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"Curse you, catchy tunes!"

First off, if you are looking for another action packed FPS or driving game, turn away now. This is for the faint of heart. But by gum is it good!

The main concept of the game is to guide the Loco Roco around the levels, defeating enemies by jumping up at them, and collecting Pickories (small berries), (big) berries and finding friendly MuiMui who will give you Loco house parts as a reward.

Controls/Gameplay 10/10
The controls are incredibly simple, and even a non-gamer could pick them up in minutes. L to tilt the land so the LocoRoco rolls left, and R to tilt it right. Press both of them to jump, and press O to split it into little LocoRocos. This is helpful to fit through small gaps, but you could lose track of the LocoRocos! The singing of the LocoRoco can be used to wake up other characters if necessary. Beams of colour split up your LocoRoco and transport them through the air, bouncy trampolines catapult you through the level, hidden passageways are revealed by rolling or jumping into them... the list goes on!

Graphics 10/10
The graphics are clearly some of the best 2D graphics around, and to be honest, would even feel at home on the PS2. When the LocoRoco sings along you can see it singing, and when it splits into many small Loco's, they all sing different parts, and it is cleverly shown by their faces. Movement is flawless, loading is nearly nonexistent, and small video clips display the action seamlessly!

Music 9/10
If you are a fan of J-Pop (i.e. Katamari), this will cease to disappoint you! Not really much to say here, but it sounds great. One minor flaw is that some tracks sound like they hired small children to sing, but nonetheless the music is fun and impossibly catchy!

Replay Value 9/10
There is plenty to keep you coming back! A level editor using the Loco parts given to you by the MuiMui, mini games, and plenty of hidden objects to find in the levels! A clever idea here is the Loco House, in which you can place all your Loco parts and design a small house. Unfortunately the designs are limited.

Overall 9/10
This game is definitely worth your money, and moreover, your time! Fun design, looks great, and plenty to do makes this a must-have PSP game this summer! If you are in Europe, get it now! If you are in the US, then (at time of writing) the only way you can get this is to import. Do it NOW!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/23/06

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