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"A competent game of football on the go"

Before I start the review, I'd like to mention that I've never played any other versions of Madden 07, and I haven't bought a football game since ESPN NFL 2K5, so I can't compare this game to other versions or previous releases. But I do know that this game has much less glitches and some cool new features to make it worth your while.

Madden 07 has everything you'd expect from a football game--All the NFL teams (classic teams as well), each with unique playbooks, Franchise mode, minigames, online play, etc. And the load times are great. The game offers plenty of plays to choose from, and lets you use Audibles, Hot Routes, and Playmaker Controls pretty easily. The PSP-exclusive mode, End2End, is pretty terrible, and you'll probably only play it to unlock the NFC and AFC All-star teams. The hit detection is a little off, so if you tackle someone, they'll go down, but you might see your guy's arms and head go right through them. It makes little difference during gameplay, and the only place you really notice it is in the Instant Replays. I really like the new Highlight Stick A.K.A. Juke Stick, and it works pretty well considering the PSP's lack of two thumbsticks. The Hit Stick is in here as well, but it's not very useful because it's mapped to the same button as Interceptions. If you play the Colts then Peyton Manning is all screwed up, but aside from that glitch there's nothing that cripples the game. I also should mention that there is no Superstar mode, and Create a Player or Create a Team feature, although you can trade anyone for anyone and change stats to your liking. Besides, none of the players look unique (there are about five different face patterns) so a created player would be useless anyways.

EA did a pretty good job considering the PSP's limited button arrangement, although I wish I could customize my controls. Advanced Controls are the better choice here because they don't limit your movement as much nor do they force you to use the Hit Stick.

The graphics are nearly as good as the PS2 version's, the framerate is good, and the players move like actual people. Of course the game doesn't look as pretty as Tekken or Syphon Filter, but it's amazing considering how many people are on the field at once. There are no cutscenes with cheerleaders or fans as far as I know, but who really cares?

The soundtrack is great, even though you'll only hear it in the menu. John Madden did plenty of voicework for the game, and it sounds good, although I wish he would criticize me when I do a Hail Mary on the fourth down during the first quarter, or something similar. Instead he says, "I'm glad the coach is giving the players a chance to prove themselves" or something. The crowd roars when the home team does a great play, you can hear helmets hitting helmets, players grunting as they protect your QB. I wish there was a bigger crunch when you make a huge tackle though. I'm not saying it should be like NFL Street, but I like to feel it when I do a flying tackle.

Replay Value-4/10
A below-average four out of ten. Why? Because there's nothing to unlock, except for the all-star teams (Why would I want to have to unlock those?) and a few songs that play during menus. No Madden Cards, no decked-out crib, no extra modes or teams, nothing. As far as football games go the replay value is below average. But don't let that stop you from buying the game. I'm just saying that there's a little less to do here than in other football games.

Buy or Rent?
If you have Madden 06 for PSP, buy it, because apparently this one is much better (I don't own 06), buy this and trade in your old game. If you have the Xbox 360, PS2, or Xbox version of Madden 07, it's really up to you. Is on-the-go football worth a lot to you? And keep in mind that if you have the PS2 Madden you can start a game there and finish it on the PSP game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/25/06

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