PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File05/20/06wolverinefan135K
2nd Sigma stage - Normal - 4 subtanks - 4 normal parts - 5 hearts (missing Sting, Boom, and Spark's)
Save Game File02/06/06ddp6678689K
Game 100% clear. X and Vile all items, weapons, hadoken, zero's buster, both normal and hard, day of sigma unlocked
Save Game File04/03/06darkpheonix1747K
Save Game File02/11/06KuchikiByakuya570K
Two X saves one containing X's buster another with Zero's. Both 100% with Hadouken. One Vile save missing one Sub-Tank.
Save Game File02/03/06NomadAtomsk145K
Vile Hard Mode Clear Game; All Heart & Sub-Tanks
Save Game File02/04/06Crystal_Hunter145K
Vile Mode (Normal) 100% Cleared.
Save Game File04/03/06darkpheonix1747K
X both x and zero busters for both normal and hard plus hadoken, Vile hard and normal
Save Game File02/03/06NomadAtomsk135K
X Hard Mode Clear Game; All Heart & Sub-Tanks; Zero's Buster; Hadoken
Save Game File02/04/06Crystal_Hunter142K
X Mode (Normal) 100% Cleared. Hadoken included.
Save Game File07/07/06Noobhunter007136K
X, Normal Mode, almost 100%. Dr. Light's Buster and No Hadoken. All Hearts and Sub Tanks.

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

Save Game File06/23/10pspwiifan146K
Save Game File01/02/06Williamgo139K
Vava clear file (lack 1 subtank)
Save Game File01/02/06Williamgo136K
X 100% clear with Hadoken and Zero's buster.
Save Game File01/02/06Williamgo143K
X 100% clear with Hadoken.

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File05/16/14DolceDiana84685K
X and Vile Mode (Normal - Hard) 100% Clear, All Heart & Sub-Tanks; Zero's Buster and Hadoken unlocked.
Save Game File07/25/06belmont_gr417K
X game 100% completed.Vile game beaten.Day of the Sigma movie unlocked.Just unzip to PSP\SAVEDATA
Save Game File03/07/06pyron525136K
X Mode (Normal) 100% Clear, Ha-dou-ken unlocked.

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