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"Best thing to happen to the PSP since..... The PSP."

If you've been debating whether or not to get a PSP, this is your reason why.


This is a game following the last Metal Gear Solid game to hit the PS2, MGS3: Snake Eater. You play as Naked Snake again in this game. You start the game in a prison in South America. You meet with a "old" friend soon enough and start your adventure.

Being a "solid" game, It takes place in the same "universe" as the other games. By the end of the game, you learn a lot of things and make a lot of connections that seemed to be gray before you played this.


This game mixes the old and the new quite nicely. You still sneak around a base chock-full of enemies. It's just now, Snake doesn't have to go it alone. You can recruit your enemies and turn them into allies, making your job travelling around much easier. This adds a new depth into the series by figuring out which soldiers should go where, sneaking with Snake, in the Tech or Medical team, or to spy on your enemies.

Although, this game doesn't have the difficulty the others did. If you wanted to, you can breeze through the game running around disguised as the enemy. The only things to stop you are enemies that don't look like you, and gun turret cameras.


Without the L2, R2, and the second analog stick, the controls have been tweaked a bit. Without L2, and R2 buttons, where your inventory has been stored in the past, you're things will be held in the O button, by holding it down. Without the second analog stick, your only camera control is pressing the L button to get behind you. It might seem bad, but you'll get used to it soon enough.

Online Capabilities:

You can play with your friends, or anyone in the country, with this game. You use he eam you create in single-player mode, giving you all the more incentive to create the best team possible. Other than the switching between your crew every time you die, online in this game is very similar to the online in Subsistence.

You can play "virtual reality" online matches, where if your character dies, nothing happens, or, you can play "real combat", where if you lose, you lose your people for good. Yet, if you win, you can steal members from your opponent's team to come into your own.

Also, you can recruit more members, when near an access point. If you're anywhere near a place with WiFi connection, you just tap the O button and you get a new recruit. These soldiers seem to be unique from the ones you get in the game, they seem slightly better. So be sure to bring your PSP with you where ever you go.


If you're a fan of the MGS series, you need to get this game, NOW! With the long single player mode, the extremely fun online mode, and being able to create your own, unique team, it's one of the, if not THE, best game on the PSP right now. SO GO GET IT!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/02/07

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