PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

Save Game File02/05/07TenkaiStarAsh244K
Clear game save file for transfer to Suikoden II. Hero at level 60 with best equipment in the game, All 108 stars of destiny recruited, all reappearing characters ready for transferral.
Save Game File02/05/07TenkaiStarAsh244K
Save file at the final save point in Gregminster, all 108 stars of destiny recruited. Hero is at level 60 with best equipment in the game, final party is Hero, Flik, Viktor, Luc, Cleo, and Crowley.
Save Game File07/03/08CW Boi 209268K
Suikoden II - Hero's Name: Peter - Army Name: Orange . Saved right after Muse's fall in Coronet. Hero at Lv.40 with max stats and HP, with the Fury and Double Beat Rune equipped. S1 data transfered.

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