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    Head Guide by Mr. V

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    Dead Head Fred (PSP)
    This guide copyright 2008, Levi van Tine - levi(dot)vantine(at)cmich(dot)edu
    Head Guide version 1.05 (in-depth FAQ, originally submitted on 8-25-08)
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    - Introduction..........................................................{intro}
    - Heads
    	Combat heads:
    		Corpse Head............................................{corpse}
    		Tiki Head................................................{tiki}
    		Stone Head..............................................{stone}
    		Scarecrow Head..........................................{scare}
    		Mutant Head............................................{mutant}
    	Non-combat heads:
    		Shrunken Head..........................................{shrunk}
    		Mannequin Head..........................................{dummy}
    - Head Shop Locations....................................................{shop}
    - Afterword.............................................................{after}
    - Version History.....................................................{version}
    - Bibliography.........................................................{biblio}
    - Legal Notices.........................................................{legal}
    |INTRODUCTION|								{intro}
    This guide is an in-depth guide covering all of the heads available to Fred, 
    the protagonist of Dead Head Fred.  Since his untimely demise, Fred has the 
    ability to switch heads at will, and throughout the course of the game he will 
    have 9 available (only 7 are suitable for combat).  This guide will detail all 
    of the heads and their abilities, as well as Sam Spade's Headshop and 
    available upgrades.
    This guide is almost completely free of spoilers - although how you and I
    define "spoiler" may differ.  The bottom line is, nothing in this guide will
    give away any of the plot, and the only real references to anything not
    explicitly head-related are generally limited to how you acquire a particular
    So without further ado, let's get to to the reason you came here - head.
    JARHEAD									  {jar}
    "Your trusty Jar head is a great general purpose noggin.  It works particularly
    well against Bone Thugs and Stone Idols, but is not nearly as useful when
    dealing with Executioners, Scarecrows, Gladiators, and Mutants."
    Acquired: Fred begins play with the Jarhead.
    Description: The jarhead is Fred's default head.  It contains Fred's own brain 
    and eyes, floating in green liquid in a glass container (often referred to as 
    a "water cooler").  Despite its fragile appearance, the Jarhead is capable in 
    combat, although not as utilitarian as some other heads.
    Environment: Not used, with the exception of the final battle.
    Special Ability: By pressing and holding the O button, Fred can become 
    invisible for a limited time.  Your movement speed is reduced significantly 
    while stealthed, and if the power pack on your pack begins sparking, the 
    stealth field will short out unless you stop moving.  Any violent activity 
    will also bring you out of stealth mode.
    Rage: The individual Rage attack for the Jarhead (right trigger + square) is a 
    powerful surge of electricity that will usually knock opponents down, if not 
    defeat them outright.  It is not a ranged attack.  The area Rage attack (right 
    trigger + circle) will generate a short-lived electric field around Fred in a 
    360-degree radius, causing less damage than the single attack.
    Upgrades: The Reanimator upgrade will significantly increase your regeneration 
    rate while wearing the Jarhead (remember that wearing any head will allow you 
    to regenerate).  The Sneak Attack upgrade will repair your power pack, 
    allowing you to operate in stealth mode without worrying about loose wires.  
    It will also increase the maximum duration of your stealth and give you a 
    damage bonus on stealthed strikes (striking will still bring you out of 
    stealth, however).
    Enemies: The Jarhead has counters against Boneheads and Stone Idols, but is
    weak against Executioners, Scarecrows, Gladiators, and Mutants - the heaviest
    hitters in the game.  Best to switch heads for those guys.
    Bottom line: The Jarhead is the one usually worn during cutscenes, but 
    otherwise you may not use it that much, as it has no use in the environmental 
    puzzles.  It is useful for putting on after a fight, when you need to 
    regenerate health (if you've bought the Reanimator upgrade, that is).  It can 
    also help you catch worms, as the stealth field will render you invisible to 
    them and you can simply stand on top of a wormhole while stealthed until the 
    worm pops up.
    CORPSE HEAD							       {corpse}
    "Corpse heads might be ugly, but they're dead useful when you're going up
    against Executioners and Freak Farmers.  You can also use this head in
    combination with air and certain liquids to do everything from creating
    innovative attacks to putting out fires and flying."
    Acquired: Fred begins play with the Corpse Head, although he does lose access 
    to it for a short time upon first meeting Sam Spade.  Sam will help you get a 
    replacement; all you have to do is headhunt 5 Zombies.
    Description: I personally think this head looks more alien than corpse, but 
    that's just me.  While wearing the Corpse Head, Fred will take on a hunched, 
    shambling posture.
    Environment: The Corpse Head can be used to suck up liquids and air.  When 
    used on an air conditioning unit, Fred can float for a time.  He can suck up 
    water and put out fires, or suck up gasoline and use it as a flamethrower by 
    spraying a little bit of gas into a fire.
    Special Ability: Pressing O will release a cloud of noxious vapor around Fred,
    ("hellitosis"), temporarily incapacitating enemies but not causing them any
    real damage.
    Rage: The individual Rage attack is a series of headbutts.  It does quite a bit
    of damage and can dispatch Executioners and weak enemies outright.  The area
    Rage is a much larger cloud of gas that will damage enemies and cause them to
    choke for a time, making them easy pickings for further attacks.
    Upgrades: The Super Spray upgrade makes your area Rage more potent, knocking 
    back opponents.  The Plague upgrade makes your Special Ability contagious, 
    which enemies can spread to one another and acts as a debilitating poison.  It
    also decreases stun duration.
    Enemies: This head has a counter against Executioners, and doesn't seem to
    have any glaring weaknesses - it doesn't have a high damage level, however.
    Bottom line: Not a particularly strong head in combat, but probably has the 
    most environmental use.  It is just about the only way to quickly take down 
    Executioners, who have a lot of health and tend to block a lot.
    BONEHEAD					 			 {bone}
    "After you try one of these babies, you won't mind being called "bonehead"
    anymore!  This head is great for giving Zombies, Scarecrows, and Mutants the
    what-for, although it's somewhat lacking when it comes to taking out
    Executioners, Freak Farmers, Stone Idols, and Gladiators."
    Acquired: When you (finally) get to Uptown for the first time, Sam will call 
    you on your new celly and instruct you to bring him 5 Bone Thug skulls.
    Description: Just like it sounds.  You have a skull for a head.
    Environment: The long, sharp claws of the Bonehead allow Fred to climb on 
    "meat walls" that are scattered around Hope Falls.  You do not need the 
    Bonehead to climb ladders, or anything else.
    Special Ability: Pressing O will spit out some teeth as a projectile attack.  
    Not especially powerful or accurate, as the teeth tend to spread out the 
    farther they travel, like shotgun pellets.
    Rage: The individual Rage is a ranged attack that throws several claws at a 
    single enemy.  You can generally kill or stun an enemy if you hit them with 
    all of your claws.  The area Rage turns Fred into a whirlwind of claws with 
    some mobility, allowing you to push back nearby enemies and inflict moderate 
    damage.  Good if you get mobbed.
    Upgrades: The Double Dentures upgrade increases the amount of teeth that you 
    throw with your special ability.  The Blood Bath upgrade will give you a chance
    for a critical, essentially, by slicing open some veins with your melee
    Enemies: The bonehead has counters against Zombies and Witch Doctors.
    Bottom line: I like the Bonehead; it's my default combat head because of 
    its versatility, fast melee speed, and its decent Rage attacks.  Also, I 
    should note that I have died on at least one occasion because I jumped towards 
    a meat wall without the bonehead equipped.  Don't forget to switch!
    TIKI HEAD			 					 {tiki}
    "Not only does the Tiki Head make a lovely tropical centerpiece, it also lets
    you deal with Zombies and Gladiators quickly and effectively.  Not recommended
    for use against Scarecrows and Freak Farmers."
    Acquired: When you need to find Ms. Rossini the second time, you'll head to
    the Bongo Club.  Bring 5 skulls of the default Bongo Club enemies (Witch 
    Doctors) and Sam will reward you with one of your own.
    Description: The Tiki Head looks like a large tribal mask with some feathers
    or leaves sticking out of the sides.  While running with the Tiki Head you 
    will menacingly brandish your weapon, a large club/blowgun.
    Environment: The Tiki Head is used to access the Easter Island statue-things
    scattered around Hope Falls.  These gateways come in twos, and each pair is
    connected by a strange alternate reality filled with several enemies, floating 
    platforms, and existentialism.
    Special Ability: There are actually two for the Tiki Head: the first is a
    little helper in the shape of floating, ghostly tiki mask that serves as a
    decoy.  Enemies in the vicinity will attack it instead of you.  The decoy 
    sticks around for about 30 seconds before dissipating, and you can have only 
    one at a time.  The second ability can be used when you press Up on the D-pad 
    and enter the first-person aiming mode; it's a ranged attack in the form of 
    darts from your blowgun.  Decent damage, also includes a mild poison.
    Rage: The individual Rage will take off your head and swing it around in front
    of you, doing heavy damage to anyone who gets hit by it.  The area Rage will
    shoot out a 180-degree arc of darts in front of you.
    Upgrades: The Bad Medicine upgrade will cause your darts to confuse enemies, 
    inducing them to attack each other for a short time (about 10 seconds I 
    reckon).  The Decoy's Revenge upgrade will allow your decoy mask to shoot darts
    as well (the Bad Medicine upgrade does not apply to darts fired by your decoys,
    as far as I know).
    Enemies: The Tiki Head has a counter against Gladiators.
    Bottom line: The Tiki Head is weak towards a lot of enemies, but the decoy 
    ability can really save the day.  The Blowgun upgrade is useful, especially 
    if you're up against a lot of enemies at once.  Also, I think the counter 
    animation toward the Gladiators is my favorite animation, but...that's just me.
    STONE HEAD								{stone}
    "It might be big and clunky, but it sure packs a wallop, especially when your
    enemies are of the Zombie, Bone Thug, Gladiator, or Mutant persuasion.  This
    baby lets you walk underwater, too!  About the only thing you want to avoid
    using this head on are Scarecrows and other Stone Idols."
    Acquired: When you begin investigating the casino, you'll encounter the large, 
    lumbering Stone Idols.  Headhunt 5 of them for the Stone Head.
    Description: The head is huge and it will also buff up Fred's upper body.  
    Unfortunately, while using the Stone Head, your speed decreases dramatically.
    Environment: The Stone Head is used to bash open cracked walls, tear down 
    barricades, and push heavy objects.  The special abilities are also used
    occasionally for puzzles.  You can also walk underwater indefinitely using
    this head, although this slows you down even more.
    Special Ability: Pressing O while stationary will smash the Stone Head on the 
    ground, creating a shockwave that will damage and disorient nearby enemies.  
    Pressing O while running will lower Fred's shoulder to make a powerful ram
    Rage: The individual Rage will send a blast through the earth towards an
    enemy for heavy damage.  The area Rage will rain down rocks on all nearby 
    enemies for heavy damage.
    Upgrades: The Knockdown upgrade will, interestingly enough, knock down enemies
    that are hit with your special abilities.  The Quake upgrade will make your
    Ground Pound bigger and more powerful.
    Enemies: This head can counter Mutants.
    Bottom line: Despite the lack of a long-range attack, the Stone Idol is a good
    combat head.  It has the highest melee damage of any head, although this is 
    offset by its ponderous movement and attack speeds.  Despite the damage, I
    don't use it much for the sole reason of the speed.
    SCARECROW HEAD								{scare}
    "If you're being pestered by Zombies, Witch Doctors, and Freak Farmers, the way
    to go is Scarecrow.  You can't ask for a better head!  That is, unless you're
    fighting Stone Idols, Mutants, or other Scarecrows.  Then you should ask for
    something better."
    Acquired: Whne you get to the Freak Farms for the first time, Sam will ask you
    to headhunt 5 Scarecrows.
    Description: You kind of look like the Scarecrow from DC Comics, although a
    little more homeless.
    Environment: You're immune to fire damage while wearing this head, so 
    occasionally you will use your body as a torch to move fire one from location
    to another.
    Special Ability: Pressing O will fire a crow as a ranged attack, for moderate
    damage.  If you're on fire, your crow projectiles will also be on fire and will
    set your opponents ablaze.
    Rage: The individual Rage will cause you to levitate up and fire a high-speed
    stream of crows directly in front of you for heavy damage.  The area Rage will
    create a vortex of whirling crows in your immediate vicinity that can do
    serious damage if enemies step in close enough.
    Upgrades: The Salvo upgrade allows you to shoot out 3 crows for the price of
    one.  The Swarm upgrade will cause several additional crows to harass and
    damage enemies hit by a crow attack.
    Enemies: This head can counter Freak Farmers.
    Bottom line: The Scarecrow has the best ranged attack, in my opinion.  Both 
    upgrades are for the crows and you can also set foes on fire with them.  The
    melee attacks do decent damage to most enemies, but it doesn't have the fastest
    attack speed.
    MUTANT HEAD							       {mutant}
    "you can use this head to scan for radioactivity.  It's also great in combat
    against just about every type of creature you're likely to encounter, with the
    exception of Bone Thugs, Gladiators, and Mutants, who seem to enjoy being
    slathered in radioactive vomit."
    Acquired: When you first get to the Boonies.  Headhunt 5 Mutants.
    Description: Like the Corpse Head, kind of alien-looking.  While wearing this
    head Fred will also have a hunchback, a twitch, and a gimpy little hand.
    Environment: You will occasionally use the Mutant Head's vomit to fix nukular 
    (sic) pipes at the Plant, but it's rather limited.  The Mutant Head is,
    however, completely immune to radiation damage, allowing you to traverse
    irradiated areas safely.  Even with this head you cannot regenerate within a
    radioactive field, though.
    Special Ability: Pressing O will cause Fred to spit out a stream of
    irridescent, radioactive vomit, accompanied by an equally nauseating
    vocalization.  Limited range, but pretty good damage and will cause damage
    over time.
    Rage: The individual Rage is a series of brainwaves emitted by Fred that will
    pop an enemy's head like a zit.  Decent range, but you have to be facing your
    enemy directly or it'll miss.  The area Rage is the same thing but in a 360-
    degree radius, affecting all enemies within a short distance.
    Upgrades: The Nuke Puke upgrade will make your vomit more corrosive, and can
    incapacitate enemies (who will also vomit).  The Nuke Field upgrade will make
    a weak radioactive field around Fred that will damage all (susceptible) nearby
    Enemies: The Mutant Head can counter Scarecrows.
    Bottom line: The Rages are excellent and the upgrades are pretty good.
    Unfortunately, you'll probably take a lot of damage while using this head, and
    you may not be able to heal it quickly because you're in an irradiated area. I
    don't use it a whole lot, personally.
    SHRUNKEN HEAD							       {shrunk}
    "Ever wish you could be a fly on the wall?  Well, you still can't be...but you
    can get pretty small at will if you have a Shrunken Head in your collection.
    Although you can't fight when in tiny mode, you can boldly go where no full-
    sized undead detective has gone before."
    Acquired: Creepy Hollow.
    Description: It's a little voodoo head with dreads.
    Special Abilities: You'll use the Shrunken Head for platforming.  Pressing O
    will send you into a roll that you can use to get across gaps, and pressing
    Square during a roll will make you do an uppercut that reaches higher than a
    normal jump.  Remember that there is no combat during Shrunken mode.
    DUMMY HEAD								{dummy}
    "Unfortunately, some people just don't react well to a face that only a mutant
    mother could love.  That's where the Dummy Head comes in.  You can't fight when
    you're sporting this head...but at least people on the streets won't run away
    when you try to talk to them!"
    Acquired: When you get to Elle's in Uptown, she'll trade you the Dummy for an
    odd job.
    Description: You have a grinning mannequin head.  Slow movement speed and no
    Special Abilities: Pressing Square will make a leisurely wave, and pressing O
    will give two-thumbs up.  Use them on the citizens of Hope Falls you'd like to
    speak to if you scare them with your other heads.  Some citizens (like Doc
    Steiner and Grizzle) aren't affected by your scary heads.
    |HEAD SHOP LOCATIONS|							 {shop}
    When you leave Castle Steiner for the first time, you'll meet the affable and
    mysterious Sam Spade, a gravedigger and head merchant second to none.  Sam has
    shops scattered around Hope Falls where he is open for business 24/7 (and,
    apparently, in every shop simultaneously).  Here's a list of his franchise
    Graveyard: Outside Castle Steiner.  You can get there by leaving the castle
    through the front door, or by taking the green teleportation pod to the
    Mausoleum.  Not technically a shop (so you can't peruse your available heads),
    but you can do business with Sam as normal.
    Creepy Hollow: After a harrowing trip through the woods of Creepy Hollow,
    you'll stumble upon the ruins of a small town (also called Creepy Hollow).  You
    can find a head shop here, and there's also a teleporter.
    Uptown: When you get to Uptown, head to the end of the block and you'll see the
    telltale swirly fireflies of the head shop, on Cabeza Boulevard (hablas
    espanol?).  There's a teleporter on this block too.
    Downtown: In the aptly named Downtown area of Downtown, there's a head shop
    immediately to your right (upon entering from Uptown), and a teleporter next to
    it.  There's also a shop on the second level of the Pitt building (also with a
    teleporter), but it is the last shop you'll be able to access.  Inside
    Montezuma's Casino is a third shop.
    Zombietown: Just up the street from Charlie Webb's place in the first area of
    Zombietown (coming from Old Hope Falls), on the left.
    Old Hope Falls: There are two head shops here.  The first is on Cheap Street,
    just outside of Fred's office building and across the street from Lessworth's.
    The second is inside the Bongo Club, so you won't be able to access it until
    you can get inside the club.
    Freak Farms: There's a head shop straight ahead when you enter the Farms from
    Downtown.  In Tin Town there's another shop and a teleporter.
    Boonies: There's a crappy shantytown in the Boonies called Boonies Town.
    There's a shop and a teleporter there.
    |AFTERWORD|								{after}
    This is my first FAQ and as such I consider it an experiment.  I enjoyed
    writing it and I plan on writing others as time allows, possibly for Dead Head
    Fred, possibly for other games.  Please feel free to e-mail me
    (at levi(dot)vantine(at)cmich(dot)edu) if you have any comments on the FAQ,
    especially if there are corrections that need to be made (I especially ask
    readers to notify me if I missed any Head Shop locations).
    |VERSION HISTORY|						      {version}
    8-25-08: Version 1.0 submitted to GameFAQs.  I consider 1.0 comprehensive for
    	 the most part, so I don't plan on any future updates (on the basis of
    	 content, anyways).
    10-02-08: Version 1.05 submitted to GameFAQs.  Cleaned up the format.
    |BIBLIOGRAPHY|							       {biblio}
    - ASCII art courtesy of dtools.net (ascii.dtools.net).
    - Disclaimers courtesy of GameFAQs (GameFAQs Help: Copyrights, Trademarks, and 
      Plagiarism - http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/help/entry.html?cat=29).
    - Format developed using FAQ writer EntropicLobo's format as a basis
      (http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/47899.html); used with
    |LEGAL NOTICES|								{legal}
    This work is the intellectual property of Levi van Tine.  It is authorized for 
    use exclusively on gamefaqs.com (although other sites are free to link to it).
    If you notice this guide being hosted by any site other than GameFAQS, I would
    greatly appreciate an e-mail about it.  You are free to use this work, print
    it, and distribute it as you see fit, but it is expressly not to be used for
    commercial purposes.  Also remember that presenting any part of this work as
    your own constitutes plagiarism, and  mentioning any part of it without proper
    citation is just poor writing.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
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