Review by xenogears06

Reviewed: 12/05/06

Fun for a while, then it loses all appeal

When I first played the demo for this game, I was drawn to the weird game play mechanics and decided that this would be a game that I would buy to play over and over again. I then bought it and found out I was wrong.

What story? You're a blob that gets bigger by eating fruit, and can split into smaller blobs/regroup at the push of a button. There's almost no story to the game and I would never consider it towards the final product. There IS a story, but it's basically just you saving the world from evil ink creatures. I can't add this to the total or it would simply lower the overall score even more.

Not bad. The graphics are cute, and the designs go well together. The animation is great too, and never gets bad. Nothing to complain about whatsoever.

SOUND: 7/10
The music is catchy, but becomes extremely annoying and repetitive. Your Loco Roco has a song, and sings along with the songs of the stages; however, there are not very many songs throughout the game. There's some variation in that you can play stages with different Roco Locos, but the extra Loco Roco characters are extremely pointless and you'll probably hate half of them because their sounds and songs are annoying.

Here's where the game lost me. You flick the stage and make your Loco Roco bounce around. You solve puzzles and progress through the level by jumping from platform to platform, avoiding harmful items and enemies. There's no variation to the levels other than the end stage, in which you fight a boss. It was great for the first few stages, but then it becomes the same game over and over again. There are 40 levels, but you'll probably be bored with them by the 10th or 15th level. There's a little create-a-level option, but the levels you create are extremely limited and you can't play through them.

The game offers various ways to replay stages: you can replay the stages with the different characters and/or start over all over again, but why would you do that? It's hard enough getting through the regular game's forty stages, and playing it again with annoying characters is unthinkable.

Had the puzzles been varied a bit, this game would have been great. After playing a few hours, however, it gets extremely boring. Just play the demo over and over again and you'll basically get what the game's about. Don't bother playing this game unless it's $20 or less.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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