Review by ProfessaD

"Loco Roco, Does the Roco roll up to the Craze?"

The games alright... its very repetative, way way overrated by everyone in my opinion. You have 3 basic functions... roll left... roll right... jump... I haven't fully unlocked all the mini games or extra's the game has to offer, but the "loco house" a semi minigame where parts you find throughout the world come to use. Is really lame... you can unlock the overly repetative music that the levels overuse multiple times tho... if you haven't been extremely annoyed by it yet.

You can unlock different Roco's too... you start off with the basic yellow one that sounds like a kid, after that is a pink one that sounds like a woman, then a blue one that sounds like raggae or something. Etc. They all are the same thing... just a different color and sound for when you have to sing to obtain Mui Mui's. "friends of the Roco's that live in the house with them, or so I guess"

It takes me about an average of 6 - 10 minutes a level only for the sheer fact I want to unlock everything the first time around so I don't have to waste any more time on this annoyance. The "enemies" of the game so far include just weird creatures, nothing really hurts you that much except for "mojo's" I think they are called. Your roco non stop says what it is when you're by one... you'll know what it is -_-... That and spikes, which your roco whines annoyingly when you're by them.

Overall its not even worth the time or money playing it.

Gameplay - 3
Music - 3 "due to overuse of music"
Controls - 2 "too basic"
Difficulty - 3 "not even hard whatsoever"

My rating is a 3, due to lack of entertainment, This was a total letdown, the "loco" craze was just a "loco" attempt to push a very very sorry excuse for a game

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 08/17/06

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