PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File04/08/06gomz1234582K
114 Bodyguards including 16 Musou Bodyguards, Maxed out Yukimura Sanada, Tadakatsu Honda, Keiji Maeda and Nobunaga Oda with all skills at Max and 4th Weapons unlocked, Ultimate Warriors campaign and all Characters unlocked.
Save Game File06/23/06conna123574K
All 4th weapons, all characters 99999 exp, 217 bodyguards missing hanzo, ina and some DW bodyguards (including Lu Bu) 12 characters have stats maxed all campaigns done most skill scrolls maxed
Save Game File06/03/06_supernerd_574K
All char unlocked, Almost all max at 300, 16 LV4 weapons, 213 Bodyguards unlocked
Save Game File04/24/06crazydude77574K
All characters unlocked. All Female Warriors At Max with their final weapon. All female DW bodyguards unlocked... 201 Bodyguards...
Save Game File03/18/06crazydude77574K
All Characters Unlocked. Ultimate Warriors Story Unlocked. Ina and Yukimura Almost Full stats + 3rd Weapon. 100+ Bodyguards including some DW and SW.
Save Game File05/26/06conna123574K
Keiji Maeda full stats lvl 4 scrolls 4th weapon Nobunaga, Yukimura, Mitsuhide, Kenshin, Oichi, Kunoichi, Hanzo, Tadakatsu,Ina all have 4th weapons most characters are mousou subofficers
Save Game File06/17/07Vesicularia574K
Several Characters complete, many 4th lvl weapons, about half of all bodyguards.
Save Game File05/31/06spartainfan574K
This file has all stories finished and most level 4 weapons with 200+ officers and honzo at 300 stats
Save Game File04/05/06MaChaorules574K
Ultimate Warriors Characters Unlocked, Yukimura,Hanzo,Tadakatsu on level 20,4th weapons for Sanada,Honda,Oda,Kenshin,Hanzo,Kunoichi,Ina,Keiji,everyone who has 4th weapons also has beaten 3 parts of musou mode

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

Save Game File04/08/06gomz1234582K
Tadakatsu Honda is Maxed and has 4th Weapon, unlocked Ultimate Warriors campaign and 8-10 Musou bodyguards unlocked

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File08/03/06thewickedjester574K
All char unlocked yukimura full stats all story modes complete

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