Review by SunFa

Reviewed: 07/02/07

Like Diablo on your Psp.

I'd like to begin this review by saying that my expectations for this game were pretty minimal. I was expecting to see another Untold Legends clone, but man was I wrong. This game differs from Untold Legends in so many ways unimaginable. Of course they both share the same concept: Hack 'n Slash, loot, rinse, repeat. Now onto the review:

Graphics: 10/10
Quite honestly I haven't seen a game with better graphics other than Tekken: DR. This game has beautiful comic-like cut scenes that just blew me away. Ingame is smooth and the character models are by far some of the best I've seen. Your armor affects what you look like, something that should be in all games of this genre. I must say I spent 5000 just to buy an armor that wasn't stronger than mine, but just because of how awesomely awesome it looked. Some of the special effects in the game are really top notch and look beautiful. Graphics get a 10/10.

Sound: 9/10
The sound. Usually you don't pay attention to the music and sounds when your playing a Hack 'n Slash game. Your too busy trying to figure out what equipment to wear, and how to prepare for the next boss. But there is that time when you just notice the music and say to yourself "Hey, this is a really good song." That is the case with this game. The music is very well done, in fact, I actually stay at the main menu just to hear the opening song. Very melodic, smoothing music of the middle ages. As far as the sound effects go, some were pretty impressive. Although you probably wouldn't be paying attention to the sound effects with all the action going on. Sound gets a 9/10.

Gameplay: 10/10
Gameplay, the meat of every game. This is the part that really got me. This game can be compared to the likes of Diablo itself, or even better. The gist of the game is basically hacking and slashing your way through hordes of enemies, with a companion at your side, leveling up along the way, collecting some loot, buying new equipment and armor, increasing your skills, and basically doing everything you expected in a Hack 'n Slash game, except extremely well. Usually I get tired of a game with the same button over and over again, but this game does it differently. Each attack actually looks like your doing a combo, which is really pressing one button. I was amazed by some of the attacks in the game, and the variety of weapons and armor there was. There are a bunch of quests to complete, and many skills to obtain.

Basically, you start out with a choice of 3 characters. A Wizard, a Warlord, and an Assassin. Once you've chosen one out of the three, you get a choice of a companion. Each character has 2 different companions that you may choose from. The Warlord has a Magical Elf, or a Fire Elemental. The Wizard has a pet Dragon, or a Rock Golem. The Assassin has a War Hawk, or a Hooded Archer. All of these plus the allies that you will obtain during your journey. After you've reached a certain level, level 30 and 60, you may advance in class, Hero and Legendary classes, respectively. There are 2 Hero classes and 4 Legendary classes for each of the characters. Advances in class grants you powerful new skills and magic to use.

Story: 8/10
Each of the three characters has his or her own storyline, but you all end up in the same places. Story is almost non-existent to me.

This game has some minor issues, but it's also what's keeping the game from getting that 10. Frequent long loading times cut down the intensity of gameplay, as well as the fact the game freezes mid-game sometimes. There are some other minor bugs here and there, but those weren't enough to deduct the point. These issues are a nuisance, but they aren't enough to stop you from buying this fabulous game.

Overall: 9/10
Overall this is a great game for any Diablo fans or Hack 'n Slash fans. To put it simply, this is basically Diablo on your Psp, with the settings and such of Dungeon Siege. Gameplay, Graphics, and Sound are fantastic, and this game will be sure to keep you occupied for some time. It's recommended for anyone who wants a Diablo style RPG on the go, or anyone who would love another Diablo type game. Great Diablo style gameplay with ground breaking visuals and unique audio. Great for loot collecting on the go. Another great addition to the RPG's of the Psp.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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