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"LocoRoco review"

LocoRoco is the new platformer/puzzle game by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PSP. The premise is simple - get a bunch of coloured blobs to the exit at the end of the level. Sounds easy? Think again!

The LocoRoco live in peace on their home world, living happily with the other creatures, until one day, the Moja attack, black, spider-like aliens that threaten to take over! The only way to stop them is to take control of the planet itself and guide the LocoRoco to safety!

In LocoRoco, you don't actually control the creatures. You control the movement of the planet, simply guiding the creatures to the exit at the end of the level. The LocoRoco have minds of their own, each species of them having a different personality. Some of them sit there quietly or even fall asleep when you leave them, others bounce around singing, somtimes even showing you the way to go if you get lost.

The game has possibly some of the simplest, yet most effective controls seen in recent titles. The left trigger tilts the planet to the left, the right trigger to the left. Hitting both together makes the LocoRoco jump to avoid danger, while tapping the Circle button splits the large LocoRoco consisting of all the ones you've collected split up into individuals to get through small cracks. Reforming the larger blob just requires you to hold down the Circle button for a while.

As you go through each level, eating berries to make your LocoRoco bigger, you'll come across pieces for the Loco House (a place that you design yourself for the LocoRoco to live in), MuiMui (friendly creatures that help the LocoRoco), Pickories (used as currency) and Chuppa (these launch the LocoRoco into the air to reach new places). You also meet Mojas, the enemies of the game, which can be seen off by jumping at them. Watch out for Burrs though - these spiky creatures hurt your LocoRoco!

The title music on this game is so cheerful, you'll be singing along before you know it even though the lyrics are complete gibberish! The music through each level fits perfectly, and the sound effects will make you go "awwwwww". The LocoRoco sit there singing and talking with each other if you leave them for a while, and upon holding down the Circle button to reform the larger blob of LocoRoco, they all shout out "JOIN!" in a sing-song voice. They also warn you of any enemies or obstacles coming up by calling the name of the approaching danger!

Bright, colourful and chunky graphics, smooth animations and little effects such as the air streams make this a beautiful looking game. The amount of detail you can find in such colourful graphics is amazing. The LocoRocos mouths actually move along to the backing track as they roll around, which is a nice touch, and they have a range of facial expressions too.

Final Verdict
All in all, LocoRoco is a basic looking, yet difficult and very addictive game that you won't want to put down until you've reached Perfect collection grade on each level. It's fun, cute, and best of all, easy to play while sat in your house or on the move! The only problem with it is the amount of tilt you get with the planet - sometimes your LocoRoco just sits there, even at full tilt. 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/24/06

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