Additional AnimationTed Morente
Additional AnimationScott Ruggles
Additional ArtPete Cruz
Additional DesignRobert Berger
Additional Environment ArtChristy Arnold
Additional ProductionConnie Brammeier
AnimationChris Brindzik
AnimationMike Jungbluth
Art LeadScott Fabianek
Associate ProducerJeff Nachbaur
Associate ProducerJeff Nachbaur
Casting and Recording DirectorBrigitte Burdine
Characters and EnvironmentsTed Morente
Cinematic Pencils and Additional Character DesignsTomm Coker
Cinematic ScriptPeter Aperlo
Cinematic ScriptJeff Nachbaur
Cinematics, Audio EngineerJim Lively
Cinematics, DirectorPeter Herman
Cinematics, Executive ProducerMelissa Kangeter
ColorsMaziar Golestanehzadeh
Concept ArtistOlga Gerdjikov
Concept ArtistDonny Harmilton
Concept ArtistTim Kelly
Concept ArtistAaron Nakahara
Creative ConsultantFlint Dille
Design LeadCharles Staples
DesignerChris Berg
DesignerTony Dormanesh
Director, ProductionJonathan Eubanks
EnvironmentsGrace Hsiung
EnvironmentsMarvin Supan
Executive ProducerPhilippe Erwin
Executive ProducerMelissa Kangeter
In Game scriptKelly Wand
InksEric Nguyen
MusicTyler Bates
Music EditorDarrel Hall
ProducerBryan Jury
ProducerBryan Jury
Recording EngineerRicky Early
Recording EngineerRita Kedineoglu
Senior ProducerGary Sheinwald
Senior ProducerGary Sheinwald
Senior ProgrammarKim Lay
Senior ProgrammerDuc Hoang
Senior ProgrammerIvanna Kartarahardja
Sound DesignBret Johnson
Story / Cinematic ScriptKelly Wand
Technical Director (Programming)Brian Hawkins
Voice: Astinos / Various Spartans / Various PersiansRobin Atkin Downes
Voice: Captain / Mardonius / EphialtesFred Tatasciore
Voice: Daxos / Persian Commander / Various PersiansChris Diamantopoulos
Voice: Dilios / NarratorDavid Wenham
Voice: Leonidas / Persian ChampionCrispin Freeman
Voice: Persian Champions / Various Spartans / Various ArcadiansBrian Bloom
Voice: Stelios / Various ArcadiansRoger-Craig Smith
Voice: Xerxes / Hydarnes / Additional VoicesDaniel Reardon


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