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    Challenge Guide by johnedowney

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    WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2007 Challenge Guide by JohnEDowney
    Version 1.0
    Table of Contents
    Notes: 1A
    Superstar Challenge #1: 2A
    2: 2B
    3: 2C
    4: 2D
    5: 2E
    6: 2F
    7: 2G
    8: 2H
    9: 2I
    10: 2J
    11: 2K
    12: 2L
    13: 2M
    14: 2N
    15: 2O
    Legend Challenge #1: 3A
    2: 3B
    3: 3C
    4: 3D
    5: 3E
    6: 3F
    7: 3G
    8: 3H
    9: 3I
    10: 3J
    11: 3K
    12: 3L
    13: 3M
    14: 3N
    15: 3O
    Tester Challenge: 4A
    Closing Notes: 5A
    1A Notes: Well, I did this guide mostly because nobody else put one up yet, and 
    a lot of people are having problems with certain challenges.  With the easy 
    ones, I put in a few potshot jokes, but got down to business with the Legends 
    challenges, so I think I put down enough notes for any person with decent 
    video-game skills and a working knowledge of the controls enough tips to be 
    able to complete every challenge.  With only one exception, I didn't adjust the 
    sliders to complete any of these challenges, so if I was able to get by it on a 
    default setting, you should be able to, too.
    2A 1.) WrestleMania 22 Rematch: Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton
    You know, Kurt Angle once referred to Mysterio as a "5th grader".  I don't 
    know, something funny about that.  Anyways, this isn't too difficult; just stay 
    out of the way as Angle and Orton destroys each other.  Get in a potshot or 
    two, wait for one of them to hit their finisher on the other, then regular 
    Irish-Whip the healthy one to the apron, hit them with a dropkick to send them 
    flying to the outside, then cover whoever's lying in the middle of the ring.  
    Nothing fancy here.
    2B 2.) Legend Killer - RIP!: HIAC Randy Orton vs. Undertaker
    HEY!  NOTHING YOU CAN SAY!  NOTHING'S GONNA...alright, that's enough of that.  
    So, what's there to say about this one?  There's plenty of ways to destroy the 
    Undertaker in this challenge.  Sure, the Undertaker's a tough guy and all, but 
    so is Orton.  Just keep in mind that you should put the Undertaker away the 
    first chance you get.  You're not getting paid by the hour here, so don't spend 
    20 minutes trying to elbow-drop Taker through the announcer's table.  Beat him 
    up, maybe toss him through the cell, probably an RKO or two, and 1-2-3, your 
    father's fired.
    2C 3.) Lashing out at the Masterpiece!: Bobby Lashley vs. Chris Masters
    You don't need help with this challenge.  Seriously.  Lots of UCMs, concentrate 
    on Master's midsection, and put him away with the power move of your choice.  
    Five minutes, tops.
    2D 4.) Royal Rumble Rematch: John Cena vs. Edge w/Lita
    Ah, reliving the greatest match of all time.  Remember when Cena hit that 
    clothesline, or when Lita got knocked off the apron?  That's why I love 
    wrestling so much.  (Pauses for laughter; crickets chirp)  Okay, never mind.  
    Cena's moves usually damage the head and torso, and the F-U and STF-U dish out 
    a lot of damage to the head.  As is the case most of the time, put the match 
    away ASAP, but keep in mind that Edge's Spear is activated when you're down on 
    the ground, facing up, and it deals out a lot of damage.  If you can keep Edge 
    from getting a Special, though, this should be another cakewalk.
    2E 5.) Settling the Score!: Parking Lot Brawl Matt Hardy vs. Edge
    Funny how Yukes can remember who hates who better than the WWE's writers can.  
    Parking Lot Brawls are harder than regular matches, since you can't really put 
    anyone away when they're only in orange, and your opponent reverses your moves 
    a greater percentage of the time.  First, wear your opponent down with regular 
    moves that you would do in any match until he turns yellow in at least one area 
    before incorporating the funboxes.  Second, have a backup plan in case Edge 
    reverses one of your funbox grapples.  Third, end the match ASAP.  Don't use 
    one of the environment finishers; they're awkward to activate, and Edge will 
    probably reverse it anyway.  Just tuck Edge's head into your armpit and drop to 
    the ground at the first opportunity you get.
    2F 6.) Mexicools or Mexifools!: Elimination Tornado Tag Super Crazy and 
    Psicosis vs. Undertaker and Kane
    Many, many, MANY topics have been created on GameFAQs concerning this 
    challenge, so if you're having problems with it, don't worry, you're not alone; 
    just keep the following notes in mind: (1) Psicosis gets eliminated, you are 
    dead in the water.  It's hard enough to take out one of your opponents using 
    the Mexicools; imagine doing it all by yourself.  It's possible to still win 
    the challenge if Psicosis gets pinned, but your chances are second to none, and 
    my bet's on none.  (2) Know SC's moveset.  At least half of his quick grapple 
    moves don't require lifting and do damage to the midsection, which is the part 
    of the body that is damaged by the crazy luchador's Moonsault.  (3) Breathe.  
    If you're running low on stamina, take a powder to the outside, hold down O, 
    and assess the match so far.  One of your opponents should turn orange before 
    you turn yellow, so if that happens, you're on the way to victory.
    2G 7.) Huge Stepping Stone?: Steel Cage The Great Khali vs. Undertaker
    You know, someday there's going to be a 9-foot tall wrestler who has amazing 
    technical capabilities and beautiful aerial attacks.  Until then, individuals 
    such as the Great Khali are going to keep advancing the stereotype that good 
    Take your resentment towards this judgment that our society makes out on the 
    sacrificial lamb known as Mark Calaway.  Basically, hit him in the head a lot.  
    That's your entire strategy.  Hit him in the head, rest, repeat until 
    Undertaker is in the red, then hit him with your big chop and climb out.  Lou 
    Thesz would be proud.
    2H 8.) Psycho Diva: Mickie James vs. Trish Stratus
    Isn't it strange how this didn't get the main event slot at Wrestlemania 22?  I 
    mean, they started building up to this match during October of 2005, when 
    Mickie made her debut.  Cena vs. HHH had only, like, 8 weeks of buildup; James 
    vs. Stratus had 23 weeks of buildup.  James/Stratus was the 6th match on the 
    card, while Cena/HHH was the 11th and final match of the night.  I mean, hey, 
    SOMEBODY had to have bought Wrestlemania 22 just because of the Woman's Title 
    match.  Getting back to the part where you get help, though, use attacks that 
    focus on Trish's head, since that's the body part that gets the most damage 
    from both of Mickie's finishers.  The females need recharging more often then 
    their male counterparts, so hit the O button after every move.  Easy as 3.14.
    2I 9.) Smackdown! vs. RAW: Elimination Tag Batista, Bobby Lashley and Chris 
    Benoit vs. John Cena, Shawn Michaels and Umaga
    Feud of the year for 2005, people.  Well, that's what Vince told me to say, and 
    hey, my rent's not gonna pay itself, you know.  Here's the thing: make this a 
    Tornado Tag match.  "How do I do that while still completing the challenge?"  
    Why, that's a very good question, Suzy.  You see, I didn't mean a literal 
    Tornado Tag match.  What I meant was: don't spend time on the apron.  If you 
    tag out, take time to recover, then start attacking the illegal men on the 
    other team.  Keep them busy, wear them down, put them through tables, whatever, 
    just make sure they're laid out and tired.  Now tag back in and obliterate the 
    legal man on the other team.  After the first man's down, the rest usually fall 
    like communist countries during the 60's.  (My textbooks sucked.)
    2J 10.) WWE Fantasy Match: Ironman 10-minute Bobby Lashley vs. Batista
    Whose fantasy?  Who wants to see this match?  Why would this match happen?  How 
    much would this match suck?  How many weak-looking bodyslams would Lashley 
    deliver?  How many poor-looking false finishes would we see?  And if the match 
    ended in a draw, would the audience chant, "Leave the ring!"  (I hope I never 
    receive answers to those questions.)  The thing about Ironman matches is that 
    they're perfect for practicing spamming moves, so that you can prepare for 
    proper online play.  (I kid, I kid.)  Seriously, though, spam moves.  He taps 
    out to a half crab?  Then put it back on and have him tap again!  He gets 
    pinned after a big slam?  Give him the slam and pin him again!  Besides, in 
    real-life, both of these men would have recycled through both of their movesets 
    by the time the 5-minute mark elapses.  Once you get ahead by a safe number--
    say, 11--you can just play around and see what fun hotspots you can do.  Or 
    learn how to paint.  Or, I dunno, read half of "Perks Of Being A Wallflower".  
    Just make sure to throw Batista over the top rope every once and a while.
    2K 11.) Return of the phat boys!: First Blood Mark Henry vs. Viscera
    The most disturbing part of this challenge is not the fact that Mark Henry is 
    tiny when compared to Viscera, or that one of THE WORLD'S LARGEST LOVE 
    MACHINE's finishers involves humping Mark Henry.  No, the most traumatizing 
    part of this challenge is in the title.  See, they spelled fat as "phat", 
    implying that Mae's ex-boyfriend and Mabel aren't, in fact, "fat".  Instead, 
    they both have "pretty hinds" that are "tempting".  I'd make a follow-up joke, 
    but there are kids in the audience, and I don't want to say anything that would 
    destroy their innocence.  Besides, they aren't old enough to remember 
    "Deliverance", anyway.  What you don't get told is that this is a no-DQ match.  
    So, okay, the objective of this match is to make your opponent bleed, and there 
    are no DQs.  What should I do?  "Wrestle a 5-star match", "Run around the ring 
    20 times", or "Smack Viscera with a chair until he turns bleeds"?  If I have to 
    spell this out any further, I'll refer you to prank flash, and I don't think 
    you want that.
    2L 12.) Cruiserweight Invitational: Kid Kash vs. Everybody But Your Mother
    One of the most effective strategies in "Super Smash Bros. Melee" was to hang 
    back and let everyone else fight until someone was out of the match, and then 
    swoop in and pick apart the remains.  Use that strategy here.  If somebody 
    starts attacking you, throw them towards somebody else.  When one or two 
    opponents get eliminated, start picking apart the rest.  Use the Dead Level 
    sparingly, since it really only does damage to the head, and back off if you 
    get in the orange.  Take your time here; you've got 5 other guys to take care 
    of.  This match isn't going to end in 5 minutes.  BREATHE.  Okay.  Oh, and 
    2M 13.) Thousand Worms: Last Man Standing Boogeyman vs. Booker T
    Part of me was hoping that the Boogeyman was a Boogie-Woogie Man.  Someone who 
    starts dancing without provocation or explanation, much to the chagrin of his 
    adversaries.  Instead, we got Comedy Undertaker.  Oh well, it's better than 
    another Nathan Jones.  In this match, you can't use the Boogeyman Slam, since 
    that would end in a pinning situation (you do a bodyslam instead), so use the 
    Pumphandle Slam when you get a Special.  Use weapons, tables, hotspots, 
    whatever.  Make Booker hurt.  Hit your finisher when he's in the red, pick up a 
    weapon just in case he moves, and wait for the count.
    2N 14.) M vs. N & M: Handicap One On Two Joey Mercury vs. Johnny Nitro and 
    Oh, this is the hardest challenge ever.  I mean, the Superstars of the WWE are 
    hard enough in Singles matches, but Handicap?  Oh man.  Oh, man.  This...I need 
    a drink.  Can somebody get me a soda?  Ah, never mind, I'll take a nap.  (30 
    minutes elapse)  Okay, let's look at this again, see if I can find a way 
    to...wait, his partner's Melina?  Oh, okay, this is easy!  Phew.  I was worried 
    there for a second.  Treat this as a Singles match with a really nosy manager.  
    Focus your attacks on Melina, while disposing of Nitro whenever he sticks his 
    nose in.  She can't do much, and she'll be in the red in no time.  Hit your 
    finisher (I forget what it is because it's Joey frickin' Mercury) and throw 
    Nitro to the turnbuckle.
    2O 15.) Judgment Day Rematch: Rey Mysterio vs. JBL
    Another match that is easier than it looks.  You've got the best little dude in 
    the game going up against some guy who peaked 5 years ago.  Hit non-lifting 
    moves, avoid striking him, use the hotspots, hit the 619.  I did it in 4 
    3A 1.) WrestleMania 22 Rematch: Hardcore Edge vs. Mick Foley
    Man, this was a great match.  Unfortunately, you can't recreate the ending, so 
    you can't exactly duplicate the real McCoy's insanity.  Then again, I'm pretty 
    sure that adding flaming tables would have pushed this game into M-rated 
    territory.  This challenge isn't that hard, actually.  Keep in mind that the 
    computer is going to step its game up, so don't be surprised if more of your 
    moves get reversed than usual.  Foley may be a hardcore legend, but that 
    doesn't mean that barbed wire and chairs don't affect him.  Use the environment 
    as much as possible, but remember to put Foley away as soon as he enters the 
    red; it doesn't take much to mount a comeback in a Hardcore match, and Foley is 
    deadly with weapons.  Finish him quickly.
    3B 2.) Reigniting the Feud: Hardcore Shane McMahon vs. Shawn Michaels
    You know, I liked the match that these two had at Saturday Night's Main Event 
    until the "controversial" finish, which was actually not controversial at all, 
    and not very fun to watch, either.  You'll probably come up with something 
    better.  Shawn Michaels isn't the first name that comes to mind when I think of 
    tough opponents in Hardcore matches, but that doesn't mean that he's a 
    pushover.  He's faster than most heavyweights, and he can hit his finisher when 
    you're standing and when you're lying on the ground.  That said, this is much 
    easier than Edge vs. Foley, since (1) HBK can only hit you with one version of 
    his Super Kick if you take the fight to the outside and (2) he's not accustomed 
    to taking hits from weapons.  Keep the fight outside of the ring, use a lot of 
    weapons, and hit the version of the Leap of Faith that everyone has when you 
    get the chance.  Easy.
    3C 3.) A Piece of Wrestling Perfection: Mr. Perfect vs. Chris Masters
    The sad part is the fact that you're at a disadvantage here.  You won't be able 
    to win this match if you use either of Hennig's finishers when Masters is in 
    the orange, but Masters can probably pin you after a Masterlock if you get in 
    the orange.  The best defense, then, is to try to keep Masters incapacitated as 
    much as possible.  Try to keep your attacks on Masters' midsection, as that is 
    the part of the body that is affected by the Backdrop and Perfectplex.  Keep 
    Masters on the ground; as long as he's not standing, he can't find a way to put 
    the Masterlock on.  Get him in the red and put him away.  Don't give time for 
    this match to develop, since that will probably spell bad news for you.
    3D 4.) Cabana Pit Party: Roddy Piper vs. Carlito
    It's tempting to write this off as another easy challenge.  That would be a big 
    mistake in this case, since Carlito is actually a difficult adversary.  He's 
    got a wide variety of hard-hitting moves, he's relatively fast, and he can hit 
    a finisher from in front of and behind his opponent.  Then again, this 
    challenge isn't all that difficult, either, since you've got Hot Rod on your 
    side.  The key to victory here is to remember that Piper actually has no less 
    than 3 different sleeper holds; one from behind his opponent, one while his 
    opponent is lying down, and one as a finisher.  Keep your attacks focused on 
    Carlito's head using the sleepers, and try to make Carlito tap in every sleeper 
    he gets put in.  Once he reaches red, either give him Roddy's punches or put 
    him to sleep.  Your choice.
    3E 5.) Personality Disorder: Handicap Dude Love vs. Mick Foley, Cactus Jack, 
    and Mankind
    You know what?  It's not worth it.  There ARE ways to beat this challenge while 
    not touching the AI sliders (focus on Foley, turn him red, and throw him to the 
    outside and wait for the countout), but frankly, it's not worth doing it that 
    way.  You see, this challenge pushed me beyond my threshold of patience, and 
    I'm a pretty patient guy.  (Somebody referred to me as a "future child 
    molester" and the person "most likely to go to jail for raping somebody" to my 
    face, and I just shrugged him off.  I failed this challenge twice and was ready 
    to destroy my PS2.  THAT'S how frustrating this challenge is.)  So, in the 
    options menu, turn off Stamina, set all the AI's sliders to "Eugene", and turn 
    off DQ (I also turned off countout, since the count would interfere with 
    counting pinfalls).  Now, when you play this match, the Foleys are still going 
    to attack you, and they will still reverse your moves, but you'll have more 
    room to breathe.  Swing weapons around, make every Foley pay for making you 
    play this challenge, and when they all start begging for their mommies, put 
    away one of them.  Even with the advantages I gave myself, though, it took me 8 
    minutes to get through this challenge.  Once you've gotten through this one, 
    buy yourself a smoothie.  You deserve it.
    3F 6.) No Room To Stretch: Triple Threat Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Mark Henry vs. 
    Another case of "let the AI beat itself up".  Your basic strategy here should 
    be to stay out of the way.  Keep to the outside of the ring, doing taunts, 
    while Big Mizarky and Mideon's BFF have themselves a 5-star match.  When one of 
    them looks like they're going to win, throw that dude out of the ring and 
    either cover the injured opponent, or, if the lamb needs fattening, give them a 
    Moonsault.  As long as the Beast From The East stays healthy, you should have 
    no problems with this challenge.
    3G 7.) True American Heroes: Dusty Rhodes vs. JBL
    Well, this is a battle of opposites, in a way.  JBL is a modern-day Ted DiBiase 
    (with some Jesse Ventura thrown in for flavor), while Dusty Rhodes likes to get 
    funky like a monkey.  If Bradshaw gets a Special, be very careful, since he can 
    hit the Clothesline From Hell with barely a running start (cheap-ass AI) and 
    he'll go for his powerbomb if you get stunned.  For your part, take advantage 
    of Dusty's charisma.  He might not hit as hard as some of his opponents, but 
    Dusty gets his Momentum Bar filled faster than most, so don't be afraid to spam 
    his Elbow Drop.  Focus your attacks on the head and midsection, but mostly, 
    it's all about the dancing and the elbow.  And avoiding that clothesline.
    3H 8.) EC Dub vs. WWE: Elimination Tag Tornado Tazz, Kurt Angle and RVD vs. 
    JBL, Chris Benoit and Carlito
    This match depends entirely on which side gets the first elimination.  If one 
    of your men goes down first, you might as well restart the match.  If you have 
    to use the Tazzmission in the early goings of the match, try to do it outside 
    of the ring, since it will probably get broken up in two seconds if you do 
    execute it in the middle of the ring.  Keep your eye on JBL when he gets a 
    Special; if you're not paying attention, he'll knock you out of the match with 
    his clothesline.  Benoit can pin you if you survive the Crossface, so get him 
    out of the match early, if possible.  Carlito can hit a finisher as long as 
    you're dazed, so be wary around him, too.  Angle can take care of himself, but 
    RVD is out of his element here, due to most of his offense being based on 
    flying high, so make sure that RVD stays healthy.  Once you eliminate one of 
    your opponents, the rest is easy.
    3I 9.) Texas Rattlesnake Unleashed!: Backstage Brawl Bar Steve Austin vs. JBL
    Remember that the AI reverses moves more often in a Backstage Brawl than they 
    do in any other match, so use the environment UCMs sparingly.  Austin is more 
    durable than JBL, but end the match as early as possible.  Attack JBL's head 
    until it turns red, then hit the Stunner.  It's not that hard, but if you're 
    not careful, it's still possible to lose this match.
    3J 10.) Clash of the Commentators: Jerry Lawler vs. Tazz
    This is actually pretty easy.  Lawler's Piledriver only does damage to the 
    head, and since you'll probably be ending the match with that move, soften 
    Tazz's head up before hitting it.  At the first sign of a Tazz comeback, 
    though, leave the ring, since Tazz's suplexes can wear down Lawler in no time.
    3K 11.) One More Match!: Hulk Hogan vs. John Cena
    (Insert your own joke concerning Hogan's unwillingness to put over up-and-
    coming stars here.)  Cena has strength and charisma to spare, but Hogan 
    eclipses Cena in both of those areas.  Spam the Hulk-up striking attack as much 
    as you want, and keep Cena on the ground to counter Cena's speed advantage.  
    Beware of Cena's finishers, since they both deal out lots of damage to Hogan's 
    upper body, and if Cena locks in the STF-U while your head is orange, you'll 
    probably tap out.  Put Cena away fast, as Hogan can't handle long matches, 
    while Cena can.
    3L 12.) Boxoffice Superstars: Fatal 4-Way The Rock vs. John Cena vs. Triple H 
    vs. Kane
    I'd like to say that you should just hang back and let the other guys beat each 
    other up, but in this case, that's not really feasible.  Your opponents in this 
    match are pretty tough, but a few UCMs should weaken them easily.  Don't try to 
    double-team Kane, since the reward of injuring him isn't worth the risk of 
    being chokeslammed.  Go for the pin when one of your opponents is executing a 
    lengthy move on another opponent, since that will probably be the only time 
    that you can put this match away.  The longer this match goes on, the lesser 
    your chances of victory.  Keep that in mind.
    3M 13.) Hart Foundation vs. DX: Tag Team Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart vs. Triple 
    H and Shawn Michaels
    Use the good old "attack the illegal man" method when you tag out to keep 
    yourself busy.  Try to end this match with a pinfall, since the Sharpshooter 
    takes too long to do its damage.  Neidhart can handle himself, but he's not 
    very good at protecting you, so when it comes time to end the match, make sure 
    the illegal man on the other team is laid out before you pin the legal man.
    3N 14.) Rock and Sock vs. "The Anvil" and Bret: Steel Cage Tornado The Rock and 
    Mankind vs. Jim Neidhart and Bret Hart
    This match looks intimidating at first, but it's actually relatively easy.  Use 
    the cage UCM's sparingly, since they're easy to reverse, and try to keep your 
    opponents from getting Specials.  The proper time to execute a finisher is at 
    the exact moment that Mankind executes one.  That way, both opponents are down 
    and out, while you and your partner are standing and ready to escape the cage.  
    Just make sure that the Hart Foundation is injured plenty first.
    3O 15.) Now That's Sports-Entertainment!: Elimination Chamber Randy Orton vs. 
    Stone Cold vs. The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan vs. John Cena vs. Batista
    It would be ideal to play keep-away, but since you're one of the two men that 
    starts the match, that strategy won't work right away.  After another man 
    enters, though, find a place to hide.  If someone approaches you, get away.  
    Taunt a few times, but make sure everyone is kicking each other's butts.  The 
    longer you can stay out of this match, the better your chances of victory.  
    Don't pin on orange, and try to stay away from wrestlers who have a Special 
    stored up.  If you're still pretty healthy when the third opponent is 
    eliminated, you're probably going to win.
    4A TESTER CHALLENGE: Mickie James vs. The Great Khali
    I wouldn't blame you if you turned the AI sliders all the way down, but this 
    challenge isn't that hard if you keep them at default.  First of all, if Khali 
    is lying on his stomach, hit a move from off the top rope, since all he can do 
    to reverse it is roll out of the way.  Second, know which moves of Mickie's 
    will actually work against Khali (and don't even think about using normal 
    UCMs).  Third, use all the unblockables you can.  Khali's reversals dish out a 
    lot of damage that you can't afford to take, so don't give him the chance.  
    Fourth of all, concentrate on Khali's head, since that's the body part that is 
    most affected by Mickie's finishers.
    5A Closing Notes: Well, that about does it.  For copyright purposes, I don't 
    own any trademark rights or copyright rights of WWE or "Deliverance" or any of 
    the references I made above.  I'm posting this on GameFAQs and only GameFAQs, 
    so if somebody copies and pastes this guide somewhere else without my 
    permission, some bad stuff's going down.  Seriously, ask first.  I'll probably 
    let you post this guide (I mean, c'mon, people deserve to know how to beat 
    these challenges), but send me an e-mail first, and if I do let you post it on 
    your site, make sure that you credit me for creating it.
    Thanks go to the creators of the Gamespot Guide for listing all of the 
    challenges, and thanks go to the GameFAQs forum for posting solutions to 
    certain challenges.  (You want credit, e-mail me.)  A special thanks to 
    WWEKane_301 for posting awesome videos of cheapers getting owned.  They have 
    nothing to do with challenges, sure, but they're the reason why I visit the 
    forum every day.
    So, questions?  Comments?  Are you still confused?  Do you have an easier 
    solution to a challenge?  Want to sing my praises?  Then send me a line at 
    johnedwarddowney@hotmail.com.  I'm not good at keeping up with my e-mail, but 
    I'll try.
    This Document is Copyright 2006 (and probably 2007, too) John Edward Downey.

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