.3   Additional strategies from e-mail senders.  See
                             Acknowledgements for details.
     10. August 2006   1.4   Updated strategy for fighting Zero and X using Vile.
                             Updated strategy for fighting Rangda Bangda.
                             Added approved sites list.
                             Added Acknowledgements section.
                             Added a frequently asked questions section.
    - 13 - Legal Info -------------------------------------------------------------
     This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
     private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
     publicly without advance written permission. Even with written permission, the
     FAQ should be displayed in its current unedited form.  Use of this guide on
     any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
     and a violation of copyright.
     All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
     respective trademark and copyright holders.
     Copyright 2006 Michael Madriñan

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