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"MGO: PO great game but lacks some elements"

Many pf us probably have played one of the games of this great franchise or some may have not. This game is not for the newcomber of this series for many reasons it will either not suit their taste or may be found to be confused by the story line

The storyline picks up a few years after the events of MGS3: Snake Eater or Subsistance. Once again the player will be in the shoes of Naked Snake or Big Boss. The story is to expected from veteran MG fans, though may dissapoint others. Unlike the other games, the cutscences are revealed in a digital comic style rather than in game models. Also, to veteran MG fans may seem unwelcomed to the new changes this game brings up, and can leave the other games seem out of place or creates more questions than answering previous ones. Also, unlike the other MG games, the story seems some what shallow. The story doesn't pick up untill the very end and fails to really get into depth soon enough before the game's climax. I highly encourage the reader to play atleast MGS3 and/or MGS to get the story.

Amazing graphics. This is the game that other developers should be pressing for on th PSP. To sum it up, the graphics come very close to its PS2 counterparts. Though some of the textures seem low res at times and a lack of detail in apparent, espaesially to those who played MGS3.

The core gameplay that makes Metal Gear is all here. Thought there is a lack of a few things. Neck breaking, throat slicing, corner peek with FPV and pressure sensitive actions didn't make the cut. Controls are very similar to the others except that he inventory system has been changed drastically to fit the portable needs. Rather than having the shoulder buttons to swith through inventory and weapons(R2 L2 on PS2) the inventory is the holding of the 0 button. Unlike the others, there are only a limit to four slot. Recruiting also now plays a big part. You no longer take on the enemy by yourself but have the ability to recruit enemies by various means to create attack and support teams to help you out. Though long time fans may not need their support actually.
The game is now mission based rather than the traditional long term play through much like REs and the original MGS. These tidbit mission are pretty short to complete and oftenly well designed. The problem is that some missions are so easy it will take less than a minute or so to complete if you know where it is to go.

Sound effects stay true to the ones used in the other games in the series and are done quit well. Has a good soundtrack that is somewhat different than the others...which was oddly missing the main MGS theme song that has been in the series for a while.

Great online and quit competitive. The single player and multiplayer is integrated into eac other for a different experience. In RC (real combat) you fight others with your trained recruits put if they are non unique characters, they can die for good and the other player can win them for their victory. In VR, it is a simulated fight that your recruits are not up for grabs...this fights has no steaks for lossing. Modes range from the typical deathmatch, team deathmatch, and capture missions...which are like capture the flag, but with a kerotan frog instead. There is also the choice of Ad-Hoc and infastructure. Cyber servival ia another neet addition where you send a unit of recuits into the web for the AI to control aganist other AI teams from other players, if you won the match you could posses prisoners for new recruits.

A great solid game with MGS and Kojima logos.
its nice pace for portable games and is a good tide you over for MGS4. Though the overall storyline lacks in depth and does unnecesary changes to the overall plot of the series. A good game non-the-less.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/02/07

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