How can i Destroy the Gleipnir?

  1. The Gleipnir is leasath`s Most Powerful weapon.

    User Info: gignator

    gignator - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    How to destroy the Shock Cannon. I tries to launch as many missles. But nothing is happening. I have replayed this mission several times with failure. Please help me on how to destroy the Shock Cannon. The game ends after the time finishes and the Gleipnir is using the Shock Cannon to attack the ground forces and the mission ends unsuccessfully. I launched around 10 missles from both side of Gleipnir aiming the Shock Cannon with no result.
    Please help me.

    User Info: karmaker

    karmaker - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Hope this answers your question. oops i forgot to include destroying his camo. do so by loading about 4 missles (normal ones) into him make sure its a clear shot. its easier when he loses the camo to shoot your ground forces. just quickly load all your missles into him when target lock

    User Info: bonesharkie

    bonesharkie - 8 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. 1. well you can actually load the gleiphnir full of bullets first to identify him more easily.
    2. get a clear shot using the XLAA from far
    3. then hover just above it, by tapping on the brakes
    (this is tough because the gleiphnir can shoot you down using his dunno destructive missle. hover around is tail area, just above. :) dont stamp on the brakes as you will crash into him, it happened to me so many times)
    4. then use your normal missles, wipe out the rest of the SAMs with ease. just target lock and shoot.

    i used this method and barely took a few minutes only do try it out! :)

    User Info: bonesharkie

    bonesharkie - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. It is very easy to destory Shock Cannon,simply when u destory it half then it says Gleipnir is heading to the city 10 miles left stay behind it, u will see Gleipnir face is up to the sky and tail is facing to the ground then u boost up your jet,cross the gleipnir on about 2500 fts turn around your jet face should be heading to the Gleipnir's belly u will see the target underneath it (called Shock Cannon) shoot 2 missiles normal on if u have saam then it will get down Gleipnir more quickly, otherwise u will need 10 normal missles on its belly as I said before or 6 saam missles,and remember always use same procedure(cross the Gelipnir about 2500fts turn around facing the Gleipnir's belly when reaches near lock the target simply shoot missles) 1 thing else sppose if u have only 2 saam missle left and when u lock the target shoot first 2 normal ones and then suddenly change missiles to saam and shoot before crossing the Gleipnir repeat the process to destory it...........i will hope that u will better understand know

    User Info: haiderforce

    haiderforce - 8 years ago 0 0

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