Review by Archmonk Iga

Reviewed: 04/03/07

...What the hell is this?

If LocoRoco doesn't make people want to do drugs, I don't know what will. Do you see it? Yeah, I don't know either. Whatever, it's a pretty fun game.

So you're a planet, and you turn. You need to like, get rid of evil by turning the planet and having your LocoRoco slide/roll from side to side. Again, I ask: what the hell? It's certainly unique, and insanely adorable. Plus it'd be great whilst on LSD. Nothing here is copied from another game--it's all original.

Very colorful, yet simple. Possibly some of the cutest, cartooniest visuals you'll see for quite some time. From the adorable smiling LocoRocos to the goofy dancing environments, LocoRoco's graphics are expectedly very nice.

As you could probably guess, the cutesy sounds in LocoRoco will eventually get on your nerves. Nevertheless, the little squeaks, songs, cries, and bazillions of other little noises you'll hear will no doubt make you crack a smile. That is, until you're on the 20th level. Then you'll be ready to mute your PSP.
SOUNDS: 7/10

I love my pointer fingers, LocoRoco. Please stop hurting them. 90% of LocoRoco involves you pressing the L and R buttons to turn the planet and making the LocoRocos slide back and forth. As you can guess, after even one or two levels, your poor ol' pointer fingers are gonna need them a break. The other 10% involves the O button, which separates a big LocoRoco into a bunch of tiny little ones. Basically, what you do to move them/it through the level involves jumping, rolling, squeezing, separating, joining together, bouncing, and sliding. All with just three buttons! The many levels provided have little variety in them, and while they are all a joy to look at, the gameplay quickly gets pretty stale. Not to mention there's way too much collecting involved... WAY too much. You'll be so tired of replaying levels because you missed certain collectibles that you'll want to shoot yourself. There are some mini-games that are added, and, while pretty fun, will only last you a little while. Unfortunately, LocoRoco is ultimately a game with big originality but tiny innovation.
GAMEPLAY: 5.5/10

If your fingers haven't fallen off by the 40+ levels, this may last you awhile. You may want to collect everything in each level (have fun with that...) or just restart the slightly short single player mode. Plus it's just so cute!

Depending on your taste and hallucinogenic drug preference, LocoRoco may be right up your alley. If you're not into the childish look and sound or the redundant gameplay mechanics, then look elsewhere.
OVERALL: 7/10 (6.9 with decimals)

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Rating:   3.5 - Good

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