Defeating Bloodbane (on Normal)?

  1. Everytime I fight him everything is fine until he heals himself then it seems like everything goes to hell. Is there a way to stop him from healing himself? Or do I have to sit it out and fight him for 2 and a half-plus hours?

    Everyone in my party is at Lv. 30 and everyone has Guts, Auto Item, and Angel Curio equipped. My party is Lenneth, Arngrim, Mystina, and Aelia. This is my first play through if you were curious. I just pretty much need help getting over hiim healing himself. And I've fought him multiple times where he's struck first and I've struck first...Help?

    User Info: Crizu_Valkyrie

    Crizu_Valkyrie - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Thanks guys, you both really have helped, but I'm still running into the problem of BLOODBANE HEALING. Do I just need to suffer through that he'll heal himself? Or is there a way to stop him from doings so? Thank you again!

    User Info: Crizu_Valkyrie

    Crizu_Valkyrie - 8 years ago


  1. Here's my method:

    Make sure Lenneth is equipping the strongest 3 hit bow from the Divine Item section OR, if you have it, let her equip the Elven Bow.
    Have Arngrim wear your strongest attack (even if it's one hit) sword.
    If you have a Crimson Spear, make Aelia wear it (Crimson Spears are gained from trasmutating a Broken Spear with the Creation Jewel equipped which is gained from transmutating a Orihalcon with the Creation Gem equipped). If not, let her equip your strongest attack Spear.
    Mystina should either wear a Unicorn's Horn or an Ether Scepter (try to have lots of Ether Scepters incase they break). Also, give her the spell Mystic Cross. Make sure she also has Sap Guard and Might Reinforce.

    If you have first turn, just attack normally that turn (NO PWS's!!). Then use Sap Guard.
    If Bloodbane gets first turn, use Sap Guard.

    After using Sap Guard, attack normally but with no PWS's.
    Next turn, let Mystina use Might Reinforce, then attack normally with the others while trying to get the orbs which reduce CT. Make sure you use no PWS's.

    Then, after everyone can attack and Sap Guard and Might Reinforce have been used, make everyone attack normally and then use PWS's in this order:


    This should knock alot of HP out of Bloodbane.
    Then repeat my method and cast Sap Guard / Might Reinforce when you think the effects have worn off.

    [P.S. Remember to never use PWS's unless you can chain everybody]

    User Info: Ohaso

    Ohaso - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. There's no point in healing in this fight so don't use First Aid, instead set the skills to GUTS and AUTO ITEM (union plume 100%). equip everyone with angel curio and power/magic bangle.

    He always casts gravity blessing so just pray that at least one survives to union plume the others.

    User Info: notorazr

    notorazr - 8 years ago 0 0
  3. I first beat him on Hard Mode at about the same level. My party was Different, bow Lenneth, Jayle, Lawfer and Shiho but compared to yours it's near the same in terms of ending PWS damage. I also didn't use Great Magicks.

    Never used Sap Guard in this fight as I didn't have it. Anyway, Might Potions, Might Reinforce was the only atk mods I used in this fight to chain my damage higher. I would advise you to try to get Sacred Javelin on Mystina and use a non-great magicks weapon. Reason for this is because Bloodbane is big enough to get hit by the full force of Sacred Javelin and all it's hits.

    The goal is to at least chain each PWS on the 4th turn, 3rd if possible.

    Lenneth, Mystina, Arngrim Aelia

    In that order you should easily pass the 50 hit mark and Aelia's PWS is going to be -insane-.

    He uses heal on every 10th turn. Hitting him with that setup by turn 8 should usually kill him, if not get him udner 30% which stops him from using Heal.

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    CressMiato - 8 years ago 0 0
  4. Well as long as u struck his HP out until about 2/5 of his HP then instead of using "Heal" he would be casting "Blessed Gravity" which can kill your characters with a blow, but if ur lucky enough u might be alive but his nxt move could be "Blessed Gravity" anytime so I advice you to have this support ability equiped.And in this battle heal is not very important just get as much plum u can get.

    Dont ask Why -__-"

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  5. I almost never use buffs or debuffs--waste of time. The Auto Item+Guts+Angel Curio strategy works, though.

    First, dump Mystina and get Gandar. Unless you leveled Mystina like crazy, Gandar is FAR more powerful. Give him the Unicorn's Horn, it's nearly as good as the Ether Scepter, and either Mystic Cross or Shadow Servant. If you can, Materialize an Orihalcum, then materialize Gram from it. Give this to Arngrim or Valkyrie, and keep Aelia. There is an excellent spear called Dinosaur Tooth (or something) in the Palace of the Dragon Orb, give this to her. If you have to, strip everyone's equipment and redistribute it. Power Bangles for Arngrim and Aelia, Fairy and Magic Bangles for Gandar. I always use Soul Crush attacks, even if there's only one, but when there's two or more, I tend to let Arngrim or Aelia be the last to deliver theirs. As for healing, it's always been a matter of luck for me. Level 30 might be too low, so see about grinding some more if you can. If you're in Jotenheim, there's a Mithril Golem around that gives loads of experience. If you can reach level 40, you're good to beat the game.

    User Info: Al_Kristopher

    Al_Kristopher - 6 years ago 0 0

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