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    	  Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon (PSP+PS2)
    Standard issue disclosure: This game is not mine; I do not own any rights to
    it. It belongs to Natsume and ArtePiazza. I do however own this guide. It is
    only to be posted on Gamefaqs and Supercheats (since they were so nice to ask
    permission). Just remember God's commandment: THOU SHALT NOT STEAL!!!
    Copyright 2008 Paul Gilliland AKA omniwarrior / omniwarrior1980.
    Please send any errors/questions to flame_warrior@hotmail.com
    I will post credits where they are due and I am always happy to help out a
    fellow farmer. Also I can hack your gamesave with anything you want if your
    PSP is not modded. My special modded game saves are here for USA and European.
    Spring, day 1, ring 1, All Items, max stats, max tool levels, Secret Black
    Jewels, Max money, all gathered items shipped, 1000 of each seed, all tools.
    My European one has a special rail system design, when you get the life arms,
    you will find out why it is this way. The baskets are specially hacked. What
    you put in one is in all of them so that's why the rail design is the way it is.
    It also has the same stuff as the USA version.
    Thanks and credits go to Fay, Sara Nielsen and Zhou Tai and the many members of
    the Gamefaqs message board. You have helped me to add to this lots!!
    Big thanks to Osgoroth for his maps! (had to cut the links in half)
    Thanks to rubbaninja for his red door ruins maps!!
    this has all three floors in one page.
    Thanks to Fay for a character timetable whereabouts guide!!
    ------------------------Differences from PSP to PS2------------------------
    1. Liberta gives you his dictionary in the PS2 version.
    As you experience new things and complete lists, he will write more things
    into it after every season. Complete you shipping, cooking and gathering lists.
    Also read all sign boards and check out all areas, they may add to the list too.
    2. Becky will notice that you are carrying that dictionary and will show you a
    book to read. That night you will have a dream. Snow in summer and a white rose
    growing in your field. This event unlocks that rare possibility in the PS2
    version? There are other events she initiates when you speak with her. Part of
    becoming human I guess?
    3. The drama section clues you into a stray cat you can get for a pet.
    Just talk to him 4 times. Marsha comes to the ruins on Spring 30 after a fight
    with her father (around noon) and she told me of a stray cat which is as she
    said, was near the suspended bridge, actually the kitten was near the phones.
    Talking to the kitten repeatedly did not do anything for me, I had to talk to
    the kitten exit the screen, go back to the kitten three times, before the
    dialog box changed to “the kitten seems to have some affection for you”.
    Then I could name the kitten (Its default name was Cocoa) and now the kitten
    lives on the entrance level of the ruins as a pet.
    4. In the PSP version you get 2 years to harvest 1,000 crops. Pffft!! This is
    way too easy. Well Natsume beefed it up to 5,000 in one year, YIKES!!!
    ------------------------end of section------------------------
    The TV has a few channels to do extra things as well.
    Weather News channel	for the next day weather prediction
    Herbal Garden channel	for harvesting your flowers and herbs
    Cooking Life channel	watch every week (Monday) to improve your cooking.
    Drama channel	 	Clues you in about the stray cat.
    Anime channel	 	Shows things about the alien (year 2)
    World Ranch channel	is for buying and selling livestock	 
    By standing still for half an hour, your PP will be restored gradually.
    When using the level 2 or level 3 tools, hold the triangle (charged) to maximize
    its result. With a seed bag, you can spread the seeds on 3 x 3 squares.
    Sleep before 2100hrs, so you can wake up at 0400hrs on the next day.
    “Power Soles” and “Snow Soles” only enable you to run by using the keypad
    button, while by using the analogue control you can always run even though
    with out wearing the “Soles”.
    Sleep at Dr. Hope's home and have breakfast with him to quickly up your
    cooking points. Alternatively, if you failed to do so through year one,
    you can keep watching the cooking channel and keep cooking the same dishes.
    You will gain a point every 5 days if you are diligent enough. The drinks did
    not add any points, so use the others. To sleep at Dr. Hope's I talked with
    Vita and she told me that my bedroom was in to the north of the stairs on the
    second floor. Just walk up to the bed and press the action button.
    Fishing is easy. You don't stand there and wait for the line to tug. It is
    random to just pull in the line and a fish will or will not appear. Repeat
    until you catch your fishies!!
    ----------------Liberta's Dictionary Words and how to get them----------------
    Adventure (received w/ the dictionary)
    Alien (Art)
    Apple (Max human stats, tool level and 1,000,000G+)
    Art (received w/ the dictionary)
    Author (Art)
    Banana (received w/ the dictionary)
    Billionaire (Art)
    Black Truffle (received w/ the dictionary)
    Blueberry (Art)
    Bride (received w/ the dictionary)
    Buggy (Art)
    Bygone (Max human stats, tool level and 1,000,000G+)
    Cabbage (received w/ the dictionary)
    Cacao (Art)
    Cake (received w/ the dictionary)
    Cat (Art)
    Cherry Tree (received w/ the dictionary)
    Chest (Art)
    Chicken (received w/ the dictionary)
    Dessert (Art)
    Dish (received w/ the dictionary)
    Dog (Art)
    Dream (Max human stats, tool level and 1,000,000G+)
    Ear (Spring’s crops shipment)
    Earth (Cooking)
    Epoch-Making (Spring’s crops shipment)
    Equator (Cooking)
    Fall (Spring’s crops shipment)
    Farm (Cooking)
    Fishing (Spring’s crops shipment)
    Freedom (Cooking)
    Futuristic (Max human stats, tool level and 1,000,000G+)
    Giant (Spring’s crops shipment)
    Goat (Art)
    Harvest (Spring’s crops shipment)
    Hermit (Cooking)
    Hope (Spring’s crops shipment)
    Humour (Cooking)
    Ice (Spring’s crops shipment)
    Impossible (Cooking)
    Invention (Spring’s crops shipment)
    Island (Cooking)
    Jack Frost (Spring’s crops shipment)
    Jewel (Cooking)
    Key (Summer’s crops shipment)
    Knowledge (Shipped all herbs and flowers, year 2)
    Lazy (Summer’s crops shipment)
    Lemon (Shipped all herbs and flowers, year 2)
    Lifework (Summer’s crops shipment)
    Love (Shipped all herbs and flowers, year 2)
    Map (Summer’s crops shipment)
    Mermaid (Shipped all herbs and flowers, year 2)
    Mist (Summer’s crops shipment)
    Moon (Shipped all herbs and flowers, year 2)
    Night (Summer’s crops shipment)
    Nod (Shipped all herbs and flowers, year 2)
    Nostradomus (Max human stats, tool level and 1,000,000G+)
    Olive (Summer’s crops shipment)
    Owl (Shipped all herbs and flowers, year 2)
    Palm (Max human stats, tool level and 1,000,000G+)
    Pandora's Box (Summer’s crops shipment)
    Pepino (Shipped all herbs and flowers, year 2)
    Pillow (Summer’s crops shipment)
    Please (Shipped all herbs and flowers, year 2)
    Pocket (Summer’s crops shipment)
    Porcini (Shipped all herbs and flowers, year 2)
    Promise (Max human stats, tool level and 1,000,000G+)
    Question (Autumn’s crops shipment)
    Quit (5,000 crop challenge completion)
    Rambutan (Autumn’s crops shipment)
    Ribbon (5,000 crop challenge completion)
    Robot (Autumn’s crops shipment)
    Sea (5,000 crop challenge completion)
    Season (Autumn’s crops shipment)
    Secret (5,000 crop challenge completion)
    Seek (Autumn’s crops shipment)
    Sheep (5,000 crop challenge completion)
    Summer (Max human stats, tool level and 1,000,000G+)
    Taste (Autumn’s crops shipment)
    Television (5,000 crop challenge completion)
    Tomorrow (Autumn’s crops shipment)
    Trash Bin (5,000 crop challenge completion)
    Umbrella (Autumn’s crops shipment)
    Upstairs (5,000 crop challenge completion)
    Valley (Million married with Emma)
    Vegetable (Native Vegetation)
    Vitue (Million married with Emma)
    War (Native Vegetation)
    Water (Million married with Emma)
    Weed (Native Vegetation)
    Whistle (Million married with Emma)
    Wine (Native Vegetation)
    Wool (Million married with Emma)
    World (Native Vegetation)
    Xanadu (Million married with Emma)
    Xmas (Native Vegetation)
    Yesterday (Million married with Emma)
    Yuletide (Native Vegetation)
    Zephyr (Million married with Emma)
    ZZZ (Native Vegetation)
    So basically to complete this list you must:
    1. Obtain the distionary from Liberta
    2. Ship all 6 spring crops
    3. See all 6 of Moonlight's artwork
         “Rainbow Serpent” at South of Heartflame Cave
         “Whispering Trees” the South East of East Lake
         “Southern Constellations” at East Lake
         “Dessert Moon” at Heartflame Dunes
         “Waltz” at Heartflame Plains
         “Here & There” at the junction before Hope’s mansion, south past the trees
    4. Ship all 9 summer crops
         Green Pea
    5. Ship all 7 Autumn crops
         Green Pepper
         Hot Pepper
         Sweet Potato
    6. Complete your cooking list
    7. Max out your human stats, Tools at level 3 and have 1,000,000G+
    8. Ship all the herbs and flowers (available by spring year 2)
         Cat's Tail
    9. Ship all the wild crops (available by Autumn of year 2)
         Black Truffle
         Wood Ear
         White Wood Ear
         Fly Agaric
         Purple Shimeji
         Mock Strawberry
         Lily Bells
    10. Million Marries Emma (million gets cool pins, Emma gets Angel's ribbon)
    11. Stop the aliens invasion by completing the 5,000 crop challenge
    You get 4 black jewels (SWEEEEEEEET!!!) for completing this dictionary!!
    This guide is a Sunday event guide to blaze through this game and collect 
    everything. Farming the crops you want is your choice. Explore the island 
    and know the territory. Forage for wild crops and level up your tools in 
    any free time. Try to grow everything to complete your stat sheets. Your
    character has human stats, also adding to the dictionary list. Cooking,
    planting seeds and harvesting are the easiest ways to max your stats of
    cooking, creativity and challenge. If you want to increase your cooking and
    love stat, sleep at Dr. Hope's and go have breakfast too. (Except on Saturday
    nights as you wake up in the Life Pod on Sunday morning [PS2]) Humor seems to
    involve more social contacts, so talk with people, especially during events.
    Also Love, Humor and Creativity go up randomly when you have animals.
    ------------------------Week 1------------------------
    When you start you meet Dr. Hope (your creator) and Vita his maid. Hit L1
    to get your inventory and equip your power soles to move around faster. Later
    Gayak comes who will take you through a mini tutorial of farming. You 
    spend the night at his place and meet Marlene (his wife), Chocola (his dog),
    and Marcia. The next day you go back to Dr. Hope’s house and there you meet 
    Moonlight who will take you to your new home in the ruins.
    When you go to the ruins you start with:
    1. Doctor's WC (Level 1 water can)
    2. Iron Hoe (Level 1 hoe)
    3. Power Soles
    4. Snow Soles
    5. 2 Seed Bags
    6. 9 turnip seeds
    7. 8 Potato seeds (you don't have to plant and harvest all with Gayak)
    Gayak's tutorial farming: We really could keep 8 potatoes seeds with just
    planting 1 square of the virtual farm field during Gayak's tutorial.
    (thanks to the person who posted this on the Gamefaqs board)
    You sleep that night and will be woken up by Franco. Over the next couple 
    days the town’s people will come to meet you and look at your farm. Take 
    this time the talk with them. (Go talk to Franco as soon as everyone leaves
    to get some potato seeds[PS2])
    After the event with Million and Lenny coming on your farm, go talk to Franco
    and he will tell you that Million left some asparagus seeds.
    Strange moss can be laid down over a tilled square before planting crops.
    It can be found down by the water outside the ruins to the left and at the
    East Lake banks near the East Mushroom Forest  You will have to spread this
    out once every season. It helps retain water for 3 extra days. When combined
    with jewel field effects add up to a lot of days that you don't have to water.
    You may not leave until the week is up and you have harvested those crops.
    Every Sunday you must go to the Dr. Hope’s home to advance the story line.
    Try to farm a few crops of each every season and watch the cooking channel
    every Monday so that you can master cooking.
    On day 3 you can get a sickle from Franco if you go to talk to him. Use these
    tools and level up your skill with them. Do not drop rocks in the water. Save
    them for when you get a hammer. Try to level up those tools with the remaining
    PP you have. Cheating isn't possible in the game, but there is still a way for
    your hoe and hammer. Hoe the land to till and hammer it to flatten it again.
    Also you can water any tilled land. So till and water them all!
    Exploration is the key in this game. You will find harvestable wild plants.
    The game will tell you when these things ripen. You will have to buy a Scales
    Pack in order to harvest the wild foods.
    The refrigerator in your room doesn't store crops or anything, its just there
    for the ingredients to cook with. It can never run empty.
    The TV has some nice functions. Herbal channel can harvest your 
    flowers and herbs the next morning. Cooking Channel is again mentioned. 
    Watch and learn. There are 10 sections to cooking and hence 10 weeks of 
    watching. Some recipes require certain crops or wild plants to be shipped; 
    others may only be done in certain seasons. Week 1 cooking has basic drinks. 
    No problem to complete this week.
    - Yucky Tea
    - Regular Tea
    - Apple Tea
    - Milk Tea
    - Icky Coffee
    - Coffee
    - Café au Lait
    - Vienna Coffee
    Herbal Tea
    - Nasty Herb Tea
    - Chamomile Tea
    - Lavender Tea
    - Mint Tea
    The weather channel will tell you what tomorrows weather is.
    The Drama channel clues you into the stray cat.
    The anime is a pretty comical show about the alien (year 2)
    World Ranch Channel can be used when you unlock a blue jewel field for
    cows, sheep and chickens.
    ------------------------Week 2------------------------
    Sunday, 7 Spring:
    Harvest those turnips! Moonlight will take you to see Dr. Hope and you will 
    spend the night at his house. The next morning Million and Marcia will come 
    to show you all around town. Then Marcia you will give you 30 Asparagus 
    Seeds when they take you back to the ruins. You are now out of the tutorial 
    week and can do whatever you feel like. This includes shopping and socializing. 
    If you get up to level 2 on your skill with a watering can you can talk to 
    Masami and get the level 2 water can.
    Go to Dr. Hope's home at night to sleep there so you can be fresh to go
    shopping and go have breakfast with him. Do not wake up early. You get 1 love
    point and 3 cooking points.
    Most items for sale are self explanatory, but these are the important ones.
    Iron Hammer 650G (level 1 hammer)
    Iron Axe 480G (level 1 hammer)
    Iron Sickle 320G (level 1 sickle) (you get a free one from Franco)
    Scale Pack 2980G (Use it for harvesting wild plants and fruit.)
    Eventually you will have the option to buy rails components. I was easily able
    to buy everything as they became available. DON'T BE LAZY!! There is something
    else, a glitch. You must but all the harvest baskets after they replace the
    hammer or else you can only get 11 harvest baskets. When the newer baskets
    become available, they will replace the older ones and when you buy them out,
    the place will revert back to the hammer, missing out on 3 of the baskets.
    You should pick out some new seeds to so you can grow crops other than 
    potatoes, turnips and asparagus for the Spring Festival.
    Monday cooking
    - Gross Salad
    - Italian Salad
    - Fresh Salad (need to ship mayonnaise [Thanks: Zhou Tai])
    - Cabbage Salad
    - Tomato Salad (summer only)
    Fruit Dessert
    - Miserable Fruit Dessert
    - Fruit Dessert
    - Fruit with Yogurt Sauce
    - Fresh Papaya (harvest papaya first)
    - Tropical Cocktail (summer only)
    ------------------------Week 3------------------------
    Sunday, 14 Spring
    When you go to Dr. Hope’s house he tells you that it will take longer to fix 
    up the robot. Gayak come and asks you to grow for the Spring Festival and 
    gives you 3 more seed bags; you should now have 6 seed bags now.
    Monday cooking
    (You must catch a fish in order to make these after the sandstorm clears.
    You have to meet him in his hut, then go find him fishing and he will invite
    you to fish with him. This doesn't happen until summer though.)
    - Sushi Plate
    - Sushi Master's Plate
    - Normal Sandwich
    - Yummy Sandwich
    - BLT Sandwich
    - Fruit Sandwich
    ------------------------Week 4------------------------
    Sunday, 21 Spring
    You get the grain key from Dr. Hope. Go to the cave that leads to the ruins 
    to find the door the key goes to. Blue Chests always contain special items. 
    These ones contain 2 Yellow and 1 Blue Jewels. Not enough to unlock any 
    fields but it is a start. Smash those rocks too. Level up that hammer. 
    You can mine the rocks and obtain blue, red and yellow stones. If you 
    choose not to use them, they will turn into plain ore when you leave the 
    cave. The plain ore isn't hardly worth anything unless you miss the cave 
    accident event. You will need 120 plain ores to upgrade your robot.
    You will find stones of 3 sizes. The largest ones are found in treasure
    chests. I never use the jewels for level 3 tools as they unlock your fields.
    straight usage of the stones effects;
    The smaller stones: 
    Red stones refill 1/4 PP
    Blue stones will keep your PP from decreasing on that floor.
    Yellow stones increase your tool's SP at random.
    The larger stones:
    Red stones refill 1/2 PP
    Blue stones will keep your PP from decreasing on that floor.
    Yellow stones increase your tool's SP at random.
    Equipping the stones in your tool slots;
    The smaller stones:
    Red stones sometime will not use PP for tool
    Blue stones tool will water area too (increased SP for watering can)
         (Use these with the hoe for a watered tilled area)
    Yellow stones may restore non-yellow stone power in tool (rare)
    The larger stones
    Red stones higher level tools use same PP as lower level tools
    Blue stones tool will water area too (double SP for watering can)
         (Use these with the hoe for a watered tilled area)
    Yellow stones may restore non-yellow stone power in tool (rare)
    Jewels will help your level 3 tools too, but I don't use them.
    Red jewel Energy will refill completely before it reaches 0.
    Blue jewel Soil will be watered and the SP doubled
    Yellow jewel power of non-yellow slots in same tool will not go down.
    Black jewel No PP usage or SP Gain (DON'T DO IT!!!)
    Jewel effects on fields:
    Red Crops mature faster but the field dries up faster
    Blue Field retains water for 6 extra days
    Yellow Field retains water for 1 extra day
    Green matures faster, field retains water for 7 extra days, better price
    Purple matures faster, field retains water for 4 extra days, better price
    Orange matures faster water retention is normal
    Black matures 1/2 time, field retains water for 7 extra days, DOUBLE PRICE
    Jewels also help with animals (chickens and cows only)
    They increase the happiness rating and increase the product value.
    I have only gotten black jewels through codebreaker, someone please find
    how to get them legitimately!! Email me flame_warrior@hotmail.com
    Monday cooking
    - Instant Stew
    - Beef Stew
    - Chunky Beef Stew
    - Beef Stew with Wine
    Curry and Rice
    - Instant Curry
    - Curry Rice (Mild)
    - Curry Rice (Medium)
    - Curry Rice (Spicy)
    ------------------------Week 5------------------------
    Sunday, 28 Spring:
    Today is the Spring Festival! Go see Dr. Hope like every Sunday; once you 
    done there Marcia will come to take you to the Spring Festival; go and talk 
    to everyone. On the way there Marcia stops and says she’s seen the Nature 
    Spirits; say yes when she asks you if you have seen them. The spring festival 
    goes late into the night so when it ends you will wake up at home and it will 
    be the next day. Everyone is happy at the crops that you grew and so as a 
    gift the give you get 2 Harvest Baskets and a Seed Bag that you will find 
    at you farm. 
    Monday cooking
    Vegetable Juice
    - Leftover Green Veggie Juice
    - Leftover Red Veggie Juice
    - Mixed Vegetable Juice
    - Red Vegetable Juice
    - Green Vegetable Juice
    - Tomato Juice (only worked in summer for me)
    Fruit Juice
    - Fresh Juice
    - Yogurt Smoothie
    - Soy Milk Mix
    - Kale Juice (You must have grown kale in winter to make this.)
    Marcia will inform you a day after the spring festival. She will come
    to the bedroom sometime before midnight. The next day onwards we can
    "talk" to the cat and after 3 times, we should be able to name it on
    the 4th time which will indicate that the stray cat became our pet
    already. It will only stays in the entrance of Easter Ruins.
    ------------------------Week 6------------------------
    Sunday, 35 Spring:
    You get the battlebot Forte (or whatever you name him) SWEET!!!
    1 thing though; he can help, but you should consider leveling up your tools 
    Summer Season.
    One small note, You will have 2 storms during this season, no less. They
    appear to be random. One game I played I had 5 storms. Summer, Autumn and
    winter all have storms. Springtime seems to be immune from storms. The 8th
    always seems to be the first storm, so beware with you first planting!
    Lemons and Tomatoes did well against storms but the don't sell for much.
    Pineapples sold well and they seemed in the middle as far storm durability.
    All your plants are dead, Sickle them and level up!!
    Max will come and tell you that the bridge has been repaired too. Time to 
    explore! You will find 2 more Yellow jewels and 2 Blue jewels in cave #2.
    Place the 4 yellow jewels on any set of connecting alters. Sleep overnight 
    and unlock the field and any corresponding colored door. Now there is a
    yellow door further in that is unlocked. There is 1 blue jewel so now you
    can unlock another field. This will in turn unlock the animal barn.
    Talk to Jonathon to get special items so you can buy animals. Talk to him for
    a robot chicken, then buy a chicken and go talk to him again for a sheep
    robot, buy a sheep and talk to him again for the cow robot so you can
    have cows. All your animals are purchased through your T.V. on the Ranch
    You will also have unlocked a room to the left of the entrance
    to the ruins. Inside are vending machines that dispense seeds depending
    on the season. Also with 2 fields unlocked, Dr. Hope gives you a buggy
    that you can find just outside the ruins. You now have lots of freedom
    with the blue field unlocked, the sandstorm is gone. Go find the fisherman
    in his hut and then you can find him in various locations depending on the
    season. Catch one fish to unlock fish in your cooking menu.
    Also grab lots of wild crops. Papaya is profitable and also unlocks fresh
    papaya fruit desert.
    Talk to the hermit to unlock cave 3.
    There are 2 pedestals in the animal area. The jewels placed there can
    increase the value of the milk, cheese, eggs and mayonnaise. They also make
    your animals happiness go up. I use the extra purple and green jewels until
    I have enough to unlock a field. Black jewels increase their happiness crazy!
    There is nothing found in game about what to do with the animal pedestals.
    If you talk to Jonathan, he will tell you that the fisherman knows a secret
    whistle to let you befriend the horses. You can't keep them, but you can ride
    them (who wants to ride them? YOU HAVE A GO-CART!!).
    Fay suggested this:
    (I suspect that filling up the fields with crops initiates a storm after a
    delay of a few days. I managed to go almost a whole month with out a storm by
    leaving about 10% of a field unplanted)
    Nina added this to Fay's suggestion:
    (Always leave about 10 - 20 % of each field unplanted, so that the storm won't
    hit many times. And I must add more: not only unplanted, but also un-hoed and
    un-mossed! I did what Fay suggested, but I hoed the rest of field (it's
    unplanted!) in order to upgrade the watering, hoeing and hammering skill.
    Guess what, the storm comes 6 times in the summer time alone!! Aaarrrggghhh!!
    It's really frustrating! Because the storms washed away almost ALL of my crops
    and my beautiful roses! *sigh* So... not only unplant, but also unhoed. okay?)
    You find in cave 3:
    3 red jewels
    1 blue jewel
    1 yellow jewel
    1 purple jewel
    Master's Hoe (level 2 Hoe)
    Master's Axe (level 2 Axe)
    Volcano Sickle (level 2 Sickle)
    2 Earth Power Sand (18 squares worth!! Woo hoo!!)
    You can't pass the mist yet and there aren’t enough jewels to unlock 
    more. With your animals, all you have to do is press triangle everyday 
    to make them happy. At the beginning you can make 2000 per day on 
    chickens and cows if you have them max. Sheep are sheered every 
    Friday around 5:30pm. Eggs and milk are shipped automatically. You can
    change them to mayonnaise and cheese for some extra profits.
    Monday cooking
    Boiled Fish
    You must catch a fish in order to make any of these.
    - Fishy Boiled Fish
    - Boiled Fish
    - Tasty Boiled Fish
    - Boiled Flounder
    Boiled Vegetables
    - Instant Meat and Potatoes
    - Meat and Potatoes
    - Boiled Chicken and Taro
    - Boiled Vegetables
    - Instant Pot-au-feu
    - Pot-au-feu
    - Chicken Pot-au-feu
    - Cabbage Roll Pot-au-feu
    - Overcooked Spaghetti
    - Instant Meat Sauce
    - Spaghetti with Meat Sauce
    - Garlic Spaghetti
    - Spaghetti Carbonara
    - Spaghetti with Eggplant (autumn with eggplant shipped)
    ------------------------Week 7------------------------
    Sunday, 7 Summer
    The Mayor comes today to speak to Dr. Hope about Forte. Marcia comes and 
    the two of you over here the conversation between Dr. Hope and the Mayor. 
    Monday cooking
    - Clumsy Omelet
    - Omelet
    - Cheese Omelet
    - Potato and Bacon Omelet
    - Fluffy Plain Omelet
    Salisbury Steak
    - Beginner's Salisbury Steak
    - Burnt Salisbury Steak
    - Salisbury Steak
    - Healthy Salisbury Steak
    - Mushroom Salisbury Steak (harvest a few varieties of mushrooms)
    ------------------------Week 8------------------------
    Sunday, 14 Summer
    This time when you go to see Dr. Hope you get your first pet! Gayak’s 
    dog, Chocola has had puppies! And you get to keep one! Gayak names it 
    for you; Chocobi! Such a cute name; but if you don’t like it you can 
    change it. 
    Monday cooking
    Grilled Fish
    You must catch a fish in order to make any of these.
    - Burnt Fish
    - Grilled Fish
    - Perfectly Grilled Fish
    - Salt Grilled Mackerel
    - Tasteless Overcooked Steak
    - Steak
    - Plain Grilled Steak
    - Garlic Steak
    ------------------------Week 9------------------------
    Sunday, 21 Summer 
    Masami come to tell you that the rumors of the volcano erupting are true.
    She tells you that there are 3 sprites living on the island (Fire, Water 
    and Forest). She says that it’s the anger of the fire sprite that is making 
    the volcano erupt; the she gives you the 4th Red jewel!! Unlock the field 
    and enter the door in back of the 1st floor of the ruins and find the 
    water crest. 
    3 orange jewels (2 in the PS2 version)
    3 red jewels
    1 green jewel
    1 purple jewel (2 in the PS2 version)
    Angel ribbon (Give to Emma if you want to complete your dictionary, PS2)
       (give it to Jessica to get another red jewel, PSP)
    Easter Hammer (level 2 Hammer)
    Water Crest (give this to the Hermit)
    Go to the hermits to deliver the crest. You get the forest crest from her. 
    Go to the left of the hermit's place where the papayas grow down to the 
    shore and meet the mermaid. She will clear the mist for you. Go talk 
    to the 2 sprites there and then talk to the hermit again. You are given 
    the clue to grow poinsettias in winter. 20 of them are enough, but in 
    winter it is profitable enough to grow more. Do not forget to harvest
    them by using the herbal channel on the T.V. You must be able to use the 
    Monsoon Watering Can before winter or you will have to play this game out 
    through a second year. In winter use spirit water to thaw out the field 
    so you can keep farming. The only unlocked chest in the forest contains 
    the monsoon water can. With level 3 tools, you can equip the field 
    unlocking jewels in their 3rd slot. I choose not to do it.
    Monday cooking
    Roast Beef
    - Plain Grilled Beef
    - Roast Beef
    - Roast Beef with Herbs
    - Roast Beef with Teriyaki
    Macaroni and Cheese
    - Instant Mac&Cheese
    - Lumpy Mac&Cheese
    - Bacon Mac&Cheese
    - Broccoli Mac&Cheese
    - Shrimp Mac&Cheese
    - Frozen Pizza
    - Pepperoni Pizza
    - Four Cheese Pizza
    ------------------------Week 10------------------------
    Sunday, 29 Summer
    An accident happened at the cave where the spring festival took place.
    I go straight to Dr. Hope's in the Sunday morning. Then I go directly
    to the cave and then exit and go to Million's (before 10AM) and go
    upstairs and talk to Gallion who says that he knows about the cave
    accident and that he will ask million to stock herbs. Million will
    stock Rosemary and Lavender as well as earth power sand. Use the Earth
    power sand so you can till the 5 by 5 square in the cave. Use the
    strange moss and plant any combination of Rosemary and lavender that
    you like. You must have all 25 squares full of flowers to clear out
    the fumes. Marco will greet you outside the cave when you have done
    this. Storms will destroy them, which doesn't make any sense. Be sure
    to buy plenty of them. They grow from spring through autumn with no
    replanting needed unless destroyed by a storm. When completed you get
    some nifty upgrades to your robot for free!! I use Rosemary as it grows
    much faster than Lavender. Buy extra because storms will knock the
    plants out (Don't ask why). And the herbs are not sold in Autumn. The
    seeds will not be available in the shop-a-million store. They are only
    available in the vending machines at you ruins farm. (Basil,
    Peppermint and Chamomile are only available in Year 2
    [Thanks Fay, I forgot to add that part])
    Monday cooking
    - Instant Bread
    - Fresh Baked Bread
    - Fresh Baked Raisin Bread
    - Walnut & Almond Bread
    - Mediocre Cake
    - Shortcake
    - Fruit Tart
    - Chocolate Special (after Christmas party)
    - Flower Special (after Christmas party)
    ------------------------Week 11------------------------
    Sunday, 35 Summer
    Dr. Hope’s cat is pregnant...
    A note, do not touch the red top mushrooms!! Those are porcini and you 
    need to collect those in the latter part of Autumn. They are very rare 
    and you need 100g of them in order to complete the later subquest.
    They are found in the eastern mushroom forest.
    ------------------------Week 12------------------------
    Sunday, 7 Autumn
    Dr. Hope’s Cat had Kittens! And you can choose one of them.
    By now the blue jewel alters have raised up into the air. You can swap out 
    the jewels and unlock another field (if you have enough jewels to trade). 
    The jewels on raised alters can be mismatched but the field will have 
    no special properties anymore. 
    ------------------------Week 13------------------------
    Sunday, 14 Autumn
    Dr. Hope tells you that the Mushroom Cooking Contest is coming up and 
    Nana has something to ask you. You can find her in the school. She tell 
    you that the mushrooms she’s looking for are in season tomorrow; so go 
    find those Porcini mushrooms and give them to Nana; you’ll find her in 
    the Super Market. 
    ------------------------Week 14------------------------
    Sunday, 21 Autumn 
    The mushroom cooking contest is next week...
    Catch Nana at the market on Saturday to give her the Porcini mushrooms.
    ------------------------Week 15------------------------
    Sunday, 28 Autumn
    The mushroom cooking contest is today! Go to the contest first, then to 
    Dr. Hopes. You get some Earth Power Sand from Max for helping Nana. It is
    at the bar.
    ------------------------Week 16------------------------
    Sunday, 35 Autumn
    Dorothy has a request. Help her on the 23rd of winter making cakes.
    I hope you have kept up on your cooking. If you have watched all 10 shows 
    you will not have a problem with this.
    Winter! Put those Power Soles away and use the Snow soles. Use spirit water 
    on the field with the Monsoon water can and grow poinsettias and kale. Make 
    sure you harvest 20 poinsettias. Spirit water is in the ponds for the animals.
    Talk to Masami will give you the prompt to plant 20 Poinsettias. Talk to
    Gallion and he will give you 20 poinsettia seeds for free. (Thanks Fay)
    ------------------------Week 17------------------------
    Sunday, 7 Winter  (Nothing new)
    ------------------------Week 18------------------------
    Sunday, 14 Winter (Nothing new)
    ------------------------Week 19------------------------
    (need mermaid tower map)
    Sunday, 21 Winter
    Nothing big on Sunday. Mid-week is where it gets exciting.
    Tuesday 23 Winter
    Cooking with Dorothy 20:00 time 
    You wake up on the 24th. Marlene gives you another seed bag,
    making 8 of them collected so far.
    After the party... (must have seen the sprite of memory event)
    Go to the mist forest with the forest crest and talk to the sprites. 
    Take all the chests in the forest and the tower. There is one small
    puzzle to unlock a door inside. You will find 4 tiles on the ground
    and they will light up as you step on the correct ones. They are
    seasonal so; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter is the key. If  you
    accidently step on them in the wrong sequence leaving the screen and
    returning again allows another try (PS2).
    3 Green Jewels
    6 Blue Jewels
    3 Red Jewels (4 PS2)
    1 Orange Jewel (2 PS2)
    1 Purple Jewel
    Giant's Axe (level 3 Axe) (Powered up to make Giant wood)
    Earth Hammer (level 3 Hammer)
    Enchanted Hoe (level 3 hoe)
    Unlock the green and orange fields. (Green and purple PS2)
    Now go to the green door in the 3rd cave and walk the corkscrew path.
    You will find many jewels here.
    4 Yellow Jewel
    3 Purple Jewel
    4 Red Jewel
    2 Orange Jewel
    Flame Sickle (level 3 sickle)
    Fire Crest
    Set the purple jewels and sleep to unlock. (Orange PS2)
    Go to the East Lake where the ice grail is. The frozen surface has a big 
    hole in it. You will find 2 blue jewels in here. Do not step onto the 
    center dais yet. Go to the far right and you can jump down the ledge. 
    You can't jump up again, but that’s fine. Follow this area out grabbing 
    chests and you will find: 
    1 Yellow Jewel
    1 Blue Jewel
    Cool Pins (give to Million)
    Now exit and you will find yourself in the first cave where you got your 
    first jewels. Walk back to the ice spot and go to the Ice grail.
    CONGRATS!! YOU WIN!! Not too hard, huh? But wait, the story continues.
    Go to that construction site and follow it out to the end and you will
    find a barren desert. Welcome to the 1000 (5000 PS2) crop challenge. For
    the response to the flame spirit's questions choose No and then Yes. After 
    beating the first scenario and appeasing the flame spirit go talk to Vita 
    and you get an awesome upgrade to your farm. The Life Arm, 14 of them 
    actually. They fit on your baskets and can harvest crops 5 squares away.
    Even if you have not gotten all the baskets, any new ones purchased will
    be automatically equipped with the life arms.
    There is a person from the Pink Mask company that will sell you things. 
    The only thing worth buying is the Mother's Touch for 48900G. 
    The Mother's touch increases the value of whatever you harvested with 
    them equipped by 10%. You can brush without the mothers touch and then
    again with. This allows you to interact with the barn animals twice and
    increase their happiness faster.
    ------------------------Week 19 and on ------------------------
    Sunday, 28 winter
    No need to ever visit the Doctors again. I spent the rest of winter
    preparing the barren desert for spring time planting. use the Monsoon
    water can see everything and use the Earth power sand to make the area
    usable. I planted potatoes to make it go by quicker. There are 944
    empty spaces for farming. Easy as pie. It does rain here, so no need
    to come on rainy days unless you are checking to harvest crops. You
    may even get away with bringing a rucksack full of your easter grown
    crops and just throwing them into the shipping bins at the barren
    desert. Remember, no automated means at this place. No baskets, rails
    or helper robots... Are you up for it?
    After this challenge is completed (you have 2 years PSP) you may freely 
    farm and max out your money. Sorry, nothing else to challenge you and
    no other upgrades available. I never used the rails system as I ended up 
    growing flowers and herbs on the jewel areas and left the front unjeweled 
    area for a few crops. I can auto harvest the herbs and flowers via TV 
    herbal life channel. My herb and flowers choices are: Pansy in Spring,
    Rose in Summer, Cosmos in Autumn and obviously Poinsettia in Winter.
    These will yield the highest shipping value. with the monsoon watering
    can, this is super easy to water everything in an hour (game time).
    ---------------------------Some extra info:-------------------------
    1. You will have 8 seed bags by the end of year 1, that's enough to carry
       800 seeds!!
    2. I have listed the total amount of jewels possible to collect
      (This will be different in the PS2 version)
    10 Yellow
    14 Blue
    14 Red
    4 Green
    6 Orange
    6 Purple
    3. Jewel color changing section.
    OK this is super easy. Take any combo to get your colors in any field.
    You don't get any bonuses while growing crops. You must harvest 90+ crops
    over a 70 day period from within the field. Flowers and herbs are awesome.
    |X|                |Y|
    |--                --|
    |                    |
    |                    |
    |                    |
    |                    |
    |                    |
    |--                --|
    |Y|                |X|
    (Blue x 2) + (Yellow x 2) = Green
    (Red x 2) + (Yellow x 2) = Orange
    (Blue x 2) + (Red x 2) = Purple
    Now for the super secret black Jewels: 
    Done with the upper left corner (nw) of farm. Started with:
    |                |
    |    Red--Blue   |  
    |    |       |   |
    | Yellow-Yellow  |
    |                |
    After 70 days and some crops(flowers for me) harvested. It became:
    |                 |
    |    Red--Blue    |
    |    |       |    |
    |   Black--Yellow |
    |                 |
    You can have some real fun with the NE corner of the farm with this technique.
    4. It is blatantly obvious that I am missing the rails segment. I don't
    use them. By the time I get to that point, I am growing herbs and flowers
    exclusively. These are automatically harvested when you contact the herbal
    channel and have them collect your goods. This is sweet when you are in
    1,000 (5,000 PS2) crop challenge. You can play with it if you like, but I
    found it to be a waste of space and time setting it up and using it. The
    Life Arms do very well in collecting produce so if you just have to grow
    lots of food, you may find the rails easier to use. It is like a giant
    train set. You can only use one engine and up to 14 carts. You get 14
    baskets total, so one for each. The auto unit vacuum the crops from the
    baskets and ships them. I try to stay on the outside borders to save
    plantable space.
    5. Character list
    Thanks to Fay for a character timetable whereabouts guide!!
    Dr. Hope is your creator and 'father'.
    Vita is Dr. Hope's housekeeper.
    Gayak is the old farmer guy who teaches you the basics.
    Marlene is Gayak's wife. She will give many Seed Bags.
    Jonathan is the head of the Branch family.
    Vanessa is the wife of Jonathan.
    Becky is Vanessa's and Jonathan's Daughter.
    Lionel is an unmotivated student at the Volcano School.
    Simon studies art at the Volcano School.
    Marco is a business man. He builds that tunnel to the 1,000 crop challenge
    Lucia is Marco's wife.
    Big usually can be found either at the Volcano School or in Neo's laboratory.  
    Marcia probably is your best friend. Gayak and Marlene are her grandparents.
    Liberta owns the winery.
    Jean works at the winery.
    Emma is Lenny's sister.  She works at the winery.
    Lenny works as a clerk at Million's Supermarket. 
    Principal Rose obviously is principal of Volcano school.
    Bobby teaches at the Volcano School. 
    Sharon teaches art at the Volcano School.
    Max teaches sports at the Volcano School. His wife is Nana.
    Nana is the wife of Max. She teaches music on Sundays at the School.
    Gallion is Million's father and Masami's husband.
    Masami is married to Gallion.
    Million is the son of Gallion and Masami.
    Mayor is a guy who is too snooty.
    Dorothy is the mayors wife. I think she is a fake as far as cooking goes.
    Charles is the son of the mayor. He wants to fill his father's shoes.
    Jessica is the daughter of the mayor. She is shy and cooks legitimately.
    Neo is the weatherman and lives in his lighthouse home/lab.
    Franco is the old man at the ruins. His ex-wife is Principal Rose.
    Moonlight is a strange artist, a poser in my opinion.
    The Fisherman is almost a hobo. You have to talk to him to fish.
    The Alien is just a weird thing that Natsume threw in.
    Pink Mask sales guy sells odd things. Mother's touch is the only thing
    worth buying.
    6. Seeds crops and explanations...
    ---------------Spring crops---------------
    ASPARAGUS:100G (40G PS2)
    Asparagus Seeds: 40G
    Grows again if watered after harvest. Can be repeatedly picked.
    A crop that grows in the Spring. Can usually be harvested in 6 days. Very 
    weak in storms, so plant with care.
    CABBAGE:250G (200G PS2)
    Cabbages Seeds:  30G
    Quite expensive when purchased at a store.  Why not grow some at home.
    A crop that grows in the Spring. Can usually be harvested in 10 days. Rather 
    strong in storms.
    CUCUMBER:80G (70G PS2)
    Cucumber Seeds 12G
    Will bear fruit again if watered after picking. Plant them early for profits.
    A crop that grows in the Spring. Can usually be harvested in 10 days. Very 
    weak in storms, so plant with care.
    Potato Seeds 8G
    Can be used to create many  dishes. Harvest when flowers have bloomed.
    A crop that grows in the Spring. Can usually be harvested in 5 days. Usually 
    survives most storms.
    STRAWBERRY:100G  (10G PS2)
    Strawberry Seeds 20G
    Can gather a number at a time. Plant them early to earn more money.
    A crop that grows in the spring. Can usually be harvested in 14 days. Slim 
    survival rate in storms.
    Turnip Seeds 10G
    Sweet and delicious. Relatively easy to grow.
    Turnip Seeds:  A crop that grows in the spring. Can usually be harvested in 6 
    days.  Somewhat strong in storms.
    Pansy:  80G
    Pansy Seeds 12G
    Blooms in random colours. Grows again if watered after picking.
    A flower that blooms in Spring. Can usually be picked in 7 days. Usually 
    destroyed in storms.
    Tulip:  60G 
    Tulip Bulbs 9G (18G PS2)
    Blooms in random colours. Grows again if watered after picking.
    A flower that blooms in Spring. Can usually be picked in 7 days. Often 
    destroyed in storms.
    Hyacinth Bulbs:  9G (18G PS2)
    You won't know what colour it is until it blooms. Blooms again if watered.
    A flower that blooms in spring. Can usually be picked in 7 days. Usually 
    destroyed in storms.
    BASIL: 50G
    Basil Seeds: 8G (24G PS2)
    A refreshing herb with a nice fragrance. Harvest again if watered after 
    picking. Can usually be picked in 7 days. Slightly fragile in storms.
    Peppermint Seeds: 8G (24G PS2)
    A fragrant herb.  Can be picked again if watered after harvest.
    Grows from spring to autumn.  Can usually be picked in 7 days. Slightly 
    fragile in storms.
    Lavender Seeds 12G (36G PS2)
    A fragrant herb.  Can be picked again if watered after harvest.
    Grows from spring to autumn.  Can usually be picked in 10 days. Weak in 
    storms, so plant with care.
    Rosemary Seeds 12G (36G PS2)
    A fragrant herb.  Can be picked again if watered after harvest.
    Grows from spring to autumn.  Can usually be picked in 7 days. Slightly 
    fragile in storms.
    Chamomile Seeds 12G (36G PS2)
    A fragrant herb.  Can be picked again if watered after harvest.
    Grows from spring to autumn.  Can usually be picked in 10 days. Exceptionally 
    fragile in storms, so plant with care.
    ---------------Summer Crops---------------
    CORN: 150G (120G PS2)
    Corn Seeds 25G  
    Bears fruit again if watered after picking, so plant early for more!
    A crop that grows in the summer.  Can usually be harvested in 9 days. Very 
    weak in storms, so plant with care.
    LEMON: 90G (80G PS2)
    Lemon Seeds 30G
    Can gather a number at a time.  Will bear fruit again if watered after 
    harvesting. A crop that grows in the summer. Can usually be harvested
    in 12 days.  Not hardy in storms.
    ONION: 60G
    Onion Seeds 10G
    Can be easily grown by beginners. Plant seeds again after harvesting.
    A crop that grows in the summer. Can usually be harvested in 5 days. Will 
    usually survive storms.
    SQUASH: 240G (220G PS2)
    Squash Seeds 35G
    Quite expensive if purchased at a store.  May be cheaper to grow at home.
    A crop that grows in the summer. Can usually be harvested in 9 days. Hardy 
    even in storms.
    TOMATO: 50G (20G PS2)
    Tomato Seeds 15G
    Can gather a number at a time. Plant them early to make more profit.
    A crop that grows in the summer. Can usually be harvested in 6 days. Weak in 
    storms, so plant with care.
    WATERMELON: 250G (220G PS2)
    Watermelon Seeds 35G
    Popular for their large size and sweet taste. Grow some in your garden.
    A crop that grows in the summer. Can usually be harvested in 10 days. Slim 
    survival rate in storms.
    GREEN PEA: 40G (20G PS2)
    Green Pea Seeds 18G.  
    Can gather many from a single tree. Grows fast and is ideal for beginners.
    A crop that grows in the summer. Can usually be harvested in 7 days. Rather 
    strong in storms.
    MELON: 500G
    Melon Seeds 75G. 
    Grow high-quality melons on your own farm! Takes time to grow.
    A crop that grows in the summer. Can usually be harvested in 14 days. Very 
    weak in storms, so plant with care.
    PINEAPPLE: 300G (250G PS2)
    Pineapple Seeds 100G
    Will bear fruit if watered after picking. Plant them early for profits.
    A crop that grows in the summer. Can usually be harvested in 14 days. Very 
    weak in storms, so plant with care.
    ROSES: 300G
    White Rose: 600G (RARE!!) (must be unlocked in PS2 version)
    Rose Seeds 45G
    Will bloom in various colours. White is the most challenging to cultivate!
    A flower that blooms in summer. Can usually be picked in 12 days. Too 
    fragile to survive any storm.
    Sunflower Seeds 10G
    A popular flower during the summer. Plant seeds again after harvesting.
    A flower that blooms in summer. Can usually be picked in 8 days. Weak in 
    storms, so plant with care.
    ---------------Autumn Crops---------------
    Eggplant Seeds: 12G
    A popular vegetable during the fall. Plant seeds again after harvesting.
    A crop that grows in the autumn. Can usually be harvested in 6 days. Weak in 
    storms, so plant with care.
    Sweet Potato Seeds 10G
    Irresistible when warmed up on a cold day. Plant seeds again after harvesting.
    A crop that grows in the autumn. Can usually be harvested in 5 days. Will 
    usually survive storms.
    GREEN PEPPER: 60G (50G PS2)
    Green Pepper Seeds 15G
    Can gather a number at a time. Plant them early to make the most of them.
    A crop that grows in the autumn. Can usually be harvested in 7 days. Weak in 
    storms, so plant with care.
    CARROT: 120G
    Carrot Seeds 18G
    A necessity for curry and rice. Plant seeds again after harvesting.
    A crop that grows in the autumn. Can usually be harvested in 7 days. Hardy 
    even in storms.
    HOT PEPPER: 40G (20G PS2)
    Hot Pepper Seeds 20G
    Can gather a large quantity at a time. Beneficial if planted at an early 
    stage. A crop that grows in the autumn. Can usually be harvested in 7 days.
    Will usually survive storms.
    TANGERINE: 100G (80G PS2)
    Tangerine Seeds 25G
    Can gather a number at a time. Plant them early to make the most of them.
    A crop that grows in the autumn. Can usually be harvested in 14 days. Weak 
    in storms, so plant with care.
    KIWI:  90G (80G PS2)
    Kiwi Seeds 30G
    Big yields from a single tree. Bears more fruit if watered again.
    A crop that grows in the autumn. Can usually be harvested in 12 days. Weak 
    in storms, so plant with care.
    COSMOS: 70G
    Cosmos Seeds 10G
    A popular flower during the fall.  Plant seeds again after harvesting.
    A flower that blooms in autumn. Can usually be picked in 7 days. Usually 
    destroyed in storms.
    CAT'S TAIL: 20G
    Cat's Tail Seeds:  3G
    A flower loved by cats. Will bloom again if watered after cutting.
    A flower that blooms in autumn. Can usually be picked in 5 days. Weak in 
    storms, so plant with care.
    ---------------Winter Crops---------------
    KALE: 40G
    Kale Seeds 15G
    The only vegetable that can be grown in the winter. High nutritional value.  
    A rare crop that can grow in winter. Can usually be harvested in 7 days.  
    Usually survives snowstorms.
    Poinsettia Seeds 15G
    The only flower that grows in the winter. Blooms again if watered.
    A flower that blooms in winter. Can usually be picked in 14 days. Hardy even 
    in snowstorms.
    7. Wild Crops
    Since you can only harvest 3000 grams, it made sense to show how much you
    can make if only that wild crop were harvested. As you travel around the
    island, you can walk up to trees and they will tell you what they grow
    and when you can harvest from them. These also appear in your stat sheet.
    3000 grams = $G
    Black Truffle:  36,000G (Sharon requests on Fall 22nd year 2 [thanks Fay]
       In south Mushroom field after the request is made.)
    Porcini:         2,700G
    Enoki:             900G
    Shimeji:         2,400G
    Wood Ear:        2,400G
    White Wood Ear:  3,000G
    Matsutake:      30,000G  at entrance of cave #3, mid autumn
    Fly Agaric:        150G
    Purple Shimeji:    300G
    Persimmon:        3600G
    Papaya:         12,000G
    Banana:            600G
    Rambutan:        3,000G
    Cacao:          15,000G
    Fig:             9,000G
    Olive:          15,000G 
    Mock Strawberry: 3,000G
    Chestnut:        3,000G
    Peach:           9,000G
    Blueberry:      18,000G
    Apple:           4,500G
    Pawpaw:            600G
    Pepino:          1,500G
    Lily Bells:      2,700G  
    Lily:           12,000G
    The value may be a little different in the PS2 version,
    but this is pretty close for it.
    8. CWcheat codes for both the European and USA release:
    I made most of these cheat codes!!
    (FOR PSP ONLY!!)
    I open the CHEAT.DB in the Cwcheat folder with wordpad
    and add this in directly. Be careful with the jewel
    codes as the storyline can get confused. You are better
    off to use them after the main story is completed.
    Black jewels are amazing. They double the value of crops
    and half the growing time. The animal pedestal placement
    makes your animals happiness go up lots!!
    _S ULUS-10219
    _G Harvest Moon: Innocent Life [USA]
    _C0 Minutes
    _L 0x0017F82C 0x0000001E
    _C0 Hours
    _L 0x0017F828 0x0000000A
    _C0 Day Modifier
    _L 0x0017F824 0x00000000
    _C0 season? 0-3 spring-winter
    _L 0x0017F820 0x00000000
    _C0 Buy 100 Seeds in shop instead 
    _L 0x002348DC 0x10000064
    _C0 Inf PP
    _L 0x00235370 0x000000C8
    _L 0x00235372 0x000000C8
    _C0 Max Human Stats
    _L 0x00235374 0x00000064
    _L 0x00235376 0x00000064
    _L 0x00235378 0x00000064
    _L 0x0023537A 0x00000064
    _L 0x0023537C 0x00000064
    _L 0x0023537E 0x00000064
    _C0 Quick tool level up
    _L 0x002353AC 0x000000FF
    _L 0x002353C8 0x000000FF
    _L 0x002353E4 0x000000FF
    _L 0x00235400 0x000000FF
    _L 0x0023541C 0x000000FF
    _L 0x00235438 0x000000FF
    _C0 Money
    _L 0x20233E10 0x3B9AC9FF
    _L 0x20234FA8 0x3B9AC9FF
    _C0 quantity in hand (good for  strange moss and earth power sand)
    _L 0x00235B4C 0x000000FF
    _C0 Seeds - Spring
    _L 0x10237650 0x00000064
    _L 0x10237654 0x00000064
    _L 0x10237658 0x00000064
    _L 0x1023765C 0x00000064
    _L 0x10237660 0x00000064
    _L 0x10237664 0x00000064
    _L 0x102376EC 0x00000064
    _L 0x10237E34 0x00000064
    _L 0x102376F4 0x00000064
    _C0 Seeds - Summer
    _L 0x10237678 0x00000064
    _L 0x1023767C 0x00000064
    _L 0x10237680 0x00000064
    _L 0x10237684 0x00000064
    _L 0x10237688 0x00000064
    _L 0x1023768C 0x00000064
    _L 0x10237690 0x00000064
    _L 0x10237694 0x00000064
    _L 0x10237698 0x00000064
    _L 0x10237700 0x00000064
    _L 0x10237704 0x00000064
    _C0 Seeds - Autumn
    _L 0x102376A0 0x00000064
    _L 0x102376A4 0x00000064
    _L 0x102376A8 0x00000064
    _L 0x102376AC 0x00000064
    _L 0x102376B0 0x00000064
    _L 0x102376B4 0x00000064
    _L 0x102376B8 0x00000064
    _L 0x10237714 0x00000064
    _L 0x10237718 0x00000064
    _C0 Seeds - winter
    _L 0x10237728 0x00000064
    _L 0x102376C8 0x00000064
    _C0 Seeds - Herbs
    _L 0x10237740 0x00000064
    _L 0x1023773C 0x00000064
    _C0 Total scale pack weight
    _L 0x10235B84 0x00000000
    _C0 Scale pack items weight
    _L 0x10235B50 0x0000FFFF
    _L 0x10235B54 0x0000FFFF
    _L 0x10235B58 0x0000FFFF
    _L 0x10235B5C 0x0000FFFF
    _L 0x10235B60 0x0000FFFF
    _L 0x10235B64 0x0000FFFF
    _L 0x10235B68 0x0000FFFF
    _C0 Scale pack items 1 (use one at a time)
    _L 0x10235B52 0x00002300
    _L 0x10235B56 0x00002380
    _L 0x10235B5A 0x00002400
    _L 0x10235B5E 0x00002480
    _L 0x10235B62 0x00002500
    _L 0x10235B66 0x00002580
    _L 0x10235B6A 0x00002600
    _C0 Scale pack items 2 (use one at a time)
    _L 0x10235B52 0x00002680
    _L 0x10235B56 0x00002700
    _L 0x10235B5A 0x00002880
    _L 0x10235B5E 0x00002900
    _L 0x10235B62 0x00002980
    _L 0x10235B66 0x00002A00
    _L 0x10235B6A 0x00002A80
    _C0 Scale pack items 3 (use one at a time)
    _L 0x10235B52 0x00002B00
    _L 0x10235B56 0x00002B80
    _L 0x10235B5A 0x00002C00
    _L 0x10235B5E 0x00002C80
    _L 0x10235B62 0x00002D00
    _L 0x10235B66 0x00002D80
    _L 0x10235B6A 0x00002E00
    _C0 Scale pack items 4 (use one at a time)
    _L 0x10235B52 0x00002E80
    _L 0x10235B56 0x00002F00
    _L 0x10235B5A 0x00003080
    _L 0x10235B5E 0x00003100
    _C0 STORAGE Regular Crops
    _L 0x10237652 0x0000270F
    _L 0x10237656 0x0000270E
    _L 0x1023765A 0x0000270D
    _L 0x1023765E 0x0000270C
    _L 0x10237662 0x0000270B
    _L 0x10237666 0x0000270A
    _L 0x1023767A 0x00002705
    _L 0x1023767E 0x00002704
    _L 0x10237682 0x00002703
    _L 0x10237686 0x00002702
    _L 0x1023768A 0x00002701
    _L 0x1023768E 0x00002700
    _L 0x10237692 0x000026FF
    _L 0x10237696 0x000026FE
    _L 0x1023769A 0x000026FD
    _L 0x102376A2 0x000026FB
    _L 0x102376A6 0x000026FA
    _L 0x102376AA 0x000026F9
    _L 0x102376AE 0x000026F8
    _L 0x102376B2 0x000026F7
    _L 0x102376B6 0x000026F6
    _L 0x102376BA 0x000026F5
    _L 0x102376CA 0x000026F1
    _C0 STORAGE weeds rocks sticks
    _L 0x102377EA 0x000026AD
    _L 0x102377EE 0x000026AC
    _L 0x102377F2 0x000026AB
    _C0 STORAGE Strange Moss
    _L 0x102377F6 0x000026AA
    _C0 STORAGE Mined stones
    _L 0x102377FA 0x000026A9
    _L 0x102377FE 0x000026A8
    _L 0x10237802 0x000026A7
    _L 0x10237806 0x000026A6
    _L 0x1023780A 0x000026A5
    _L 0x1023780E 0x000026A4
    _L 0x10237812 0x000026A3
    _L 0x10237816 0x000026A2
    _L 0x1023781A 0x000026A1
    _L 0x1023781E 0x000026A0
    _C0 STORAGE Jewels
    _L 0x10237822 0x0000269F
    _L 0x10237826 0x0000269E
    _L 0x1023782A 0x0000269D
    _L 0x1023782E 0x0000269C
    _L 0x10237832 0x0000269B
    _L 0x10237836 0x0000269A
    _C0 STORAGE Black Jewel
    _L 0x1023783A 0x00002699
    _C0 STORAGE Earth Power Sand
    _L 0x1023783E 0x00002698
    _C0 STORAGE Giant wood and Ores
    _L 0x10237856 0x00002692
    _L 0x1023785A 0x00002691
    _L 0x1023785E 0x00002690
    _L 0x10237862 0x0000268F
    _C0 STORAGE Harvest Basket
    _L 0x1023787E 0x00002688
    _C0 STORAGE Automated Railway Item
    _L 0x10237882 0x00002687
    _L 0x10237886 0x00002686
    _L 0x1023788A 0x00002685
    _L 0x1023788E 0x00002684
    _L 0x10237892 0x00002683
    _L 0x10237896 0x00002682
    _L 0x1023789A 0x00002681
    _L 0x1023789E 0x00002680
    _L 0x102378A2 0x0000267F
    _L 0x102378A6 0x0000267E
    _L 0x102378AA 0x0000267D
    _L 0x102378AE 0x0000267C
    _L 0x102378B2 0x0000267B
    _L 0x102378B6 0x0000267A
    _L 0x102378BA 0x00002679
    _L 0x102378BE 0x00002678
    _L 0x102378C2 0x00002677
    _C0 STORAGE Tools
    _L 0x102378CE 0x00002674
    _L 0x102378D2 0x00002673
    _L 0x102378D6 0x00002672
    _L 0x102378DA 0x00002671
    _L 0x102378DE 0x00002670
    _L 0x102378E2 0x0000266F
    _L 0x102378E6 0x0000266E
    _L 0x102378EA 0x0000266D
    _L 0x102378EE 0x0000266C
    _L 0x102378F2 0x0000266B
    _L 0x102378F6 0x0000266A
    _L 0x102378FA 0x00002669
    _L 0x102378FE 0x00002668
    _L 0x10237902 0x00002667
    _L 0x10237906 0x00002666
    _L 0x1023790A 0x00002665
    _C0 STORAGE Extra story pieces
    _L 0x10237922 0x0000265F
    _L 0x10237926 0x0000265E
    _L 0x1023792A 0x0000265D
    _L 0x1023792E 0x0000265C
    _L 0x10237932 0x0000265B
    _L 0x10237936 0x0000265A
    _L 0x1023793A 0x00002659
    _L 0x1023793E 0x00002658
    _L 0x10237942 0x00002657
    _L 0x10237946 0x00002656
    _L 0x1023794A 0x00002655
    _L 0x1023794E 0x00002654
    _L 0x10237952 0x00002653
    _L 0x10237956 0x00002652
    _L 0x1023795A 0x00002651
    _L 0x1023795E 0x00002650
    _L 0x10237962 0x0000264F
    _L 0x10237966 0x0000264E
    _L 0x1023796A 0x0000264D
    _L 0x1023796E 0x0000264C
    _L 0x10237972 0x0000264B
    _L 0x10237976 0x0000264A
    _L 0x1023797A 0x00002649
    _L 0x1023797E 0x00002648
    _L 0x10237982 0x00002647
    _C0 Dishes Made 1
    _L 0x10237984 0x00002646
    _L 0x10237986 0x00002645
    _L 0x10237988 0x00002644
    _L 0x1023798A 0x00002643
    _L 0x1023798C 0x00002642
    _L 0x1023798E 0x00002641
    _L 0x10237990 0x00002640
    _L 0x10237992 0x0000263F
    _L 0x10237994 0x0000263E
    _L 0x10237996 0x0000263D
    _L 0x10237998 0x0000263C
    _L 0x1023799A 0x0000263B
    _L 0x1023799C 0x0000263A
    _L 0x1023799E 0x00002639
    _L 0x102379A0 0x00002638
    _L 0x102379A2 0x00002637
    _L 0x102379A4 0x00002636
    _L 0x102379A6 0x00002635
    _L 0x102379A8 0x00002634
    _L 0x102379AA 0x00002633
    _L 0x102379AC 0x00002632
    _L 0x102379AE 0x00002631
    _L 0x102379B0 0x00002630
    _L 0x102379B2 0x0000262F
    _L 0x102379B4 0x0000262E
    _L 0x102379B6 0x0000262D
    _L 0x102379B8 0x0000262C
    _L 0x102379BA 0x0000262B
    _L 0x102379BC 0x0000262A
    _L 0x102379BE 0x00002629
    _C0 Dishes Made 2
    _L 0x102379C0 0x00002628
    _L 0x102379C2 0x00002627
    _L 0x102379C4 0x00002626
    _L 0x102379C6 0x00002625
    _L 0x102379C8 0x00002624
    _L 0x102379CA 0x00002623
    _L 0x102379CC 0x00002622
    _L 0x102379CE 0x00002621
    _L 0x102379D0 0x00002620
    _L 0x102379D2 0x0000261F
    _L 0x102379D4 0x0000261E
    _L 0x102379D6 0x0000261D
    _L 0x102379D8 0x0000261C
    _L 0x102379DA 0x0000261B
    _L 0x102379DC 0x0000261A
    _L 0x102379DE 0x00002619
    _L 0x102379E0 0x00002618
    _L 0x102379E2 0x00002617
    _L 0x102379E4 0x00002616
    _L 0x102379E6 0x00002615
    _L 0x102379E8 0x00002614
    _L 0x102379EA 0x00002613
    _L 0x102379EC 0x00002612
    _L 0x102379EE 0x00002611
    _L 0x102379F0 0x00002610
    _L 0x102379F2 0x0000260F
    _L 0x102379F4 0x0000260E
    _L 0x102379F6 0x0000260D
    _L 0x102379F8 0x0000260C
    _L 0x102379FA 0x0000260B
    _C0 Dishes Made 3
    _L 0x102379FC 0x0000260A
    _L 0x102379FE 0x00002609
    _L 0x10237A00 0x00002608
    _L 0x10237A02 0x00002607
    _L 0x10237A04 0x00002606
    _L 0x10237A06 0x00002605
    _L 0x10237A08 0x00002604
    _L 0x10237A0A 0x00002603
    _L 0x10237A0C 0x00002602
    _L 0x10237A0E 0x00002601
    _L 0x10237A10 0x00002600
    _L 0x10237A12 0x000025FF
    _L 0x10237A14 0x000025FE
    _L 0x10237A16 0x000025FD
    _L 0x10237A18 0x000025FC
    _L 0x10237A1A 0x000025FB
    _L 0x10237A1C 0x000025FA
    _L 0x10237A1E 0x000025F9
    _L 0x10237A20 0x000025F8
    _L 0x10237A22 0x000025F7
    _L 0x10237A24 0x000025F6
    _L 0x10237A26 0x000025F5
    _L 0x10237A28 0x000025F4
    _L 0x10237A2A 0x000025F3
    _L 0x10237A2C 0x000025F2
    _L 0x10237A2E 0x000025F1
    _L 0x10237A30 0x000025F0
    _L 0x10237A32 0x000025EF
    _L 0x10237A34 0x000025EE
    _L 0x10237A36 0x000025ED
    _C0 Dishes Made 4
    _L 0x10237A38 0x000025EC
    _L 0x10237A3A 0x000025EB
    _L 0x10237A3C 0x000025EA
    _L 0x10237A3E 0x000025E9
    _L 0x10237A40 0x000025E8
    _L 0x10237A42 0x000025E7
    _L 0x10237A44 0x000025E6
    _L 0x10237A46 0x000025E5
    _L 0x10237A48 0x000025E4
    _L 0x10237A4A 0x000025E3
    _L 0x10237A4C 0x000025E2
    _L 0x10237A4E 0x000025E1
    _L 0x10237A50 0x000025E0
    _L 0x10237A52 0x000025DF
    _L 0x10237A54 0x000025DE
    _C0 EMPTY On Hand Inventory
    _L 0x00235B6F 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235B73 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235B77 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235B7B 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235B7F 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235B83 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235B87 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235B8B 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235B8F 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235B93 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235B97 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235B9B 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235B9F 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235BA3 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235BA7 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235BAB 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235BAF 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235BB3 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235BB7 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235BBB 0x00000000
    _C0 EMPTY On Hand Inventory Quantity
    _L 0x00235B6E 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235B72 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235B76 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235B7A 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235B7E 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235B82 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235B86 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235B8A 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235B8E 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235B92 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235B96 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235B9A 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235B9E 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235BA2 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235BA6 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235BAA 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235BAE 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235BB2 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235BB6 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235BBA 0x00000000 
    _C0 Animals days raised
    _L 0x10235046 0x00000001
    _L 0x10235066 0x00000001
    _L 0x10235086 0x00000001
    _L 0x102350A6 0x00000001
    _L 0x102350C6 0x00000001
    _L 0x10235126 0x00000001
    _L 0x10235146 0x00000001
    _L 0x10235166 0x00000001
    _L 0x10235186 0x00000001
    _L 0x102351A6 0x00000001
    _L 0x102351C6 0x00000001
    _L 0x102351E6 0x00000001
    _L 0x10235206 0x00000001
    _L 0x10235226 0x00000001
    _L 0x10235246 0x00000001
    _C0 Animal love
    _L 0x10235044 0x00001000
    _L 0x10235064 0x00001000
    _L 0x10235084 0x00001000
    _L 0x102350A4 0x00001000
    _L 0x102350C4 0x00001000
    _L 0x10235124 0x00001000
    _L 0x10235144 0x00001000
    _L 0x10235164 0x00001000
    _L 0x10235184 0x00001000
    _L 0x102351A4 0x00001000
    _L 0x102351C4 0x00001000
    _L 0x102351E4 0x00001000
    _L 0x10235204 0x00001000
    _L 0x10235224 0x00001000
    _L 0x10235244 0x00001000
    _C0 No Rain Effects
    _L 0x0009B0DC 0xFFFFFFFF
    _L 0x0009B0F4 0xFFFFFFFF
    _S ULES-00658
    _G Harvest Moon : Innocent Life [EU]
    _C0 Buy 100 Seeds in shop instead 
    _L 0x0023419C 0x10000064
    _C0 Hours
    _L 0x0017F0E8 0x00000009
    _C0 Day modifier
    _L 0x0017F0E4 0x00000009
    _C0 Inf PP
    _L 0x00234C30 0x000000C8
    _L 0x00234C32 0x000000C8
    _C0 Jewels and earth power sand
    _L 0x00237122 0x000000FF
    _L 0x002370E2 0x000000FF
    _L 0x002370E6 0x000000FF
    _L 0x002370EA 0x000000FF
    _L 0x002370EE 0x000000FF
    _L 0x002370F2 0x000000FF
    _L 0x002370F6 0x000000FF
    _L 0x002371CA 0x000000FF
    _L 0x002370FE 0x000000FF
    _C0 Max Human Stats
    _L 0x00234C34 0x00000064
    _L 0x00234C36 0x00000064
    _L 0x00234C38 0x00000064
    _L 0x00234C3A 0x00000064
    _L 0x00234C3C 0x00000064
    _L 0x00234C3E 0x00000064
    _C0 Quick tool level up
    _L 0x00234C6C 0x000000FF
    _L 0x00234C88 0x000000FF
    _L 0x00234CA4 0x000000FF
    _L 0x00234CC0 0x000000FF
    _L 0x00234CDC 0x000000FF
    _L 0x00234CF8 0x000000FF
    _C1 Minutes
    _L 0x0017F0EC 0x0000001E
    _C0 Money
    _L 0x202336D0 0x00000000
    _L 0x20234868 0x00000000
    _C0 quantity in hand
    _L 0x0023540C 0x000000FF
    _C0 season? 0-3 spring-winter
    _L 0x0017F0E0 0x00000000
    _C0 Seeds - Spring
    _L 0x10236F10 0x00000064
    _L 0x10236F14 0x00000064
    _L 0x10236F18 0x00000064
    _L 0x10236F1C 0x00000064
    _L 0x10236F20 0x00000064
    _L 0x10236F24 0x00000064
    _L 0x10236FAC 0x00000064
    _L 0x10236FB0 0x00000064
    _L 0x10236FB4 0x00000064
    _C0 Seeds - Summer
    _L 0x10236F38 0x00000064
    _L 0x10236F3C 0x00000064
    _L 0x10236F40 0x00000064
    _L 0x10236F44 0x00000064
    _L 0x10236F48 0x00000064
    _L 0x10236F4C 0x00000064
    _L 0x10236F50 0x00000064
    _L 0x10236F54 0x00000064
    _L 0x10236F58 0x00000064
    _L 0x10236FC0 0x00000064
    _L 0x10236FC4 0x00000064
    _C0 Seeds - Autumn
    _L 0x10236F60 0x00000064
    _L 0x10236F64 0x00000064
    _L 0x10236F68 0x00000064
    _L 0x10236F6C 0x00000064
    _L 0x10236F70 0x00000064
    _L 0x10236F74 0x00000064
    _L 0x10236F78 0x00000064
    _L 0x10236FD4 0x00000064
    _L 0x10236FD8 0x00000064
    _C0 Seeds - winter
    _L 0x10236FE8 0x00000064
    _L 0x10236F88 0x00000064
    _C0 Seeds - Herbs
    _L 0x10237000 0x00000064
    _L 0x10236FFC 0x00000064
    _L 0x10237004 0x00000064
    _L 0x10236FF8 0x00000064
    _L 0x10236FF4 0x00000064
    _C0 Total scale pack weight
    _L 0x10235444 0x00000000
    _C0 Scale pack items weight
    _L 0x10235410 0x0000FFFF
    _L 0x10235414 0x0000FFFF
    _L 0x10235418 0x0000FFFF
    _L 0x1023541C 0x0000FFFF
    _L 0x10235420 0x0000FFFF
    _L 0x10235424 0x0000FFFF
    _L 0x10235428 0x0000FFFF
    _C0 Scale pack items 1 (use one at a time)
    _L 0x10235412 0x00002300
    _L 0x10235416 0x00002380
    _L 0x1023541A 0x00002400
    _L 0x1023541E 0x00002480
    _L 0x10235422 0x00002500
    _L 0x10235426 0x00002580
    _L 0x1023542A 0x00002600
    _C0 Scale pack items 2 (use one at a time)
    _L 0x10235412 0x00002680
    _L 0x10235416 0x00002700
    _L 0x1023541A 0x00002880
    _L 0x1023541E 0x00002900
    _L 0x10235422 0x00002980
    _L 0x10235426 0x00002A00
    _L 0x1023542A 0x00002A80
    _C0 Scale pack items 3 (use one at a time)
    _L 0x10235412 0x00002B00
    _L 0x10235416 0x00002B80
    _L 0x1023541A 0x00002C00
    _L 0x1023541E 0x00002C80
    _L 0x10235422 0x00002D00
    _L 0x10235426 0x00002D80
    _L 0x1023542A 0x00002E00
    _C0 Scale pack items 4 (use one at a time)
    _L 0x10235412 0x00002E80
    _L 0x10235416 0x00002F00
    _L 0x1023541A 0x00003080
    _L 0x1023541E 0x00003100
    _C0 STORAGE Regular Crops
    _L 0x10236F12 0x00000001
    _L 0x10236F16 0x00000001
    _L 0x10236F1A 0x00000001
    _L 0x10236F1E 0x00000001
    _L 0x10236F22 0x00000001
    _L 0x10236F26 0x00000001
    _L 0x10236F3A 0x00000001
    _L 0x10236F3E 0x00000001
    _L 0x10236F42 0x00000001
    _L 0x10236F46 0x00000001
    _L 0x10236F4A 0x00000001
    _L 0x10236F4E 0x00000001
    _L 0x10236F52 0x00000001
    _L 0x10236F56 0x00000001
    _L 0x10236F5A 0x00000001
    _L 0x10236F62 0x00000001
    _L 0x10236F66 0x00000001
    _L 0x10236F6A 0x00000001
    _L 0x10236F6E 0x00000001
    _L 0x10236F72 0x00000001
    _L 0x10236F76 0x00000001
    _L 0x10236F7A 0x00000001
    _L 0x10236F8A 0x00000001
    _C0 STORAGE weeds rocks sticks
    _L 0x102370AA 0x00000000
    _L 0x102370AE 0x00000000
    _L 0x102370B2 0x00000000
    _C0 STORAGE Strange Moss
    _L 0x102370B6 0x00000000
    _C0 STORAGE Mined stones (tool pow
    _L 0x102370CA 0x00000001
    _L 0x102370CE 0x00000001
    _L 0x102370D2 0x00000001
    _L 0x102370D6 0x00000001
    _L 0x102370DA 0x00000001
    _L 0x102370DE 0x00000001
    _C0 STORAGE Jewels
    _L 0x102370E2 0x00000064
    _L 0x102370E6 0x00000064
    _L 0x102370EA 0x00000064
    _L 0x102370EE 0x00000064
    _L 0x102370F2 0x00000064
    _L 0x102370F6 0x00000064
    _C0 STORAGE Black Jewel
    _L 0x102370FA 0x00000064
    _C0 STORAGE Earth Power Sand
    _L 0x102370FE 0x00000000
    _C0 STORAGE Giant wood and Ores
    _L 0x10237116 0x00000001
    _L 0x1023711A 0x00000001
    _L 0x1023711E 0x00000001
    _L 0x10237122 0x00000001
    _C0 STORAGE Harvest Basket
    _L 0x1023713E 0x00000000
    _C0 STORAGE Automated Railway Item
    _L 0x10237142 0x00000000
    _L 0x10237146 0x00000000
    _L 0x1023714A 0x00000000
    _L 0x1023714E 0x00000000
    _L 0x10237152 0x00000000
    _L 0x10237156 0x00000000
    _L 0x1023715A 0x000000FA
    _L 0x1023715E 0x00000000
    _L 0x10237162 0x00000032
    _L 0x10237166 0x00000000
    _L 0x1023716A 0x00000000
    _L 0x1023716E 0x00000001
    _L 0x10237172 0x00000000
    _L 0x10237176 0x0000000F
    _L 0x1023717A 0x0000000F
    _L 0x1023717E 0x00000000
    _L 0x10237182 0x00000000
    _C0 STORAGE Tools
    _L 0x1023718E 0x00000000
    _L 0x10237192 0x00000000
    _L 0x10237196 0x00000001
    _L 0x1023719A 0x00000000
    _L 0x1023719E 0x00000000
    _L 0x102371A2 0x00000001
    _L 0x102371A6 0x00000000
    _L 0x102371AA 0x00000000
    _L 0x102371AE 0x00000001
    _L 0x102371B2 0x00000000
    _L 0x102371B6 0x00000000
    _L 0x102371BA 0x00000001
    _L 0x102371BE 0x00000000
    _L 0x102371C2 0x00000000
    _L 0x102371C6 0x00000001
    _L 0x102371CA 0x00000010
    _C0 STORAGE Extra story pieces
    _L 0x102371E2 0x00000000
    _L 0x102371E6 0x00000000
    _L 0x102371EA 0x00000000
    _L 0x102371EE 0x00000000
    _L 0x102371F2 0x00000000
    _L 0x102371F6 0x00000000
    _L 0x102371FA 0x00000000
    _L 0x102371FE 0x00000000
    _L 0x10237202 0x00000000
    _L 0x10237206 0x00000000
    _L 0x1023720A 0x00000000
    _L 0x1023720E 0x00000001
    _L 0x10237212 0x00000001
    _L 0x10237216 0x00000001
    _L 0x1023721A 0x00000000
    _L 0x1023721E 0x00000000
    _L 0x10237222 0x00000000
    _L 0x10237226 0x00000000
    _L 0x1023722A 0x00000001
    _L 0x1023722E 0x00000001
    _L 0x10237232 0x00000001
    _L 0x10237236 0x00000001
    _L 0x1023723A 0x00000001
    _L 0x1023723E 0x00000001
    _L 0x10237242 0x00000001
    _L 0x10237246 0x00000000
    _C0 Dishes Made 1
    _L 0x10237244 0x00002646
    _L 0x10237248 0x00002644
    _L 0x1023724A 0x00002643
    _L 0x1023724C 0x00002642
    _L 0x1023724E 0x00002641
    _L 0x10237250 0x00002640
    _L 0x10237252 0x0000263F
    _L 0x10237254 0x0000263E
    _L 0x10237256 0x0000263D
    _L 0x10237258 0x0000263C
    _L 0x1023725A 0x0000263B
    _L 0x1023725C 0x0000263A
    _L 0x1023725E 0x00002639
    _L 0x10237260 0x00002638
    _L 0x10237262 0x00002637
    _L 0x10237264 0x00002636
    _L 0x10237266 0x00002635
    _L 0x10237268 0x00002634
    _L 0x1023726A 0x00002633
    _L 0x1023726C 0x00002632
    _L 0x1023726E 0x00002631
    _L 0x10237270 0x00002630
    _L 0x10237272 0x0000262F
    _L 0x10237274 0x0000262E
    _L 0x10237276 0x0000262D
    _L 0x10237278 0x0000262C
    _L 0x1023727A 0x0000262B
    _L 0x1023727C 0x0000262A
    _L 0x1023727E 0x00002629
    _C0 Dishes Made 2
    _L 0x10237280 0x00002628
    _L 0x10237282 0x00002627
    _L 0x10237284 0x00002626
    _L 0x10237286 0x00002625
    _L 0x10237288 0x00002624
    _L 0x1023728A 0x00002623
    _L 0x1023728C 0x00002622
    _L 0x1023728E 0x00002621
    _L 0x10237290 0x00002620
    _L 0x10237292 0x0000261F
    _L 0x10237294 0x0000261E
    _L 0x10237296 0x0000261D
    _L 0x10237298 0x0000261C
    _L 0x1023729A 0x0000261B
    _L 0x1023729C 0x0000261A
    _L 0x1023729E 0x00002619
    _L 0x102372A0 0x00002618
    _L 0x102372A2 0x00002617
    _L 0x102372A4 0x00002616
    _L 0x102372A6 0x00002615
    _L 0x102372A8 0x00002614
    _L 0x102372AA 0x00002613
    _L 0x102372AC 0x00002612
    _L 0x102372AE 0x00002611
    _L 0x102372B0 0x00002610
    _L 0x102372B2 0x0000260F
    _L 0x102372B4 0x0000260E
    _L 0x102372B6 0x0000260D
    _L 0x102372B8 0x0000260C
    _L 0x102372BA 0x0000260B
    _C0 Dishes Made 3
    _L 0x102372BC 0x0000260A
    _L 0x102372BE 0x00002609
    _L 0x102372C0 0x00002608
    _L 0x102372C2 0x00002607
    _L 0x102372C4 0x00002606
    _L 0x102372C6 0x00002605
    _L 0x102372C8 0x00002604
    _L 0x102372CA 0x00002603
    _L 0x102372CC 0x00002602
    _L 0x102372CE 0x00002601
    _L 0x102372D0 0x00002600
    _L 0x102372D2 0x000025FF
    _L 0x102372D4 0x000025FE
    _L 0x102372D6 0x000025FD
    _L 0x102372D8 0x000025FC
    _L 0x102372DA 0x000025FB
    _L 0x102372DC 0x000025FA
    _L 0x102372DE 0x000025F9
    _L 0x102372E0 0x000025F8
    _L 0x102372E2 0x000025F7
    _L 0x102372E4 0x000025F6
    _L 0x102372E6 0x000025F5
    _L 0x102372E8 0x000025F4
    _L 0x102372EA 0x000025F3
    _L 0x102372EC 0x000025F2
    _L 0x102372EE 0x000025F1
    _L 0x102372F0 0x000025F0
    _L 0x102372F2 0x000025EF
    _L 0x102372F4 0x000025EE
    _L 0x102372F6 0x000025ED
    _C0 Dishes Made 4
    _L 0x102372F8 0x000025EC
    _L 0x102372FA 0x000025EB
    _L 0x102372FC 0x000025EA
    _L 0x102372FE 0x000025E9
    _L 0x10237300 0x000025E8
    _L 0x10237302 0x000025E7
    _L 0x10237304 0x000025E6
    _L 0x10237306 0x000025E5
    _L 0x10237308 0x000025E4
    _L 0x1023730A 0x000025E3
    _L 0x1023730C 0x000025E2
    _L 0x1023730E 0x000025E1
    _L 0x10237310 0x000025E0
    _L 0x10237312 0x000025DF
    _L 0x10237314 0x000025DE
    _C0 EMPTY On Hand Inventory
    _L 0x0023542F 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235433 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235437 0x00000000
    _L 0x0023543B 0x00000000
    _L 0x0023543F 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235443 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235447 0x00000000
    _L 0x0023544B 0x00000000
    _L 0x0023544F 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235453 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235457 0x00000000
    _L 0x0023545B 0x00000000
    _L 0x0023545F 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235463 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235467 0x00000000
    _L 0x0023546B 0x00000000
    _L 0x0023546F 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235473 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235477 0x00000000
    _L 0x0023547B 0x00000000
    _C0 EMPTY On Hand Inventory Quantity
    _L 0x0023542E 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235432 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235436 0x00000000
    _L 0x0023543A 0x00000000
    _L 0x0023543E 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235442 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235446 0x00000000
    _L 0x0023544A 0x00000000
    _L 0x0023544E 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235452 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235456 0x00000000
    _L 0x0023545A 0x00000000
    _L 0x0023545E 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235462 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235466 0x00000000
    _L 0x0023546A 0x00000000
    _L 0x0023546E 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235472 0x00000000
    _L 0x00235476 0x00000000
    _L 0x0023547A 0x00000000
    _C0 Animals days raised
    _L 0x00234906 0x00000001
    _L 0x10234926 0x00000001
    _L 0x10234946 0x00000001
    _L 0x10234966 0x00000001
    _L 0x10234986 0x00000001
    _L 0x102349E6 0x00000001
    _L 0x10234A06 0x00000001
    _L 0x10234A26 0x00000001
    _L 0x10234A46 0x00000001
    _L 0x10234A66 0x00000001
    _L 0x10234A86 0x00000001
    _L 0x10234AA6 0x00000001
    _L 0x10234AC6 0x00000001
    _L 0x10234AE6 0x00000001
    _L 0x10234B06 0x00000001
    _C0 Animal love
    _L 0x10234904 0x00001000
    _L 0x10234924 0x00001000
    _L 0x10234944 0x00001000
    _L 0x10234964 0x00001000
    _L 0x10234984 0x00001000
    _L 0x102349E4 0x00001000
    _L 0x10234A04 0x00001000
    _L 0x10234A24 0x00001000
    _L 0x10234A44 0x00001000
    _L 0x10234A64 0x00001000
    _L 0x10234A84 0x00001000
    _L 0x10234AA4 0x00001000
    _L 0x10234AC4 0x00001000
    _L 0x10234AE4 0x00001000
    _L 0x10234B04 0x00001000
    Well that's all there is to my guide.
    I wish you the best of luck on your innocent life!!

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