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"Fun-filled and hilarious addiction, something a Star Wars fan must play."

So, you're probably kicking onto your favourite chair, with your PSP in your hand, waiting for Lego Star Wars 2 to finish loading. What a long wait!

The scenario just described to you already exposes one of LSWII's problems: longer loading times than other games. While loading levels, the game provides an opening crawl for you to read, and the loading finishes just about when you finish reading. But the initial screen is a pain. Just the trademark 'a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...'

Let's get off the subject of loading times, and concentrate on the plentiful amount of pros. We've got quite a lot to cover here. The developer, Traveller's Tales, melded LEGO bricks and Star Wars Episodes IV to VI and threw in amusement, accuracy and addiction. Every single vehicle, character and landscape was taken from the movies, artfully converted into LEGO, and put into a game. LEGO minifigs serve as characters (and they all look like their movie counterparts, too), and what's more, you can customise them to a certain extent. For example, put a Stormtrooper helmet on the golden bikini body of Leia's, and round it all off with a pair of black pants. Use your imagination! You can do the same ridiculous thing to your companion (and they don't even complain, bless them!) and walk through Mos Eisley shooting Stormtroopers down.

Graphics: a breaking point in all games. The entire world is made of LEGO, which makes the environment even more immersive. Just picture a few puny little minifigs walking around in a fully human world. That'd be disturbing. So, LucasArts and TT Games had to get very creative: they had to build the whole SW universe in LEGO. Yes, even the more devestating things, like AT-ATs and the Death Star are fully LEGO. It doesn't subtract to their ominosity, so don't worry.

Gameplay! This game pretty much ticks all the boxes.The game follows the entire original trilogy, splitting the episodes into separate Chapters (you don't want to play through the WHOLE game in one step, do you?) and provides you with Free Play and Challenge after you've finished the level. The controls are pretty much perfect, and the configuration is just as good. However, it suffers when the placement is ambiguous. Blasters are simple, but lightsabers are rather clumsy and hard to use. The same attack combo occurs everytime your character attacks, making blasters pose a great threat. Weapons aside, puzzles and pitfalls get in your way, despite being rather easy to solve.

Sound is a little better than average. Lightsaber and blaster effects sound almost the same as the movies, but subtly changed to suit the size. The music is pretty much a modernised version of the original score by John Williams. But, seeing as I always keep my PSP on mute, there's not much to tell.

Bottom line: LEGO Star Wars 2 is a definite must for the LEGO enthusiast, Star Wars fan, or (like me) both! The dark side of this game is concealed behind the light side, which makes it a worthy game to play.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/18/08

Game Release: LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (AU, 09/15/06)

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