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Reviewed: 09/14/06

Feeling sad? Play LocoRoco and your sorrow days will end! And in a way...

Since the PSP came out, we received some nice titles. But of course, not everything was bright: there were lots of PS2 ports and some other games with good ideas but poorly executed… Until one day, a possible salvation arrived: Sony announced they were working on this crazy title which could revolutionize portable gaming (and the PSP itself)! The name: LocoRoco. Don’t let its childish looks fool you: this is one of the best and original titles the PSP has received yet… There might be a lot of great titles for the PSP but none is comparable to the greatness of this concept… There are only 3 words to describe it: original, simple and… short (unfortunately…). And now, to figure out the pros and cons of LocoRoco: it’s reviewing time!

The story is so ridiculous that I’m even embarrassed to tell: one day, the earth is attacked by horrible creatures called Mojas who try to break the balance in the planet and eat all LocoRocos. It’s up to us to save the planet! The LocoRoco is an adorable singing blob and it comes in 6 varieties. You start the game with the yellow one and later throughout the game you’ll unlock the rest. So what’s the concept behind this you ask? Simple: all you got to do is guide the LocoRoco through a series of levels avoiding enemies (like the Mojas I mentioned before…), increasing its size and separating into lots of tiny different LocoRocos to make them pass through narrow tunnels and stuff; until you reach the goal! Do you want more simple that? Sometimes, you might have a little difficulty controlling the LocoRoco and trying to get him reach other places… But keep this in mind: you don’t control the LocoRoco, you control the Earth!

Throughout the levels, you’ll find secret passages with hidden items and stuff… In each level, you need to collect a maximum of 20 LocoRocos and 3 MuiMuis (which is the LocoRoco’s friend). The sound is one of the strongest aspects in this game! The charming tunes that come out of the LocoRocos mouth are so adorable that sometimes they might get stuck in your head… As for the graphics, they might be in full 2d but those are the best and colorful 2d graphics we’ve ever seen! There’s a lot of details in there that might give you some tears… And now, to talk about the longevity of this game: like I mentioned earlier, it’s too short… But, there are other extras that might get you occupied! There is the Loco House in which you use different objects that you collect from the story mode levels to build a play ground for the little creatures to play with; the MuiMui Crane in which you control a crane guided by a MuiMui in order to collect more objects and Locos for the Loco House; the Chuppa Chuppa to see how far can you throw a Loco and last but not least, the Loco Editor which is basically like a level editor in which you can use the same objects you collect for the Loco House as well! On top of that, there is also a Game-Share option in which you can share a demo of the game with another friend who owns a PSP.

So, now it’s time for the final verdict: to buy or not to buy? Well, if you’re looking for a original game, LocoRoco is like nothing that you might have played in your life! It has a brilliantly concept behind it with the only problem being the fact that it’s too short… Well, you know what they say: the best things in life come in small packages, or in this case, in a tiny UMD!

Graphics: 10/10
Replay Value:8/10


Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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