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    Noh FAQ by xox_matty_xox

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    Samurai Warriors: State of war Noh guide by xox_matty-xox
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    					State of War
          Since i am a big Noh fan,i have decided to make a FAQ on her.
          I have been a big fan of her ever since i first set eyes on her.	
          Her evil sense of humuor and lucious looks have interested me.
    Email me at lil_matty_05@hotmail.co.uk if you
    wish to view this on your website. If you find this on a site 
    please inform me straight away.
    Table of Contents
    If you are looking for a particular section just hold CTRl+F to find
    what you are looking for. I have split the FAQ up into differant 
    . Her past - history of Noh
    . How she plays in SW.
    . Her general appearence and personality.
    . Her stages.
    . Effectiveness of Noh
    . Credits, Q+A etc.
    So onto the sections. . .
    1.............................................Biography (Bio)
    2.............................................Noh in Samurai Warrios
    3c............................................How to unlock 4th weapon
    4.............................................Noh's stages and stratagies
    5.............................................How to use Noh effectively
    6.............................................Questions and Answers
    7.............................................Credits and thanks.
    1.Biography (Bio) Bio from Wiki.
    Noh also Kicho; or Lady/Princess Noh, was the wife of Oda Nobunaga, 
    a major daimyo during the Sengoku period of Japanese history. 
    Her proper name was Kicho but since she came from Mino province, 
    she is most commonly referred to as Noh (Princess of Mino).
    Noh's father was the daimyo Saito Dosan and her mother was 
    known as Omi no Kata. Noh herself appears very little in 
    any historical record, and there is not a lot of 
    information on the dates of her birth or death; 
    however, proposed dates for her birth fall between 1533–1535.
    Noh's life with Oda Nobunaga was said to be difficult.
    She was married to him in 1549, during a truce between Nobunaga's
    father,Nobuhide and Saito Dosan. The marriage was a politica 
     gesture and many believe there was little love between Noh and Nobunaga.
    Noh was never able to conceive a child with Nobunaga and it 
    was believed that she was barren.
    Through lack of historical record there is not much information of
     what became of Noh or even the date of her death.
    Noh was the official wife of Oda Nobunaga although it is 
    often believed that he held no love for her, his focus being 
    his concubine Kitsuno, who bore him his son Nobutada.
    Overall, it can be said that Noh's life as it is known 
    now is more of a mixture of legends, folktales, 
    and tentative half-truths.
    In game Bio
    Daughter of Dosan Saito, lord of Mino. Though also known
    by the name Kicho, she was called Lady Noh as a
    referance to her birthplace. Some believed she was also
    a cousin of Mitsuhide Akechi. She was wed to nobunaga as
    a symbol of reconcilliation between her father and the 
    oda. Though she is well known as the legal wife of 
    Nobunaga, little else is recorded about her in
    historical recors.
    2.Noh in Samurai Warriors (SPOILER WARNING)
    Samurai Warriors is about historical records
    from japan and as Noh is from japan (allegedley so)
    she has made it into one of the series named
    "Samurai Warriors".
    In this game, she plays a huge part to the oda. She
    is assigned to assasinate Nobunaga Oda. Many attempts
    have failed. Although, she laters betrays Nobunaga.
    In this game, she wields claws as weapons. At first,
    the attack range is not very far, but after she gains
    new weapons, she becomes stronger and faster and is 
    able to gain new skills just like every other character
    in samurai warriors.
    Noh is unique in that she posseses great speed and defense
    and is the only character to wield two totally differant
    weapons - Bombs and claws. She has 4 differant type's of
    bombs of which i have seen:
    A fire bomb.
    A smoke bomb.
    A poison bomb of some sort.
    A dud (causes lots of damage)
    She can THROW 2 types of bombs at the same time. Also, she
    can PLACE a bomb down beside her. Then it explodes and 
    causes a huge impact damaging enemies around her.
    Noh is my favourite character and when used correctly, she
    can be deadly. I will explain her use further below.
    In samurai warrios: SoW she only has one costume. Here is 
    a brief description of it:
    She wears a big purple robe on her with a one leg skirt at
    the bottom. She has a bow in her hair which is purple. Also
    she wears a sort of "Mini-kimono which is a red-purple.
    Then on the lower part, she has some sort of wire/line 
    spiriling up her left leg. On the feet she wears huge
    tengu sandals.
    In the other Samurai Warriors (1)(XL) she has an additional
    costume. Here is a brief description of it:
    She wears a white sleeveless top and a white skirt, with some
    sort of cloth armlets on her arms which are also white. In her 
    hair she has like 4 purple-pink flowers in her hair for decoration.
    on the feet, she wears huge 60s style disco boots. The heels on them
    are huge!
    In SW:SoW each character posseses 4 weapons. As this is a NOH
    FAQ i shall describe hers.
    A short blade made to resemble a lisard.
      Power = 14
    A hand hatchet made from the legs of a monster spider.
      Power = 30
    A cursed arm with the power to maim gods.
      Power = 46
    Claws made from a vipers fang.
      Power = 56
    3c.How to unlock 4th Weapon
    Mr. and Mrs. Oda - Nobunaga's Flight
    Defeat Goemon ishikawa and capture every stronghold! Then defeat Magoichi
    Saika and a precious item report will appear.
    I suggest defeating Goemon and then capture the stronghols in a clock-wise
    direction. That is the route i took to get it. Also there is a high chance of
    Nobunaga dying so use rally on him.
    4.Noh's stages and stratagies
    Story 1: The oda's conquest.
    March on the capital.
    Condition for victory: Overtake enemy main camp.
    This is simple. Follow instructions and defeat the officer
    by the nearby gate to obtain the breach charm. Use it, and
    make you way to the main camp and defeat the enemy commander.
    This is simple, if you want to, use rally or heal to help.
    If you are playing on higher difficulties, make sure you have
    strengthened your character.
    The battle of Anegawa
    Condition for Victory: Sieze both enemy main camps.
    This is abit tricky, especially on higher difficulties.
    You must quickly defeat Naotsuna Etsuna
    and obtain the valves before Kagenori Asakura and 
    Kazumasa Isono attack the main camps. After that defeat either...
    Kiyotsuna Akao or Kagetake Asakura to obtain the breach charm. Use it
    on either of the gates and head through that path to the enemy main camp.
    The first main camp you come to will be really strong (esp. on higher
    difficulties) as there are not many Allied bases. Nevertheless, you
    should be able to do it. After you obtain the breach charm by overtaking the
    main camp use it to open the gate. Now, overtake the other main camp
    and victory is yours.
    NOTE: When you open either of the gates up, reinforcements will appear so
    be aware.
    Assault on the Sakia
    Condition for victory: Defeat Magiochi Saika.
    Not much to say here, just head for the Magoichi(s) and defeat them.
    After you defeat them, the real one will show up and head for your
    main camp. Protect it and defeat him...easy!
    NOTE: This is a useful stage to get Magoichi as your bodyguard.
    Story 2: Mr and Mrs Oda.
    A date with danger
    Conditions for victory: Overtake the maincamp.
    This is simple. Don't worry about your main camp/commander,
    he will be fine. Simply follow instructions you are given to complete
    this level and it should be done in no time.
    Nobunaga's Flight
    Conditions for victory: Noh and Nobunaga reach escape point.
    Don't worry about Nobunaga on this one. Simply defeat all generals guarding
    the gates and you will obtain the breach charm of them. After the gate has 
    opened collect all treasure boxes and generals. And you should get another
    Breach charm. Use that and Ranmaru (allie) and Mitsuhide (enemy) will appear.
    takecare of Mitsuhide and head to the escape point.
    Story 3: Nobunaga's Ambition
    Eastern Campaign
    Conditions for victory: Eliminate Ujimasa Hojo.
    Your main camp is in an Isolated position here.
    So, as soon as the battle starts STAY IN YOUR MAIN CAMP. Two
    generals either side will come to attack your main camp. If you 
    have enough rally's you may be able to strengthen Mitsuhide and Hideyoshi
    for them to defeat the officer, but i doubt you have a rally at that stage.
    Instead, wait for them to route your allies and for them to attack your
    main camp. There should be no problem if you are in it.
    Now you must find the right path to proceed to Ujimasa. I usually found that
    on Novice, Easy and Normal thepath is the middle one. On hard i found it is
    the lower path. I haven't tried Chaos but my feeling tells me its the Lower one
    When you find the correct path, Kenshin and Yukimura will show up, defeat them
    and proceed to Ujimasa.
    NOTE: When you fight Ujimasa there is about 5 sub-generals he has all in the
    Hojo clan. You may wish to defeat them to make it easier.
    Northern Campaign
    Conditions for victory: Eliminate Masamune Date.
    As i mentioned above., STAY IN YOUR MAIN CAMP and let the officers attack it 
    then you can defeat the enemy officers. After you have fended off the enemy's
    make your way the enemy main camp. If any majors are trying to make their way 
    your main camp, use the Avalanche or Paralysis on them.
    Now simply defeat Masamune Date and you have done the level.
    5. How to use Noh effectively
    I am now going to describe her when in worriying situations.
    For one on one situations with an Officer. Try using her C2,it
    works effectively and the aura flash will eliminate any peons around
    For officers who constantly block, try using C3 on them. The bomb throw
    at the end is unblockable and it will stun them. Also her musou is a great
    move to stop blocking officers. Oh yeah, and her C1 is a bomb so that is 
    For situations where you are crowded, try using C4. This covers large 
    range and clears the crowd. This is nice if you use it in her
    For situations when you are playing on hard and are facing
    a strong enemy commander (only app. to Hard/Chaos),use your musou. Make sure
    you use the bomb throw and not the normal attacks. For some odd reason,
    KOEI decided to make the bomb throw do the same amount of damage on all
    difficulties. So this is great when your attacks do little damage esp. on
    chaos. Use your bomb throw to eliminate them quicker.
    6. Questions and Answers
    Q. You mentioned above to use the musou trick about the bomb throw. How
    will i refil my musou gauge to do it again?
    A. There are 3 ways, you can let your health drop and let it build up 
    automatically, you could charge up, or you could have a bodyguard with a skill
    that lets your musou gauge fill up.
    Q. I can not unlock Noh's 4th weapon...HELP!
    A. Make sure you are playing on hard and are doing
    the correct requirements.
    Q. Why did you do a Noh FAQ?
    A. [Read Introduction]
    7. Credits and Thankyou's
    Me for creating this FAQ.
    Sephiroth for providing me with the 4th weapon stratagey.
    KOEI for making this game.
    GameFaqs for posting this FAQ.
    And thanks for reading :D
    Happy gaming.

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