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"And so the story continues"

So, another MGS game has been created by Hideo Kojima. It is the third Metal Gear game for the PSP. I have to say that this game is what the PSP needed.

I am a fan of the series and have played most of the MGS games, and this one doesn't change the love I have for this great series.


Wow, I never would have thought that the graphics would be good on the PSP, but they are great. The detail on Snake's face, clothes, and the environments shocked me. I never thought that the PSP could do a that good of a job.

This game's big cut scenes go into the graphic novel style, which is basically like the still and sometimes moving artwork. It looks like a sketch but looks good the way they made it. I have no problem at all with this, I thought that this was a great feature.


Amazing, the story in this game is incredible. It shocks you at some times, and tells more about Jack's past. They really did a good job with it. It has a lot of twists and turns to it, it's like a maze. You would be glad to listen to the cut scenes because they are very interesting if you know the story so far in past Metal Gear games.

This game deals with the Big Boss, aka Naked Snake, aka Jack. It is six years after operation Snake Eater, and dwells on Snake Eater also later on. This is possibly Jack's last mission, as you would come to conclude later one in the game.


The game play is pretty good in this game, it has a good amount of replay value to it and it still has that Metal Gear feel to it even with it's new system.

In this game you get to play as a wide range of characters besides Snake. You get to recruit enemy soldiers and negotiate with them to join your side, thus getting them. These recruits have a wide range of special abilities, like being able to drag soldiers faster, run faster, etc. It's very different from the other Metal Gears but in my opinion it also makes the game a little to easy. The different types of recruits can go into missions and disguise themselves as the enemy and the real enemies won't do a thing. So basically you can just walk through the whole place without getting caught and thus completing the mission. Although in some places this might not work all the time but in most it will.
You can also get special unique recruits that are people from previous games or bosses from this game, by doing special requirements.

Another new thing would be that you don't continuously walk to your destination like in past Metal Gear games, you can pick where you want to go and you're truck will drop you off. I don't have a problem with this and I didn't have a problem with the way it was either. The game is still great.

Missions are the part I really don't like in this game,well not the mission it self but the difficulty of them, they are just way to easy. You have a destination to reach to in the area and when you do you complete the mission and then move on to the next. It's easy enough, even if you get caught all you have to do is just run and once your in that X destination you complete the mission regardless if your in alert mode.

You also have levels in this, but not the kind that you get experience from beating baddies and levelling up. You have 4 levels which are C,B,A, and S. S being the highest C being the lowest. Each character has a level each field, to name a couple would be CQC, Medical, Technical, Heavy Weapons, Sub Machine Gun. The level you have affects the way how you perform in those fields. Say if you have a person with a C level in CQC, they won't be able to throws, on the other hand a person with a level S in CQC can do throws and other moves. Medical and Technical levels are a bit different, you can make various items to aid you in the Technical field, and make medical supplies like rations in the Medical field. This is actually pretty fun once you get used to it.

Controls are pretty decent in this game, walking is easy but the only slight problem would be the camera. Sometimes it can be in a pretty bad place, and you will always have to stop moving in order to turn the camera around. But the camera isn't that bad once you get used to it.

Bosses are actually in this game are not that hard but also not that easy.. All of them have a specific pattern and you just have to figure it out. They didn't really wow me much but they didn't disappoint me either.


The music and sounds in this game are actually quite good. I liked them all from the start to the credits. Later on in the game as you reach newer levels the music will change not only in the level but also when you're in alert mode. It is quite enjoyable to listen to and gives you a feeling that you are there. No complaints for the sound department from me.

Replay Value

This game has a good amount of replay value, getting all the items and the o so precious stealth camo and other unique characters will keep you playing for a long time.


I give this game a 9 because it is still a great MGS title but some parts are just a little easy. If your a fan of the series go get it it will blow your mind.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/02/07

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