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"This game is by far the most unrealistic racing game ever."

I love Initial D, both the manga and the anime. But what I hate about it, is this game. This brings a shame to the series and its arcade counterpart. Sure, the music was good and the cars were licensed. But that doesn't give the game any credit. This game couldn't even bring the slightest bit of fun, or at least worth. Everything in this game is bad. Such as drifting, a lame story, and very unconventional music. This game is purely abysmal, and on top of that this game brings shame to its company. I just need to get something out of my chest about this game.

Gameplay: 2/10

You would've thought of this game to be cool, judging from its box art and of course, the arcade version. But what irritates me the most, is the fact that this game has no realism. There's a wide array of cars here from different manufacturers. But that's not enough to redeem this game. And the loading screens are just crap, you wouldn't expect a racing game's loading screen to be just drawn by an 11 year old kid! Now let's jump to the race aspects. I like the HUD in this game, specifically the tachometer, speedometer and the timer. But then again, it's not enough to redeem this game. When the countdown finishes and you press the X button, of course it will accelerate. But even that is unrealistic. I, myself, still haven't seen a stock Trueno AE86 go to 130 kmh in just 2 seconds. And that's what you call unrealistic. Drifting is the real problem of this game, all you need to do is just press the D-Pad and you don't even need to hit the brakes! For example, entering a hairpin at high speed wouldn't even need the use of brakes. And the rubberband AI is just worse! I would somewhat call all of the races here to be scripted. The opponent AI will overtake you on a certain part of the course and on a certain lap no matter what.

Music: 4/10

The music in this game is good, but not good enough to keep you entertained. Some of the music tracks here can also be heard on the original anime. I used to like eurobeat music and J-Pop. My hatred for those kind of songs are just worse, maybe because of this game. One song is assigned to each and every stage in this game. It may get irritating, especially when you have a hard time defeating your opponent. You can select the tracks you want to hear, but can only be done on the menu. And we all know, that's bad. I won't say more about the music. But one last word, the music is bad...... purely bad.

Innovation: 2/10

The company will try to produce games and be innovative as much as possible. But they failed to do so on this game. Those card things, which can be used to enhance your car and go to your collection. I just hate them, that isn't a good way for the game to be known. I feel bad for the company who made it, for those who already bought it and those still buying it. To hate this game is just fine, but to say that this game is good is just untrue. And that's to be said from an avid video gamer.

While some people may *still* like this game, the rest of us organized people will not and will never like this game. I hate everything about this game, music, gameplay, controls and pretty much everything. I'd summarize the whole game in just one word, abysmal.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 06/15/09

Game Release: Initial D: Street Stage (JP, 02/23/06)

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