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"Proof that Capcom actually cares about the fans"

While X collection wasn't as excellent as we hoped for, Maverick Hunter X does more to make up for that. Maverick Hunter X is pretty much fan service wrapped in a little UMD disc. It has all that and a bag of chips to to speak. Maverick Hunter X is proof positive that Capcom still cares about the fans. And that's good for us and Capcom.

Graphics: 9/10. The graphics are clear-cut excellent. The game has a very fast frame rate with only a tiny bit of slowdown when the screen gets filled with enemies. But if you played the Super Nintendo version of X1, the same thing would happen. You could see what was going on in the background. A plane taking off in Storm Eagle's stage, wires flapping around in Spark Mandrill's level. Capcom paid alot of attention to detail and left no nook or cranny unchecked.

Game play: 10/10. The game play is exactly the same as it was for the Super Nintendo version of Mega Man X. You run, jump, shoot, and climb your way through 8 levels, some fortress stages, and an intro stage, fighting bosses along the way and using their weapon to defeat the next boss. The control responses are perfect and the game is easy to master. If you played X1, you pretty much have a good idea where all the items are. The only change is what upgrade capsule you come to in a stage. Vile mode on the other hand is a fun challenge that even veteran gamers will enjoy. Vile gets 3 sets of weapons for his arm, shoulder, and leg. You need to mix and match these parts in order to make it easier to get through a stage.

Sound: 10/10. The music in the game has been remixed. Many of the tracks are much better than the originals, and some were worse or less than par. The game also has a ton of sound effects in the game. Such as the revving of the Needle Chaser's wheel, or the flapping of the Batton Bone's wings. The voice acting however is what really steals the show. Mark Gatha portrays X with such great emotion and feeling that it makes you excited when you get to hear X talk again. The other bosses have excellent personalities and every voice fit each maverick perfectly.

Extras: Play as Vile, Free Mode, Day of Sigma. These three extras also add to the fun and enjoyment of the game. Vile mode has his own storyline and dialog. Free mode let's you play the bosses over and over again in every level with everything intact. Vile's free mode gives you unlimited weapon energy to use his attacks over and over. The Day of Sigma is a 24 minute long anime showing the reason why Sigma went maverick. The animation and voice acting is so good, that it makes you long for an X anime.

In conclusion, Maverick Hunter X is an excellent game. If you have a PSP, then you would be foolish to not pick this game up.

Overall: 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/03/06

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