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"The best YGO game."

Having played almost every Yu gi oh game, I have come to know what to expect from a YGO game. Lots of cards, lots of characters, no story and same old gameplay. Fortunately this YGO game offers all that and some more.

Story- well yes there is a story. The game follows the events of YGO GX the anime, up to the shadow riders. So expect to see many familiar faces like Zane and Jaden.

Gameplay- the gameplay is what I loved about this installment. The game is played in three chapters, the first one is getting prepared for the big tournament. During this chapter you are given a 90 days to get stronger by defeating other duelists and improving your deck and also getting a partner. You can walk around various places searching for duelsits. Or you can go to the shop and buy new cards. You will also spend a lot of time buying food for other characters to make some friends, because you NEED a partner, if you don't have a partner by the end of 90 days its game over.

The second chapter is the tournament. Its basically duel after duel until your reach the final and win the whole thing. The purpose of this tournament is to introduce the new "Tag" dueling. You basically get to duel 2 on 2 . I really hated this new feature, while its cool to have a partner the fact that they do so many mistakes during a duel makes dueling a chore. For example your partner will use all of your traps and sacrifice your monster without your consent. You will also have to build a deck that goes well with your your partner's just sucks. The third chapter is where the story kicks in, you basically get to save the world from bunch of bad guys. If you watch the GX series you will enjoy this chapter, otherwise its just more dueling.

Replay Value- like with every YGO game the replay value is huge. The first chapter alone can take you anywhere from 10 to 20 hours to finish. It all comes down to how strong you want to get. The second and third chapters are very short though. There are 7 characters to beat the game expect at least 7 playthroughs. But the main thing you will want to do is collecting all the cards and making lots of powerful decks. There are over 2000 cards, so that could take you forever!

Graphics- the graphics are ok, nothing special. The game uses some nice cut scenes during duels but I am sure you will turn them off after you see them for the 10th time.

Overall- This is by far the best YGO game. It got everything lots of cards, characters, and huge replay value. If you liked any of the WCC on the GBA then you will love this one.


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/11/07

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