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"Blooby, blobby, blobby..."

KAWAII!!!! This is a crazy game thingy that one who subscribed to PSP website thingymajig (aka me) receives free in the mail. Gave it a shot and (unfortunately) it only came with one free level. Instantly hooked I had to BUY THE GAME!!! WHOOO!!! And boy man, did happiness come my way.

Graphics 10/10

Oh ho. Now these are very pretty graphics indeed. Certainly not worth a perfect ten as...well...Oh who am I kidding I'll change the grade. I was GOING to say that the graphics were simplistic and silly but...Gosh, now that I think about it it's amazing just how much time and effort the designers put into the game. You're little blob moves around like the little blob full of jelly (or something) that he is. WHEEEEE!!! Look at it go!

Controls/Physics 9/10

Geez. Even a three fingered person could play this game. You only need three buttons to play this crazy game full of craziness. The L and R buttons tilt the screen left and right respectively while the O button causes your little blob thing to break apart and scatters littler blobs a-scattering. I think it makes them join back together too. Or that might be the Square button...Oh well one or the other.

The physics in this game are well done. You're blob starts out immensely movable and easy to roll but when it gets bigger it gets considerably harder to complete. Especially when you're trying to save all your little blobs from the bad guys! GAH!

Music 9/10

Hee hee. Happiness and sunshine rainbows follow you around on these levels. The music adds great atmosphere to the game. It's not one of those 'Emo RPG games' where you control a black haired kid or whatever running around killing things. This is all about happiness baby. And the music perfectly compliments that with bee-bopping tunes sure to have you grooving along with the music.

Game play 10/10

Wow this is immensely fun. You basically play as a big blob who's objective is to collect flowers to grow bigger which sort of acts like an extra life. See, whenever your blob is damaged it loses one of the little blobs that makes up the big blob. You can collect it before it disappears though and carry on rolling through the level. As mentioned already you just tilt the screen to move the Loco Roco and guide it over pits and into secret areas.

Plenty of things in the game are activated just by rolling or jumping onto them (there's not much else you CAN do). There are certain weight scales in the levels that only activate if you've collected the required amount of blobs to make a heavy enough blob.

There's no real objective to this game. No story line or plot. Just get to the end of each level collecting as many things as possible and avoiding any traps. It doesn't make you feel like the world is ending and you have to save it. It's just a heck load of fun.

Re-playability 9/10

You'll be playing this for a while. There's tons of stuff to do for those who are willing to put in a little hard work. There are secrets scattered all over the levels. Lots of playability here.

Overall score 9/10

This is, quite simply, a wonderful game that gives one a refreshing break from those 'hardcore' games out there. Give it a go if you own a PSP. You won't be disappointed. Unless you don't like cute things. But you like cute things don't you? Of course you do! So go out and buy this game!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/20/06

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