Review by Mega Therion

Reviewed: 12/06/06

Tilt, Roll & Bounce!

Story: 5/10
The story is the biggest weak point of LocoRoco. Basically the LocoRoco are being invaded by Moja and you must control the world to roll them through the various levels to reach the goal at the end.

Graphics: 10/10
Beautiful 2D environments with bright colors make the stages very easy to navigate. There are 5 different LocoRoco you can unlock and choose to play as each with their own unique color and appearance. The graphics are simple yet perfect.

Sound/Music: 10/10
The LocoRoco sing throughout the stages in a made up language. The music is mostly upbeat and very catchy. The credits alone are worth watching just to listen to the song(and I'm happy I have the option to watch them whenever I want in the options menu). Chances are, after hearing the music you will go around humming it in your head like I do. :P

The game has 5 different LocoRoco you can unlock each has there own appearance and a different voice. They will warn you when you are approaching a Moja or other hazards through the level or they will hint when you are near a secret area.

GamePlay: 10/10
With little to no learning curve at all you will be able to pick up and play in no time. The controls are simple, you use L to tilt and roll to the left and R to tilt and roll to the right. If you hit both L & R at the same time you will shake the world and cause the LocoRoco to bounce.

The main game has 5 Worlds consisting of 8 levels each. Each level has its own theme from Ice covered stages to inside the stomach of an animal.

Throughout the levels you will be able to collect berries which will increase the size of your LocoRoco. Each level has 19 berries to collect so you will have a total of 20 LocoRoco by the end of the stage. Each level also has 3 Mui Mui. They are friends of the LocoRoco and are usually well hidden throughout the levels. Finding all the hidden Mui Mui and berries in a stage will reward you with parts for your LocoRoco House which I will go into more details later. You can also collect Pickories which come if a few different shapes and sizes. As far as I know there is no reward for finding all of them within a level however, it will add to your final score and you can spend them on Mini Games.

Replay Value: 10/10
The game has a total of 40 stages with 4 demo levels you can play or share via WiFi(Ad Hoc) in the options menu. Spending time to collect all the Mui Mui and berries in each level will take you some time then you can replay the stages and try to beat the time trial for each stage which is unlocked after beating a stage with all 20 LocoRoco. Clearing a time trial will award you with 1000 Pickories which as mentioned before can be spent to play mini games.

If you manage to collect everything and beat the time trials you can go spend some of your hard earned Pickories playing Mui Mui Crane or Chuppa Chuppa. The Mui Mui Crane is pretty simple. You control a crane and have the chance to pick up parts or LocoRoco for your house. Chuppa Chuppa is a level where you use a Chuppa (a creature that can suck you up and shoot you) to navigate through the stage and collect Pickories. If you make it to the end you get to keep the Pickories you collected and you are rewarded with a part for your House.

The LocoRoco House is a home you can build for your LocoRoco. There are three different sized homes you can get but you have to unlock the other 2 buy collecting hidden Mui Mui in the game. You can place parts unlocked throughout the game in your house and then hit start to watch the LocoRoco having fun in their newly built home.

The game also offers a level editor. This is similar to the House editor and you can place parts to create your own stage. I haven't spent too much time here yet but I'm sure I will once I start getting bored of the other modes.

Overall: 10/10
I really have to give this a 10 out of 10. This is probably one of my favorite games ever. Even after finding all the hidden items and clearing all the time trials I still can't help from picking it up and playing it every now and then.

It is however, one of those games I think you will either love or hate. If you tried one of the demo levels and like the game then I say go out and buy it. If you tried the demo and didn't care for it then you aren't really missing much since all levels are the same idea. If for some reason you can't try the demo then I recommend you at least rent it to judge for yourself.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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