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    Weapons FAQ by McD_the_Bear

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                                          Metal Gear Solid: Portable Operations
    Metal Gear Solid: Portable Operations
                                          Metal Gear Solid: Portable Operations
    Metal Gear Solid: Portable Operations
                                          Metal Gear Solid: Portable Operations
    Metal Gear Solid: Portable Operations 
                                          Metal Gear Solid: Portable Operations
    Written by Adam McDiarmid (McD_the_Bear)
    Version : 1.01
    Completed : 4th of January, 2007
    Last Edited: 9th of January, 2007
    Contact Info : adammcdiarmid711(at)msn.com
    Version 1.01 - Fixed some spelling errors and added a new website that is
                   permitted to host this FAQ.
    This FAQ is to be used with the Playstation Portable (PSP) game "Metal Gear 
    Solid: Portable Operations". All the information in this FAQ is from the
    American of this game. It includes all the information about the weapons given
    in the game.
    A. Contents
    B. Weapons
      1. Knives
      2. Handguns
      3. Submachine guns
      4. Assault Rifles
      5. Shotguns
      6. Sniper Rifles
      7. Heavy Weapons
      8. Explosives
      9. Other
    C. Final Notes
    ---Survival Knife---
    A knife with a hollow grip designed to fit inside survival Kits.
    Can also be used in battle.
    ---Spetsnaz Knife---
    A specialzed combat knife developed for use by Spetsnaz, the special forces
    unit under the authority of the Soviet military's Chier Administration for 
    A powerful spring installed within the grip allows the blade to be ejected.
    An automatic pistol developed for special ops use in responce to demand from
    U.S. Navy SEALs.
    Can be equipped with a sound suppressor. Features a slide lock lever designed
    primarily for single-shot firing, increasing the sound reducing capability of
    Uses 9mm tranquilizer ammo.
    This masterpiece of an automatic pistol has been a faithful partner to U.S.
    soilders since the first model was adopted by the U.S. Army in 1911. Capacity
    is limited to seven rounds, but the .45ACP bullets boast excellent stopping
    power, and the gun's simple design makes it highly reliable.
    With its high potential firing accuracy, the M1911A1 is also widely used as a
    base for custom models in shooting competitions.
    ---Single Action Army (SAA)---
    Also known as the "Peacemaker" and the "Frontier," this single action revolver
    is a symbol of the days of the Wild West. The masterpiece SAA was adopted as
    the official sidarm of the U.S. Army in 1875.his pistol's solid frame
    construction results in lengthy reload times, but also ensures extremely high
    durability. This and the gun's simple mechanics make the SAA a highly reliable
    Uses .45LC ammo.
    (Revolver Ocelot's weapon of choice.)
    A small submachine gun designed and produced in Czechoslovakia. It is extremely
    compact, easy to handle, and uses loght .32ACP ammo, resulting in an excellent
    sense of control in full-auto mode, despite its small size.
    Designed to be used by special forces and police in Warsaw Pact countries,
    this SMG has also been adopted by many international terrorists, giving it a
    high profile among Western countries as well.
    An Israeli-made submachine gun, the Uzi is designed to facilitate mass
    production--appropriate for a country like Israel, which faces difficulty in
    importing weapons.
    The Uzi is also extremely reliable, crafted such that it rarely malfunctions in
    dusty environments. Although it fires from an open bolt, the Uzi boasts 
    respectable accuracy, enabling head shots at close range. Uses 9x19mm ammo.
    Compact and light, this American-made light submachine gun carries a 32-round
    magazine of powerful 9x19mm ammo, firing at a rate of over 1'000 rounds per
    minute. This excessively fast firing rate has a negative impact on accuracy;
    but in the hands of a seasoned marksman, it can deliver massive firepower in a
    matter of seconds.
    Can be equipped with a suppressor.
    It was adopted as the official rifle of the Soviet military in 1949. Its
    austere and rugged construction allows it to endure even the roughest treatment
    in battle. The AK-47 is a soldier's best friend, performing reliably everywhere
    from the freezing Arctic to the scorching Sahara.
    It is now one of the most widely known military rifles in the world. Anywhere
    there is a conflict, the AK-47 is present. Uses 7.62x39mm ammo.
    The assault rifle of choice for the U.S. Army and Marine Corp. The caliber size
    was reduced from  the M14 rifle, and enabled soldiers to carry more ammunition.
    The M16A1's design extensively incorporates aluminium alloys and plastics,
    making the gun itself relatively light.
    Using 5.56x45 ammo and bearing a 20-round clip, this gun currently sees intense
    action in Vietnam, serving as the counterpoint to the AK-47.
    The carbine model of the M16A1. Modifications include a shortened barrel and
    the addition of a retractable stock, reducing length by about 25cm.
    It also features a flash hider equipped to suppress the loud bang and intense
    muzzle flash produced as a result of the shorter barrel.
    Uses 5.56x45 ammo.
    With a wide range of applications, this is one of the most famous pump-action
    shotguns in America, and is extremely poular with both hunters and law 
    enforcement. The Marine Corp ordered a large shipment of these in 1966, and is
    currently putting them to good use. The M870 sports a variety of 
    configurations, with an adjustable barrel, extendable tube magazine, pistol
    grip, and folding stock.
    Holds seven 12-gauge shotgun shells.
    This 12-gauge shotgun, known as the"Featherlight," is almost 1kg lighter than
    other guns in its class. It features a unique mechanism whee the feed on the
    lower part of the receiver also functions as the ejection port.
    The U.S. military currently uses a large number of this weapon in the conflict
    in Vietnam.
    Holds four shells.
    Adopted as the official sniper rifle of the Red Army in 1963, the SVD differs
    from the Mosin Nagant in that it uses a gas-operated mechanism for automatic
    fire. Its ammo capacity is twice that of the 10-round Mosin Nagant, and its
    accuracy surpasses that of the NATO standard. This, coupled with its 
    repeat-fire capability, provides sustained suppressing power against the enemy.
    Uses 7.62mmx54R ammo.
    ---Mosin Nagant---
    A Soviet-made sniper rifle bassed on the M1891/30, in turn derived from the 
    "3-line infantry rifle" that was first produced during the Tsarist period.
    Developed by selecting the most prcise units from the M1891/30 production line
    and making necessary modifications, the Mosin Nagant was employed in large
    numbers on the Russian front in WWII, providing it's worth in battle.
    Uses 7.62mm54R ammo specially modified into tranquilizer rounds (7.62 tranq)
    (The End's wepon of choice.)
    The M63 was conceptualized as a system weapon, a rifle that can be configured
    into a number of variations--assault rifle, carbine, belt-fed light machine
    gun--from the same design by mixing and matching parts with a basic core
    component. It enables multiple types of equipment to be produced from a single
    line, and the basic handling is the same for each variation.
    Uses 5.56x45mm ammo. Holds 100 rounds.
    First deployed in 1962, the RPG-7 is the cutting edge in anti-tank weaponry. It
    is the successor ro the RPG-2, which was itself inspired by the Panzer-faust, a
    German anti-tank grenade launch tube used in WWII.
    The RPG-7 combines a reusable tube launcher with rocket-propelled grenades
    (85mm HE/HEAT) to take out armoured targets and bunkers.
    A blast-fragmentation explosive. Damages the enemy with a combination of blast
    from the explosion and fragments of the casing scattering in all directions.
    ---Stun Grenade (Stun G)---
    A non-lethal grenade that temporarily paralyzes and confuses sight and smell
    with an intense flash of light and loud sound upon detonation.
    It uses a magnesium-based charge to produce a 1 million-candela flash and a 175
    plus-decibel band.
    ---Chaff Grenade (Chaff G)---
    A non-lethal grenade that temporarily disables any electronic devices in the
    area by releasing a cloud of signal-jamming metal fragments upon detonation.
    ---Smoke Grenade (Smoke G)---
    A non-lethal grenade that creates a thick smoke screen. The smoke can be used
    as a signal for aircrafts or to mask movement from the enemy eyes.
    Trinitrotoluene, a high-performance explosive widely used by militaries around
    the world.
    TNT is mechanically and chemically stble, making it easy to handle.
    An anti-personnel mine consisting of explosives and 700 steel ball bearings
    contained within a gently curving plastic case.
    When an object passes in front of it, it detonates and propels the ball
    bearings forward in a wedge-shaped pattern, wounding or killing the enemy.
    9. OTHER
    An adult magazine packed with alluring photos.
    Perfect for those long, lonely nights on the battlefield.
    ---Anti-Ballistic Shield (Shield)---
    A shield made of bulletproof armor.
    Protects against a variety of bullets, explosive blasts and flying fragments.
    A GA-KO doll. Wind it up and watch it waddle !
    Copyright 2007 of Adam McDiarmid (McD_the_Bear)
    I would like to thank Konami and Kojima for making and publishing this game.
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    If you'd like to contact me with comments, questions or criticism please email
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    I hope this FAQ has helped.

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